To Catch a Criminal

Beyond the city of Rharne lies the Stormlands, which is home to a number of farms, forests, fields, Lake Lovalus, and the River Zynyx. This subforum also includes the Stormwastes to the south.

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To Catch a Criminal

I am quitting standing trials. It is clear that nobody here wants to rp with me nor do I think I will be missed in the slightest.

If you are a newbie, you should know that mods and even other players can ruin your character at any time and for any power trippy reason. In my time here, I have had mods simply not reply to my posts for weeks and weeks at a time, had my character waste half a season because a mod made up a rule to have my character thrown in jail, been made pregnant against my will, and also been assigned penalties against my will just because a non mod thought to give me a hard time. You can do a bit of research and find that only staff members have accomplished anything noteworthy in this game, because they are the only ones immune from random bullshit.

I would not reccomend this game to anyone looking to accomplish anything in a roleplaying game.
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Re: To Catch a Criminal

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Hina's capture of a criminal, and turning him in for reward, did not go unnoticed. Bounty hunters were a rare breed in Rharne, especially those that were winged. She stuck out, and criminals kept an eye on who was dumb enough to get themselves captured. There was no revenge plot for the fool, he was too small to matter. But Hina was now on the radar of those in the supposed Shadow Quarter. They'd be watching her, spreading her name among their lower members, telling them to be more careful and cautious around the winged woman. She was on the side of the law.

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