A witness

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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A witness

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:45 am


Cylus 1

The adventures of the white winged halfblood avriel continued with a bang. There was a literal bang. It went off right behind her and got rubble all over her wings. It came as such a surprise that she couldn’t quite figure out what hurt more her ears or her body. There was quite a commotion going on behind her but he wasn’t interested in any of that. Why would she help them anyways? What could she even do to help? No no no she was going to keep going on her merry way and ignore all these problems. Even as cries for a doctor rang through the air she kept on going. The explosion couldn’t have been that bad could it? With great regret she cocked her head to the side and turned around for the split second she allowed himself to do so. “Blast I can’t even see through the crowd. And I’ve lost precious seconds of my day.” Seconds that she would never get back thanks to whatever blasted alchemist or chemist or whoever had the misfortune of making such an error. The whole fiasco had made her completely forget what she was doing here in the first place.

Hina took a seat atop a table and thought deeply about what she was doing here. Self reflection was important to any mortal and for her it seemed necessary due to her conveniently bad memory. She wanted to grab whoever had interrupted her day by the throat and wring her or her out over the top of a boiling pot of water. She looked up in a deep fantasy of what she would do if she ruled over her own legion of human slaves. The thought was mouth watering to say the least. She would have liked to continue thinking about boiling humans alive but her eye caught something quite peculiar. While everyone had rushed over to help with the situation behind her one lone man was going around to stalls and cramming things into a bag. Hina was not against such crime at all. She was a petty criminal herself, though she would never call herself as such. She was simply above human laws if she wasn’t caught, that was the proper view to have. She actually wished for the criminal to escape and even wanted to shout for him to hurry up or he’d get caught. If he was able to get caught by Hina then he probably didn’t have much time left before others caught on.

When the commotion died down, everyone went back to their business and Hina remembered what she was doing in this part of town. By then the thief had been long gone after stuffing several bags full of goodies and going off on her way. As the half breed walked to her destination she started to hear the merchants complain that they had been robbed. It was quite a humorous chain of events where merchants first blamed each other before blaming the commotion that had been caused. They really should have blamed themselves for leaving their goods unattended and out in the open. Hina certainly would not have made that mistake because she simply did not care about the wellbeing of whoever had gotten hurt. She would have been standing guard over her stall and directing the thief to the stalls that I competed with. Hina gave a laugh that was out of place with the chaos that was unfolding in the market. Could anyone blame him? Laughing at the mistakes of others was a particularly satisfying hobby of hers. She only laid off when she started getting nasty looks. She should have kept moving and gotten out of there before the inevitable happened.

Hina had spent much too much time standing around laughing while the merchants frantically tried to pinpoint the thief. Of course Hina would be the first to be suspected. A half avriel that looked so out of place that she could have been a blotch of paint on a blank sheet of paper. It was racial discrimination at its finest and Hina had dealt with it for all her life. This would be the first time she ever been accused of stealing something to her face though. She was all fine with people complaining behind her back because then it wasn’t her problem; out of sight out of mind. Being confronted like this was a little different. She was no fighter, she was no great flyer either. Her fight or flight instincts told her to just stay put and take the verbal beating she was getting from every angle, demanding to know where she had put the stolen goods. She likely would have fared better versus a pack of lions. She simply stood there in silence as even guards were called to the scene. “Oh no, this could get bad quick,” Hina thought for only a few seconds before she realized that she was actually not the thief this time. How could she be convicted of a crime she didn’t even commit?

“Search me then puny humans,” Hina roared, though she knew she was not tall enough to call even the average human puny. “I know your laws well enough to know that you need some kind of evidence to try me for a crime. I was merely laughing at your stupidity, leaving your goods unattended for anyone to take. Laughter does not mean that I was the one to take them.” “So who took them then,” asked the guard, “you imply that you witnessed the crime at the very least. Out with everything you know before we lose our patience.” The words stung and Hina did not think she was going to be in this situation. Did she really want to divulge what she knew? Not for free certainly. She was much too proud to do anything for someone else’s benefit for free. Even thinking of the word sickened her to no end. Free and charity, concepts only relatable to by slaves to society. Those who worked to get what they wanted never asked or needed handouts. A rough push by one of the guards was enough to bring her out of her inner monologue.

Hina gave her decision one final lookover in her mind before she finally spoke. “I saw the whole thing but now my mood is sour. For the right amount of coin my mood could change quite quickly.” she didn’t have to do so much in the way of acting because she was truthful about her emotions. She was also truthful that she was willing to sell out her fellow thief for the right price. After all the thief didn’t know that he had been spotted. He had been too busy cramming stuff into his bags to even look away. It was a good strategy, Hina had learned. Seeing that you had gotten caught was only going to make you panic. Just getting the deed done was the simplest and quickest way to act.

Neither the guards nor the merchants were very happy with her answer. This alone could have caused an uproar but Hina was quick to the punch. “You accuse me of stealing your shit and when it’s clear that I did not steal anything you want to get angry at me for offering to solve your crime? How much money does it cost to dedicate guards to searching for a thief that you have no description of? You might as well just not even search if you haven’t got anything. To hell with this, you’ve spent so much time berating me that the thief has had that much time to get away. I’ll make the offer again. Give me a good offer and I will tell you everything I saw. To sweeten the deal, I’ll also use my magnificent wings to fly up and see if I can spot her from up high.”

The merchants didn’t look that happy but they gathered up a sum of money and gave it to the guards for safe keeping. The deal was she would get half for what she had said and full if she found the culprit. Hina didn’t even bother divulging the description. She had seen where the man had gone so she relayed this information and took off. Just a few minutes of searching was all she needed to spot the man hobbling down a street with several heavy bags. His getaway strategy needed work. Hina signaled from the air and the guards chased after and soon enough they caught up with the thief. Satisfied with the performance of their halfbreed witnessed they handed over the pouch of coins. They didn’t bother thanking Hina but the coin was thanks enough for her. She wasn’t one to complain about getting paid, especially when she also got the pleasure of ratting out her competition. “Who knows, if I get a good enough reputation it might even make it easier to steal things.”

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Re: A witness

Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:37 pm

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Hina of the past feels ... less heroic than she is in present time. Fantasies about boiling humans alive? What the ... she seems to have become a lot more heroic by time. She did help the merchants find a thief though, even if it seemed like she only was in it for the money. Well, well! It's an intense project you have going on here and it will be interesting to see what Hina will be when she becomes a big girl ... eh, big half-avriel I mean :) Enjoy your rewards!



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