Suspicious Guards

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Suspicious Guards

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:37 am


Vhalar 120 night

Just a little while ago Hina had saved a young maiden from the clutches of an evil doer. From what Hina had gathered at the time, there were potentially more that had been captured. She had no choice but to interrogate the bandito for more information, such as where his evil hideout was where the others were being kept. The man was very uncooperative and didn’t feel inclined to divulge any information, even after giving him a good beating. It had been clear that Hina wasn’t the type to do any killing so he wasn’t scared at all. Nevertheless she had gleamed a little bit of information about where the hideout was. It was just a clue and even then it was probably just made up to make her go away. Since it was the only thing she was going on though, she had to trust it. It couldn’t hurt to go check it out at the very least. So here she was, walking down dark alleys all by herself with bruised arms and a tiring brain. She wanted to sleep and only kept pressing on because she thought that there were more to be saved.

She eventually arrived at the location of the clue and she found that she had been told the truth. There were two shady looking thugs standing outside of a door. They were both armed and both looked unfriendly as could be. They guarded a tall building that looked average, nothing out of the ordinary here. If there weren’t any guards there then Hina would have assumed that there wasn’t anything worth seeing here. “Dummies, giving away your location,” she snickered as she approached. She was seriously starting to feel the draw of sleep now but the fighter in her kept her going. She didn’t even plan on doing anything drastic, just a little bit of recon work. If she couldn’t make any progress tonight then she could always come back again. That’s when she heard a scream come from inside the building. “I guess there goes the whole come back later plan,” she grimaced as she tried to figure out what floor the scream had come from. It sounded like it was the third or fourth floor which meant that it was probably going to be way too difficult to climb up. Even if she did, she wasn’t sure she would actually make it back down.

There was no sneaking around either. She needed to go through the front door like the honorable hero that she was. She walked right up to the two guards and asked to be let inside. “What? Who are you here to see,” one asked skeptically. “I’m just curious as to what’s going on in there,” she said honestly. She wasn’t a good liar and often she didn’t even try to avoid the truth. What kind of hero needed to lie in the first place? “Sorry, that’s the whole point of us standing out here missy. So people like you don’t get inside. Now scram or there’ll be trouble. I’m not sure what even brought you over here today.” “Oh,” Hina said without pause, “One of your friends that I beat up said I should stop by. I thought it’d be a good chance to see who else you’ve tried to capture and I could possibly rescue them. You know, typical hero stuff. What do you say? Just a little peek?” The two guards looked at each other and then back at Hina. “I’m not sure if you’re joking or not but yeah just get out of here. You’re not getting inside.”
Taking on two people at once was the worst idea she had had all day. Still, she tried anyways. She started with a front kick to try taking them by surprise. They hadn’t drawn their weapons so they weren’t prepared for a fight to start up like this. The kick landed but it lacked finesse and Hina ended up having to hop back before attacking again. She got a couple of jabs in on the standing guard but he quickly pulled out some brass knuckles and slipped them on. Hina was actually pretty intimidated by those knuckles, especially since they read “your face” across the knuckles. She had to pretend like she couldn’t see that in the moon light and kept up her attack. Jabs and crosses were her staple at the moment and she wasn’t letting up. The guards weren’t wearing anything out of the ordinary so they were pretty agile and were used to being up at this hour, unlike their guest. Hina had to fight to get every glancing blow in that she could and in return she got punched more in the arms that surely made the bruising worse. By some miracle, she landed a lucky blow and one of the guards fell to the ground with a loud thudding sound. The thud was so loud and pronounced that Mina was afraid that someone would hear it and come out. It could be a good thing, if they were some friendly neighbors but she didn’t think she was in that kind of neighborhood.

With one opponent down, there was only one to go before she could get into the building. The remaining guard had spent much of the fight so far sitting back and only making a jab when the moment looked right. It was easy to accidentally punch your friend when ganging up on someone. Now that he could fight without holding back, he was able to easily overpower Hina. She had to duck and step to the side a lot more often than she was used to while fighting as he was just so much faster than her. Blow after blow went to her body and she found that she could no longer block with her arms. Other parts of her body started to get hit and she was just about ready to tap out. She waved her hands to show she was done fighting but that didn’t stop the onslaught. Even the guy that had been knocked down started to get back up. Hina only had one thing left in mind to get out of this situation and it was to run. Unfortunately she was surrounded now from both sides and she could hear people coming down the stairs of the building. Yeah, she wasn’t going to be sticking around much longer.

Just when everything started to look bad, it got so much worse. The doors opened and a couple more guards came out and these bad boys were wielding swords. Not wanting to dance with this crowd, Mina did a powerful roundhouse kick to the one blocking her path and watched as he stumbled backwards. She dove out of the way of someone trying to grab her and heard one ask, “why didn’t you just capture her? She’d be perfect for what the boss is trying to do.” “I dunno, she just looked like she was walking by then she attacked us. We didn’t really expect anything like this to happen.” Mina had jumped over the man’s body by now and she was being tailed by the guards that had come out. The plus was that they were geared so they were much heavier than she was and this made it quite easy to run away. Mina kept running until she found a guard. “There were some thugs,” she tried to explain to a worried guardsman, “they were guarding some building and they tried to capture me.” The guard was shocked and he joined her as they walked back to the building but there were two new people standing outside and they smooth talked their way out of the guard’s suspicion. “We have no idea what you’re talking about. And clearly we didn’t fight anyone, we’re not even sweaty. You must have the wrong place.”

She doubted any guard would believe her and at this point she was starting to treat this as a persona grudge. She was going to try doing something about this on her own, whether that meant getting beat up again or not. She wished she had the silver tongue that could have twisted this situation in her favor. She wished she had the influence to bring a hundred soldiers through this building and get whoever was inside, if there even was anyone inside. A smart criminal organization probably would have removed the contraband as soon as Hina started making trouble. She had half a mind to think that trying to get inside would be a fruitless endeavor. There were many things for her to think about but the most prevalent was how bruised her arms were going to be in the morning. It was all she could do to stretch them out and try to relax them as best as she could. She definitely would not be trying to fight anyone in the near future until these bad boys healed up.

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