Brutal Recruitment

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Brutal Recruitment

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:34 am


Vhalar 121 718

Hina was on the prowl again, looking for trouble. Ever since she had escaped slavery this was becoming a very fun pastime of her. She was excited to beat people up because ever since she arrived in this city of drunkards she had felt empowered to do good and ignore the haters. She was a hero in the making and she certainly acted the part. Someone stealing from a shop, nabbed. Cat stuck in a tree, saved. Even though things had gotten repetitive she still enjoyed every minute of it. The only con, in her opinion, was that she didn’t get paid for any of this. Not that she minded all too much because she was doing just fine in the house that she had for some reason and all these fancy wealth points that let her buy whatever she wanted. Still, she wasn’t rich enough to have weapons so she was a fist only gal. Who needed weapons when most of these people just wanted to use their fists? It was rude to come at someone with a knife when all your opponent had was knuckles. Lost in her thoughts, Hina almost didn’t recognize an evil doer in her presence.

A man was tugging at someone’s purse which was absolutely unacceptable. When he finally wriggled the purse free he smiled gleefully and started to run away. Hina was surprised she had seen someone actually in the act of performing a crime. Usually she was someone who just heard something happening. The cries of help and the sounds of a crime happening was usually all she needed to spring into action. This was the first time that she had actually seen a crime happen and nobody else seemed to have noticed. Feeling the adrenaline guiding her every sensation and thought, she pounced onto the thief and started pummeling away. “Stop right there evil doer, and fear not denizens, Hina is here!” Her words came between each punch that was bruising at this point. The thief didn’t even try fighting back which was also pretty odd. He shouted for help but most people just watched confusedly. This was the city of brawling, maybe this was just a brawl? Compared to most of the people she had fought, this was just too easy. A couple minutes into punishment, a guard came over and broke the fight up. “That’s a bit far to take a brawl,” the guard said as he restrained Hina.

“Hey, what are you doing, he’s getting away!” she shouted. Immediately a different guard went chasing after the criminal and tackled him to the ground. “Sorry, but you must be punished for your actions,” the guard said as Hina struggled pointlessly against his hulking mass and metal armor. Out of all her years of crimery she had never been man handled like this before. Still, she felt it necessary to fight every step of the way as she was drug through town. It would have been a rather simple trip if she had just complied and walked but she was stubborn and was just fine being drug through town. Along the way she accidentally did a split when she slipped and fell onto the floor which was enough to make it impossible for her to struggle anymore. It really, really hurt. She hadn’t said much so far other than shouting at him to release her so she could go fight more evil doers. She also noted how much this must be damaging her image. How could she, the one true hero of Rharne be taken away by a guard like some lowlife criminal?

“Where are you taking me?” Hina asked stubbornly as they started approaching the skywatch keep. She actually had no idea where criminals were taken in this city as she usually let the guards do their thing when she was done with the criminals. It seemed pointless for her to find out where the criminals went because she was no longer a criminal. “I’m taking you to the skywatch keep,” the guard said which confirmed Hina’s suspicion. “How much time am I getting?” she asked with a touch of sadness. If this was how her heroics were going to be rewarded then she was going to have to rethink her whole hero lifestyle. Maybe she would have to commit to only working at night and being a vigilante. Then she would be a criminal, but also a hero at the same time. She wouldn’t mind toeing that line but it was not her preferred option. “Oh, I think you’ll be in for twenty to thirty years, depending on your behavior,” the knight said dead seriously and Hina’s eyes teared up. “That long? I didn’t even do anything that bad!” Hina was drug through the keep and eventually they stopped at a desk labeled “Sebastian Markle.”

“Caught me a vigilante,” the knight said to the man named Sebastian Markle. “Ah, what’s your name,” Sebastian asked Hina as she got to her feet, legs still aching from the split. “My name is Hina Bravehart and all I was doing was stopping a pickpocket.” “That may be true,” the knight interjected, “but nobody but you knew he was a pickpocket. Your word versus his doesn’t mean much when witnesses can’t back you up.” “Yes,” Sebastian continued, “so wouldn’t it be better if you just became a guard so that your word could count towards criminals?” It took Hina a minute to realize what was going on here. She wasn’t being arrested, she was being recruited to become a guard. Not knowing what she should say she just stood there open mouthed. “I uh,” she started, “I don’t know how to be a guard,” she finished. “By the sounds of it you already have the hang of it,” the knight said with a pat on her back, “all you’ll have to do is make sure you’re doing everything legally and follow a command structure. Plus if you join right now you’ll get one of these sweet steel batons.” The knight pulled out a steel baton that extended and he mocked beating her over the head.

“I suppose this is acceptable,” Hina said with a pout as was handed a packet of information. “Great!” Sebastion said and the knight made his leave. “so what kind of work do you see yourself doing? There are several branches of the knights. This will help me figure out what to do with you.” “I don’t know,” Hina said indecisively, I want to fight criminals I guess. That’s all I’ve been doing and I’ve found it to be a good fit for what I’m capable of.” “If that’s the case then you’d be a good fit for the Guardian branch. There are three others, the inquisitors are devoted to intelligence operations, the justicars are responsible for defense outside of the city, and the stewards are diplomats and scientists.” Hina thought hard for a couple more minutes then said boldly, “I’ll join the guardians then!” Sebastian gave a smile and said, “not so fast there initiate, there’s no need to rush the decision. All you’ll be able to do for now is investigate them and see if you’re a good fit. Then after that there’s a test that you’ll go through depending on which division you actually choose. But if you are interested in guardians then I’ll put you in contact with one that you can visit with.”

Hina was disheartened to find out that there was a lot of work involved with becoming a lightning knight. She thought they were recruiting her, so why did she have to go through all these steps? She took a piece of paper with a time and date on it. “Meet him at the front of the keep at this time and date. Don’t be late or you’ll probably get smoked for it.” Upon seeing Hina’s confused face he continued, “it’s basically a way of conditioning you. Every time you mess up you’ll have to put up with some kind of punishment.” Hina didn’t look so sure if she really wanted to be punished for each and every mistake. She wasn’t a kid again and she had a very civilian like mentality.

“So what should I do until then?” she asked as she pushed her doubts from her mind. She wasn’t locked into the knights in any sort of way so she didn’t want to dwell on ‘what ifs.’ “Well, for starters you could go to the back where the other initiates learn how to be good knights. You look pretty beat up so they might go easy on you for your first day.” Hina nodded in thanks and made her way back where she would learn how to march in formation. She got yelled at a lot for messing up at the start but once she learned to ignore the deafening shouts and focused on fixing her problems then they stopped bugging her so much. “Is this really what I want to do,” she asked herself. At the moment, she really didn’t know.

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