Catch that man!

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Catch that man!

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:31 am


Cylus 10

Hina started her day thinking she was just going to do a quick workout. She was a big fan of keeping fit and all that jazz so that she could keep herself spry. Since she was starting with absolutely no knowledge on how to be an effective strength builder, she was going to have to start from scratch. She laid on the ground, on her stomach. Then she started flailing her arms around and wondering why it was so difficult for her to understand how to do a push up. After deciding on one arm placement area, she pushed up and realized that her arms were much too far apart. Pushing her arms only pushed her arms outwards which made her hands slide all over the place like some kind of spaghetti monster. She kept moving her arms around until she was steady and then lowered herself again. Pushing backup, she found that keeping her arms under her shoulders was a pretty decent way of doing the exercise. She experimented with moving her hands around and found that the closer her hands were to each other the more difficult the pushup was to perform. Having no knowledge of muscle groups, she was going to just have to settle with what she had now and be in blissful ignorance as to why the pushups were harder.

Now that pushups were done, it was time for sit ups. She flopped gracelessly onto her back and started scooting around so that her shirt wouldn’t be all bunched up. The worst part about working out was having your clothes get in the way all the time. She really needed something tight fitting so that she wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. Now that she was all good and ready to burn some more calories, she started bringing her back up to her knees. She used momentum to help herself up because she wasn’t that strong. She was a dirty little workout cheater and she didn’t have anyone to tell her that she was actually better off not cheating at all. She wasn’t sure what she would do if she didn’t swing her arms though, since she figured that she wasn’t strong enough to even make it all the way up on her own. She was carrying a lot of extra body weight up top so doing a situp wasn’t as straight forward as it might have seemed. She managed to get about five in before needing rest. She wondered how she was ever going to get better if she didn’t have the endurance to keep going.

“Hey get that man!” it was a shop keeper and someone was running right towards her. She had been working out on the side of a street, because where else was she supposed to advertise her gains? There wasn’t social media to post pics to so she had to do it out in the open where everyone could be mirin’. Ignoring her unique workout spot, Hina stood up and tried to look at what the commotion was. A man was pushing through the crowd and just passed by her and now he was getting away. If she had the reaction time she would have grabbed him but she didn’t. She also didn’t know if this was someone that really needed to be caught. It wasn’t until she noticed that guards were being called that she realized that this was probably serious. Maybe it was a thief? Why wasn’t anyone else going after him? This looked like a job for Hina the one and only hero of Idalos. Ender of wars and vanquisher of dragons. In her dreams, at least. “Now’s not the time for your fantasies,” she told herself and she finally made the decision to go after the suspected thief.

Had Hina been in an open field, there would have been no way she could have caught up to the man. But this was a crowded street and he was no longer running. He was trodding along and pushing his way through the crowd in a way that made him seem urgent, and not a criminal. Hina didn’t have any such need to stay hidden so she was able to catch up pretty quickly. The thief noticed that he was being tailed and darted off into an alley where Hina was quick to follow. Around and around they went down various alleys that Hina knew quite well. The thief seemed equally as confident but he was forced to go through unpopulated alleyways which was fortunate because most unpopulated alleys led nowhere. At last they came to a dead end where the thief could only escape by going through Hina or scaling a large wall that he looked ill equipped to tackle.

“It looks like you’re cornered,” decalred Hina with a look of triumph on her face. This wasn’t the first criminal she had apprehended but it was certainly one of the scariest conditions she had been in. All alone in an alleyway with someone that was clearly committed to breaking the law. Compare that to being in an open space with many people willing to back you up, this was quite different. She must have shown how nervous she was when the thief gave a vicious smile. “I think you’re stuck here with me, not the other way around,” the criminal said as he threw a bag to the ground and picked up a metal rod of the ground. This wasn’t looking good, but at least his weapon wasn’t a blade. Hina wasn’t used to fighting against blades and she was quite sure that she would die if she tried in a life or death situation. She was a typical brawler with nothing much in the way of dirty fighting experience so this whole situation was turning out to be a bad idea. Either way, it was time to fight. She raised her fists and the two combatants approached each other cautiously.

Hina threw the first punch. It was a jab with her left arm that went right over the man’s head as he ducked and brought the metal rod over to her hip. She raised her leg so that the attack would be blunted by muscle instead of bone. She landed her foot backwards then she brought her free arm down to cross over onto the man’s face. She gained a burst of confidence when she was to land her first strike. Her punch didn’t seem to do that much damage which was to be expected. The pipe came at her again but this time she was able to duck and land a jab on the thief’s stomach. With a growl he came at Hina again who caught the metal rod in her hands and did her best to wrench it away. That didn’t work, but at least it gave her a chance to think about what to do next. She finally get the bar go then immediately went for a hook which landed right on the man’s jaw.

The two went back and forth a couple more times. Each time the man went to swing, Hina was quick to step out of the way and give some punishment of her own. A jab to the nose, a cross to the neck, a hook to the jaw. Hina repeated the combo over and over again until the man backed up against a wall and slumped to the ground. He let the metal rod drop as well which was good enough to show he was done for. This was exactly the opportunity she needed to go into a rampage, punching the man over and over again until he finally yielded.

Hina didn’t stop at first. He wanted to make sure that this guy was so beat up that he wouldn’t be moving for a while on his own accord. She then took his shirt off and wrapped it around his hands so he couldn’t try any funny business. Having saved the day, the aspiring hero drug the criminal back to the shopkeeper along with the bag that he had supposedly stuffed full of goods. The shop keep thanked Hina graciously but offered no reward for her good deeds. Being a hero didn’t pay well, that was the crappy part about being one. Hina debated going to Yaralon where she could duel people and actually get paid for it. The only problem there was that everyone there used blades so what was the point? She would always be at a disadvantage if she fought there and she didn’t want to end up scarred like most of them did. Thankful that she hadn’t been gravely wounded in today’s schenanigains, Hina headed back home and massaged her slightly bruised leg. She couldn’t believe that she had only been hit once and wondered why the man was even stealing stuff if he couldn’t even fight off one measly girl.

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