Damsel in Distress

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Damsel in Distress

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:28 am


Vhalar 120 afternoon

Hina was once again working out in public. This time though it was night time and there weren’t that many people around. This was fortunate because she was looking a fool with her dumbells. They weren’t so much dumbells as some random trash she had picked up and started curling. There was no rhyme or reason necessary when working out at such a low level. All she needed to do was keep on pumping those arms to get the blood flowing, even if the total weight was about ten pounds. She felt the burn in her arms and whenever it got too great she dropped what she was holding and walked around for a couple minutes. Then she would find another something or another to lift and she’d be off curling away like a madman. Such a workout was only right for someone who wanted to be the one true savior of Idalos one day. With her head in the clouds she continued to walk along, doing her best not to cheat too much on her curls. It was actually an effective workout simply because she kept changing up the weights and the reps. If she didn’t know what she was doing then there was no way her muscles could know what she was doing.

Once her biceps started complaining after only a couple reps, Hina plopped down on the ground and looked for a sturdy set of handles to grab hold of. Usually a couple chairs worked good but she didn’t see any around. She peered into an alleyway and saw two windowsills on opposite buildings that looked just about right for doing some dips. With a childish grin she ran over and started dipping off of those and realized that her arms were burning a lot. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to keep working her arms like this, as that would get in the way of crime fighting! That was why she was out here at night after all. She could barely do more than a couple dips anyways before her triceps screamed for relief. She really needed to lose some of that upper body weight that was always pulling her down. She had heard that the real way to lose weight was to eat less but that was absolutely out of the question. No way was she giving up all the things she loved to eat! She would rather be a fatty forever. Nope, the only option was to do more exercise.

Hina spent considerably less time on dips than she had on curls. There was something about doing too many dips that made her elbows hurt, especially when dipping off of something strange like window sills. Now that she was done with that, it was time to turn her ears onto crime fighting mode. She listened for the sound of screams, or any sudden sounds at all really. Unfortunately she found nothing so she began her trip through the alleyways, looking for trouble that she probably should have stayed out of. Soon enough, she heard a muffled scream and that was her cue to act.

“Stop right there evil doers,” she announced as she turned a corner and saw a cloaked figure pinning a young maiden against a wall. She gasped in feigned horror as the figure pulled out a blade. This guy was just too heinous! Using a blade in Rharne when he should have used his fists! Hina pulled out a weapon of her own, just kidding she just raised her hands all dramatic like and cocked her head so that the maiden would know to run off. It looked like she had been tied up though so it wasn’t like she could actually go anywhere. “How are you going to get caught so bad that you get tied up?” she asked in exasperation. She wanted to go on but the evil doer came at her quickly. It had been so sudden that Hina was almost too slow to react. She had to stumble backwards in order to dodge the knife attack and she had to twist out of the way to dodge the follow up. She glared at the man and said, “excuse you,” before starting her own attacks.

She led with the classic jab with a follow up cross that established her safe bubble. The evil doer brandished the knife scarily but wasn’t paying attention to the tied up girl who was slowly rolling towards them. Hina had no idea what she was trying to do, but that was besides the point. Hina threw out a hook with the attempt to hit the man in the jaw but he blocked it without much trouble. So he was competent with fisticuffs it seemed. Hina didn’t let down though. She tried comboing her moves into a jab jab cross and finally switched it up with a hook that actually landed. The man backed up a couple steps but Hina was quick to match his momentum and land a solid uppercut which made him bite his tongue and start spurting blood through his teeth. It really was a gruesome sight to behold and it didn’t help that the maiden was in just the right spot for the man to trip over her.

In a rage, the man threw the knife at Hina but missed completely. Silly guy probably didn’t know that thrown weapons was a skill all in its own and didn’t know how to properly distribute stat points. This all paid off bigly for Hina who swooped down and tried to wrestle the guy. Sadly, the man was having none of that and scrambled back over to his knife. It was all Hina could do to put herself between the two and force this to be a hand to hand fight. She was clearly faster than the man, but a couple punches from him was enough to make her arm hurt considerably. It wasn’t surprising, as he had supposedly had the strength to pin that maiden down and also tie her up which was still pretty impressive. The punches made Hina’s arms feel delicate and she didn’t want to take any more hits than she already had. She wanted to end this quickly so that no other thugs could come around and make things difficult. More punches were exchanged and although Hina definitely landed more of them, the blows she received were much more draining.

It was starting to look like this man knew all the tricks in the book and was ready for everything Hina could throw at him. Stupid rharne brawlers being good at fisticuffs. Hina needed to change it up and think of another strategy. She faked a kick which made the man lower his hands to absorb the blow but she used the momentum to carry herself through to a three hundred sixty degree backhand right to the face. The force of her strike was enough to send the man into the nearby wall and knock him out cold. Hina was actually surprised that this had worked and felt rather dirty for doing something like that. But still, it was cheat or lose and she was very willing to cheat. “Don’t worry lawful denizen,” she addressed the maiden, “I will get you free right in jiffy.” She pulled and tugged at the ropes but it didn’t do any good. She didn’t know the first thing about undoing locks so she resorted to grabbing the knife from earlier and slicing the bonds open. “Oh thank you,” the maiden said gleefully,” I was worried that I would get taken away to that place he kept talking about!”

“What place,” Hina asked curiously, “it looked to me like he just wanted to kidnap you.” “Exactly!” the maiden squealed back, “he said he was going to take me to some others and then I’d be his… his… his slave!” with these last words she shuddered and slumped to her knees. “oh I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” the woman said with a sniffle. Hina stood tall and proud and said, “no repayment is necessary miss, now head on home before I have to beat up someone else.” With the maiden scurrying along, that left Hina alone with the man that was still knocked out. People usually didn’t stay knocked out for too long so she had to use this time to bind the man up with his own ropes.

When the man woke up, he saw Hina standing above him as menacingly as a hero could stand. Let’s face it she wasn’t menacing at all. She got all up in his face and asked, “tell me where you’re keeping the others and I might just let you out of here alive, kapeesh?” The evil doer rolled his eyes and said, “please just get out of here. This is way above your league. And I know where that girl lives, she’s not safe from me.” “Oh yeah,” Hina said, getting all riled up, “I might not have the guts to kill you but I can sure beat ya to the beneath and back!”

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