The House of Oliveira (WIP)

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The House of Oliveira (WIP)

Name: The House of Oliveira

Coat of Arms: Image

Title: Barony {Old Money}

Affiliations: The Lair

Notable Contributions:

Manor: (Where do they live? What is it like?)


Nouhime Oliveira

Race: Human.
DoB: 29th Vhalar 650 {68}
Title: Businesswoman, Baroness, Poison Connoisseur.
Skills: Blades{Katana}: Competent, Leadership: Competent, Business Management: Competent, Intelligence: Competent, Negotiating: Expert, Tactics: Expetr, Poisons: Master.

Kojiro Oliveira

Race: Human.
DoB: Ashan 13th, 693 {25}
Title: Baronet
Skills: Polearms{Katanas}:Expert, Leadership: Competent, Deception: Competent, Investigation: Novice

Benimaru Oliveira

Race: Human.
DoB: Zi'da 14th, 700 {18}
Title: Baguette
Skills: Ranged{Longbow}:Expert, Investigation: Competent, Detection: Competent, Tactics: Novice

Sakura Oliveira

Race: Human.
DoB: Ymiden 50th, 696 {22}
Title: Baronetess
Skills: Persuasion: Expert, Seductions: Competent, Etiquette: Competent, Investigation: Novice

Dojima Saito

Race: Human.
DoB: Vhalar 14th, 673 {would have been 45 at present day}
Title: Baronet {Deceased}
Skills: Dual Swords{Katanas}:Master, Stealth: Expert, Deception: Competent, Investigation: Competent

Dosan Saito

Race: Human.
DoB: Cylus 4th, 695 {23}
Title: Baguette {Is not aware of his relation to the Oliveira House}
Skills: Skills

Credit: Dosan S.
word count: 176
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