Save my kitty!

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Save my kitty!

Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:25 am


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Hina was doing the standard workout b.s. that she always did. Being a hero meant she couldn’t slack, not even once. Her heroics typically consisted of beating up low level evil doers and occasionally helping out the needy. She was just as obsessed with being a hero as she was with looking like a hero. That meant having an unrealistic body image problem which drove her to constantly be working out and trying to cop those sick gains. She was making progress, but progress was slow. She moved from exersize to exercise in an attempt to find the most optimal place to get the most attention during her raggedy street workout. Unfortunately there weren’t many people out and about today so her audience was a handful of stray animals and a pile of trash. In her mind they were adoring fans that were throwing flowers at her and begging for her attention. She did a couple of poses to show off her muscles and imagined her fans cheering her name and asking for more. She probably could have gone on for a couple hours like this in her delusional state of nothing knocked her out of it.

“Oh somebody help!” a crisp elderly voice broke the silence. “Oh no, a denizen of the city is in trouble!” Hina’s face went from happy to worried in an instant. She looked around for the best path to take and ended up tripping over the very weights she had been lifting. “Damn this poor maneuverability I was cursed with,” she thought as she pushed herself back up. She started running again but then her head made contact with a wooden sign that sent her right back down to the ground. She stood up again, confident as ever and now more worried than ever that something had happened to this old person who was crying for help. Her heart was racing and she knew that there was no time to lose! At breakneck speeds she turned the corner and saw an old lady standing next to a tree. She was looking around, but nobody else seemed to be there. She then started shouting something up towards the top of the tree which made Hina think that the wind had blown something away and had gotten into the tree. The horror! She was glad that she had shown up as this was a matter of utmost importance.

“What seems to be the problem,” Hina asked, puffing up her chest. She walked up to the elder lady and tried to stand tall even though she was shorter than the lady was. “Oh missy, my cat is stuck up on one of those branches and he hasn’t come down yet. He’s been up there since last night and I think he can’t make it down on his own. What ever will we do? Boo hoo.” Hina consoled the old lady by putting a hand on her shoulder. “Never fear, Hina is here! I will rescue your dear cat and then we’ll all go out to get some milk afterwards!” She gave a brilliant grin that gave hope to the old lady’s heart and she responded with, “oh thank you Hina. I’m so glad there are good doers like you in the city to help out when us old timer need it.” Hina enjoyed the compliment and she wanted to sit there and absorb more of them. But duty called and she had to figure out exactly how she was going to make it up there. This was a pretty tall tree so it was no wonder a cat couldn’t make it down alone.

Climbing up a tree was something that she had never done before. If the gods had meant for her to climb trees then she would have been born with claws or textured skin. Unfortunately she was only a half avriel so the best she could do was flap her wings. She was not going to trust her flying ability enough to fly up to the right branch, who was she a full grown avriel? She rarely even used her angelic wings so she was not going to be trusting those for any pinpoint accuracy type of things. So, she was going to have to slowly shimmy her way up to the right branch. She did her best to maintain three points of contact. Four points of contact were preferable, but she wouldn’t be moving unless she moved one limb at a time. She looked so very strange, bear hugging her way up the trunk and onto the first sturdy branch. She had to take a breather when she got there and leaned her back against the trunk so that she wouldn’t just fall off. Something about being high up was a little nerve-wracking for her. It felt natural for her to jump off and let her wings flap away but she was not about to do that.

It must have taken Hina an hour to get the rest of the way up the tree. It got a little easier the higher she went as there were many more branches to hold onto. On the flip side it got harder to find sturdy branches because most of the supporting branches were at the bottom of the tree. It took a lot of effort but she had almost gotten to the correct branch. Then, she heard a strange noise came from inside the tree. Out of one of the tree’s many holes, a squirrel came out and started charging right at her. Hina shrieked in surprise and nearly fell right off the branch which would have been very painful. She instinctively brought her free hand up and started slapping around like crazy, trying to make contact with the squirrel as it squeaked at her aggressively. The squirrel was quite adept, maybe even an expert in acrobatics. It expertly dodged all of its intruder’s slaps and looked ready to bite. Hina was surprised that her slaps hadn’t been very effective and tried a new strategy of swinging her leg up to destabilize the squirrel.

The squirrel was knocked off the branch and Hina shouted “Yes!” Her excitement was short lived though when the squirrel quickly made its way back her branch and started tormenting her again. She definitely was not going to be able to make it up to the cat if she was being bothered by this. She needed to be calm and collected if she was going to do this. Hina had tried her hands and feet, and she only had one weapon left: her head. She waited for the rodent to get close enough for it to bite her, then she brought her head towards the rodent so aggressively that it knocked the squirrel clear off of the tree and onto the ground below. “Sorry little guy,” she called out, “I didn’t mean to do that but you were kind of interrupting my heroics!” With all that nonsense out of the way, she pulled herself up and tried to see the best way to get to the cat. There weren’t many footholds to trust so she was extra slow when she approached. The cat eyed her warily and looked very hungry. “Please don’t bite me,” she begged, thinking about her supple skin that she didn’t want damaged.

Thankfully, the cat was not aggressive and recognized Hina as a human and not a bird that was meant to be eaten. It didn’t put up a fight as Hina tucked it into her shirt which must not have been a comfortable time. Now that the cat was secured, albeit unhapilly, Hina started balancing on the sole branch that she trusted and took precarious steps to get back to the trunk of the tree. She didn’t think she could make it. A strong gust knocked her off her balance and her wings instinctively spread out. She pushed off away from the tree and prayed that her wings would work properly. They flapped furiously and softened her fall. It was still a fall and was quite painful, but the buffer her wings had created for her was enough to avoid serious injury. In all the madness the cat had been well protected by some massive adipose tissue so it was all good. The old lady looked worried at first but when she saw the cat was fine she was happy as could be.

“Thank you hero of Rharne,” the old lady said with teary eyes, “I don’t know what I would have ever done without you!” Hina stood stoically as the wind blew through her hair. “Never fear,” she said, “as long as Hina is here.” When the old lady finally left, Hina finally allowed her to drop the tough girl act and waddle her way back home, painfully. This was going to take a while to heal up, especially without some kind of medical attention. She was even going to *gasp* miss working out for the rest of the day.

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Re: Save my kitty!

Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:32 pm

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Well, as you soon will see I'm making an evening of reading about Hina. This is fun and after this firs thread I'm already fond of your humor. The encounter with the squirrel was hilarious. Now looking forward to next HIna thread on my review list. Nicely written!

(One thing though, for the future: It's a bit hard to check your thread list when I can't see the names of your threads in the CS so if you could make links that show the tread namers all we reviewers will be happy ;) )



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+5 for saving a cat and being the hero of an old lady who will tell the whole city ^^
+5 for winning a fight against a squirrel and knocking it out


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