• Closed • And From The Ashes They Rise...

A cruel twist of fate entwines the destinies of two complete strangers

63rd of Ashan 716

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And From The Ashes They Rise...


Skills: +1 Unarmed Combat; +1 Acting; +1 Interrogation
Basic Knowledge: Unarmed Combat: Blind Fighting; Lö'we: Healer
Specialized Knowledge: Lö'we: Knows your secrets; Lö'we: Knows what happened on the day of the burning; Blindness means weakness; Acting: Disguising fear
Injuries: 3rd degree burns to the skin surrounding the eyes, potential permanent blindness, 3rd degree burns to center of chest, 2nd degree burns across the palms of both hands, all requiring significant amounts of time for treatment with or without constant treatment. Additional swelling to one fist, adding a three trials of painful throbbing whenever used.


Skills: +3 Herbalism; +1 Storytelling; +1 Botany; +1 Negotiation
Basic Knowledge: Herbalism: Treating burns
Specialized Knowledge: Botany: Identifying Sage; Botany: Identifying Plantain; Herbalism: Plantain has antiseptic properties; Herbalism: Plantain has anti-inflammatory properties; Herbalism: Plantain has painkilling properties; Herbalism: Lavender has mild painkilling properties; Ki'an: Half-Aukari; Ki'an: Can't remember the events leading up to his burning.
Injuries: Swollen purple-blue bruise to the jaw, bringing a noticeable ache during talking and chewing food. Moderate damage. If untreated, swelling will remain for the next three trials, but will disappear of its own accord within a total of nine trials. If treated, swelling will remain for two trial and will disappear of its own accord within five trials.

Additional Notes:
Loved the interactions between both characters, plenty of injuries to give to both sides (which is always fun) and as always, if there are any concerns or questions with this grade, please, please sent me a PM and I'll be more than happy to talk it out. Happy writing!

Boxcode redit goes to Kydrel!
word count: 279
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