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Re: Ulric

NPC Characters
Personal NPC
Name: Corvus the Lightbringer
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 10 Cylus 686
- Blades: Longsword (30)
- Leadership (25)
- Intelligence (10)
- Field Craft (5)
- Shield: Kite (20)
- Endurance (5)
- Teaching (5)
Appearance: Since his battle with Ulric, Corvus has twisted into something terrible. He no longer can recall anything more than the appearance of his armor and even that memory has been twisted into something darker and more terrifying. His body is covered entirely in third degree burns and so he wears his armor to cover it.
Personality: Corvus was a good friend and a great teacher but he was also deeply religious. He believed the perfect life came from following aspects of many of the Immortals' teachings. Over time his beliefs turned fanatical and his self imposed isolation withered his mind. Corvus turned jealous. Bitter. He wanted what he could not have and he knew he shouldn't have wanted it... but he did.
Relationship to PC: Corvus was Ulric's master, teacher, and greatest friend until he betrayed Ulric and murdered him. Corvus lead the adventuring party that Ulric was a part of for many years until his beliefs became too radical and those following him grew uncomfortable with the lengths he went to. When Ulric sought to go out on his own with Marian and Alexios thought to return home, Corvus felt like he was losing everything he'd spent his life building. The family he had spent his life trying to find. Torn between his earthly desires and his faith, Corvus went mad. He hunted down his former friends- who he now saw only as sinners- and murdered them all. Ulric and Marian put up the most substantial fight, but in the end they were defeated. Now Ulric seeks vengeance on Corvus.
Name: Arthur Thorn
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 10 Ashan 675
Skills: - Blades: Longsword (35)
- Smithing (10)
- Intelligence (10)
- Tactics (15)
- Fieldcraft (10)
- Resistance (5)
- Endurance (5)
- Investigation (20)
Appearance: Arthur stands at about six feet tall with a slightly larger than average build. He has long brown hair and a beard that is greying. His eyes are brown and he has various scars across his body from sword fights in days gone by.
Personality: Arthur is a respectful and honorable man. He doesn't actively seek to offend anyone, even those he finds distasteful however if he is pushed, he will push back. At heart Arthur wants a peaceful life but he knows that he will never have one.
Relationship to PC: After Ulric died his sword (one of his anchors) passed through many hands until it ended up in Arthur's hands. Arthur is a soldier who had joined Corvus for a short period before Corvus descended into madness. Arthur knew what Corvus planned but could do nothing to prevent the murder of Ulric, Marian, and Alexios. When Ulric was strong enough he bargained with Arthur. Initially Arthur responded negatively but when he realized the identity of the ghost haunting the blade he'd won he became more receptive. Ulric persuaded Arthur to help him seek out vengeance on Corvus who they both agreed was too deranged and dangerous to be left alive. In the time since their relationship has evolved to include enacting smaller feats of vengeance on their road to Corvus.

The Dead
Killed by Corvus
Memory NPC
Name: Marian the Serpent
Race: Yludih
Date of Birth: 20 Saun 689
Skills: 100 Points. No more than 30 no less than 5
- Polearms and Staves: Quarterstaff (20)
- Medicine (20)
- Politics (15)
- Surgery (10)
- Teaching (5)
- Singing (10)
- Persuasion (10)
- Gardening (10)
Appearance: She stood at five feet and six inches tall. She was slender and quick weighing only 145 pounds.
Personality: Having spent much of her life being bullied by a society that could not trust her, Marian grew sheltered and closed off. She didn't seek out friends or allies until she was given a purpose by Corvus. After that she began to emerge from her shell. She was always quiet but she was also funny. When she chose to speak it was often to provide a light or humorous comment on whatever was occurring. Marian felt things deeply. She was a passionate person about the things she believed in. But she was also too timid to strike out on her own.
Relationship to PC: Marian was another one of Ulric's adventuring party. She earned her moniker due to her natural ability to shapeshift. At first she took offense to it but grew to embrace the name. Marian and Ulric had an off and on relationship during their years with Corvus which the lightbringer eventually grew jealous of. When the dark times came and their group began it's downward spiral into backstabbing, half truths, and outright lies, Marian urged Ulric to leave with her and to his everlasting regret, he did.
Hunted and killed by Corvus
Memory NPC
Name: Alexios the Brightblade
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 31 Vhalar 680
Skills: 100 Points. No more than 30 no less than 5
- Axes & Bludgeons: War-Axe (30)
- Strength (20)
- Intelligence (20)
- Torture (10)
- Intimidation (20)
Appearance: He stood at six feet and three inches tall. He was a wall of muscle weighing in at roughly 286 pounds.
Personality: A warrior through and through. Alexios is a man of the old ways. He believes in honor, bravery, and courage above all else. He respects those above all else and his respect means everything to him. One of his greatest regrets is that he spent so much of his time fighting Ulric and not more fighting with Ulric.
Relationship to PC: Alexios was another member of Ulric's adventuring party. He had been a member longer than Ulric when the time to draw titles came and he sought the title of Dragon but it was granted to Ulric. Conversely Ulric wanted to wield the Brightblade but it was granted to Alexios by Corvus. Alexios and Ulric often found themselves butting heads when they were not on missions. Outside of battle the two struggled to find things to talk about. Ulric was fascinated by magic and Alexios was not. Ulric sought to master the single blade and Alexios sought to master war-axe. They were different people thrown together by circumstance and they became begrudging friends because of it.
Sacrificed to Resurrect Ulric
Name: Alex
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 21 Ymiden 705
Skills: Blades (26/100)
Smithing (15/100)
Storytelling (26/100)
Climbing (5/100)
Endurance (5/100)
Woodworking (5/100)
Pick Pocketing (8/100)
Animal Training (5/100)
Field Craft (5/100)
Appearance: Image above.
Personality: Alex is a good kid with good values and that's exactly how his father used to be. He believes in the simpler values of honor and loyalty like his father used to however where Corvus was a religious zealot, Alex has nothing but negative opinions of the Immortals. Alex believes the Immortals are playing a big game and using humans as the pieces they move around. The recent war between Lisirra and Sintra only made these beliefs more concrete. However he is a young boy who has little to no control over his impulses. He's always looked to strong men as father figures and that was where Ulric came in.
Relationship to PC: Ulric inserted himself into Alex's life so that he could get closer to the boy and through him, hurt the boy's father. Alex is the son of Corvus, the man who killed Ulric. Ulric has decided that Alex is the perfect sacrifice to give Sintra in exchange for his life and has begun subtly working to convince Alex that he would become a more powerful swordsman if he allowed Sintra to 'give Alex his skills.' The boy, being young, trusting, and foolish, does not see the ghost's deceit even thought it has been laid out in front of him. The horrible part of the relationship between Alex and Ulric, is that the longer Ulric spends courting Alex to steal his life, the more Ulric has begun to see Alex as the son Corvus stole from him. Alex is Ulric's chance for redemption, but Ulric is too driven by his obsession to see it.
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