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Re: Tomorrow is Another Day

Discipline: Restraining facial expressions that would portray your emotions
Discipline: Keeping calm during a negotiation
Negotiation: Providing all available opportunities to entice an agreement
Negotiation: Bartering for a marriage blessing

Zarik: Abusive, crude father
Zarik: Is willing to choose me over his family

Caregiving: Preparing a warm breakfast.
Caregiving: Checking on family's well-being.
Caregiving: Taking care of someone who doesn’t appreciate it.
Discipline: Calmly accepting unexpected information.
Discipline: Patience for a belligerent parent.
Endurance: Enduring verbal abuse.
Negotiation: Offering compromise for mutual benefit.
Running: Jogging despite being sore.
Seduction: Teasing promises.
Stealth: Getting out of bed quietly.

Alistair: Has two young sons.
Alistair: I'm one of many...
Alistair: Followed to protect me.

Loot: N/A
Injuries/Overstepping: N/A
Renown: Zarik continues to be seen with a famous nobleman of Rynmere and advisor to the King. That's going to get around. 5
Wealth Points: N/A

Collaboration: Yes
Magic Experience?: No

Comments: Wow, Zarik's father sure is a bastard. Hopefully his life with Alistair is less turbulent, although I very much doubt it. At least the two will have each other and their love.

Can't wait to see Zarik's meeting with Bellator!

word count: 204
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