Hellish Nightmare part 3

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Hellish Nightmare part 3

Part 3:

A pain in his chest surprises him at once. Tears flow on their own and moisten the dirt. The half avriel swallows a sob, sniffing loudly. He hastens to kill his pain by wiping tears from his clenched hands. He does not have the right to cry. It's silly to cry like that. He silences his emotions with difficulty, still biting his thumb hard. When he feels sleep winning him, he comes to close his eyes and relaxes his muscles.
Kage is awakened by a new pressure on his feathers and then along his arm. He looks at what is going on slowly, always sleepy. What a surprise to note the presence of the creature just inches from his face. She drops down near her fingers, exhaling deeply. The half avriel is still, not wishing to scare the baby again. He cannot believe he's back. The minutes pass and the child begins to take a constant breath. He is sleeping. Kage dares to let his fingers gently cover the tiny body. His hand covers almost half of the creature. His little belly goes up and down as he breathes against the comfort of his feathers. Despite the baby's presence, the half avriel cannot go back to sleep. Not like this when there was so much to do. The same dream had plagued him for days now and he found no respite.

He thinks too much for that. Hatred. Disappointment. Sadness. Even joy. There was everything, very often in conflict with the half avrielic traits of his family. Then there was the punishment itself. It is impossible to fall from the heavens unless you are pushed. And that's exactly what they did to him. He clearly remembers the humiliation, anger and pain that mingled in the cry he uttered as he felt his body being suddenly drawn down. He could stubbornly look up, he could not see the reaction of others now. Will he be able to see them again one day? He relies little on that. Kage only gets up when the creature gets up and starts playing again. She seems to have forgiven him for his idiocy of the day before. This reassures the half avriel enough that he is really interested in the small this time. He sits down first, watching him in the distance. Then he gets up and approaches, taking a seat next to the pile of dirt in which the baby rolls. "You should find a name.” The idea came to him as he watched his new companion sleep. He does not know what to propose.

Should he be the one who decides which name to choose? Yes since he has never been confronted with such a thing before. Every half avriel in his family that was born had already their name assigned since long before their conception. So, how should he proceed with a being whose birth has never been planned? "Suggestions?" Nice attempt, but as he does not grasp the rumbling and crying language of the creature, it will not really help him. At least, that's what he thought before hearing the baby's voice come forward happily as if to answer him. "Krnnn" Kage raises an eyebrow, uncertain of the interpretation he must make of this cry. "Um, nothing more precise?” He encourages the little one to emit sounds closer to the common. He knows, however, that it is impossible. The baby does not have the vocal cords designed to express themselves with as much grace and precision. “Krmnon" Even more confusion its visible on the features of the future Devil. He tries to interpret as best he can the strange sounds of the little creature. "Krgn?" He tries. The baby jumps for any answer. "Go for Krgn. Krgn for the intimates." Kage is a big lover of nicknames. He smiles, satisfied with himself.

"Me, I am Kage….." He stops. He does not know if he should keep the name that his parents gave him. It's not him anymore. He wants to start all over again in this new world, to be his own master. It should therefore be distinguished from the half avriel he was. He spends a silent minute thinking about it before smiling again. "... Call me Kage." Kage sighs, shaking his wings once again to get rid of the dirt embedded in his plumage. He finally manages to stir them, but they are still not strong enough for him to lift them up and put them on his back. He is thus forced to let them drag loosely against the dirty floor. All this frustration is contained, however, while the half avriel has a new goal in mind. He is determined to find a place to go down to live there. It is a first step in a long process of acceptance that he still ignores with obstinacy. He cannot give up the idea of going out of this world that is not his. Even though there is this thought that occasionally grows in his mind and painfully reminds him that he has no true home.

In Kage's plan, there is no second objective besides. When he finds a less dusty place, if only it exists here, he has no idea what to do next. He keeps his mind in the present, pushing his body forward even though he sees no indication that he is going in the right direction or the wrong direction. In this desert of dirt, everything is similar to the point of being frightening. And if it was eternal damnation? An infinite of desolation. A world without end where there is no hope of escape. Kage cannot accept that he is the new heap ruler of dirt. There must be something else. Krgn gives a little cry as he rolls in the dust. There is at least one who has fun. The little being is not in the least bothered by the daily aspiration of dirt. The young man is even the first to bury his dark head in what served him as the first cradle. Kage should not be surprised that Krgn is in his element. He was born of dirt after all. And like a bald eagle parent who watches over his offspring, he sometimes stretches his neck and looks around where his four-legged friend has taken refuge.

When the baby ventures too far ahead or, on the contrary, trails behind, the half avriel calls him to him and Krgn returns to his foot, splitting the dirt with joy. Strange that the creature is so obedient to him now. She must have understood that they are only both in this ungrateful world. Both, however, are forced to end their first long day of walking when fatigue wins. They spent hours moving in the same direction, never deviating from the set course. Still, the landscape is dreadfully similar to the day before. Kage comes to sit, taking care not to crease his particularly dirty wings. Every time he looks at them, he is caught in a heartache. There is not one of them who can surpass it at this level. He has always been proud of the beauty of his wings in this dream. It could get to his head at times. Now he does not recognize them anymore. He can do anything to clean them, they seem to him forever ruined by what made them so prodigious in the past. Such a waste of his precious time.

Krgn just takes a leap on Kage's thighs. The latter jump, not yet fully familiar with the excitement that can testify the little one. He does not attempt to remove it from there, however. The half avriel even observes the young man snuggling comfortably against him before closing his eyes. It is amazing for Kage to realize the level of trust that this offshoot testifies to him. While sleeping, he could end his life, for example. Except he will not do it. That's probably why Krgn has no trouble falling asleep against him. He feels that there is no danger, only heat to choose such a place to rest. No matter, the young halfblood must himself let himself go to sleep. It took him a long time before he went to sleep, stubbornly staring at the high-pitched clouds. Hours later, they are left in the same direction, never changing. After a few more monotonous hours, Kage notices a dark line emerging on the horizon. The closer the two come, the more it becomes obvious that they have found something that differs from the setting they are used to. When the shadow grows a little more with each step, Kage begins to be suspicious. This remains an unknown element, therefore potentially at risk for them. Kage wishes he could stay here and continue his journey but the call of the light pulled at his wings and soon he was spiraling back to reality. He wished very much to return to the child he had abandoned but he could not until he slept again.
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Re: Hellish Nightmare part 3

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