Event A Seat at My Table {GST}

Praetorum, Thysbae, Laurel Ariss get dragged into one hell of a Rabbit Hole

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Re: A Seat at My Table {GST}

♣ Ashan 33rd, 719 ♣

♣ And so with both participants seated and their questions asked, Cheshire smiled, snapping his fingers as two cups of tea formed in front of them. In one cup was glowing amber liquid, the aroma akin to that of honeysuckles and raspberries. The glow was golden and alluring but something about would seem.....off. In the other cup was an emerald green liquid, one of which seemed to jump at the brim of the cup as if it wanted to escape. It held no scent, but one would feel lost in the reflection of themselves if they stared too long.

With a gesture to drink of either cup before them, the hatted male began to answer their inquiries. Starting with the ithecal his gaze fixed on the large reptilian male as he listened. With a sly and devious smirk, the man rose from his seat and went to one of the ghostly shadows. Upon placing a hand on the figure, it came to life in an instant.

The man before them was definitely a yari, but his face was gaunt and an expression of fatigue and fear hung on his face. These lovely party guest are those unfortunate souls who either piss off Victoria........or fail miserably at these games. You don't want to fail these games. he said, releasing his grip, turning the whimpering male back into the smoky shadow he was. Taking his seat once again he continued to answer their questions.

I have been here so long I have forgotten who I am, what I was. I consider myself human as it is how I appear to be. As for Victoria... he said with a concerned look in his eyes, almost as if he was worried she was listening Victoria is of emean nature, though a creature.......she is not. he said, his expression lightening at the lizardman's last question.

Dont fail the games, you must play them no matter what else you will end up like the rest that have a seat at this table. he said, turning his attention to the other one, the lively and bubbly one. A smile fixed itself on Cheshire's face as he listened to the man speak and inquire. With a chuckle, he found the boy to simplistic and almost childlike.

The break lasts for as long as it takes for Victoria to find another player for these games. he said, his smile beaming at the next few questions. I am paradoxical because I say and do things that are either wildly absurd or contradictory to what you may think. his smile faded a bit at the mention of her dialect, his face forming a frown of irritation. It's a deflection she uses to make herself seem less threatening than she already is. It's a silly thing I wish she wouldn't do. he noted, as the last inquiry came, and his smile returned. Unfortunately she is older than I, she has been here for arcs on end it seems.

With all the questions asked and answered Cheshire looked to the sky above the table. It was almost time.

Meanwhile, in Yaralon, Victoria was on the prowl, looking for a suitable candidate to bring back in order to replace the one she lost. No one was piquing her interest, that is until she saw the most adorable looking child. She was so cute, and Victoria knew she was perfect for the games ahead. She followed the girl at a safe distance, and when the woman thought the time was right, sprung into action.

Would you like to play game with me?
she asked, not giving the girl time to answer as she hugged her from behind, and both vanished from the city at that moment.

Back within the fracture, Cheshire stood as it was time. Gesturing for them to finish whatever cup of tea they chose to drink, he snapped his fingers and a crimson door appeared. Though before opening it, he turned to them and at that moment everything seemed to stop. The sound of the waterfall ceased to be heard, the rolling of waves from the water vanished from the audible levels.

A word of warning before you go. Everything within these games is not as it seems, trust not what is told to you, nor what you see. Its all fun and games till your soul is bound here for eternity like me. and with that, the landscape was engulfed in red light as Cheshire opened the door. Once it died down the two would find themselves in a grand hall with a set of statues on either side.

On one side was Victoria, and with her stood a little girl. She waved them over and once they got near her she smiled. On the other side sat a woman clad in the finest of red and gold clothing. She was the personification of opulence and grace. She stood from her throne and addressed those present.

What an interesting group you have here. Very well let's begin. Before you are pieces to a game of chess, but these are no ordinary pieces. They breathe like you and I and move just the same. The game is simple, take out my queen piece and you are the winner. How you do this is entirely up to you. But fair warning, the damage you sustain here is real, and if you die, well you are just dead plain and simple. she explained as she pointed to each piece as they came alive.

Each piece has a unique ability that comes with them. The pawns are brutes, capable of physical damage only. The rooks are defenders, able to withstand most abuse. The bishops are like mages, able to throw fireballs and lightning from their hands. The knights are our champions, wielding rays of light from their steeds. The kings are able to crush their foes with the might of the earth. And for the queens, they can wield the wind to shatter all who defy them. she said taking her seat on her throne once more.

Victoria stood in the front of the three chosen players and to each she gave a single word.
she said pointing to Thysbae.
she spoke, poking Prae.
And you, you will be my Queen
she said to the little girl, a devious smile on her face. With that Victoria took to her own throne and the game was to begin.

Red pawn 3 to white pawn 4 the command echoed from the Red Queen's corner and the corresponding piece moved. Once it got in range, the blade at it side came loose and slashed down the white pawn, splitting it in two. Victoria smiled and gave a command of her own.
Bishop 1 to red pawn 3
she said, looking to Thysbae to see what he would do.

Game 1 Overview

Ever seen Wizard Chess or played chess, well this is kinda like that, as its the enchanted variant of the classic board game Chess, in which the pieces move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece is taken, it is removed by the attacking piece, often in a barbaric manner where the losing piece is smashed violently by the winning piece. Survive till the Red Queen's Queen is defeated


Ⅰ} Suggest a move to Victoria

Ⅱ} Ask the Red Queen a question

Ⅲ} The is a hidden objective here in the first game. If you meet the requirement, It will be noted in the next GST post.

Favor & Ire

Alyssia: Gains two favor points for being an adorable little one :twisted:

Favor & Ire tally

Favor: ✔✔✔
Favor: ✔✔✔
Favor: ✔✔


May 21st

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Re: A Seat at My Table {GST}

Alyssia looked around at the world around her. The child was once again walking around the city of Yaralon not completely sure where she was supposed to be going. The knights had not given her an exact location to “scope” out as they called it. A sigh left her body as the girl stopped trying to figure out what was around her. There were so many businesses that the child did not recognize. The sounds of battle could be heard in the distance, the child wondered if it was the arena that had the city buzzing.

“Maybe, that would hold good information,” Alyssia said quietly not hearing the woman approach her from behind.

A gasp left the child’s lung when she was suddenly hugged and disappeared from the city of Yaralon. Closing her eyes, she instantly hung on to the arms of the woman even when it was clear they were not in danger any longer. Slowly the girl opened her right eye and peered around before quickly letting go of the woman. The child tried to look fierce by trying to glare only for it to look more like a pout. Moving back, she looked around and instantly recognized Thysbae in the distance.

Before she even thought about it, the child ran over to the only familiar face and hugged him. Looking over at the other person she did not recognize the large dragon creature. The girl was glad that she was able to find the shoes the man had managed bought for her. The voice of the other female across the room made the child turn around. It was the first time she had really paid attention to the two strange women. Alyssia looked back and forth between the woman that had taken her and the woman that know talked about a game called chess.

Confused, she tried her best to pay attention to what each piece did. Turning back to the one called Victoria, the child was shocked to learn that she would be the queen. Her little heart pounded in her chest as she stood in place on the board. Looking across to where Thy was at, she tried to put her fear out of her mind and focus. The young Aukari watched closely when the woman in red made her first move, jumping some the girl stayed in her square watching the pawn get cut in half.

Looking between the two women, she watched as Thy was told to approach the red pawn. The girl took the moment of the woman being distracted to study the board and the other player. Though young, she prided herself on trying to figure out what to do in tough situations. Alyssia took a deep breath and steadied her nerves trying to relax.

“Miss red queen, if I may. How far is an attack from a queen able to reach?” Alyssia asked looking at the woman across the board.

If there was a way to move all the pieces out of the way, the girl figured she could just shoot a blast of wind across the board no matter her position and hit the opposing queen. That would be the easiest way to end the match quickly without any one of them getting hurt.
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Re: A Seat at My Table {GST}

His questions answered, the mortalborn could do no more than ponder the situation. Which, he didn’t do for long. It was a fleeting thought that was gone and forgotten in only the span of a trill as the Hatter stood and summoned up a door for them. More games to play, more people to meet. They were presented with a woman in red and gold and Bae had to say he thought that was quite the pretty combination.

But what was that about failing games? He thought he’d heard a tidbit about that from the Hatter to Prae. Thysbae didn’t want to be a specter trapped at a table. Frowning, he paid a little more attention to the woman as she spoke, addressing them and — was that Alyssia? Her fiery red hair gave her away, and she seemed to be just as eager to see him. Their reunion was short, cut by the instructions given. Right, focus; didn’t want to lose this game. But had he lost the other one? Patting the girl’s back, he turned his full attention to the woman speaking.

Bishop. He’d been marked as a Bishop. They were playing...chess? He wasn’t very good at chess; never really had the chance or interest to play. “But — what if we don’t know how to play?” All he knew was that his bishop could throw fireballs and lightning, very very frightening, but not helpful if he didn’t know what he was doing. The flames of the fires around him made him much warmer than he would have liked, added on by the heat radiating from Alyssia. Discomfort settled into him, lips pursed and brows furrowed as he was pointed to once more, this time to move a piece.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing! That’s not fair.” A petulant frown replaced pursed lips, gaze darting over to the Red Queen and Victoria. Wiping sweat — from nerves or overheating, he couldn’t tell — he looked back to the chess piece that he was in charge. Somewhere that sounded distant, Alyssia’s voice carried a question over to Victoria. He had to think (which he wasn’t terrible at, but not so good under pressure of this kind).

“I…” He swallowed, chin quivering. “I want to move the piece, but I don’t know how.”
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