Nauta F'mos Geey

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Nauta F'mos Geey
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Nauta F'mos Geey

Nauta F'mos Geey
Name: Nauta "F'mos" Geey

Age: Twenty Two (24) Arcs

Race: Aukari

Date of Birth: 67 Vhalar 693

Marks: Like branded cattle? Never!

Factions Joined: Me, myself and I.

Languages Spoken: Vauni (fluent), Sau'ei (fluent) Ith'ession (Conversational) & Common (broken)

Starting fame: 30

Those that knew the Nauta Geey of Sirothelle would be surprised meeting him, or F'mos, today. There he conformed as a proper Aukari of the Immortal Faldrun familiar with control, fear, distrust and of course service. No longer burdened with such sentiments the Geey's tenacity towards his duties is easily replaced with bliss. His newfound liberty much more than what he has expected.

However that doesn't mean he has forgotten the fire within him. The curse inflicted by the Immortal of Fire. This reminder is clearly represented by the manner Nauta has chosen to maintain his lifestyle. With controlled discipline. The same as in Sirothelle, his defining long red hair pulled back in a utilitarian ponytail.

If nothing else, "The Aukari Condition" as he refers to it would help him be more aware of this brand new fragile world he found himself in.

That said, the appearance of F'mos has significantly changed to reduce the possibility of being recognized as Nauta Geey. Sporting a goatee along with a thick mustache which wraps around his mouth, F'mos is confident his efforts would help conceal him and if not, the pause for recognition would provide enough time for an escape.
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Serving Fauldrun and not meeting an end through erupting like other Aukari is the reason for his tenacity? Untrue. It is more accurate to say Nauta tempered himself as a weapon. Not for the Immortal but for his goals and anything else of little consequence. In Sirothelle, it was easy for the sly Aukari to align his goals with his duties to race and Immortal but no longer being restricted by either the goals of F'mos are unknown even to himself.

Even so F'mos remains bitter, perhaps more so as the subjects of his resentment are no longer close. His rancour a problem from young. A result of a sensitivity to his surroundings and those around him in a time he was susceptible to their influence. Had he been a of different race or treated better by his peers, he would have had a promising future but Nauta became just another weapon damaged by the war brought by the Immortal.

A lifetime of living with and against those that would exploit him. A lifetime of fear. But it was knowing what he had to do and having the willingness to do it which will forever make Nauta's memories of Sirothelle a misery to him.

F'mos. The chosen name of the Aukari deserter from Sirothelle, Nauta Geey. It's a name with its o history, enough to overshadow the name the Zatkai tried to force on Nauta as punishment for his past misdemeanors though that name and it's meaning has faded into obscurity, known only to those who have reason enough to care. Those like the relations of Nauta's "victims" as the group would like to refer to them.

Not Nauta though, and neither those close to him who at that time were thankful to the great Immortal that burns, even if he didn't actually get involved.

Despite his luck the reason for that forgotten name remains in memory, at least for the Sirothelle Aukari of his generation. Born a Geey, Nauta's father was renowned not for combat in the field but his ability to survive battles by any means necessary and the old Aukari still lives to an enviable age of 44 arcs. Some attribute the soldier's survival to Nauta's mother, a popular cook and homemaker. Their belief that aside Faerun's blessing the reason for his father's refusal to fall in battle is because he would miss his wife's cooking too much.

That was only part of the truth however as Nauta's mother like his father had some repute in her chosen field and it was the skills she used that which actually had helped her husband so much.

Being born to the pair it's no surprise Nauta seemed to breeze through his preparations to become a part of the Occult, much to the envy of his peers. If not the respect for his father and his accomplishments which the young Aukari wanted to live up to, it was the encouragement of his mother who was never shy in rewarding her son with his favorite dishes. Eventually Nauta's potential became vexatious to his peers and they took every opportunity to harass him with any excuse to slow him down. The experience his father imparted to Nauta could only last so long as the conflict escalated the more Nauta resisted.

For the older Aukari who could have stopped this, some considered it the boisterous nature of youths and others decided it was a good opportunity for the young ones to improve themselves as future weapons of Faldrun.

Nauta however thought differently and started to avoid conflicts, acquiescing to the others to be left alone but that only emboldened them. More and more Nauta gave until it became too much and he decided on action. To make an example of those believing themselves untouchable because of their strength and influence. It wasn't hard given the chance, his preparations allowing him to act on those opportunities which came to him. Surprisingly it was in the kitchen assisting his mother which gave him what he needed and it was not just the cooking skills he picked up for the possibility he did not meet the Occult's standards...

There was hardly a quiet moment with all the gossip as Nauta's mother had him serving her guests which come to learn. What was once a chore became an interest for Nauta. He joined them when they cooked. He joined them when they ate. He joined them when they drank. Most importantly at those times and more, he was there to listen. Soon, Nauta learned his tormentor's problems, their worries and more importantly their weaknesses. Every single detail was committed to memory as he filled his belly with the food made with the women. Some were interesting but on their own of no use to the young Aukari. It might have taken a while but eventually he had everything figured out.

Except that he needed to make sure that the information the women were telling about their children were all true. They could have done a lot together and they may even think of Nauta as one of them in the kitchen but the young Aukari couldn't risk his plans failing him when he took action.

It took longer but time well spent to improve on Nauta's newfound advantages. Some days were horrible as he had to fight the temptation nagging at him to act but he persisted in his observations. Even when he didn't want to associate with those beneath his station, those lowly slaves of the lesser races, the Aukari's attempts to talk to them was a welcome change and he learned so much more he could use against their masters. Knowledge a family member would withhold from those outside the household to preserve their reputation.

Knowledge which wouldn't see use if he was left alone. Once more the his tormentors came ready for violence to force Nauta into something he would rather not get involved with and it would have ended in violence had Nauta not been diligently practicing. His preparations to be part of Sirothelle's elite proved useful as Nauta knew just the right words to say to goad that one person which his hatred was directed to that day.

His target taking the bait and motivated by pride, Nauta faced off against him alone. Thankfully over time Nauta had gotten good at taking hits and each time the pair got close, he made another shot physically and verbally. Some exchanges later and Nauta finally got some hits in. His plan was working. There was no reason to not continue. In fact he decided to use everything he had learned. Ev-ree-thing!

Even barely perceptible to the noisy crowd of excited youths they were effective. Effective in a way he couldn't have foreseen. All Aukari knew about erupting but it was the first time Nauta witnessed it in a situation such as this. The stress from the blows and words became too much for his adversary who suddenly ignited as if by magic or, that was what it seemed as the bigger Aukari wildly tried to put himself out. No other explanation except a fight breaking out leading to the unfortunate incident. Burnt to death and with no other proof the incident was deemed an accident.

It would have been good if his troubles ended there but the short attention span of youths made sure the incident was soon forgotten and trouble found Nauta again. If anything the period of respite Nauta enjoyed convinced him another attempt was necessary and maybe more after that until he had achieved what he wanted. He needed it as he felt the fire growing inside him. Now more experienced in dealing with his peers, his preparations was easier and the increasingly confident Nauta continued helping his mother only in a more active role.

Now, Nauta loved his meat and improving his skill in its preparation easily got him back into the women's circle as they too wanted to know the tastes of a man more than their misgivings about the previous death. Lacking the ability to describe, he demonstrated in the kitchen and the time waiting there he used for conversation which will led more information he drew out. Considering him one of their own or at least a helpful friend of their children, they never suspected a thing and Nauta found the gossip, first hand, was a lot more better than those he had to obtain by sneaking around.

Realizing the Aukari's food culture being adopted by their slaves also enabled Nauta to use them as a source of information when he brought them food despite the silly excuses he used. A trick he would not have considered the first time but becoming more familiar with the tastes of other houses from serving his mother's visitors built up his confidence. Some meat and some sides if necessary and they told him anything he wanted without reservation. It was not like the slaves had the interests of their masters at heart although those suspicious of Nauta kept their distance and he was happy to do the same.

However the second time meant Nauta's actions could no longer being considered as accidents despite the possibility it is true. Once his second target erupted into an unignorable beacon in the middle of Sirothelle all eyes remained on him and his every action which suited Nauta just fine. None of his peers could actually try anything against him as the eyes also extended to them.

Which he could claim was according to his plans but it wasn't. His plans was to use fear, just like the building blocks of his home but at least he was still able to complete Oikeia in relative peace which was good because there was so much to learn. More than just sums and the scripts of Sau'ei.

Still, aware of the scrutiny Nauta decided on another approach and continued to assist his mother in learning to cook adequately along with her other skills. In fact his mother's role in his father's survival during many conflicts was not what everyone thought although cooking did provide some assistance. It her gift for preparing many poisons. Nauta's mother successfully duped and doped her husband, kept the other women thinking it some secret flavoring despite some of Sirothelle's more nefarious rightly using them for their own dark designs.

Like the women of Sirothelle, Nauta believed the skills being taught to him as nothing more than food preparation despite the strange ingredients including snakes, frogs and certain plants not used by the others. He should have suspected the food made on his own would not have been so popular without the additives but he convinced himself mother's "special rack" was for those special occasions. Eventually after observations and queries he realized their true capabilities, and found the way out of his new problem.

His remaining tormentors were offered regular bribes of food to finish Oikeia but Nauta's plans were far more sinister. Along with the treats came a little of that, a dash of this and a drip of the other thing. Not too much, just enough to get them hooked and wanting more. When confronted about the unusual tastes, Nauta admitted to experimenting new flavors and quickly changed ingredients to hide his work. This continued on without a hitch and while his mother questioned him, she continued to help him improve. Maybe it was her own desire to see her son succeed her like his father which made her unwilling to stop Nauta from his experiments.

And then Nauta started adding more harmful reagents in those dishes he prepared. With the additives to keep them hooked, Nauta increased small doses of those harmful additions. Not enough for any significant effect but given enough time... His mother may not have taught him the exact effects of his creations but Nauta asked enough to get an idea of which ones would serve his purposes. He couldn't ask directly of course but normally the simple question of why can't he use a specific amount or a combination of ingredients gave him the answers he needed from the adults who thought they knew well enough.

It was close to graduation when his meals took effect. Nauta waited until days before the final tests and together with his poisons he was able to affect them bad enough to fail. He was hoping that in doing so he would be able to take his place as an initiate in the Occult free of all those he made fail but it was not meant to be. While Nauta did well enough in sneakily poisoning them until it was too late for them when they noticed, his childhood of trying to avoid trouble and potential trouble, including his fellow young Aukari made it impossible to actually be able to a rapport with others which would make it hard for him to actually do the tasks an Aukari of the Occult would have been required to.

With the understanding that being in the Occult would mean him unable to be a diplomat and to be anything else might mean an early death if caught, Nauta elected being in the City Guard instead much to the elation of his father who had trained him during the earlier arcs. Unfortunately, of those Aukari he had succeeded in feeding those poisons which would affect their examinations, some actually ended up in the same training as well. Fortunately the training was tough on all of them forcing allowing Nauta to avoid any problems with them but there was some close shaves and Nauta soon realized that he can't concentrate on both his training and dodging anymore problems. A hard time of consideration, Nauta got himself injured. Nothing too serious but just enough to be back trooped into a later intake so he wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.

And during that brief break, Nauta prepared for any future altercations he may meet when he returned to his training. While he knew that using food this time would be an impossibility he prepared a few more choice substances anyway if nothing else to comfort himself that he would have them on hand. It was not like the new batch he was with would be aware of him using them like those he met during the previous intake of training and Nauta was still hopeful that he would not meet any troubles this time. The training still ragged him down and it was not one he wanted to go through a third time, yet he could not decide if the training after was more taxing. Learning about the intricacies of Sirothelle, such as its vague law open to so many interpretations he needed to know was a lot more tiresome than the scripts of Sau'ei he had to familiarize himself in Oikeia. Even that was a lot more useful than the common he was forced to learn in order "to be of use to Faldrun." If visitors were going to come to Sirothelle they should learn its language. Even the slaves were familiar enough with Vauni to do their work.

Working for the City Guard meant the authority in the city had him comfortable from a point of view that no one would threaten him like during his childhood. However working for the City Guard also meant he had to deal with people a lot which also exposed Nauta to a lot of what he could only describe to as stupidity. One which he could not bear but was forced to continue with because he could do nothing else. Leaving Sirothelle was an option but one he could not work on until one day he volunteered for an assignment to investigate some alleged misdemeanors. Nauta went to the front, investigated with some interviews and fact finding like he was expected to do while the fighting continued but when the opportunity came after a conversation with an officer, Nauta rode off with the man's mount using the confusion to assist in his getaway.

An adobe house located outside the walls of Etzos towards the North East
Knowledge & Skills
Skill Points AcquiredTotal
Stealth (FT) 5 RB + 96 100
Alchemy 25 + 50/2 + 75/3 + 4 76
Poison 3 ML + 22 + 50/2 + 3/3 51
Cooking 5 ML + 20 + 50/2 + 3/3 51
Intelligence 25 + 50/2 + 351
Flying 25 + 50/2 + 3/3 51
Attunement 25 + 4/2 27
Detection 25 + 2/226
Deception 25 + 2/226
Ranged (Longbow) 25 SP + 2/2 26
Meditation 25 RB + 2/2 26
Blades (Rapier) 15 SP + 10 + 2/2 26
Unarmed (Grappling) 25 + 2/2 26
Mount 10 SP + 15 + 2/2 26
Chemistry 25 + 2/2 26
Seafaring 25 25
Medicine 16 16
Business Management 10 10
Acrobatics 5 RB 5
Surgery 3 ML/AL 3
Intimidation 3 ML 3
Unspent 181
  • Knowledge of Sirothelle (SP)
  • Knowledge of Sirothelle military protocol (SP)
  • Knowledge of Faldrun (SP)
  • Even City Guard Training is No Picnic (ML)
  • Learning Poisons Without Even Knowing (ML)
  • Privileged Status Has its Down Side (ML)
  • Rage Leads to Ignition (ML)
  • Etzos Location: Bounty Board
  • Etzos Location: Outer Perimeter
  • Etzos Location: Sauncraft
  • Etzos Location: The Curley Hare
  • Faction: The Fence
  • Location: Thieves' Hideout
  • NPC: Short, Black-Bearded Man, Robbery Suspect
  • Using a Scython to Intimidate
  • City Guard Training Not Much Use in the Wild
  • Cooking: Burning Meat Does not Attract Predators
  • Cooking: Local Herbs for Flavoring Paste
  • Cooking: Ways of Reducing Too Much Salt
  • Endurance: Running With a Load On Your Back
  • Etzos Area Location: North Woods
  • Hunting: Always Collect Your Arrows
  • Hunting: Don't Hunt Where Other Hunters Are
  • Hunting: Practice "Leading" a target on Something the Same Speed
  • Hunting: Start Taking the Shots to Dispel Distractions
  • Kettle Black: Common Crowd Good for Hearing Rumors
  • Kettle Black: Regular Meet for Hunting Parties
  • Medicine: Applying a Poultice
  • Medicine: Boiling Aukari Blood to Sterilize a Human Wound
  • Monster Boar: It's Going to Take More Than One Arrow
  • Monster Boar: Savagely Intelligent
  • Net: Aim the Center of the Net on the Target
  • Ranged: Being Careful to Aim Where You Won't Hit Friendly Target
  • Running: Hard to Keep a Steady Pace Over Uneven Ground
  • Stealth: Keeping to The Cover of Trees
  • Thrown: Net
  • Transformation Stone: Effect Can Be Reversed
  • Transformation Stone: Takes a Physical Toll
  • Transformation Stone: Triggered By Emotion
  • Knowledge of the Aukari Occult (SP)
  • Knowledge of Sirothelle hazardous gases and fumes (SP)
  • Poison: Learning Long-Term Delayed Triggers (ML)
  • Gleaning Direct Information from Indirect Questions (ML)
  • Using 'Frostbite' to "feel" human (ML)
  • Learning Common (ML)
  • Cooking: Masking One Spice With Another
  • Hunting: Break Off Tailing and Pick Up There Next Time
  • Hunting: Change Disguises While Tailing
  • Hunting: Start Tracking at Target's Known Hang-outs
  • Hunting: Using Scython as a Bloodhound
  • Hunting: Using Spices as a Tracking Device
  • Investigation: A Lack of Clues Can Be a Clue in Itself
  • Investigation: Clues Hide in Small Talk with Locals
  • Investigation: Following the Chain of Leads
  • Investigation: Increase Area of Search
  • Investigation: No Witnesses May Mean a Known Faction
  • Investigation: Observation Needs a Cover Story
  • Investigation: Routine Question: Forced Entry?
  • Investigation: Routine Question: Possible Spotters?
  • Investigation: Routine Question: Time of Crime
  • Investigation: Size of Theft Indicates Size of Crew
  • Stealth: Approach While Target is Urinating
  • Stealth: Even Friendly Patrols Can Give You Away
  • Stealth: Nearby Sounds Can Show if You've Been Heard
  • Stealth: Ride a Stealthy Mount
  • Stealth: Smothering a Target for Silence
  • Stealth: Stay Out of The Light
  • Unarmed Combat: "Caught With Your Pants Down" is More Than a Saying
  • Unarmed Combat: Using Body Weight as a Restraint
  • Civil Chaos Means Increased Gate Checks
  • Etzos Location: Gardener's Grace
  • Etzos location: Shrine of Lissira
  • Investigation: Civil Chaos a Good Cover For Searching
  • Investigation: Dropping Key Words in Small Talk
  • Investigation: Too Many Chaotic Elements Can't be Coincidence
  • NPC: "Beating Heart" Rumormonger: A Madman?
  • NPC: Marcus: Grey-Robed Shrine Worker
  • Poison: Frostbite is Made From Ice Grubs
  • Poison: Frostbite Can be Made into Lotion or Drink
  • Poison: Carvings at Lissira's Shrine Show Many Sources of Toxins
  • Shrine to Lissira: Extensive Chemistry Lab
  • Shrine to Lissira: Getting a Foot in the Door With Claim of Worship
  • Shrine to Lisirra: Grey Robes Deal With Visitors
  • Maylan Black: Chef at Kettle Black
  • Cooking: Bland Food is No Good, Spice it Up!
  • Cooking: Spices Should be Used in Small Amounts
  • Cooking: Salt is an Overwhelming Additive
  • Gossip: Fleeting when Working
  • Stealth: Eavesdropping
  • Intelligence: Gossiping Yields Distant Information
  • Etiquette: Knowing Aukari Are Blamed for Fires
  • Tactics: Working Outside the City Walls
  • Stealth: Laying Low Outside the City
  • Cooking: Supplying Ingredients to a Chef
  • Cooking: Making Soup
  • Cooking: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
  • Discipline: Following Orders in a Kitchen
  • Detection: A Crowd Too Rowdy
  • Persuasion: Trying to Warn Your Boss of A Dangerous Crowd
  • Persuasion: Dispelling Gossip Through Suggestions
  • Business Management: Keeping Your Customers Calm
  • Event: The Grand Roast
  • Location: The Crescent Arena
  • Location: The Great Parhn Gate
  • Spice: Rosemary
  • Spice: Cloves
  • Deception: Hiding the Truth of a Kill
  • Deception: Disguising Shoddy Work Through
  • Deception: Using a False Story to Beseech Aid
  • Persuasion: Using an Excuse
  • Persuasion: Appealing to Fairness
  • Persuasion: Bribing in Exchange for Labor
  • Tactics: Using a Horn to Call for Help
  • Intelligence: Spreading Your Story To Others
  • Intelligence: Reinforcing Your Story Through Repetition
  • Intelligence: Attracting a Crowd to Spread Your Story Using Food
  • Leadership: Using Impressed Followers as Labor
  • Leadership: Procuring Labor Through Bribes
  • Hunting: Easier to Find Boar in Warm Weather
  • Detection: Sizing Up the Competition
  • Stealth: Hiding Your Competition Entry Under a Cloth
  • Ellune: The Procession of Recognition
  • Cooking: Making Your Own Pit & Spit
  • Cooking: Marinating While Preserving Natural Flavor
  • Cooking: Using Spices
  • Cooking: Using Special Sauce from Sirothelle
  • Construction: Making a Pit & Spit
  • Construction: Easier With More Pairs of Hands
  • Negotiation: Name Dropping for a Better Deal
  • Negotiation: Good Mood means Better Deal
  • Investigation: Ask Around for more Reliable Information
  • Detection: Signs of Lying: Price increase after Inspection
  • Deception: Family Trouble is a Good Excuse
  • Tactics: Listening to Advice can Save you Time and Energy
  • Appraisal: Artisan knows Better than You
  • Acting:Uniqueness to Stand out
  • Acting: Playing to the Crowd
  • Acting: Salvaging a Mistake
  • Acting: Beating a Quick Retreat
  • Blades: Longsword: Better for Defense than a Rapier
  • Blades: Longsword: Fighting Without a Shield
  • Blades: Longsword: Leaving Defenses Open
  • Common: Reciting a Script
  • Discipline: Ignoring Crowds
  • Intelligence: History isn't always Factual
  • Acrobatics: Diving Tackle
  • Acrobatics: Dodging carts while at a Run
  • Detection: Blackguard Patrolling Patterns; Crafting Zone, Etzos
  • Detection: A Runner towards Guards isn't a good sign for Criminals
  • Disguise: Dressing as a Labourer to Blend In
  • Disguise: Beggars are Ignored
  • Intelligence: Memorizing Patterns while Scouting
  • Ith'ession: Language in Etzos
  • Ith'ession: Recognizing Written Form
  • Flying: Landing by Folding your Wings
  • Flying: Assisted Jumping
  • Tactics: Waiting for the Heat to Die Down
  • Unarmed: Grappling: Crumple at the Knees
  • Unarmed: Grappling: Makeshift Weapons
  • Bat Form: Basic Ecolocation
  • Big Franko: Criminal
  • NPC: Big Franko
  • NPC: Madam Beliana
  • Aukari: Controlled Emotions
  • Aukari: Controlling the Fire
  • Combat: Do Not Expose Yourself
  • Combat: Using Obstacles
  • Cooking: Fruit Salad
  • Meditation: Breathing Slowly
  • Meditation: Controlling Rhythm
  • Meditation: Distracts from Pain
  • Cooking: Gutting a Razorfin
  • Poison: Extracting Razorfin oil
  • Razorfin: Slice their food first
  • Cooking: Steaming Fish
  • Cooking: Herbs and spices that go well with Razorfin
  • Location: Misty Miasma
  • Location: Fishing spot on Southwood River
  • Razorfin: Truth or legend?
  • Razorfin: Fins make the best blades?
  • Poison: Accelerators
  • Poison: Delivering in Food is Easiest?
  • Poison: Faster is Better
  • Poison: Inhibitors
  • Poison: Kidnapper’s Joy
  • Poison: Methods of Delivery
  • Deception: A Child's Enthusiasm is Good Cover to Pry
  • Deception: Saying it's Lizzie That has Questions, When It's You
  • Deception: Trying to Gain "Bat" Information with "Bird" Questions
  • Detection: The Look of a Man Denied the Chance to Cheat Someone he Dislikes
  • Discipline: The "Fall or Fly" Test
  • Etiquette: Insisting on a Personal Exchange Without Insulting Go-Between
  • Etzos' Location: Smarter Charts, Map Shop
  • Flying: Avian Wing & Bone Structure
  • Flying: Bats' Wings and Bones are Completely Different
  • Flying: The Particulars of Lift vs. Thrust in Flight
  • Flying: Trying to Learn Through a Proxy
  • Flying: Watching Nightshade's Demonstrations
  • Flying: Wing Shape Generates Uplift
  • Negotiation: Trading Animal Hides and Oils for a Favor
  • Nightshade: Someone You Better be Honest With
  • Psychology: Sulking Over a Demonstration You Weren't Expecting
  • Sociology: Covering for Mistrust Without Saying it Openly
  • Sociology: Mollifying a Boss You Don't Like For Their Employees' Sake
  • Surgery: Successful Splint/Bandage Wrap of Bird's Wing
  • Acrobatics: Protective Roll
  • Deception: Self-Appointed "Doorman" at the Portal
  • Deception: Blaming Doran's Actions on Faldrun's Assassins
  • Discipline: Keep Duty Options Vague When You Can
  • Immortal: Xiur: Stabbed by Doran
  • Intelligence: Arrive Early to Survey the Battle Zone
  • Logistics: Oscillus' Cold Weather Will Help Hide Auakari Body Heat
  • Psychology: Rationalizing Staying out of the Doran/Xiur Incident
  • Tactics: Claiming to Have Seen Aukari Assassin
  • Alchemy: Binders Often Required to Secure Other Reagent Qualities
  • Alchemy: Dipping and Boiling Simple Properties into Materials
  • Alchemy: Heart-of-the-World Ash as a Binder
  • Alchemy: Inhibitors to Keep Qualities Inert Until Triggered
  • Alchemy: Iron Shell Seed Fibers to Create "Armor" Quality
  • Alchemy: Kidnapper Spider Adhesive-Release-Enzyme as Non-Binder
  • Alchemy: Saltwater to Trigger Shrink-Rope Fibers
  • Alchemy: Use of Inhibitor to Keep Iron Shell Fibers Workable
  • Chemistry: Ash to Counter Saltwater Trigger
  • Chemistry: Melting Kidnapper Spider Silk to Isolate Release-Enzyme
  • Leather Working: Razorfin Oil to Counter Iron Shell Seed Fibers
  • Lizzie: Likes Nightshade Eld
  • Negotiation: Unbidden Gift Can Create Indebtedness
  • Nightshade Eld: Has a Tendency to Get into Trouble
  • Psychology: Trying to Like Night for Lizzie's Sake
  • Sewing: Weaving Shrink-Rope Fibers in with Normal Thread
  • Sociology: Trusting a Young Girl to Know a Woman's Taste in Clothes
  • Sociology: Say "Thank You" When You Receive a Gift
  • Animal Training: Stay Command
  • Disguise: Go After Aukari to Prove you aren't Loyal to Them
  • Disguise: Deepening your Voice is Helpful
  • Intimidation: Blackguard Armour Carries Authority
  • Intimidation: Drawn Weapons are Scary
  • Detection: Scython is better than You
  • (Scython): Keeping your Seat during a Leap Forward
  • Discipline: Ignoring Distractions
  • Investigation: Information for Coin
  • Investigation: Check Everything
  • Investigation: Do Prior Planning
  • Investigation: Remove Evidence Linking you to a Crime
  • Sirothelle: Politics of the City
  • Tactics: Ply Opponents with Alcohol
  • Unarmed Combat: Remain Sober
  • Unarmed Combat: Use Distractions
  • Unarmed Combat: Use Opponent’s Weight Against Him
  • Unarmed Combat: Wind Up Punch
  • Animal Husbandry: Studying Another Man's Effective Techniques
  • Animal Training: Another Man's Trained Mount May Not Obey You
  • Animal Training: Knowing the Foods a Scython Likes
  • Animal Training: Meat as Both a Lure and a Reward for Scython Training
  • Blade (Dagger): Adjusting to the Balance of Kitchen Knives
  • Blade (Dagger): Aiming for Specific Spots on the Body
  • Deception: A Knife Held by a Cook is Viewed as a Tool, Not a Weapon
  • Deception: Making the Rounds in Farmlands as a Traveling Cook
  • Deception: Taking a Bounty as Cover for a 'Fence' Job
  • Intelligence: An Aukari in Etzos Can be an Enemy to Both Sides
  • Logistics: You Need to Capture the Thief First, Property Second
  • Poison: Dosages are Not the Same for Every Target
  • Poison: They Don't Usually Take Effect Right Away
  • Politics: A Theft Might Violate Another Faction's 'Protection'
  • Stealth: A New Face Can Get Closer Than a Recognized One
  • Tactics: A Cook is a Good Cover for Luring Animals with Food
  • The Fence: You Work Your Way Up Within the Ranks
  • Unarmed Combat: Holding Tactics to Take an Opponent Alive
  • Unarmed Combat: A Plate as an Impromptu Weapon
  • Business Management: Business reputation can be used in place of individual reputation
  • Business Management: Buying in bulk can give better deals
  • Business Management: Use employees to do the things you can't be seen doing
  • Appraisal: Items of good and bad quality can be mixed to trick consumers
  • Discipline: Use items of importance to anchor you to your task
  • Appraisal: Use your hands to test your purchases
  • Flying: Pull wings in for a dive
  • Medicine: Checking for a pulse
  • Medicine: Check if a person breaths from the nose
  • Unarmed (Grappling): Use boiling blood to defend against other's grip
  • Deception: Leading by example
  • Palenon: Lightning Punch!
  • Becoming: Can be a mixture of more than one creature
  • Rupturing: Blinding portals?
  • Acrobatics: Staying Still Too Long Reduces Mobility
  • Alchemy: Color-Adjustable Smoke Bombs
  • Alchemy: Glass-Enclosed Incendiary Bomb
  • Caregiving: Lizzie's Presence Makes Need for Extra Caution
  • Chemistry: Ash to Seal and Isolate Different Compounds
  • Chemistry: Dried and Hollowed Fruit as a Burnable Container
  • Chemistry: Purified Wood Resin as Smoke Bomb Fuel
  • Chemistry: Sirothelle's Tar, Blended With Oil for Incendiary Fuel
  • Detection: Screams in Different Cities Can Mean Different Things
  • Detection: Shadow Beast Energy is Present in Many Threats
  • Discipline: Put Old Work Away Before Beginning a New Project
  • Logistics: Don't Be the Slowest Runner
  • Logistics: Fighting Shadow Beasts Makes Flammables Hard to Get
  • Logistics: Sand and Water Preparations for Working With Incendiaries
  • Logistics: Stocking up on Flammable Materials
  • Persuasion: Flattery That Suggests Bravery Gets Results
  • Politics: Needed Materials are Often Kept Back for Officials
  • Psychology: It's Hard to Get Folks to Discuss What Terrifies Them
  • Shadow Beasts: Smoke Will Blend With Them When they Form
  • Shadow Beasts: Vulnerable to Fire and Heat
  • Stealth: Finding the Perfect Hiding Place
  • Thrown (Knives): Shadow Beasts Are Not Affected
  • Acrobatics: Horizontal Ladder Crawl
  • Acrobatics: Running Leap
  • Anak of Force: Mischievous Spirit That Likes to Bump Things
  • Animal Training (Falconry): "Retrieve" and "Return" Commands
  • Bus. Management: Embarrassing Publicity is Still Publicity
  • Care Giving: Hard Lessons, and Comfort, Teach A Lot
  • Care Giving: Let a Child Enjoy Some Attention
  • Chemistry: A Single Element Often Changes the Color of Smoke
  • Common: Talking With Customers and Conspirators
  • Deception: Items From Other Vendors to Misdirect Guilt
  • Deception: Mixing Compounds So it Looks Like You're Serving Food
  • Discipline: Be Wary of Casual Remarks Around Kids
  • Flying: The Power of the Downdraft Made by Flapping Wings
  • Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts
  • Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
  • NPC: Lewis Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)
  • Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
  • Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
  • Persuasion: "We're Only Making Money so We Can Share It"
  • Research: Process of Elimination is an Element of a Contest
  • Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren
  • Spirit Bottle (Lizzie's Prize): Contains an Anak of Force
  • Tactics: Deliberately Failing an Attempt, to Get a Closer Look
  • Chemistry: Golden Salamander resin fireproofs
  • Sewing: Working with velvet
  • Appraisal: Something important and valuable would not be in just any store
  • Fieldcraft: Some plants are hard to find in some seasons
  • Mining: Fernstones are only from Scalvoris
  • Disguise: Using Fernstones to mask Aukari body heat
  • Animal Training: Use food to calm down an excited animal
  • Climbing: Provides a good vantage point from above
  • Cooking: Carowa are good eating but taste horrible
  • Hunting: High broken branches mean large animals
  • Leadership: Use people according to their personality
  • Logistics: Size is a consideration to transportation
  • Mount: Fast dismount from a mount in motion
  • Ranged: The difficulties of shooting while balancing on a branch
  • Storytelling: The effectiveness of a big visual aid
  • Endurance: Rest in between work to increase productivity
  • Mount: Lack of skill can leave a rider in bad shape
  • Intelligence: Aerial reconnaisance can get you closer
  • Stealth: No one looks up
  • Mount: A scython's claws can hold an enemy for a killing blow
  • Blades: Pincushion a stationary enemy
  • Becoming: Unleash the beast!
  • Becoming: Where man can borrow the qualities of beast
  • Becoming: Renews the body if given the chance
  • Stealth: People only care about what they can see and hear
  • Business Management: Use the input of other people for manufactured products
  • Persuasion: "How was your trial?"
  • Intelligence: Wider spread of sources means more detailed information
  • Leatherworking: Razorfin oil works with even tough skin
  • Alchemy: Mutants make resources of superior quality
  • Endurance: An Anak of Force's painful game of catch
  • Unarmed: Rebound of a force assisted blow
  • Unarmed: Rapid strikes stance
  • Unarmed: Reactionary defence
  • Discipline: Matching a routine practiced with another
  • Thrown: Bouncing a projectile to hit yourself
  • Linguistics: What is linguistics?
  • Linguistics: What approaches to studying linguistics exist?
  • Linguistics: Why should I care about linguistics?
  • Linguistics: Sociolinguistics of Western Idalos
  • Linguistics: Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax
  • Linguistics: Dialect vs Accent
  • Leadership: Appraising a potential aide
  • Disguise: Be aware of the dialect you use
  • Ith'ession: Needed to be accepted in Etzos
  • Interrogation: "I know her!"
  • Acting: Hurl with nausea inducing herbs
  • Intelligence: You can learn anything from Inns
  • Deception: Don't give them a chance to think
  • Intimidation: Make yourself look important with papers
  • Linguistics: The written codes of the Fence
  • Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): How NOT to Load
  • Ranged Weapon (Longbow): Reloading
  • Ranged Weapon (Longbow): Only Useful at a Distance
  • Ranged Weapon (Thrown): Flashbangs are useful as a Distraction
  • Tactics: The Need to Communicate with Teammates During an Attack
  • Tactics: Restraining an Unconscious Foe
  • Tactics: Removing Items from an Unconscious Foe to Hinder Progression
  • Tactics: Observe an opponent for an exploitable weakness
  • Linguistics: Using Another Language Around Ignorant People
  • Acrobatics: Duck, Roll, Shoot
  • Poisons: Tipping an Arrow in Scarf Rot
  • Medicine: Frostbite Reduces the Rage
  • Domain Magic: Rupturing
  • Hart: Deathly Allergic to Strawberries
  • Hart: Unable to Kill
  • Race: Eidisi
  • Ilinis: Natural Intelligence of Being an Eidisi
  • Ilinis: Murderer
  • Noth: Suspected to be on Team Ymiden
  • Noth: Murderer
  • Patrick: Incapable of Using a Crossbow
  • Emea: The Labyrinth
  • Emea: The Game’s Mistress
  • Emea: Dreams of Death
  • Emerath: The All Seeing Game’s Mistress
  • Artifact: The Halo
  • Immortal’s Quest: Obtain the Halo
  • Immortal’s Quest: Victor
  • Tactics: A winning plan from failed attempts
  • Hunting: Raptors used to get prey from above
  • Alchemy: Quick drying glue when exposed to heat
  • Alchemy: Solvents made for different glues
  • Chemistry: A mix of two metals can result in corrosive acid
  • Chemistry: Use an alkaline solution to neutralize acids
  • Chemistry: Less dense materials float over more dense liquids
  • Disguise: Crafts which are similar to the untrained eye
  • Flying: While dragging a load behind
  • Chemistry: Reactive metals can burn even with water
  • Disguise: I'm the captain!
  • Chemistry: Protect sensitive materials in special containers
  • Endurance: Holding out on lack of breath while underwater
  • Swimming: Inadvisable when wearing heavy armour
  • Swimming: If all else fails, rope self before entering water
  • Chemistry: Damp cloth can prevent exposure to harmful gasses
  • Chemistry: Cinnabar reaction with other metals for soluble mix
  • Alchemy: 'Spread' a layer of metal instead of smithing a plate
  • Tactics: Reach the battlefield first
  • Tactics: Pre-prepared hiding spots for probably ambushes
  • Tactics: Easy escape routes to lead to ambush points
  • Longbow: A first shot to measure maximum distance
  • Longbow: Shoot into a cramped place targets can't escape from
  • Longbow: Shots easily blocked by makeshift shields
  • Grappling: Shift and reverse weight to reposition
  • Discipline: The cut off point to not kill opponents
  • Cooking: Getting rid of the stench in bear meat
  • Cooking: Using tasteless ingredients to complement other ingredients
  • Deception: Use retrieval of missing gear as an excuse to get someone away
  • Logistics: Preparation of an anticipated event
  • Cooking: Food which taste good and food which fills
  • Deception: Go after to work off another person's account
  • Storytelling: Excitement sells
  • Linguistics: The difficulty or understanding drunken slurs
  • Tactics: Large winged Avriels make good meatshield
  • Alchemy: Aukari Blood in Mixes For Sparkling Effects
  • Alchemy: Metal Flakes in Burnings Will add Heaviness and Colors
  • Appraisal: Knowing Qi'oran Craftworks are the Best
  • Appraisal: Noth's Thugs are Actually Fairly Talented
  • Caregiving: Letting a Kid Partake in a Talent Show
  • Caregiving: Letting Lizzie Come Up With Her Own Idea
  • Caregiving: Losing the Contest Might be a Better Lesson
  • Deception: Alchemy for Mystifying Stage Effects
  • Deception: An Initial Oration to Cover for An Act's Prep Time
  • Deception: Elaborate Looking Ropes and Pulleys That do Nothing
  • Deception: Using Smoke to Make it Look Like You're Hiding Something
  • Detection: Noth's Presence Suggests a Crime in Progress
  • Intelligence: Ply the Customer Base for Information
  • Kyin: An Odd One
  • Kyin: Gave a Heckler a Tall "Taste" of His Own Medicine
  • Oberan: A Convincing "Clumsy Act"
  • Oberan: Skilled Acrobat
  • Politics: Only the Viewpoint of Authority Matters
  • Psychology: One Lone Judge's Verdict is Hardest to Anticipate
  • Sociology: Flip Your Own Table!
  • Sociology: Less Fame Draws Less Interference
  • Sociology: People Will Remember Lizzie From Parren's Contest
  • Unarmed Combat: Flipping a Table to Use as a Tower Shield
  • Unarmed Combat: The Old Reliable Kick in the Crotch
  • Disguise: Enter as part of the working crew
  • Disguise: Place attention on a superior as an subordinate
  • Leadership: Know the abilities of the people you can use
  • Deception: "There are better places"
  • Intimidation: Force through authority
  • Business Management: Benefit through sympathy
  • Cartography: The more hands to work on a map the better
  • Navigation: Hidden markers for points of interest
  • Agronel: Doesn't Care About the Pirates, Just the Barrels
  • Agronel: Treacherous Agent of Chrien
  • Alchemy: Naf-Rush: An Accelerator Reagent
  • Alchemy: Salt Buoy Powder: A Filtering Catalyst Reagent
  • Alchemy: Sealing Reagents into the Wood of a Barrel to Hide Them
  • Alchemy: Some Reagent Reactions Can Actually Draw Materials to You
  • Alchemy: Still-Moka: A Powerful Mutagenic Reagent
  • Alchemy: Swiftweb: A Metabolizing Enzyme that Boosts Potency
  • Chrien: Has Her Servants do Tasks on Land
  • Chrien: Not a Very Forgiving Entity
  • Chrien: Wants to Try Land-Based Alchemy Reagents
  • Chrien: Warns "Ben and Jerry" to Serve you Well
  • Deception: Claim of Getting "Sea Legs" to Explain Walking Around the Ship
  • Detection: Listening for Bumping Noises to Find Sunken Barrels
  • Detection: Reagents in the Water May Noticeably Affect Marine Life
  • Detection: Soft Steps Can Be a Warning of Treachery
  • Detection: When a Tattoo is a Hint, You Give a Look
  • Immortal: Chrien: Queen of the Storm
  • Intelligence: Check out a Site Before New Partners Arrive
  • Investigation: Casual Walk Around a Boat to Find Hiding Places
  • Naf-Rush: From the Spinal Fluid of the Southern 'Nafinju' Bird
  • Navigation: The Shipwreck Site is Where You Start the Search
  • NPC: Agronel: Deceased
  • NPCs: "Ben and Jerry": Not Entirely Trustworthy Crewmen
  • Politics: One Immortal's Favor May Block Another's Anger
  • Salt Buoy: A Kind of Bulbous Southern Kelp
  • Seafaring: Basics of Tacking vs. Jibing vs. Bearing Off
  • Seafaring: Basic Terms, Like Port, Starboard, Stern, Bow, etc...
  • Seafaring: Beware of the Boom Spar
  • Seafaring: Boat Position vs. Relative Points of Sail
  • Seafaring: Furling, Unfurling and Trimming of the Sails
  • Seafaring: Handling Net Winches on a Ship
  • Seafaring: Knots: Basic Hitches and Loops
  • Seafaring: Securing the Rigging
  • Sociology: Folks Listen to Those Who Dislike the Same People They Do
  • Still-Moka: Gleaned from the Amniotic Fluid of the Spulmokawarta
  • Swiftweb: The Sap from the Runners of a Hotlands Cactus
  • Tactics: Smoke Screen to Hide Your Transformation
  • Tactics: Stall, to Avoid Working in the Dark With a Stranger
  • Intelligence: Of someone within a community is easy to obtain
  • Interrogation: Use an innocent source
  • Hunting: Just follow a mark
  • Business management: Point out obstacles for better conditions
  • Deception: Use the obvious for support
  • Alchemy: Never give out the recipe
  • Alchemy: Qualities of containers to improve effectiveness of contents
  • Alchemy: Habits of alchemists can become their signatures
  • Animal Training: Wolves can be intimidated by sounds and movements
  • Attunement: Studying the Frequency of a creature
  • Attunement: Using Compass to keep your bearings
  • Investigation: Following up on a lead
  • Investigation: Asking the locals questions
  • Investigation: Learning about the tunawa
  • Etiquette: Observing local traditions
  • Endurance: Traveling through a forest
  • Flying(Bat Form): Making a steep decent
  • Gardening: Taking samples of local flora
  • Gardening: Discerning of a plant is poisonous
  • Leadership: Commanding a retreat.
  • Persuasion: Trying to get someone to put down a weapon
  • Running: Fleeing from predators
  • Socialization: Giving advice to others
  • Strength: Fighting off a wolf
  • Tactics: Knowing when to run
  • Tactics: Protecting the smaller and weaker members of the group
  • Mistral Village: The locals leave gifts for the “guardians”
  • Mistral Wood: Tunawa live there
  • Razorfin: Liquid can soften any flesh?
  • Razorfin: Eating the fish's meat rare can grant abilities
  • Razorfin: A gourmet ingredient.
  • Razorfin: Cut each other?
  • Fishing: Casting a net
  • Fishing: Blood as bait for Razorfin
  • Fishing: Casting a line
  • Strength: Aukari vs Fish
  • Medicine: Cleaning a wound
  • Appraisal: 'Masterwork' Black Guard Armor
  • Carnival Games Based on Recent Events
  • Cooking: Underground Race Brings Unique Recipe Opportunities
  • Deception: Pretending Dead Soldier is Only Wounded
  • Detection: Finding the Releases on Foreign Armor
  • Detection: When Cheers Turn to Screams
  • Field Craft: Underground: Lamp is more Valuable Than Gold
  • Fishing: Carnival Game
  • Intelligence: Recognizing the Signs of an Ambush
  • Leadership: It Sometimes Rubs Off on Others
  • Navigation: Backtracking to Where people are Running From
  • Navigation: Underground Race Makes Surface Less Crowded
  • NPC: Lizzie: Orphaned Little Girl
  • NPC: Lizzie: Saw Parents Killed by Mist Men
  • Painting: Carnival Face Painting
  • Politics: Black Guard in Control During Martial Law
  • Politics: Underground Race is a Big Diversion
  • Ranged: Archery Carnival Contest
  • Ranged: The Need to Concentrate Through Distractions
  • Stealth: Finding the Perfect Hiding Place
  • Tactics: Aukari Blood is a Weapon vs. Mist Men
  • Unarmed Combat: Grappling: Arm Wrestling to Improve Grip
  • Underground Race: Mist Men Ambush!
  • Location: The Gardener's Grace
  • Medicine : Moukou Beans: Not a very strong sleep agent
  • Poisons: Scarf Rot: Unstable in raw form.
  • Deception: Hiding the truth in an apparent lie
  • Deception: Talking in code in front of children
  • Location: The Kettle Black
  • Rhakrosians: Worship Lisirra
  • Endurance: Cooking for a full house
  • Etzori: Racist
  • Maylan: Makes good trophies
  • Nightshade: Avriel
  • Aukaris: Feel superior
  • Nightshade: Stronger than she looks
  • Meditation: Keeping your cool
  • Meditation: Using Mantras
  • Meditation: Using visualization
  • Strength: Carrying heavy objects
  • Avriel: People not meant to have wings
  • Other races: Abominations of the Immortals
  • Cooking: Adding spices
  • Cooking: Carving meat
  • Biqaj: Similar tastes
  • Deception: Tricking people into paying more
  • Avriel: Can be kind
  • Persuasion: Getting customers to return
  • Business Management: Being polite to customers
  • Adamantite Rapier and Dagger: Gifts of the Immortals
  • Appraisal: Adamantite: Burgundy in Color
  • Deception: Claiming to Be a Cook
  • Deception: Don't Compound an Error by Acknowledging it
  • Deception: Grabbing the Wrong Weapons
  • Detection: Not the Smell of Cooking Smoke
  • Detection: Smoke is Trouble
  • Disguise: Going as a Black Guard
  • Ethelynda: Rescued by Avriel
  • Ethelynda Tactic: Taithir's Light (Major)
  • Ethelynda Tactic: Words of Empowerment
  • Immortals: Ethelynda, Xiur & Faldrun
  • Leadership: Spontaneous Rescue of Fallen Fighter
  • Location: Anari River
  • Location: Ne'Haer
  • Location: Westride Plains
  • Logistics: Incompatible Ration Supplies
  • Logistics: Unloading Mounts and Loading Boats
  • Monsters: Arrow Buzzards
  • Monsters: Immortal Spawn
  • Mount: Inadvertent "Attack" Word Training
  • Mount: Outfitting Scython Armor
  • Mount: Speed-Empowered Scython
  • Politics: Questing to Gain Acceptance
  • Psychology: Fighting Your Own Countrymen
  • Psychology: leaving Lizzie Safe Behind
  • Ranged: Aukari Fire Marks Targets Easily
  • Ranged: Mounted Archery Needs Improvement
  • Xiur Fog: Acts as "Friendly-Fire"
  • Xiur Tactic: Fog of Cold
  • Xiur Tactic: Spell of Hope
  • Xiur Vessels: Powered by Starlight
  • Alchemy: Suil Willow Found Around Desnind
  • Alchemy: The Shrine Keeps Spider Parts in Jars
  • Alchemy: Throatweed: A Source of Binders for Reagents
  • Alchemy: Throatweed: A Weed That Metabolizes Other Plants
  • Alchemy: Throatweed and Suil Willow Make an Emea-Access Sleep Drug
  • Alchemy: Throatweed Found Around Viden
  • Deception: Standing by Other Aukari is Not a Good Idea
  • Detection: Loitering to Spot a Tail
  • Detection: Recon From Behind an Opened Newspaper
  • Disguise: Denying Your Name
  • Disguise: Worry Will Cause Aukari Body Heat
  • Etiquette: An Open Offer for a Private Talk
  • Immortals: Aelig,Lisirra and Syroa: The Three Conspirators in the Rumor
  • Immortals: Audrae: Also Involved, but Not Sure How
  • Immortals: Jesine and Keilik: Siblings of Dreams
  • Intelligence: Misty Miasma is a Good Cover Story for Odd Things
  • Intelligence: Sintra is the Power Behind the Shrine
  • Intelligence: The Shrine Provides Toxins for the Army
  • Intelligence: Not All Shrine Discussion is Okay for the Guards to Hear
  • Interrogation: Not All Targets are Aware How Much They Know
  • Interrogation: Putting in Key Words to Trigger Cross-Referenced Reactions
  • Investigation: Facial Tics May Reveal Nerve-Related Clues
  • Investigation: Haircut May Hide a Significant Mark or Tattoo
  • Investigation: Many Possible Clues Found in Clothing
  • Investigation: A Squint May Reveal Eye-Related Clues
  • Investigation: Speech Patterns May Reveal Nationality
  • Location: The Brooding Brig
  • Location: The Steaming Dream Bathhouse
  • Negotiation: You Keep Our Secret, We'll Keep Yours
  • NPC: "Beating Heart" Rumormonger: Dreamwalker?
  • NPC: Jonarhel: Boss Robe at The Shrine of Lisirra
  • Persuasion: Speaking Bluntly to Encourage Trust
  • Politics: The Shrine Has Near Diplomatic Immunity
  • Politics: "TJL": Clearance for a Quick Pass at the Gate
  • Research: Spiders Not Connected to Lisirra
  • Rumor: "Beating Heart" Refers to Audrae's Attack on Treid
  • Shrine's Hidden Door: Opened by Turning Large Planter
  • Shrine's Hidden Door: Lock Triggered by Magnet
  • Tactics: A Staged Fistfight for a Distraction
  • The Brooding Brig: A Magic-Focused Place to Avoid
  • Acrobatics: Working Your Way Around Submerged Obstacles
  • Colony Quest: Kill Cullen Drosa With His Own Blade
  • Colony Quest: Must Be Completed to Leave the Misty Miasma
  • Cullen Drosa: Uses "Necrosa" Power
  • Detection: 'The Colony's' Quest is Real
  • Discipline: Staying Calm in the Face of the Unknown
  • Discipline: Trying to Detect Illusions
  • Fendrossa: Warns of Villain, Cullen Drossa
  • Fendrossa: Writing is in Archaic Vauni
  • Field Craft: Ignis Beans to Supplement Rations
  • Field Craft: Many Plants are Toxic
  • Intelligence: A Map to Your Enemy
  • Intelligence: Knowing When to Desert
  • Intelligence: Language Suggests 'The Colony' is Very Old
  • Linguistics: Archaic Versions of Languages are Often Different From Modern
  • Linguistics: Punctuation Differences or Similarities Can be Key Elements
  • Linguistics: The Impact of Seeing a Language Written Before Hearing it Spoken
  • Misty Miasma: An Animal's Instincts Aren't Reliable Either
  • Misty Miasma: A Bridge That Spins to Face You
  • Misty Miasma: Bog Molo: An Unknown Hazard
  • Misty Miasma: Every Appearance has a Single Colony
  • Misty Miasma: Its Arrival Engulfs You With Thick Fog
  • Misty Miasma: Midge Insects' Bite Drains Minds of Knowledge
  • Misty Miasma: Moving Trees Decide Your Path
  • Misty Miasma: NPC Villain: Cullen Drosa
  • Misty Miasma: Sleepy Effects on the Mind
  • Misty Miasma: Every Colony is Different
  • Misty Miasma: The Illusions Act Appropriately
  • Misty Miasma: The Sense of Being Watched
  • Misty Miasma: Undead Lungs Don't Work
  • Mount: Scython: Heed its Warnings in the Wild
  • Mount: Scython: Resting Bareback While Moving
  • Mount: Scython: Training is Not the Same as Loyalty
  • NPC: Fendrossa: Zombie Colony Spokesman
  • Navigation: Only a Misty Miasma Map Will Work Inside
  • Navigation: The Misty Miasma Defies All Idalos Maps
  • Necrosa Ward: All Five Charges Must Be Filled To Use
  • Necrosa Ward: Has Five Charges
  • Necrosa Ward: Last Charge Fills When Cullen Drosa Dies
  • Necrosa Ward: Only Works in the Misty Miasma
  • Necrosa Ward: Symbols Light With Each Filled Charge
  • Necrosa Ward: Used to Open Portal Out of Misty Miasma
  • Psychology: Interacting With Polite, Zombie-Like Villagers
  • Psychology: What are Illusions and What are Not?
  • The Colony: Looks Like a Flooded Cemetery
  • The Colony: This One is Full of Polite Zombies
  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
  • Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
  • Immortal: U'frek
  • Immortal: Xiur
  • Immortal: Moseke
  • Immortal: Yvithia
  • Immortal: Qylios
  • Immortal: Ilaren
  • Immortal: Ymiden
  • Immortal: Ethelynda
  • Location: Ne'haer
  • Ne'haer: City of Religious Tolerance
  • Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
  • Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
  • Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
  • Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present
  • Portal: To Oscillus
  • Portal: Lights above it like stars
  • Immortal: Jesine
  • Immortal: Faldrun
  • The sight of two Immortals locked in battle is one not many mortals see
  • Rhetoric: Speak loudly to retain the attention of those around you
  • Rhetoric: How to ask rhetorical questions
  • Persuasion: Use rhetorical questions to persuade others of your views
  • Immortals: Deceitful?
  • Philosophy: Everyone has their own agenda – especially Immortals
  • Philosophy: Survive
  • Blades: Stabbing Around Blindly For a Target
  • Chemistry: Your Bombs Require Fire to Start
  • Chemistry: Wood, Plants, and Metals Burn Well
  • Chemistry: Testing Different Metals in Different Conditions
  • Alchemy: Oil Keeps Your Blood Near the Trigger
  • Alchemy: White Metal Explodes In Contact with Your Blood
  • Discipline: Keeping Lizzie Away From Fire to Avoid Burning
  • Meditation: Keeping Your Fire in Check
  • Meditation: Visualizing the Fire to Control It
  • Deception: Lying To Re-assure Someone
  • Medicine: Oiling Your Equipment to Prevent Disease.
  • Medicine: Treating a Burn with Snow.
  • Detection: Identifying Things by Touch
  • Disguise: Assuming another's cover to maintain a ruse.
  • Tactics: Hide weapons where you'll work.
  • Unarmed: A punch isn't good to stop someone from shooting.
  • Ranged: Waiting for a good shot will leave you open.
  • Grapple: Kick to control where your opponent goes.
  • Crossbow: Shooting with a weapon held by someone else is hard to do.
  • Crossbow: Reloading a weapon held by another takes too long.
  • Stealth: No-body will see with a body on top.
  • Leadership: Taking the accomplishments of underlings*
  • Endurance: Aukari blood against cold weather*
  • Discipline: Not distinguishing threats
  • Tactics: comfort is not a consideration to success
  • Detection: Lights can be used to find the presence of people
  • Field Craft: Stay between surfaces to block the wind
  • Alchemy: Baking Powder/Vinegar Used to Help Separate Skin from Flesh
  • Alchemy: Cayenne Pepper as an Accelerator
  • Cooking: Spice: Cayenne Pepper
  • Common: Everyday Insults and Profanities
  • Detection: Learning the 'Graffiti' Symbols of The Underground
  • Discipline: Taking Part in Torture When Instructed
  • Discipline: Staying Put, in Spite of Boredom and Curiosity
  • Flynn: Doomed Torture Victim
  • Interrogation: Often Involves Torture
  • Intimidation: Letting the Screams of Torture Victims be Heard
  • Intimidation: Taking Part in Torture, as an Object Lesson to You As Well
  • Location: Underground Neutral Site
  • Navigation: 'Graffiti' Marks Many Factions' 'Jurisdiction' in The Underground
  • NPC: Flynn: Thief Who Crossed 'The Fence'
  • Poison: Full-Strength 'Second Skin' Formula, Thanks to Raellen
  • Politics: Illegal Factions are Just as Rules-Oriented as Legal Ones
  • Politics: There are 'Neutral' Sites in The Underground
  • The Fence: Keeps Surprisingly Extensive Chemical Sources on Hand
  • Torture: Use of 'Second Skin'
  • Discipline: A knife is not a toy!
  • Blade (Daggers): Slash at an opponent's hand to avoid being disarmed
  • Unarmed (Grappling): Grab at the hilt of a weapon to disarm
  • Unarmed (Grappling): Size determines if you can break out of a hold
  • Blade (Daggers): The point is for stabbing
  • Blade (Daggers): An underhanded grip helps against opponents which come too close
  • Acting: Pretending That You Belong There
  • Deception: When There are Many Pirate Crews, Infiltration is Easier
  • Detection: The Difference Between Exaggerated Tales and Real Ones
  • Intelligence: 'The Fence' and Local Pirates Have Connections
  • Intelligence: Pirate Camps Are Always Eventually Found
  • Intelligence: Pirates Camps are Dangerous Sources of Good Information
  • Location: Site of Landward Pirate Rendezvous Point
  • Logistics: Best to Have a Guard at the Door Who is Awake
  • Noth: Not a Pirate, But up to Something in Their Camp
  • Noth: Saved the Young Girl From Death and More
  • Danielle Tobelle: Pirate Victim Whose Name You Didn't Catch
  • Politics: There are Rarely Any "Innocents" in a Pirate Camp
  • Tactics: A Warning That Affects Everyone Present
  • Acting: Faking Mob Fervor Until You Can Get Away
  • Detection: Torches in the Night
  • Detection: An Angry Yell Seems Safer than A Terrified One
  • Don Paul: Has an Elaborate Back Brace Apparatus
  • Intelligence: Recognizing a Situation Where Both Sides Might Pay You
  • Intelligence: The Don Has Mages in his Employ
  • Intimidation: The Don had a Monstrous "Pet"
  • Leadership: Shake the Man to Make Him Listen
  • Linguistics: Many People, Many Languages, Saying the Same Things
  • Linguistics: Urgent Situations Will Cause Statements of Urgency
  • Logistics: Independent Search Parties Often Confront Each Other
  • Logistics: The Chaos of a Lynch Mob When Looking for Clues
  • NPC: Don Paul: Criminal Boss
  • PC: Gangui: Crazy Barbarian With a Sword
  • Persuasion: Telling the Swordsman The Poison Assures Victory
  • Politics: Jurisdiction Conflicts Aid the Criminals
  • Politics: Safety vs. Money Often Decides Whose Side Folks are On
  • Politics: Vuda's Words about 'Dominance' Rings Explain a Lot About Etzos
  • Rupturing: Stumbling Through Someone Else' Portal to Escape
  • Stealth: Hood Up To Hide Your Red Aukari Hair
  • Tactics: Frostbite Poison for the Only Sword Facing a Monster
  • Tactics: Use Gangui as a Meat Shield and Distraction for Escape
  • Appraisal: Consumables has to be something people actually want to use
  • Alchemy: Still-moka: Mutagen made of stillborns
  • Intimidation: Confirm the truth by testing on the statement's source
  • Stealth: Approach from the back
  • Interrogation: Use innuendos no one else understands
  • Negotiation: Hint a better conflicting offer
  • Tactics: Use the carelessness of your enemies
  • Stealth: The crowds is the best concealment in the city
  • Blades: A stab in the back is just as effective as any other
  • Cooking: Coffee, an acquired taste
  • Defiance: Earth constructs are solid enough to take a hit
  • Defiance: Stone pillars can form fast enough to launch people
  • Discipline: No one is going to rush into a suicide attack
  • Psychology: Only strong people dare to fight guards
  • Ranged: Too many arrows can hit people who aren't targets
  • Surgery: Leave the internal damage to the professionals
  • Surgery: Loud noises can throw a person off balance
  • Disguise: Authority figures can get in anywhere
  • Discipline: Use the standard routine
  • Flying: Short distance gliding
  • Intimidation: Forceful pressure
  • Leadership: Scare into competence
  • Meditation: Block out distractions with your own clothes
  • Stealth: Blend with the dark
  • Tactics: Looking like you belong where you don't
  • Care Giving: Give Assurances That it Will be Alright
  • Detection: The Signs of Impending Public Chaos
  • Deception: Important to Fool the Mutants Too
  • Deception: Playing the Part of a Guard Will be Accepted in Chaos
  • Doran: Interested in Buying Mutants
  • Intelligence: Confusion Creates Opportunities for Theft
  • Leadership: Playing the Part of a Guard by Shouting Instructions
  • Logistics: Mutants May Have Tremendous Alchemical Potential
  • PC: Doran: The Hero of Oscillus
  • Padfoot: Attacked Doran in Ardor Form
  • Politics: Guards' Protocols are Not Much Different from Town to Town
  • Politics: Mutants are No Longer Considered People
  • Skraylock: Avriel Bounty Hunter (Deceased)
  • Stealth: Being Ignored as a Guard is Not Always a Bad Thing
  • Tactics: Adding Alarming Remarks to Maintain Confusion
  • Tactics: "Lose Control" of the Big Mutant, to Escape with the Little One
  • Tactics: Shout Orders, Then Obey Them as if They Were Someone Else'
  • Etzos Blackguard: Protocol
  • Rost (NPC): Experienced Blackguard
  • Investigation: Be aware of the dangerous groups being investigated
  • Intelligence: Information comes easier when it fits where you are
  • Leadership: Use the experience of an underling
  • Blades: Repetitive thrusts to keep an opponent at bay
  • Ranged: Who cares about those not your allies?
  • Discipline: Do not allow emotion to overwhelm logic
  • Deception: In whose best interest?
  • Negotiation: Reserve another's wants to get what you want!
  • Strength: Force assisted lift
  • Unarmed: Grappling: Force assisted grip
  • Unarmed: Grappling: Force assisted throw
  • Unarmed: Grappling: Improper transition between a grab and a throw will fail
  • Tactics: Sirothelle's scorched earth
  • Cooking: Tus Tree fruit desert
  • Navigation: Longer darkness of the cold seasons makes travel harder
  • Mount: Be prepared for sudden movement shifts
  • Blades (Rapier): Let someone else push your opponent into your blade
  • Blades: Keep stabbing an opponent weighted down by another
  • Surgery: Examining the physical changes to a mutant
  • Medicine: Mutation effects on the human body
  • Alchemy: Determining the use of a mutant's physical changes
  • Etiquette: Humanize the other party
  • Negotation: Not something for nothing
  • Storytelling: A young child's account of events
  • Meditation: "It will all be alright"
  • Investigation: Asking the right questions to an event
  • Interrogation: Details to narrow down methods
  • Tactics: Use bait to lure out a target
  • Leadership: Volunteers are less likely to betray
  • Medicine: The organized autopsy charts of Ne'haer
  • Poison: Kidnapper spider venom makes it easier to work on bodies
  • Medicine: Identifying the ails of poison victims by recorded symptoms
  • Rupturing: Chasing has a maximum effective range
  • Rupturing: Blinking works directionally
  • Rupturing: Chasing feels like a pull towards a destination
  • Rupturing: Portals can be followed through
  • Rupturing: Anchor to destination and then Blink
  • Chemistry: Metals can be attracted by magnets
  • Chemistry: The ease of causing a dust explosion
  • Chemistry: The properties of Sulfur
  • Alchemy: Explosives are flammable but not all flammables are explosives
  • Alchemy: Possible even with materials as unlikely as shit
  • Chemistry: Potency of elements in different mediums
  • Alchemy: Sirothelle bomb mix; shit, burnt trees, ash of the Heart
  • Flying: You'll need to land sometime
  • Endurance: Its easier to tolerate Saun in the shade
  • Endurance: A different can survive different conditions
  • Flying: Long distance flight
  • Unarmed (Grappling): Breaking off from a grapple
  • Tactics: Utility of a top down view of a battlefield
  • The savage shelf
  • Ice creatures of the savage shelf
  • Business Management: Do not recommend a competitor
  • Business Management: Efficient time management
  • Surgery: Recognizing the flesh of people
  • Cooking: The old stuff, a restaurant's longevity
  • Business Management: Provide quality service regardless of customers
  • Business Management: Never ever cause a scene
  • Acrobatics: Proper footwear can prevent a tumble
  • Construction: Knowing kitchen hazards so you can use them defensively
  • Disguise: Easier when there is someone to vouch for you
  • Discipline: The ease of an orderly workspace
  • Linguistics: A common language for allied forces
  • Linguistics: Switching languages for private conversations reveal patterns
  • Strength: Throwing the weight of ore around
  • Thrown: The many projectiles in a kitchen
  • Leadership: Evaluate a partner through action
  • Leadership: Come prepared to inspire competence
  • Tactics: A plan of attack based on collected information
  • Deception: Suggesting a course of action based on the appropriate tool
  • Blades (Longsword): Strike and jump back
  • Poisons: Size of the target may affect effectiveness of dosages
  • Ranged (Longbow): Aim high
  • Blades (Longsword): Strike low
  • Tactics: Spread out an opponent's defences for easy hits
  • Blades (Rapier): Geey favored weapon trained from young
  • Shield (Buckler): Having one is better than leaving a hand idle
  • Blades (Rapier): The appropriate weapon for an urban environment
  • Blades (Rapier): A better reach compared to a dagger
  • Blades (Rapier): Lunge in to strike at a target
  • Blades (Rapier): The recovery after an attack is important
  • Tactics: Usefulness of the logistical information of enemy forces
  • Meditation: How to not expose yourself as an aukari in a fiery beacon
  • Etiquette: Do not ask for assistance from a position of inability
  • Disguise: Even if you have to get it from their cold, dead hands
  • Mount: Woodland creatures to get through the woods
  • Mount: Travel in a formation makes it easier for the group
  • Linguistics: The easiest way to assimilate into a group
  • Unarmed (Grappling): Pile on the one guy
  • Alchemy: Varying reagents does not mean similarly effective results
  • Chemistry: Different reactions can have catastrophic effects
  • Leadership: Underlings performance can be affected by their beliefs
  • Linguistics: Stylistic differences of common languages in print
  • Linguistics: Writing may hint at origin of writer
  • Seafaring: Superstitions with re-christening a ship
  • Chemistry: Glass containers allow detection of contamination
  • Cooking: "Rharne's best wine"
  • Etiquette: Always greet the host
  • Discipline: “Dignity’s overrated.”
  • Leadership: No one wants a better plan
  • Flying: Push with the air
  • Endurance: Timely rest helps a long campaign
  • Endurance: Smothered in a wall
  • Flying: Winding up the narrow space
  • Detection: Echoes of presence in the walls
  • Endurance: Cutting yourself open
  • Attunement: The Sound of Initiation
  • Attunement: Perceiving Frequencies
  • Attunement: A Kind of Telepathy
  • Cooking: The Immortal of Hunger's spread
  • Attunement: The link between an Immortal and his marked
  • Attunement: The link between an Immortal and his domain
  • Attunement: Impossible to hide even from an immortal
  • Attunement: An immortal is the most 'real' representation of its domains.
  • Attunement: The difference in frequencies between two distinct entities which shared the same vessel
  • Cassion: The final, and true, test
  • Cassion’s Gambit: A game among the Immortals
  • Cassion’s Gambit: You were seeking a key
  • Delroth: His Domains are Birds, Wind, Vanity and Greed
  • Delroth: Sponsored Tio in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Delroth: The second of four
  • Edasha: Her Domains are Sight, Adultery, Beauty and Jealousy
  • Edasha: Sponsored Nauta in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Edasha: The fourth of four
  • Emea: Gilgarod: Where dreams of kings go
  • Emea: Jesine’s Real
  • Emea: The Realm of Dreams
  • Epilogue: The Sword Which Killed Cassion
  • Ilaren: Her Domains are Alcohol, Lightning, Brawling and Sound
  • Ilaren: Sponsored Vivian in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Ilaren: The first of four
  • Jesine: Can appear to be a crow
  • Jesine: Dreams of rest
  • Jesine: Your Guide
  • Location: The Meeting Place
  • U’frek: His domains are Navigation, Water and Auroras
  • U’frek: Sponsored Arlo in Cassion’s Gambit
  • U’frek: The third of four
  • U’frek: Won Cassion’s Gambit
The Other Geey77-Cooking0030
That overwhelming kitchen experience84-Poison, 4-Stealth0030
Salvaging Salvage105-Unarmed, 5-Cooking01343
They Call it a Grand Hunt1010-Stealth0144
A Roast, Grand for Most105-Detection, 5-Unarmed0751
What's Hot at the Kettle1010-Poison0253
The lady of toxin, to plot against all.1010-Cooking0154
Pitch Gems Before Hog1010-Poison0054
Favorite of the Festival105-Unarmed, 5-Stealth0660
Art is Where the Heart is92-Flying, 2-Stealth, 5-Detection0666
What's the catch?1010-Detection0066
Gone Fishing!107-Detection, 3-Intelligence0167
Run For Your Life!2020-Intelligence0370
Professor Poison1515-Flying0272
The Wings of Etzos1414-Deception0072
A River of Stars162-Deception, 2-Longbow, 12-Alchemy0981
The Rumor Mill1515-Alchemy01394
Revolving Moors154-Intelligence, 11-Deception0094
Professor Poison Part 2159-Flying, 6-Poison0094
The Great Meeting2020-Alchemy010104
Plight of Flight.1515-Alchemy00104
Battle To The Tomb of Treid111-Alchemy, 10-Poison010114
Tracking the Mine Raiding Party1515-Poison00117
Heirgloom and doom.1010-Poison010128
Sniff and scratch.101-Poison, 9-Cooking05133
Drinks and Drunkards1515-Cooking00133
Out in the cold1010-Cooking00133
Slippery, slimy and cold!1010-Cooking00133
Getting into one's skin...107-Cooking, 3-Stealth00133
Stab in the dark.1010-Stealth00133
To light the shadows1010-Stealth05142
A Pirate At Port1313-Stealth00142
A City of Villains and Lies1717-Stealth00142
Step Right Up!206-Stealth, 14-Alchemy010152
Twisting the Truth1515-Alchemy00152
Clothes Maketh Man1010-Alchemy00152
Mutcha vs Kaige1515-Alchemy01153
May the Best Hunter Win1515-Alchemy03156
The Etzori Iron Heel Shakes The Rust Off156-Alchemy, 9-Intelligence00156
O Icarus of the fearless flight1515-Intelligence05161
Worth of the Dead1717-Intelligence00161
The kit to not get lit1010-Intelligence00161
For the cause, mine!1010-Flying08169
How to train your Anak1010-Flying00169
The Heavy Lifting1010-Flying00169
Crash Course1513-Flying, 2-Meditation00169
I just want to get home...1010-Blades01170
Shipment Number None102-Blades, 8-Unarmed00170
Relax, you're with good people now105-Unarmed, 5-Mount02172
Round Two, Fight!2012-Mount, 8-Chemistry00172
Try it till it sticks!1010-Chemistry00172
Flying Rat109-Chemistry, 1-Medicine010182
Sey No Mour1515-Medicine05187
Explosive Enthuiasm1010-Business Management00187
To be red, not dead10Seafaring-1002189
Iced by Savage10Seafaring-555194
Excuse me, do you have mutants?10150194
Repel the Stone Quarry Attack10255199
Fox Hunt15400199
Weapon of choice10500199
Saving the Farmers Daughter15655204
Kill-Haul the lot of em!15805209
Roast Session159510219
Etzos has Skills!2011515234
Underground Machinations1513010244
By the Barrel1514510254
End Game.2020-Attunement, *15525284
Symbols of death151700284
Seek and Ye Shall Find209-Attunement18115299
  • Good Long Bow
  • Good Dagger
  • Tinderbox
  • Whetstone
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Tin plate, spoon and fork
  • 2 water skins
  • Standard shirt, pants, stockings, underwear
  • Small backpack
  • Field Medical Kit
    • Bundle of 15 cloth bandage strips w/holding clips
    • Needle and thread
    • 3-use vial of antiseptic alcohol
    • Single-use vial of strong local anesthetic
    • 1 tourniquet kit
  • Mid-grade set of chain mail Identifying its owner as having been part of Sirothelle's City Guard with added Blood Metal protection
  • A trained Scython, red like the raging fires of Fauldrun and adorned with the trophies of its previous rider
  • Standard-grade saddle, tack and full set of hardened-leather barding
  • Good Rapier
  • 12gn worth of trophies stolen from a Sirothelle officer along with his mount
  • An ashen grey eagle, big and starry eyed.
  • Brown leather tunic, breeches, gloves, ankle boots, belt
  • 37 arrows
  • 5 throwing daggers
  • Small frying pan
  • Dinner fork, dinner knife, service spoon, dinner plate, meat fork
  • Vials of spices containing the equivalent of 2 cinnamon, 2 basil, 2 all spice, 2 cayenne, 2 fig, 2 raisin
  • A set of cooking knives complete with a chopping board for the road (prized possession)
  • A 1 man simple wedge style tent with insect netting from Canvas Corner
  • Bedazzled Armband with transformation stone (Syroa)
  • Black leather mask, Black leather Hat, Black Tafetta Bandana
  • Gladiator Style Net
  • 3 doses of Frostbite
  • Portable chem kit w/o centrifuge
  • Brown, green & yellow linen tunics, brown gloves
  • Beige, black, orange linen pants
  • Black taffeta shirt, doublet & trousers; ankle leather boots & gloves
  • Fence thief stuff
    Two 10 yard coils of shrink rope
    Kidnapper spider silk rope
    Small, one handed saw
    Small pliers
    Rags (10)
    Pry bar
    Small hammer
    Small hand drill
    Metal files (6)
    Leather and glass goggles
    Reinforced cloth gloves
    Grappling hook
    Three med & three large glass vials (containing oil and saltwater)
    Heavy duty canvas bag with shoulder straps
  • Iron shell bush seeds
  • Engraved War horn
  • Velvet Robe embroidered with flames (both fireproofed and heat insulated)
  • 1 vials of Razorfin oil
  • Tool belt with rusty tools
  • Masterwork Black Guard Medium Plate Armor with assimilation and color changing properties
  • Set of Black Guard skeleton keys
  • Magnetic rank emblem that reads "S-1"
  • Adamantite Rapier and Dagger
  • Extravagant mount armor (minus 'Caparisons') for scython
  • Misty Miasma Manual (Language list & Ancient Vauni communications)
  • 'Necrosa Ward'
  • Saoire Giftbasket
  • Superior Falconry Kit
  • Leather and glass goggles
  • 1 Use of Spots
  • 3x Smoke bomb
  • 2x Incendiary bomb
  • Black wool coat w cord
  • Anak of Force
  • Still-moka mutagen x2
  • Silver torc & 2 silver armbands w/ fernstones
  • 5 Ingots worth of Blood Metal dust
  • "Hide" armor
  • Flamboyant captains uniform with froofy hat, a silver cuff link in the shape of a burning sun.
  • Extravagant quality steel cutlass
    Gold plated decorative hilt and slightly up curved blade. In the end of the pommel is a smooth sapphire, an inch in diameter. Along the blade the words ‘For The Love Of The Sea’ are engraved in Rahaki. If seen, this blade would be easily recognisable by a pirate as belonging to the captain of The Seasong
  • Small brass sextant
  • Map of the smaller isles surrounding Etzos, with some isles marked with question marks and some with crosses
  • Warp dagger
  • Sirothelle Raider Armor and Sword
  • Bag of ore that will smelt down to 2 ingots of iron, 2 of Cobalt, and 1 of Crystalline
  • Moderate map of Etzos Underground
  • x2 Scarf Rot
  • 50gn worth of weapons and goodies
  • A Farmer's Discount
  • 20gn worth of one-handed weapons (daggers, cutlasses, a few knives, whatever)
  • 20gn in coin from everyone's pockets and pouches
  • A handful of gold teeth
  • 2 silver earrings
  • 3 gold earrings
  • 1 silver ring
  • 2 gold rings
  • 1 silver bracelet with "Love always, Bertha" engraved on the inside
  • Domain bag
  • A beautiful and unique set of glass ornaments
  • Body of one Spulmokawarta
  • Copy of a map of Etzos Underground with some hidden chambers and passages
  • Agronel's Sloop
  • Ilaren's Cup
  • Delroth's Charms
  • Luminescent Tear
  • Edasha's Gift ~ a gold-plated necklace with a simple jewel pendant at the bottom
  • Stone Blade
  • 5 skull grenades
  • A red rose that never withers or fades no matter how much time passes
  • Pendant made from a star ruby and hammered copper
  • 2x Small bottles of Incendiary Dust
  • 2x Small bottles of Restorative Dust
Transaction AmountNotes
Starting Cash 6 SN 11 CN 6 SN 11 CN @ start
Trivia 100 GN 100 GN 6 SN 11 CN
Salvaging Salvage 96 GN 4 SN 193 GM 11 CN
Grand Hunt and Grand Roast -45 GN 148 GN 11 CN
Ice Grubs -40 GN 108 GN 11 CN
Ashan 489 GN 4 SN 597 GN 4 SN 11 CN
What's hot at the Kettle! -513 GN 9 SN 3 CN 83 GN 5 SN 8 CN
Ymiden 630 GN 8 SN 714 GN 3 SN 8 CN
Pitch gems before hog -504 GN 210 GN 3 SN 8 CN
The Favorite of the Festival 15 GN 225 GN 3 SN 8 CN
Art is where the Heart is -146 GN 4 SN 78 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Saun 578 GN 656 GN 9 SN 8 CN
A River of Stars -300 GN 356 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Heirgloom and doom. 75 GN 431 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Sey No Mour 50 GN 481 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Sniff and scratch. 600 GN 1081 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Vhalar 2204 GN 3285 GN 9 SN 8 CN
To light the shadows -200 GN 3085 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Plight of Flight. -80 GN 3005 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Payback! -116 GN 2889 GN 9 SN 8 CN
Clothes Maketh Man -550 GN 2339 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Sparks. -110 GN 1 SN 3 CN 2229 GN 8 SN 5 CN
A City of Villains and Lies -30 GN 2199 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Cylus -10 GN 2189 GN 8 SN 5 CN
The Etzori Iron Heel Shakes The Rust Off -5 GN 2184 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Challenged -100 GN 2084 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Point-Warp -175 GN 1909 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Ashan -10 GN 1899 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Twisting the Truth -200 GN 1699 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Step Right Up! +200 GN 1899 GN 8 SN 5 CN
The kit to not get lit -690 GN 1209 GN 8 SN 5 CN
To be red, not dead -138 GN 1071 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Fox Hunt -125 GN 946 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Iced by Savage +400 GN 1346 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Ymiden -10 GN 1336 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Etzos has Skills! +300 GN 1636 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Saun -10 GN 1626 GN 8 SN 5 CN
717 Global -80 GN 1546 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Vhalar -10 GN 1536 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Flying Rat -150 GN 1386 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Symbols of death 200 GN 1586 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Zida -10 GN 1576 GN 8 SN 5 CN
End Game 2 ON 10 GN 2576 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Cylus -10 GN 2566 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Seek and Ye Shall Find 200 GN 2766 GN 8 SN 5 CN
Ashan -10 GN 2756 GN 8 SN 5 CN
*NPC and replacements for crafted consumable costs rolled into seasonal takings
Total Currency: 0 ON, 2756 GN, 8 SN, 5 CN
Point Bank
Oct '16 = 28
Nov '16 = 28
Apr '17 = 65
Apr '17 = 234
x2 Small Reward (Renown) = 100
Domain bag = -200

Running total: 255
Thread List


76 Ashan 705: The stuff which dreams are made of
53 Ymiden 705: The other Geey
96 Ashan 706: Explosive Enthuiasm
66 Ashan 712: Weapon of choice
10 Ashan 716: Revolving Moors

Rebirth Season 716

44 Rebirth Season 716: That overwhelming kitchen experience.
56 Rebirth Season 716: Salvaging Salvage
102 Rebirth Season 716: They call it a Grand Hunt!
104 Rebirth Season 716: A Roast, Grand for most
110 Rebirth Season 716: A trial on its own

Hot Season 716

33 Hot Season 716: What's hot at the Kettle!
63 Hot Season 716: The lady of toxin, to plot against all.
85 Hot Season 716: Pitch gems before hog
85 Hot Season 716: Etzos: The Favorite of the Festival
94 Hot Season 716: Gone Fishing!
97 Hot Season 716: What's the catch?
98 Hot Season 716: The Rumor Mill
102 Hot Season 716: Run For Your Life!
119 Hot Season 716: Actors of Anarchy
121 Hot Season 716: Art is where the Heart is

Cold Season 716

2 Vhalar 716: To light the shadows
4 Vhalar 716: The Wings of Etzos
4 Vhalar 716: Professor Poison
7 Vhalar 716: Professor Poison Part 2
7 Vhalar 716: Plight of Flight.
14 Vhalar 716: A River of Stars
17 Vhalar 716: For the cause, mine!
19 Vhalar 716: The Great Meeting
20 Vhalar 716: Battle To The Tomb of Treid
26 Vhalar 716: Sey No Mour
31 Vhalar 716: Heirgloom and doom.
39 Vhalar 716: I just want to get home...
49 Vhalar 716: A Wealth of Knowledge
75 Vhalar 716: Sniff and scratch.
79 Vhalar 716: Find the Aukari Spy
80 Vhalar 716: Getting into one's skin...
105 Vhalar 716: Repel the Stone Quarry Attack
105 Vhalar 716: Repel the Stone Quarry Attack.
120 Vhalar 716: Saving the Farmers Daughter
123 Vhalar 716: Tracking the Mine Raiding Party
18 Zida 716: Payback!
(After 18) Zida 716: Holiday Event: Nauta
24 Zida 716: Frozen Assets

Rebirth 717

8 Cylus 717: Clothes Maketh Man
11 Cylus 717: Sparks.
16 Cylus 717: Stab in the dark.
23 Cylus 717: A City of Villains and Lies
24 Cylus 717: Stab in the dark.
27 Cylus 717: Slippery, slimy and cold!
29 Cylus 717: Out in the cold
1 Ashan 717: The Etzori iron heel shakes the rust off
2 Ashan 717: Shipment Number None
7 Ashan 717: A Pirate At Port
33 Ashan 717: Plan to fail
45 Ashan 717: Challenged
76 Ashan 717: Underdogs Eat For Free
80 Ashan 717: Crash Course
99 Ashan 717: Point-Warp
105 Ashan 717: Malchemical Conundrum
110 Ashan 717: Drinks and Drunkards

Hot 717

3 Ymiden 717: Worth of the Dead
4 Ymiden 717: Relax, you're with good people now.
5 Ymiden 717: May the Best Hunter Win
9 Ymiden 717: Roast Session
13 Ymiden 717: Mutcha vs Kaige
25 Ymiden 717: The kit to not get lit
31 Ymiden 717: Twisting the Truth
27 Ymiden 717: To be red, not dead.
36 Ymiden 717: Fox Hunt
41 Ymiden 717: Step Right Up!
44 Ymiden 717: Try it till it sticks!
53 Ymiden 717: O Icarus of the fearless flight.
6 Saun 717: My boys
19 Saun 717: Iced by Savage
32 Saun 717: Etzos has Skills!

Cold 717

46 Vhalar 717: How to train your Anak
73 Vhalar 717: Underground Machinations
87 Vhalar 717: The Heavy Lifting
121 Vhalar 717: Round Two, Fight!
7 Zida 717: Burning Desire
28 Zida 717: Nuts & Fruitcakes
53 Zida 717: Hunting them bootays
59 Zida 717: Flying Rat
59 Zida 717: Kill-Haul the lot of em!
80 Zida 717: By the Barrel
83 Zida 717: Re-christen
87 Zida 717: Symbols of death

Rebirth 718

1 Cylus 718: End Game.
70 Ashan 718: Seek and Ye Shall Find
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Nauta F'mos Geey

Approved Personal NPC

Cost - 10gn per season (Approved by Maltruism)

Name: Lizzie (Birth name Elyza Stern)
Race: Human (Probably)
Date of Birth: 17 Cylus 702
Skills: Animal Husbandry 30, Stealth 30, Intelligence 20, Sewing 20, Cooking 10
Money dumped into NPC (total): 30(60)

Appearance: Lizzie seems like nothing more than a normal human girl from Etzos aside from a scar she has at the left side of her forehead to her otherwise unmarred features, which she keeps hidden with her long hair, from when she fell in the Big Etzos Underground Race Event of Saun 716. She bears no identifying characteristics which may identify her as otherwise, unlike her current guardian in Etzos. The only thing which may make her seem like she is an outsider, although she isn't, is her fondness for odd garments which any Etzori wouldn't normally be seen wearing.

Personality: Traumatized by first-hand witnessing of parents' deaths. Changes the subject.
"My- parents? Uhhhh... how about that new dress Lia said her uncle got her from Nashaki?"

Relationship to PC: Adopted by Nauta as a result of the Saun 716 Underground Race.

Anything: Lizzie appreciates her benefactor both for saving her from the Shadows' attacks during the Race and taking her under her care afterwards, having nothing but the most favorable outlook of him. Unfortunately the truth is the Aukari in making his decision to adopt her, was more concerned she may have witnessed something she shouldn't. Him fending off a Shadow with his own body heat, and him obtaining armor off a fallen Black Guard member. As Nauta couldn't even contemplate harming her to keep his secret, he decided keeping her around is better in ensuring she doesn't accidentally let it out. Fortunately, finding it easier to live in Etzos when everyone believes Lizzie is his own daughter, he no longer sees it a troublesome undertaking and doesn't mind keeping her by him.
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