• Solo • [White Pine Forrests] The Hunt 1st-2nd of Cylus

A hunt to settle myself in

1st of Cylus 719

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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[White Pine Forrests] The Hunt 1st-2nd of Cylus

1st of Cylus arc 719, Morning

After waking from his cold sleep in his campsite in the white pine forests Wald quickly began to prepare for what may be his last large game hunt for several Trails. After bringing his animal companions to a fresh patch of grass in between snow covered trees he began to set up to search for some prey. After setting camp traps and securing his two animals he headed off.

Trying to keep his mind off the cold Wald focused on the ground and the foliage around him trying to find signs of animal movements. This went on for a time and a half as he tried to keep silent in the snowy Forrest. Finally after 4 breaks passed he found small foot prints in the snow. He then leaned in to study them, and learned that they were from a mink. Tho not what he was searching for prey is prey and this will allow him to catch something. So he then followed the tracks for a short time before coming across a small cave just big enough for a hand.

Looking around the area to look for a back hole he was unable to find it. Searching for a large stone and a few sticks Wald began to prepare a basic trap for the animal when it leaves or enters the hole. This sadly took him 8 bits due to his fumbling with the mechanism under the stone. After set up he put some fabric on a small tree to mark the location and continued forward to find some larger game.

1st of Cylus arc 719, Midday

As the Trail grows old the hunger of the day slowly crept in on Wald. Despite this he continued on searching for some prey. As he moved deeper into the forest signs of rubbing start appearing on the trees. Tho the height on the markings shows its not to large, but this was what he was looking for.

Wald began his search around the trees for the tracks, this took a time to find the trail to follow. Moving slowly with the trail left for him in the hopes the buck is close. After hunting for this prey for most of the day the buck was finally in his sight. This was most definitely a young buck likely around 3 arcs old, but the most distinctive part of this buck was the loss of one of his antlers. It was obvious he lost a fight to mate so taking him down will mostly be for the pelt and meat.

Staying low Wald slowly looked for a place to make his shot. There was not much in the way of vantage points near him sadly so he needed to get closer to confirm the kill. He began to move gently towards the young buck taking care for each step. Once he was close enough to be comfortable he took his bow and strung an arrow. Once he started to pull back the brush near the buck began to make noise this made the deer jump away tho it put itself in a fighting stance. A snow hare then hoped out nearly ruining Wald's kill, but this was his opportunity to strike the deer. With one last breath he loosed the arrow. He missed the main mark on the heart of the animal but got the neck so it began to flee.

Moving quickly he ran down the forest after the deer knowing it will collapse due to the hit soon. He readied his knife to finish him quick. After a bit of a chase the Wald found the deer down in a clearing struggling for air. Still weary of it lashing out he made his way close to grab the antler to hold the head and began to slit the throat of the animal. The scream was all to familiar to him but this was the bucks last breath. After pulling out the arrow to inspect it, it seemed to be fine and didn't hit a bone. A sigh of relief came over Wald as he readied to bring the buck to camp.

1st of Cylus arc 719, Evening

After making it to camp with his kill Wald checked on his animal companions still tied up near the camp. He brought them to an opening with some grass under the snow near a still flowing stream. While the animals were feeding and drinking Wald gathered the last of some green branches from a tree with star shaped leaves to bring to camp. When he returned he began to crush the leaves which made a strong smell, this was to hide the sent of the deer in the camp from wolves, bears or worst. After loading the deer on the cart he began to study its body and sighed out to himself, "This was definitely 3 arcs old."

After covering the animal he gathered snow into a pot and put some oats into it and placed it on his fire pit. lighting the fire the warmth fell over him as he melted down to sit on the ground. He was exhausted this hunt took far too long for just one deer, but that's how life goes. After waiting for his oats to cook he put the pot in a small pile of snow to cool just right before eating. While eating he remembered the trap he set near the Mink den and decided to wait till sun up tomorrow to check on it and after to head to the mining town.

2nd of Cylus arc 719,Morning

One long cold night sleeping in his tent with the animals both of which kept close to Wald for warmth. Going through his usual morning chores getting the animals feed and getting ready to move camp to The Cold Mountains to sell off the meat and pelt of the deer. The laborers enjoy meat so they always pay well when they can. Once the bags were prepped Wald began the walk to check on his trap. It took to almost midday to find the spot again only able to find it from the cloth he place the past day. Wald checked the trap and it seem to have fallen. He lifted the stone and found two mink in the trap; this was a good and a bad sign. After putting the Mink in a bag he began to dig the den up.

2nd of Cylus arc 719, Midday

At midday Wald found what he was digging for in the den. there were small young mink in the den now exposed and without parents he quickly acted to catch them. It was a small litter of two they seemed almost ready to leave the nest but without the parents they would surly still die. After asking forgiveness and giving thanks to the young mink he quickly sliced the neck of the young. The life that was so new was ended quickly without a sound. This was the greatest mercy he could give was a painless death since the cold would make them suffer and predators wouldn't care if they were alive when they were eating. Wald put them with the parents and walked to camp.

Once at camp he got the the cart ready to move out and covered his fire pit with snow to keep any embers from catching. Wald had some fresh meat to sell and pelts to prepare when he made camp outside the settlement so he made hast.
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Re: [White Pine Forrests] The Hunt 1st-2nd of Cylus

Thread Review
I'm a sucker for a hunting thread. I enjoyed following your PC's choices. It was just the right amount of thought without too much introspection. Flowed nicely. Do try to get over 1500 words in solos, but not a big deal this time. Also I added the (longbow) to the knowledge you claimed. Try to remember to do that when you request a review. All in all, well done!

Word Count: 1264
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