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(Tristan Venora) Two of different classes bond over their respective troubles

38th of Ashan 716

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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[Ye Olde Inn] People Troubles

He should have expected that question, truth be told it was a question he should ask himself. As a merc, actual contracts with specific jobs were occasional things throughout the arc much like when a knight has to do anything other than stand guard or patrol. Being that he started being a mercenary at the age of most squires, he shrugged his shoulders and with an honest, somber, confidence said “ Plenty enough to forget an exact figure, Sir” He said, his eyes suddenly looking at a picture that wasn’t there “And it’s a somber thing the first few times m’lord. Thing is a person has to remember, despite what the other person has done is that they’re still people. Flesh and blood, things we all have. When you first kill a person you get this feeling, this questioning feeling if what you did was right, if it was worth it” He looked to the young lord, his own hand reaching for a crossbow that wasn’t there “With that feeling tends to be this void, an’ I don’t mean nothing I mean as if something is sucking your insides away. It’s what I felt the first few times, after that…. I only get inklings of that feeling” And if he were honest, he was glad he could still feel those inklings….

He didn’t really comment on the depravity bit, despite having a few choice words himself on the matter. Animals, after all, are subject to a lesser will…. Beings of instinct rather than conscious, a sane man needs a conscious and smarts for half the things he’s done especially when it comes to depravity. There ain’t no problem with occasionally bedding a whore or getting drunk once in a while, but crossing that invisible line is what really damns a man.

He grinned at the prospect of more drinks, because he didn’t think he could politely excuse himself without offending the noble and it didn’t do a person’s health good to do just that without making up some plausible excuse “Sure thing your lordship, keep ‘em coming” ‘So I can get this damned awful final-trial out of my mind

And with that he picked up the Flagon and shaked it, asking for more. Hoping the buzzing alcohol will end with him in his own bed and no noble with nice hair bugging him…..
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[Ye Olde Inn] People Troubles


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Tristan: Nice hair
Tristan: Noble house Venora
Tristan: Troubled family
Ye Olde Inn: Best ribs in Rynmere

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Tristan: Talks too much when drunk
Tristan: Would sponsor you in the Arena
Persuasion: Drunk nobles are good targets for free drinks


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Franz: From Krom
Franz: Scarred by a bear
Franz: Loves fighting

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Franz: Has terms to be met, before he'll fight for you in the arena
Franz: Has a crazy relative, Kreig Messer
Franz: A man of conscience
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