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Hu'yana Gray
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Hu'yana Gray

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”


Race: Sev'ryn
Gender: Female
Age: 20 Arcs
Birthdate: 24th Trial of Vhalar, Arc 695
Height: 5'7 (1.7 m)
Weight: 130lbs (58.9 kg)

Occupation: Huntsman
Birth Location: Desnind, Southern Idalos
Current Location: Nashaki, Eastern Idalos
Faction: None at the moment
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Likes: Freedom, Respect, Life, Happiness
Dislikes: Greed, Malice, Selfishness, Evil

Xanthea (Fluent)
Common (Basic)
Hu'yana Gray
Physical Appearance:

Hu'yana stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs in at 126 pounds. The first facial feature you’ll recognise of her are those highly distinctive chesnut brown eyes that simply oozes with passion and confidence. Her face is slightly-oval in shape, her nose pert, and her lips a healthy shade of pink.

In times of happiness and excitement, darling little dents of delight appears on her youthful, spirited visage, the dimples ever present whenever any form of smile or grin makes itself known. Her locks are a deep shade of dark chocolate brown that appears to be almost black, depending on the various lighting conditions she may find herself in.

Although she occasionally wearing her chest-level hair loose flowing down, Hu'yana usually wears her hair up in a knotted bun or plaited down her front in pigtails to allow her ease of movement in her daily activities. Her skin is sun-kissed and boasts a hint of golden undertones and is unblemished without any sign of physical scars. If she was to be asked about her favourite feature, her eyes would win without any further hesitation on her part. Focused and expressive, her eyes are like the windows to her soul, and tends to carry a message even when her lips doesn’t.

Her figure is mostly pear-shaped and is athletic with her fair share of muscles gained from her highly physical lifestyle. Her bust is of a moderate size, and her hips slightly curvier than average. She is highly agile, and her figure clearly represents one who is familiar with fighting and acrobatic manoeuvres.

However, due to the loose clothing she often wears in the desert climate, her womanly figure is often kept hidden beneath the layer of loose clothing she wears. She can often be seen dressed in a comfortable assortment of both loose blouses(whose long sleeves are often rolled up when not wandering the desert) , pants and the occasional dresses made out of cotton or wool. In addition to her cloak, she wears a headscarf in the desert, fashioned into traditional desert wear, covering and protecting most of her face from the sand whipped around by the warm winds. The colours she favours in her clothing range from a wide variety of colours. From those of a earthy hue to those in the lighter & darker spectrum, hues such as grey, black, tan and cream are fond favourites of hers.

Image Image
- Tree of Life Tattoo on lower back. Sev'ryn month after birth tradition.
- Arrow tattoo on left inner arm to represent true calling in hunting at age fourteen arcs.

A warm and friendly individual, Hu'yana has always been naturally inquisitive and excitable with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Not one to boast, she had never saw the need to show off any of the things she had done or accomplished. She is highly confident of both herself and her abilities, but not to an extent that would make her seem cocky or arrogant, simply just assured of her own capabilities.

She is also known to be highly-focused and remarkably industrious, always willing to put in the extra mile to achieve her goals or complete the tasks assigned to her. Once she sets aside some goals for herself, Hu'yana becomes incredibly dedicated to her goals, pretty much almost to the point of stubbornness. Her trust is not easily gained, but once it is attained, her trust and loyalty will be resolute. Honest and sincere, she can sometimes be honest to a fault.

Putting sincerity and dedication into the things she does, commitment is never a problem for her. Bold and adventurous, she is not afraid of trying out new things and activities and is always looking forward to learning new stuff, whatever that might be. Pragmatic and a realist, she prefers to dwell on the logical and practical side of things, rather than going for abstract or visionary ideals. A good team player who understand the necessity of teamwork and cooperation, she also displays an ample sense of leadership skills and is always willing to take charge and no one else is willing to.

She is also an outspoken and ambitious individual who is not afraid to make her views and opinions be known. Prone to being cynical around people when she does not trust them, she believes that most people are motivated by self-interest. She also tends to be rather emotional at times, letting her feelings get in the way of her judgement and choices.

Hunting10(RB) + 10(AL) 20
Ranged Combat: Shortbow15(SP)15
Melee Combat: Gladius5(SP)5
Trap Making5(AL)5
Mount5(SP) +5 (KD)10


Hu'yana was originally born in Desnind, the ancestral homeland of the Sev’ryn to a young couple by the name of Cha'vala and Tu’chaka Gray. Her mother, Cha'vala was both a gifted cook and seamstress and contributed greatly to the community by both helping to feed and clothe the members of the community. Her father, Tu’chaka was a skilled and courageous huntsman who was a prominent individual in a hunting group. His skill with his weapons had always ensured that whatever game they sought to kill for their needs die with little to no pain, gifting them a swift death to the spirit world.

The pair lived just like any other Sev’ryn family, they lived to take care of each other and contributed their successes to their community here in the city of trees. When Hu'yana was born, it was a joyous for both friends and community as they celebrated a new addition to the ranks of the Sev’ryn. Their little girl had been a fighter, ever since she was born. The proud father had often boasted on how his dear daughter had the heart of a warrior and the spirit of a bear at such a young age.

She was courageous and confident, showing great leadership qualities even when playing around with the other children of the tribe. She was bold and unafraid of things that would scare most children of her age. From the age of eight arcs, Tu’chaka had started teaching his little girl how to use weapons for hunting and protecting herself, especially the bow, which was essential of any huntsman. At ten arcs, Hu'yana went along on her first hunting trip with the tribe’s hunting party and began to learn the inner workings of how it was done. That had been a great eye opener for her, and forever remained a critical and unforgettable memory that the girl would no doubt remember for as long as she lived.

The father and daughter pair remained close as their interest for hunting kept them together for many years as the young Hu'yana grew up into an exceptional huntsman for the tribe. The young girl was especially skilled with the shortbow, and she had received many a compliment during the various occasions in the tribe’s hunting trips. At the age of fourteen arcs, she was inducted as a permanent part of the hunting group, one of youngest huntsman in the tribe, trained in both hunting and fishing.

Every Sev’ryn was encouraged to pursue the activities that they spiritually believed their path lay in, and hunting was that path for her, just like her father’s had been. Her mother's path branched off and had lain in cooking and sewing, providing both food and clothes for both family and community. Being a fond lover of both stories and knowledge, Hu'yana was also often found seated at the foot of the elders along with the other younger members of the tribe as ancient tales of action and adventure was regaled to them. Her particular favourite was the one on familiars.

These were the animal companion spirits that most, if not all Sev’ryn would hope to find one of their own someday. Something about that just intrigued her in all sorts of ways, and she would often imagine what hers would be, should she find it one day. At the age of seventeen arcs, Hu'yana had a dream in where she found herself travelling around Idalos, leaving the comfort and safety of their heavily forested city of trees behind. Believing that dreams occur for a reason, she spoke to her parents about it, and they encouraged herself to speak to one of the elders about it. Highly spiritual people who respected the words of their elders, the young woman was no different. When she had consulted the elder about the meaning of the dream, some of this wisdom was imparted to her.

“Some Sev’ryn stand among the trees of Desnind, hunting ‘til the day they pass, while others do the same for cooking and sewing. Then you have the teachers and the craftsmen who do the same.as their predecessors have done before them. However, a different group embark on a journey off their own, leaving the comforts of Desnind to explore the realms of Idalos. Some return with tales of great adventure, telling them to future generations of Sev’ryn, while others do not return at all. Trust your heart, for it is all you need to make the decision you need.”

The young woman took this knowledge to heart and went home to ponder on what the elder had said, telling her parents what she had been told about her dream. Echoing the words of the elder, Tu’chaka encouraged her to follow what she felt was right, and what her instincts drove her towards. When she had a similar dream the following night, Hu'yana was sure now that her fate lied not in Desnind but elsewhere, as dreamt of herself in unfamiliar environments that were strangely foreign to her.

Upon revelation of her decision to her parents, her mother was initially hesitant, but eventually came round. The next morning, Hu'yana gathered what little of the possessions she owned and left the place she knew as home. A long boat ride later, the lass eventually found herself in the deserts of Eastern Idalos. The deserts of Nashaki and its surroundings were utterly foreign to her.

Surviving in the desert was not easy, but Hu'yana was never one to turn down a challenge, especially one that put her very survival at stake. Approaching the local hunting community, she asked to be a part of them. They had laughed in her face then and said that she wouldn’t last a week in the desert, let alone hunting anything. Perhaps, it may have simply been due to her youthful appearance, but the young woman for the forest city of Desnind was more capable than she may otherwise looked.

It was only after she had dragged in on wagon, the corpses of an Axebone Antelope along with two hopping mice that they ate their words and accepted her as one of their own. Being part of the little hunting group in Nashaki, Hu'yana learnt as much as she could about desert survival and hunting, before she made the decision to leave the group and strike it out on her own as an independent hunter. Whether that decision was wise or not remains to be seen. Camping in her tent near the city, she frequently trades her kills with the merchants of the city in exchange for the necessities and supplies for survival.


Pitching her personal tent not too far away from sight of the city of Nashaki, Hu'yana rest and sleeps in various camping spots around the city chosen by her at will. She camps close enough to the city but yet still remains far enough to be distant from unwanted attention from passing merchants entering the city. She trades for supplies and survival necessities with what she catches during the day.


Basic Knowledge

- Hunting: The Basics of Hunting
- Familiars: A Part of You
- Bartering: Exchanging Meat & Hide for Supplies
- Seafaring: Experience traveling over the sea
- Wilderness Survival: Conserving water in the desert

Specialized Knowledge

- Familiar: Wah'Kan
- Shortbow: Handling the Shortbow effectively
- Wilderness Survival: Finding Water in the Desert
- Trapping: Best traps to use in a desert


  • A blouse
  • A pair of pants
  • Undergarments
  • A cloak
  • Boots
  • One tent
  • One riding horse
  • One horse-pulled wagon
  • One hundred feet of rope
  • One tinderbox
  • A set of six torches
  • One lantern
  • One bedroll
  • A compass
  • A fishing net
  • A blanket
  • Four rucksacks
  • A knife
  • One waterskin
  • One set of toiletries
  • One set of extra clothing
  • One set of trapping equipment
  • Two rags
  • A shortbow
  • A quiver with forty arrows
  • Leather Armour (Normal)

The result of a trade from a foreign merchant who was peddling his wares in Desnind, Biter used to belong to her father and is now Hu'yana's most treasured possession. It was named so for the sword had a nasty edge that gave an equally lethal bite. A weapon that he had carried everywhere with him and used it on every hunting trip he went on, it was given to her as a farewell gift before she left Desnind to venture across Idalos, away from her family. The gladius holds a great deal of sentimental value to her, and it is an item that she treasures and keeps in the best condition that she can afford.

Che'veyo is bred from a long line of ancient desert hunting breeds, the Saluki. Practically her only companion ever since she had left home, the two arcs old dog has provided her with both companionship and partnership as he aids her in hunting and racing down desert animals that may have gone out of reach like the Axebone Antelopes. Highly alert with keen senses, he also provides with with much needed security and awareness when she camps for the night.


Desert horses are one of the oldest breeds of horses, and Ka'teri is from such a lineage. Five arcs of age, she is fully matured in her own right. Her distinctive head shape and high carriage makes her easily recognisable. Good-natured and eager to please, the mare is also a willing learner. Highly spirited and alert, Hu'yana found Ka'teri a enjoyable addition to her little group. She gets along well with Che'veyo and they do watch out for each other when he is not with his mistress.


Starting Package+25GN25GN
Leather Armour(Normal)-10GN4GN
Wages (Ashan 716)+615GN619GN


Day, Season, Year#
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Hu'yana Gray
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Race: Mortal Born
Profession: Hunter
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Hu'yana Gray

Wah'kan - Familiar:
Hu’yana found the pleasure of being bonded to an ancient powerful spirit who calls himself Wah’kan. The spirit takes the translucent form of a large brown bear with grizzly brown fur with slight trims of blonde on the outside and white-tipped fur on his flank and back, paired with a set of golden amber eyes. Courage has been a quality she'd never lacked since young, and she now attributes that to the other half of her familiar which motivates her greatly to go forth in the occasions that she falters. A protective and charismatic companion who oozes both strength and confidence, he is just as much companion as he is advisor. Being old and powerful, his knowledge is as vast as he is wise, and he guides her just like a doting older brother would. It's safe to say that she would never be the same again without the bear at her side.

The Red Flower - A Familiar Story

A Red Flower. A large blooming red flower the size of her head. For some reason, Hu’yana’s sleep for the past few trials had been plagued by the constant dream of that particular flower. The girl knew the entrance to the grove where the flower stood high and proud, like a sentry guarding the doorway to a secret garden. Except, there was something amiss. She’d past that same location several times in past hunting trips, and there had never been a flower of that sort. There was no way that she would have missed it as large and vibrant as it is. It seemed to have a strong pulling factor and she couldn’t help but get drawn into it everyday night as she gazed into it in her dream.

What flower is this? Why does this keep appearing in my dreams? Was it a message sent by Moseke herself? Why now, had she done something wrong?

The next morning, the girl couldn’t help but reveal the contents of her dreams to her parents during the early trial meal. Being the spiritual people they were, her parents all believed that her dreams were a sign of something and not something to be simply brushed aside. She then informed them that she was going out to the Makubwa Lori in search of the Red Flower. She needed to see it on her own, awake this time to see what was driving her there. Arming herself with just her shortbow and a quiver of arrows, she set out into the Endless Forest, this time alone, not with a hunting party.

Several breaks later, she arrived at the location of her dreams, and there stood the Red Flower in all its glory, as vibrant and radiant as it had been in her dreams. She could have sworn that the flower wasn’t there in her previous trip here several trials ago. Stepping closer, Hu’yana approached the peculiar flower.

Except for its abnormally large size, there was nothing mystical about it. After another trial of trying to figure the flower out, she gave up and went home. It was just a flower. The entrance to the grove was covered by a thick set of vines, another thing she did not remember to be there before. Could vines could so thick so fast in just a few trials? Something was definitely off about the place, but she couldn’t tell what. Making the trip home, sullen and with a heavy heart, the exasperated girl told her parents that the flower wasn’t anything special as far as she could see.

That same night, Hu’yana went to sleep once more, and the dreams came back, except this time it was different. The flower she saw this time was pulsing as it began to decrease in size slowly. But as it did so, the vines began to thin, snaking their way back into the mass of plants and trees, revealing the entrance of the grove that was initially hidden by the mass of thick vines.

The dream was clearly a message, and it seemed to want her to return. The pulsing flower was now the size of her palm, and she suddenly found herself face-to-face with the face of a large brown bear. The bear spoke “Who are you?” jolting her up awake in shock. All Hu’yana saw was the blackness of the night as she stared at the ceiling of her room. The night was as dark as it was quiet, the blanket of darkness and the sounds of insects and nocturnal creatures the only sounds that occupied the stillness of the night.

She couldn't wait any longer.

She couldn't wait for break of day, the place seemed to be calling to her. Forgoing her bow for a simple knife, she grabbed a torch, lit it, and headed out into the Makubwa Lori. Traversing the forests was a far more difficult than it was in the day, with the canopy of the forests casting blankets of shadows around the entire vicinity. The torch was the only help she had. Two breaks later, she arrived at the spot she had been earlier in the trial, to see that the red flower was intact, and now the size of her palm. Shining her torch in the direction of the vines, Hu’yana noticed that it was now gone.

Gone, like it was never there in the first place. Walking through the gap into the grove, it eventually led her into a clearing among the trees. Moonlight filtered through the gaps in the canopy, shining down onto the clearing, providing a source of light among the darkness. The same translucent bear in her dreams was standing on its two forelegs a short distance in front of her.

Her curiosity overpowering whatever fear and apprehension she might have, the girl approached the spirit. The bear spoke, just like in her dreams. “Who are you? Why have you come?” The tone of the voice was a deep baritone and spoke of both wisdom and courage. Pulling herself together, she replied. “I am Hu’yana, and the Red Flower brought me here.” “The Red Flower has brought you to me. Come.”

As he finished, the translucent bear stretched out a large paw. The girl stretched out hers as well, touching her palm with his paw. As she did so, a bright light enveloped them. The feeling she felt then was nothing like she had ever felt before. A rush of euphoria, a sense of being whole erupted through her entire being filling her with volumes of warmth.

When the light faded, she found the bear’s golden orbs gazing back down at her with pride. It then dawned onto her. A pride-filled grin burst out onto her visage. This was her familiar. Her very own.
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