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Dresari Loche
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Race: Human
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Dresari Loche

Dresari Loche
Name: Dresari Loche

Age: 23

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 693

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent) Rakahi (Basic)

Partners: None
Dresari has log brown hair that he keeps in a pony tail behind his head. His body has a strong, medium large build. Generally he will be found in a combination of brown and dark green clothes, as they blend in well with the forest for hunting and stalking prey. He keeps a hefty hunting dagger at his side at all times and generally carries his bow with him everywhere. It is his life after all.
His voice is deep with a scottish like accent. In general he is a quiet fellow on his own, but when talked to he will prove to be rather freindly and if you give him a good stout drink, rather boisterious. He has a noteable distaste for overly invasive laws, and an extreme distaste for the military. Escpially if they happen to like drafting people in against their will. He had plenty of aspirations before his desertion of the military, but when that happend everthing he had planned for himself fell apart. Inspite of this he still has his virtue of being trustworthy, and a distaste for lying and cheating.

Noteably, his desertion has made him start to become rather apathetic.

Dresari started out life as a fairly normal human. Living relativly away from most of society, he grew up with as an only child with only a father, who did his best to raise him. Dresari was instructed on how to forage in the forest and survive, and how to use a bow. Skinning animals, tanning hides, how to stay silent. He was taught things of that nature. His father was a rather harsh and stern man, but not unfair. He would never punish Dresari without a good and well explained reason, and if he screwed up he would make sure he didn't make the same mistake twice. While he had some playmates and freinds, he never got paticularly close to any young lasses or ladies, though that was mostly due to his rough and generally impolite mannerisms when he was younger. As he grew older his rough edges smoothed out, and he became more of a pleasent person to talk to. Though he inherited his fathers silent streak of not usually speaking up unless talked to first.

When Dresari was twenty two, he was drafted into the Etzos army, and against his will at that. His abilities as a known and skilled archer were wanted, as they were looking for any and all potential recruits. Dresari was put into a unit with one hundred and fifty soldiers. He was with them for nearly a year through a few fights and scuffles, even made a freind or two in the unit. But shortly after he turned twenty three, things got nasty. His unit was ambushed and routed by a Sirothelle ambush. During the fighting he did his best to keep his unit form being slaughterd, but one archer with decent aim can only do so much. And so when they all started to completly route and flee as they were cut down, Dresari decided to book it. Permanitly. He ran away with his good quality leather armor, long bow, and good dagger. On the way out, while he was playing dead beside and enemy corpse, he took the man's rather good looking short sword. As he continue'd to flee, he spotted an enemie's horse that was wandering around, riderless. Dresari could hear enemies coming up from behind him, so in a fit of fear, he stole the horse. Though it knew he was not it's master, he somehow managed to get it to start moving and running away from the enemy who were trying to chase him on foot. And so it was he managed to escape, and is now a desterter in the wilderness. (OOC NOTE: Feel free to post ideas for who he might have been a soldier for and who his unit might have fought in that last battle. I am new so that would help a lot, as would any other advice you could give.)

No housing as of this moment.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Ranged Combat [SP] 25 25
Melee Combat 10 10
Foraging 10 10(Human Race +10)
Stealth 15 15
. . .

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge of Etzos
Knowledge of Etzos military protocal

Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge of Sirothelle
Knowledge of Skin Flayer Tree
Marks Section




  • None
    • N/A
  • None
    • N/A


Zanik's Blessing: None
Favored: None
Favored: None
  • List your possessions here!
    • Longbow (From being a Soldier)
    • ArrowsX40
    • Good Dagger
    • Good Shortsword
    • Good Leather Armor
    • Trained war mount w/Mid-grade saddle, tack and full set of hardened-leather barding
    • Tinderbox
    • Whetstone
    • Soap
    • Razor
    • Tin plate, spoon and fork
    • 2 water skins
    • Standard shirt, pants, stockings, underwear
    • Small backpack
    • Field Medical Kit
Hutsman 5 5
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Total Currency: 0 ON, 55 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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