Echo Caverns

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Echo Caverns

Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:24 am

Name: Echo Caverns
Quick Facts: Dangerous, covered in moss, hard to kill
Height: Varies
Width: Varies
Length: Varies
Fruit: None
Poison: None
Native to: Unknown
  • Side note: The original caves started in Rhakros but this has yet to be discovered IC
Locations: Anywhere there are caves both above and below ground, sea type tend to be covered in algae rather than moss. They cannot survive in the Northern regions cold, keeping to central or southern Idalos.

Appearance: Echo caves are named after the caves they imitate but are truly a plant. At first glance they will look like a moss covered cave of some sort, further investigation reveals that rather than a cave the moss works like skin over a dark gray pitcher like outside that resembles rock. The outside retains the sturdiness of malleable bark, while the inside moss is soft and damp, with liquid resembling water pooling at the end of the cave or dropping from the moss. If you were able to swim through the pool before being digested you would then find that it narrows into the stem, a hard, thin root that goes farther down than the eyes can see. This thread will connect with others until the main cave is reached. It is said that some make a full route all the way to Rhakros as is where all the thickest and main stems are connected but this has yet to be proven or disproven.

Habitat: The Echo Caves prefer humid weather but aquatic variations do well in fresh or salt so long as the temperatures do not drop below freezing. Spreading from Rhakros they are not Idalos wide yet but they occupy a large part of central and western Idalos wilds.

Lifespan and Development: The Echo Caves are a quick growing plant that grow from the roots of their fellow caves or by planting the moss of an echo cave. Once rooted it will only take one Cycle for the plant to reach full size, and as long as a steady diet is maintained they can live for up to for nearly fifty arcs, as they age so does the potency of their digestive juices, being strongest when nearing the end of their life. As they near death, when digestive juices are strongest the Echo Cave will begin to devour itself, the juices overflowing and eating away at the outside of the plant until their is nothing left. The only thing left is the mosses which will then root in the juice to create yet another Echo Cave.

Hunting: Unlike similar plants the Echo Caves uses sound to lure its prey rather than scent. Emitting cries of help, sounds of animals in distress or in some cases the sound of running water, whatever will lure prey. It works most on animals but humans have been known to fall prey as well. The downside to this ability is that it can only repeat sounds it has heard before. This ability is where it gains its namesake form.

For aquatic variations they will mimic vibrations and echos of the area or simply wait for unsuspecting fish or mer to hide in it.

Diet: Mostly carnivorous the Echo Cave requires a high protein diet of at least one large animal every other day, it take a full day for digestion and another to recoup juices used for the digestive process.

Uses: While dangerous on its own, when used in combination with alchemy or chemistry can be used to make a very strong acid. Potentially it would be capable of eating through stone in a matter of minutes
  • Secret Use: The moss can be used to treat deafness as it absorbs sound, creating a louder echo in the listeners ears, can also be used in spying to enhance sound through walls, etc. but this has yet to be discovered IC.
Temperament: Highly aggressive feeder but a sedentary and otherwise calm plant.

Abilities: Hardy on the outside but soft on the inside, its main defense is its ability to mimic voices and the strength of its stomach acid. when threatened the Echo cave can produce a ear splitting shriek.

Credit: Korva with some help from Ghoul and Munch
word count: 700
ન'ઊળઇ૯ ૧એ૪ઇ૮ ઔનઌઈઇ પઇ, પબ ઇબઇ૮ ૯રશ૧ મકઇ ૧એબ. --Korva
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