Young Pride (Memory)

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Young Pride (Memory)

Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:54 pm

64th Ymiden, 702

Small pants of breath left Aella as she thrust her fists forward in to the air, hoping to perfect her basic punches. She had learned the form well enough, at least she felt she had. Damon still seemed mostly unimpressed. But her progress was giving him hope at least. Whether she was learning as quick as he would like or not, he could only be grateful that she was working hard. It was more than just obedience at this stage. Something deep inside of her was doing more than following order, but perhaps following a desire? All of his work might have paid off, especially now that Sintra had her eyes on the young girl. Now was an important time to impress, more than any other might have been. Perhaps it would end up with more than just Aella as a reward.

Aella kept going, feeling her arms start to tire. Unarmed was the core of her training in many ways, every bit of stealth she learned leading up to the finishing blow she could pull off with her body. Of course, at times her Tamo would come in handy, more often than not she imagined. But sometimes she had to keep it clean, avoid any blood and finish someone off quietly and subtly. When Damon was done with her she would need to take down any number of people that stood in her way, whatever the cost would be. If it meant that the Webspinners could further their goal with a powerful agent capable of killing any and all that stood in their way then it was worth the training he was putting in for her. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from someone as stubborn and committed as her.

"Now rest" he said, nodding as Aella stopped and let her arms drop to hold one another. Pain surged through her entire arm up to her shoulder, like a sharp burning pain. It had been a long trial of constant training for her, as most trials were. Yet she refused to give up. Damon slowly walked up to the rack of weapons that rested against the wall of the basement, picking through them with his hand as he decided which to use. Careful eyes watched him as Aella held her arm in the hope the pain stopped soon enough. Enduring pain was something the child was still learning to do alongside all the other harsher parts of her training, including the ability to sneak around unseen or unheard.

Eventually, Damon held the handle of a longsword to slide it off the rack. "If a man approaches you with a sword and you're unarmed, what do you do?" he asked with a genuine curiosity to his tone, wanting to know her answer. Aella pondered for a moment before answering. "I fight as best I can. Take their weapon and beat them in a fist fight" she answered with a slight air of caution to her voice. Often Damon had an answer he expected from her, meaning it was a lot of thinking for the young slave. But at the very least she gave it her best attempt. There was little more she could do than her best, especially when working out what a man like her Master wanted from her. No matter what she did the girl could never work out what he expected, what answers he craved from her.

Without any warning the man swung his sword towards her, making the small girl step back in a blind panic as the blade narrowly avoided her face. Aella glanced up to him as she stumbled back a little, eyes wide for a moment as she prepared herself in case he swung again. Damon narrowed his eyes and looked to her, examining her for a moment. "That didn't look much like fighting" he said and lowered the blade for a trill, eyes following her with a firm judgement. "I'm sorry, sir" she said quietly and straightened herself out, moving out of her combat form. Part of her wanted to argue that she had no chance against a man like Damon but she knew he didn't care. If she couldn't do it then she had to learn, he always told her.

"If a man swings at you with a longsword then he wants you at range. You have only your hands, he has a blade that can slice you down. But if you're close enough to stop it then he can't hit you" he said and raised the sword again, nodding to her expectantly so that she could prepare herself for combat. Aella quickly stood herself back and in to combat stance, hands shaking a little as she readied herself. It wasn't a sharp blade, not at all, but the feeling of metal smacking against her skin wasn't one that was nice in any way - especially after all the training she had done so far. This was her training, though. Every trial she spent doing this was to prepare for situations like these in both here and the real world.

As soon as the man swung she did as she had been told, stepping forward and moving her elbow to his the man in the stomach. As expected her Master's hand landed against the side of her head gently, much less painful than if a sword had hit her. Damon took a small step back from the hit and wore a wide smile. "Good. But you can do more, girl. An elbow to the stomach for a girl of your size won't do much. But using my momentum against me? There'll be nothing I can do" he explained and demonstrated, gripping an imaginary man and ducking down while pulling his arms forward as if taking him to the floor. "Throw them down. Even with someone bigger than you, their momentum will take them down with you."

Damon took a step back for a trill as he raised his sword again, Aella readying herself. Pain still ran through her arms, but it didn't matter. Her Master wanted her to do something - so she did. That was what her life was and had been for a long time. Serving was her duty in life, a duty she took as seriously as she could. Becoming both a Harbinger and a Webspinner was all a part of her life now, serving Damon and Sintra alike. That was what she had been purchased for as a slave, now it was what she trained for day in and out. Whether or not she would be as powerful as they said she would didn't matter to her. At least she could try, that was all that could be expected of her.

As soon as Damon moved forward to swing the girl tried to mimic what she had seen, gripping his shirt and leaning forward. Yet the man stayed up, only stumbling a step before returning to his firm footing. Aella didn't need to be told to do it again, instead she waited for the next swing. When it came she tried as hard as she could as the burning in her arms only got worse, pushing forward and gripping him to try and throw. Yet again, the man only stumbled. Attempt after attempt went by as Aella found herself panting rapidly for breath, sweat pouring down her cheeks. As Damon stumbled forward he paused, Aella stood and ready to try again when he swung, arms shaking. But the man glanced backwards and saw the state the girl was in, lowering his sword before dropping it beside him with a loud clatter of metal against stone.

"We're done here" Damon said as he looked to the young slave, eyes watching her with the same observation she had grown used to over the past few trials. But as he turned his back on the girl, expecting the same obedience she usually gave, her voice spoke up. "Let me keep trying, master" she said through strained breath, looking up to him with a passion he had yet to see in the shell of a girl. All through her time in his service she had been a slave both inside and out, never once answering back or asking questions. But now it seemed there was life in the girl. Slowly, his lips curled in to a smile and he leaned down to pick up the longsword, eyes remaining on the girl as he did. Aella quickly got herself in to position, readying herself for whatever he threw at her. Passion burned inside of her now, a desire to prove herself. She had to.

Ten Bits later the man lunged forward again, feeling himself get pulled down as his body rolled to break what would have been a throw. As he broke the fall his sword clattered across the floor. Aella looked up to him as he stood, watching his smirk spread further. "Well done, girl. Perhaps there is a chance for you after all" he spoke with a tone of pride and confidence. Slowly he moved to grab the sword, picking it up from the stone before placing it back on the weapons rack. When he turned back to Aella he saw something that he had not yet seen in the child.

Across Aella's face was a small, yet noticeable, smile.
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