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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Blackwood Hills

Blackwood Hills

The Blackwood Hills is one of the coldest locations in Rynmere, and as such, the Ellune who find themselves in the Kingdom tend to reside here, finding that the area makes them naturally stronger. The trees here grow tall and close together, and though the bark looks normal enough, beneath the wood is pitch black and colourless, and when burnt, creates an odd, blue smoke used in old rituals, which has a calming and lifted, almost otherworldly effect. Every arc (year) during Zi’da the trees bleed a blue gum which can be collected and used to preserve things. This gum has healing properties and when fresh can be smothered over an infected wound, including gangrenous cuts, and will heal the affected area within seven trials (days).

This forest is very dark, the ground is wet and often icy, and the light that filters through the trees has an unusual blue glow. Spend too long in The Blackwood Hills and one is sure to start hearing things, as they say the trees whisper to one another here. Though the feel, temperate, and look of the place can appear somewhat sinister, Blackwood Forest is considered one of the safest in Rynmere, and for the most part, is free of bandits.
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