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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Blevam's Forest

Blevam's Forest

Upon entering the Forest; one will quickly notice the incredibly sweet scent in the air. The Trees in this particular location are abnormally tall. However, the grasses in the area are rather short, and appear to be insignificant in comparison to the multitude of fungal species that litter the forest floor. The Trees all possess an abundance of strange fruit; the fruit appears to be much more appetizing than any other known fruit in Rynmere. The fruit looks to emerge from within the bark of the trees and is parasitic to them and absorbs nutrients from the trees until the tree withers and dies.

The forest floor is idiosyncratic in comparison to all of the others in Rynmere. Mud covers the entirety of the Forest Floor, and it possesses very unique properties. The mud is incapable of drying and losing its moisture; for example a jar of this mud could be transported to the desert, and set amid the sand without losing its water content. The mud is the cause for the ingratiatingly sweet smell that attracts multiple species of wildlife for miles in every direction. Here, one may find several medicinal cures if the individual were capable of surviving the numerous sinkholes that range from six to twenty feet deep. Falling into one of the sinkholes can and likely will result in certain death due to the fact that the mud is incredibly dense and combined with a lack of objects to grasp hold of.

There is also a rather valuable and prized mineral found only in this specific location. An unknown mineral that is non-toxic and yet incredibly useful. Beneath the trees and within the roots the strange liquidated mineral cannot solidify unless it is moved at high velocity. The mineral can be harvested by an expert herbalist in order to make full use of its potential. However if the mineral is not harvested by an expert herbalist it will always be found in much smaller quantities. Near this area, one can find multiple species of fox, and deer patrolling the forest.

Credit: Skyard Montrosse & Kingdom
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