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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Hunter's Grove

Hunter's Grove


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The famous Stone Forest on the far west shore of Rynmere. This ancient landmark is said to be home to the only surviving Jacadon hatchling of the mighty dragon Rynmere. This dragon, named Scorn by the locals, is five times the size of a normal Jacadon and has the ability to turn anything it comes into contact with to stone, breathing a strange toxin that allows this to take place instead of steam as any normal Jacadin would. It is extremely good at camouflaging itself, blending in with the sharp, jagged rocks, and often sneaks up on unsuspecting wanderers before they can take cover or hide. Unbeknown to most, the stony transformation doesn't last forever, and trees, animals, and people have been known to return to normal many arcs after becoming trapped (as long as their statues were not broken or damaged in the meantime).

Though the vast majority of forest here is stone, one can still find areas of small green groves, live game, and running streams. The forest is walled off, and much like a labyrinth, leads people to its centre where Scorn can often be found. There is nothing keeping the dragon from leaving this place other than the fact that Jacadons are very territorial and don't tend to stray too far from where they hatched. Scorn can often be seen flying between Hunter's Grove and The Burning Mountains under the cover of night, but no one knows why these trips take place and other dragons and their Skyriders have a hard time keeping up with the movements of this particular Jacadon.
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