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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Hang Wood

Hang Wood

Fortune favours the bold, and this large stretch of woodlands is riddled with wild game and bandits, and some might say almost worth the risk of going into for the wealth of food and materials one might later emerge with, if they come back at all… Beautiful but deadly, the bandits who haunt Hang Wood are greedy and cruel and won’t stop to think twice about cutting a man’s throat for that shiny new bow strapped to his shoulder or the handful of silver coin chinking in his pocket. Fortunately for most, knights usually patrol the road that borders this stretch of woods and the bandits mark their territory by hanging bones from the trees, a warning to anyone who knows what they’re looking for, but look out, their arrowheads are laced with poison and they’re a surprisingly good shot with the bow.
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A N D I T' S A L L J U S T S M A L L S T U F F, B A B Y.

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