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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Raven's Holt

Raven's Holt

Raven’s Holt is a forest that has grown so thick and dense that no sunlight is able to penetrate the tree canopy. As a result, small plants, shrubs, and flowers started to die, leaving the forest floor black and lifeless until the Raven family moved in. This family used their mana to enchant a tree deep in the heart of the forest, now called the Mana Tree. It has the unique ability to absorb mana and turn it into small, glowing balls of light that float around like little fireflies encouraging growth and causing things to glow. Whole new species of plant life have developed and adapted here with strong healing properties, glowing Tulips, Larkspur, and small, white and purple Alison flowers just to name a few.

It is impossible to use arcane in this forest as the tree absorbs the power of positive and negative castings, feeding its own gift and strengthening the weird and wonderful spell that rules all who stumble into the woods here. This spell causes the victim to fall in love with the forest and while it seems like only bits (minutes) have passed, whole trials (days), and even seasons can go by without the person realising. The latest generation of the Raven family still live here today and have unlocked the secrets to moving through the forest without succumbing to the spell of the Mana Tree.
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