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Flesh for Flesh

Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:28 pm

84th Vhalar
"You look healthier than last time I saw you" the woman said with a small smile. After her Spark removal, Rey'na had been given much better treatment than before. A comfier bed had been put in her cell, better food came more regularly and day in and out the people that brought her meals talked to her. If she hadn't endured endless amounts of torture because of these people, including her emotions being viciously torn away from her, she might even start to warm up to them. But that wasn't going to happen, no matter how nice they were to her.

Rey gave a small, almost amused smirk as she leaned back in the now well-lit room. Both of her feet were resting on the bed and her head was propped up by the soft pillow she had been given. "If that's a joke about my weight, it's not appreciated" she shot back, sarcasm dripping from her mouth with each word. If the Mantis had learned anything about her removal process, it had removed her ability to hold a decent conversation without threats, sarcasm or both. Not quite what they had intended. But if their theories were right, it had also removed her care. Which meant turning her against Sephira would be easy.

Lois, the Mantis member in the room, gave a small laugh. She was a beautiful girl, not even Rey could deny it. Thick and wavy blonde hair, golden almost. Deep green eyes that pierced anyone they looked at all topped off by a soft and caring face. Not that Rey'na bought it. Every person in the Mantis was a liar, especially the ones that didn't seem like it. Maybe that was why Maxine found herself at home here, a girl that seemed like she kept everything on the surface only to mask the lies she'd told. Not that Rey'na was bitter about it, she couldn't muster the care to be. Besides, what the Mantis had done was more of a plague to themselves than they could ever know.

"No. It's not a joke about your weight. It's a comment about your parasite being gone, how much less pain you seem to be feeling" Lois replied, looking to Rey with those same fake eyes. A genuine laugh broke out, the first real amusement Rey'na had found since they'd taken the 'parasite' from her soul. Lois seemed to believe what she was saying, at least the latter. Her spark being gone meaning she was happier. "Of course. I feel so much better now that my soul has been forced from my body. It had nothing to do with the torture."

Lois gave a small sigh, moving from her chair to the edge of the bed that Rey'na was on and giving her a small glance. "We don't want to torture you anymore. Hence why you're here and happier. We thought you would be like the others, corrupt and twisted. But we saw potential in you. You've shown to us that there is more to you than just the parasite, so we removed it. We saved you" she said and put a hand on Rey's, looking to her as if the two were friends, the same lies clear in her eyes. "Which is why we need you to help us find your friend. That Rupturer is too far gone, Rey'na. She's done nothing but cause chaos in this city. You can help save it."

Rey's eyes immediately met the Mantis's own, a terrifying void deep inside of her gaze. It had been on her mind since the spark removal, but the past few encounters had confirmed it for her. They were trying to turn her against Sephira. Why else would they mention her so much, talk about all the dark things she did with her Spark. They had to know that Rey didn't care before. Perhaps they thought now that she was 'pure', she too would turn against Mages. Foolish thing, really. Torturing someone in the hope they see your ideals and take them as their own. Rey had to wonder if it had ever worked for them before on anyone else.

Before she could answer, another voice came from the door. Stood under the now-open doorway was a taller man, a row of daggers at his side and a hardened look about him. Dark brown eyes and short hair made his face that much scarier, the shadows covering them barely masking the scars that coated his features. Rey'na had yet to meet this one. "She knows that. From what I've heard, we've made a lot of progress with her. Isn't that right Rey'na?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, still blocking the door. It was clear from his face there was an answer he expected. It didn't take much for Rey'na to figure out which man had put a good word in for her. The one that cared about her, visited her regularly - even after she had poisoned and threatened him.

Stupid boy.

"Of course, sir. Happy was a poor choice of words on this lovely woman's behalf, but I am grateful to you all for a second chance. Death seems so boring" she shrugged, causing him to laugh. So she had become a little more blunt than before. Lois gave a concerned look over to him, as if she suspected Rey'na was faking it, but the man shrugged it off with a small eyeroll. Duro had joined the Mantis in it's early days and was renowned for hunting mages like nobody else could. His skill with his knives was unmatched. He knew when a Mage was lying, their emotion gave it away. This girl was hiding no emotion, he thought.

Rey'na let her gaze fall to Lois, an empty smile masking her face. "If you doubt me or my commitment, I'd be more than willing to prove it to you both" she said simply, her eyes watching as a smile spread across Duro's face. Playing these people wasn't hard, it didn't take much it seemed. All they wanted was loyalty, so all she had to do was be loyal - or at least pretend to be. How would they know she was lying if not even she knew what she really desired? Duro nodded and leaned back against the bars for a moment. [b"Very well. How would you like to show us how loyal you really are?"[/b]

Rey'na shrugged. "I don't imagine you have many mages just lying around that could do with an execution or two, nor would you arm me so easily. So you tell me. How can I prove myself to your cause?" she asked, standing up off the bed and offering a hand for Lois to take. Hesitantly, Lois took her hand and stood up, giving Duro his idea. It was a potentially stupid one, depending on how the blunt Rey'na decided to answer it. Her job was to find and kill the Rupturer, or at the very least bring her in so they could deal with her. It wouldn't surprise him to hear an answer like "here she is" when he asked her to do a simple task.

"The girl next to you was called Lois. Now, she is your Rupturer friend. Do with her as you will" he said simply, Lois almost amused at how stupid the idea was. How was Rey'na supposed to bring her in when they were both already in a cell? But before either realised what was going on, there was a loud tear of cloth. Four sharp insect legs closed in like claws on Lois, driving straight through her. Two sunk deep in to her shoulders coming from over Rey's head while the other two shot out from under Rey's arms, driving through the woman's sides and straight into her ribs. A loud scream left her mouth for a few trills before Rey pushed the legs in deeper, the two in her shoulder meeting in the centre of her throat.

Duro drew his knife immediately and leaned back against the wall. Nobody had told him about that. Her spark was gone, so it couldn't be a magic. Was she a Blessed? It was possible, though with sharp legs like that it would have to be a powerful blessing. Which begged the question of why she hadn't slaughtered anyone sooner. After all, she'd made it look so easy. It did prove an issue for keeping her unarmed however, when she was the weapon. With the dagger held tight in his hand, the man stood himself up straight. Rey's eyes shot like daggers straight towards him, before a small smile spread across her face.

"There. I did what you asked. My Rupturer friend is dead. Isn't that what you want for mages like her?" she asked with a small tilt of her head, pulling the legs out as Lois' limp body fell to the floor. Her screams, however, had alarmed more than one person. Four Mantis ran down the stairs to the dungeon, all armed heavily as they looked in to each cell. When they found Lois' body, with Rey'na stood over it and Duro back by the door they entered with their varying weapons drawn. "Sir, are you alright? Keep back!" they ordered. Yet Duro just looked to Rey'na, a small smirk on his cheeks.

"Stand down."

Each man looked to Duro, then back to Rey'na - her new appendages clear for them all to see. Each one dripped with a deep, crimson red that fell to the floor quickly. But there was no emotion on Rey's face, this was in no way an act of vengeance in their eyes. Duro knew it, even if the others didn't. She had been given an order and, in her own way, followed through with it. Better than he had expected. It was an open-ended deal, he left it that way on purpose. Most would simply restrain and hand over Lois, others would try and knock her down, some would be entirely unsure. Lois had been strong enough to handle any of those three options. But Rey'na took it a step further. They had wanted the Rupturer dead - and she had given them just that. It wasn't the real Rupturer, of course. But her commitment, in Duro's eyes, had been proven.

"She was following orders. Take the body away and get to cleaning her room immediately" he shot to the men with a firm glare, Rey'na amused that he refused to call it a cell. It would seem, she thought, her attempt at impressing the man had been effective. They didn't want her to be calm, or maybe even all that logical. What they wanted was a girl that was willing to turn on the one friend she had in this shithole of a city, to make that one friend rot in the ground. Which meant her willingness to kill at just one order was all they wanted to see. It was risky, killing one of their own. But from the look on Duro's face, it was a risk that had paid off.

"As for her, get her some new clothes. We wouldn't want our new friend to get cold. Would we?"

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Re: Flesh for Flesh

Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:20 am

Flesh for Flesh

☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠

Points awarded: 10

Intimidation: Showing no motives leaves people afraid
Intimidation: Killing without relent
Intimidation: Follow even the darkest orders
Deception: Playing to their desires
Deception: Lies can't be read through hollow eyes
Deception: Getting what you want through lies

Fame: 10
Did you hear, did you hear?!
I heard a member of the mantis was killed by a prisoner, she had creepy bug legs and all
Are you crazy, we were told never to speak of that, we could be killed

Notes: Oh I just love this. I love how simple and casual Rey'na is the entire time during this thread. I also like the way you portrayed the mantis member Lios, as I found her to be genuinely concerned and hopeful Rey'na would join them. What really made this thread for me was this part;
Favorite Line
"There. I did what you asked. My Rupturer friend is dead. Isn't that what you want for mages like her?" she asked with a small tilt of her head
Love that, the best part of the thread for me. Overall I love this, I cant wait for the Insect Princess to meet my Viper Prince.

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