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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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Blood for Blood

Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:22 am

81st Vhalar, 718
"How are you feeling, Rey'na?"

The young man had been there the first day Rey had been brought in, had seen the abuse she had been given, the torture she was put through. Mage or not, he had been concerned. Now she was finally free of the parasite inside her, one that he had seen corrupt his own family. A man he once called his father plagued with so much power he slaughtered his own wife and tried to kill his only son. Since that day he had understood the dangers of a mage. But Rey'na had never been dangerous, not really. Idle threats had been made but she never acted out of line. Which meant she deserved better.

When Rey sat silently in her seat, eyes cold and focused on the boy, he felt himself shudder a little. Before he could open his mouth to speak, Rey finally sat up, leaning forward to look closer in to his eyes. She had once been told that the eyes showed what was truly inside a person, that they were the only way to access their desires, motives, lusts and fears. It was pity that filled his. Yet as the young Mantis saw, their was nothing in hers. Nothing in those cold, hollow eyes. Not even hatred.

"I'm not" she replied simply, before standing up confidently and walking to the wall, leaning on it. Slowly, her hand traced over the shackle that had been used to hold her just the day prior as they had ripped her Spark out of her body. But what none of them had expected was what it would take with it - her emotions. Whatever she had felt before, there was none of it left. Part of her soul had gone for good and with it took her love, her hatred. Happiness, sadness, anger. None of it mattered to her anymore, she didn't feel it, no matter how hard she tried.

"Have you found my friend yet, the Rupturer? I have some words to give her before you murder her" she asked, making the man look away with a flush across his face. He was uncomfortable, beyond uncomfortable in fact. Part of him wanted to tell her it wasn't murder, that the mage was being saved. But she had just been tortured for twenty trials before having her soul torn out. Parasite or not, there was nothing that he could say that would justify something like that to her. "No" he replied quietly.

Rey'na gave a small, weak laugh. "She'll kill you, you know. Every single one of you will die if you go after her. Not because she's a parasite, or because she is evil. Not even because she wants to for fun" she replied and gripped the shackles in her hand, feeling the rusty metal rubbing against her dirt-covered skin. It had been a long time since she had felt clean. "But because you took someone that mattered to her away in the name of saving them. Took away someone who helped her, more than once. She'll remember that, at least I hope she does, and without me there to stop her...darker impulses. Well."

As her sentence carried on, she activated a power that she had never used yet. Since finding out she was a Mortalborn the opportunity hadn't come up. Slowly, the back of her thin, ruined dress broke. Four holes burst through it, held up by the long limbs that grew out of them. Coated in chitin, the four razor sharp legs glimmered in the light of a barely burning torch. Immediately, the man stood back off his chair, knocking it over with a loud crash in a panic as he pressed his back to the door. Yet Rey'na made no moves towards him, just stayed still, the chitin coated legs now fully on show. All of them twitched, one scratching a small mark down the wall. It felt strange, yet Rey'na controlled them fully, as if it was an instinct she had been born with.

"Rey'na...what are those?" he asked and reached back for the wall, trying to feel the door in his hands. None of him wanted her to be punished, but if she decided to lash out he needed a quick escape. "A gift from my mother. Lisirra. Have you ever heard of her?" she asked, turning to him with a cold smile. While her real emotion had been weakened, almost entirely removed, her same sadistic smile could be brought to her. Slowly, his face turned pale as he looked to her. Insect legs out of her back - it made sense. But a daughter of such a wicked, twisted Immortal was trapped in a cell with him. Suddenly, the girl felt that much more terrifying.

"I don't plan on killing you. I'd be dead by sunset. Besides, I know what you all want. You want me kept alive, you want to see what I'm like without my spark, make me like Maxine. A traitor. Truth be told, I considered it, selling the bitch out. It was her fault I left the house, after all. Her fault I went on my walk. Her that even allowed me to be here" she said and stopped herself, not wanting to give the man too much information. "But I will gut every member of the Mantis before that happens. I will never turn my back on the woman that gave me anything. If that means I die anyway, so be it. But with what little is left inside of me after what you did, I know that she is more than a friend to me. She is my family and I love her. So I will never betray her."

Slowly, she walked towards him, sharp legs twitching eagerly behind her as she gave a small comforting smile. As he reached for the door, she paused her steps and raised her hands slightly. "You care, don't you? About me. I saw it in your eyes, from day one. You were always there, bringing me extra food, and now you're here to talk to me. Even if the Mantis sent you. You care" she said, the man nodding gently as the tension built up in his chest. Rey offered her hand forward, her legs stopping their twitching and moving a little behind her so he didn't have to see them.

When the boy hesitated, Rey took his hand gently and looked to him, her eyes filled with a small glimmer of something. Carefully, he looked up to her and let his hand tighten around hers. "I never wanted you to get hurt. But now that you've been cleansed...you're safe now. I'll make sure of it. I don't want you hurt, you're not like the others. I came to visit and you never tried to attack me, or anyone" he whispered, glancing to her lips for a moment before looking away. Even with the legs on her back, he couldn't deny what attraction he felt to her. With their bodies this close his heart was racing a little.

"I know" she whispered quietly and saw his gaze, noticing the glance to her lips and resting her hand on his shoulder. Small glances fell to his eyes, then his lips. "You never treated me badly. I can't thank you enough for that" she admitted with that same smile, before closing her eyes and moving her hands to his cheeks. She leaned forward a little, letting him lead as his own head moved in and they kissed. If a member of the Mantis saw them he could lose his position, but the feelings overwhelmed him. His care for her had grown in to something much more.

Slowly, the venom spread across her lips, coating his own secretly. Her plan had worked better than expected. No happiness had been in her smile, but a sinister one. No lust had been behind her kiss but a darker drive, something that knew she could play him. She had no intention of killing him, not yet at least. But something deep inside her knew she had to turn what feelings he had for her around. If he was afraid of her but cared for her, maybe she would have someone loyal enough to protect her in this festering shit hole.

After the kiss broke, her insect legs struck. Two of the legs shot forward and pinned his uniform to the wall, her hands covering his mouth as the venom took effect. Rapidly, the parts of his body fell to the paralysis and started to numb. Within a Bit the poison had taken a hold, Rey letting go of him as his body lifelessly fell to the floor. The smile faded away and the dark and cold expression returned to her, the third leg insect leg brushing his cheek before it, and the fourth, held his face forward to look at her. Through his paralysis he could see her, watch her as the sharp legs held him in place.

"I'm only going to say this once" she whispered in his ears, lips brushing against his skin. Fear ran through his veins as her hand gripped the dagger at his side, unsheathing it and placing it to his neck with blank eyes and cold regard. Having her spark removed had done more than just remove her emotions, but whatever empathy she had before was gone. The look in her eyes showed nothing, aside from a trill of feeling. Something. Something inside her still felt, he thought, feeling the metal blade rest on his throat.

"If I find out my friend has died at your hands, or any Mantis members hands - including Maxine's" she snarled in his ear and pushed the blade tighter against his skin, a single drop of blood pouring over it. "I will massacre everyone you love. Every Mantis member and their family. Everything you care about. Until you kill me, I will do nothing but slaughter you. All of you. Until there is nothing left of Rynmere but ash, ruin and blood. Lots of blood. Do you understand me?"

Rey dropped the dagger and moved away from him, his heart racing. Her legs vanished and left four red marks in her back, as well as four round holes across her dress, a sharp wince of pain coming over her as the burning began. "Your poison will wear off soon. When it does, you leave and you say nothing of today. If you truly care about me, that is. If not, I'll remember the only man that knew about what I am when the guards come in - and when they all die, you'll be the man I visit first."

With her threats done, Rey sat back in her chair and gave a weak smirk, looking to his limp body before shutting her eyes to remove her focus from the pain. "I much prefer women anyway."

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Re: Blood for Blood

Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:05 pm

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Oh. My. God. This was intense! I think it’s the first time I review for Rey’na and I must say it was exiting. I was pulled into the thread in the first part, about her having lost a part of her soul and all emotions by the “cleaning” which was a strong topic, but ... then ... I actually began to hold my breath when I read about Rey’nas transformation! The spider legs growing out from her back, the poisonous kiss, the shock-effect when love shifted into horror! This was true horror, excellent horror. Enjoy your well-deserved rewards!



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