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Name: Rend

Age: 17 Arcs (Equivalent to mid-20 Human)

Race: Mer, Tylon

Date of Birth: Arc 699, Ymiden 19

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Telepathic, basic Common understanding

Partners: None

The tentacles that adorn Rends head could almost be mistaken for dreadlocks, until one sees them moving independent of any water current. The fingers of his hands are not only webbed, but also broad and powerful, tipped in thick claws that he is just as if not more likely to use than his polearm. His green skin has darker stripes running along his topside, or back depending on how you choose to look at him, while his underside or belly is a lighter shade.

In form, Rend bears a more than passing resemblance to a shark. This extends to the teeth revealed even with his mouth closed and the eyes that could be described as beady and soulless. From tailtip to the top of his head, Rend is roughly 14 feet long, and still has a little growing to do. With his muscle heavy frame, Rend weighs in at a good 325 kilos.

There is a scar on Rends tail, a crater about the size of the first thumb joint where he was shot with a crossbow bolt. He left it alone and it got painfully infected. Eventually he ripped the bolt out himself in frustration, and it did heal, but the scar is deeper than it would have been if he'd gotten someone to look at it. A faint scar runs along the top part of his left arm, where a spear grazed his shoulder, it healed cleanly, the lighter skin colouration the only sign he'd been injured.

Rend hates.

He destroys for the sake of destruction. On the surface at least. Like the ocean he lives in however, there is much more to him than meets the eye. He is deeply affected by Chriens loathing. He is hurt by her hatred, and has decided to hate in return. If he and his kind are not good enough, if they are rejected, then he will reject the world.

He is ferocious and fearless, given to a state that is very nearly bloodlust in a fight. He will steal simply to deny something to someone else. He might bring down a merchants vessel with no interest in the cargo, he simply wants to enforce his own power over what ever patch of sea he's in, and see others suffer and go without.

On the flip side, should he accept someone as a companion he is fiercely loyal and will do anything for them. He can also be fickle. While he himself may have caused the sinking of a boat or three, there's still always a chance that he might choose to help one of the air-breathing races should they find themselves in trouble within his realm. Or he might just speed their demise. There's really no way of telling with Rend.

Rend was tolerated at best by his tribe. This was not because of his attitude, which fit in perfectly, but because he lacked a head spine, instead having tentacles much like the Manarei whom the Tylon have never really gotten along with. Though in truth this was because of the volatile and chaotic nature of the powers Chrien had used to create them, still shifting and promoting change and adaptation in the search for a shape like Fei, this was not know. What was known was that he was different.

He was not driven away, that might almost have been better. Instead they continued to coldly tolerate him. Rend was a Mer already torn by Chriens rejection, and now he faced the immediate, everyday rejection of his own tribe.

Fierce as was, he could not fight his entire tribe on his own. Nor would he want to, still feeling some twisted loyalty to them. So he left. The seas were wide, and perhaps no one wanted him, but he didn't need anyone either. He would go where he wanted, following the currents, killing, destroying and taking as whim took him.

Rend is truly nomadic, travelling the oceans of Idalos as the current and hunt take him.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Endurance 25SP + 2ML 27
FAST TRACK Hunting 10MP + 15SP + 3EXP 28
Combat Polearm: Ji 10RB + 2ML 12
Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons 10SP + 4EXP 14
Navigation 3ML 3
Swimming 5EXP +20 NewRB 25
Tactics 5EXP 5
Stealth 2EXP 2
Detection 1EXP 1
Negotiation 1EXP 1
Leadership 1EXP 1
Intimidation 2EXP 2
Exotic Combat: Hooks 1EXP 1
Strength 1EXP 1
Field Craft 2EXP 2

Basic Knowledge

Combat: How to use a Polearm
Fighting: Fear is a Tool
Religion: Chrien Rejects Mer
Geography: Norr Bay MP
Hunting: Predicting Prey Courses MP
Combat Rage Will See You Through ML
Life or Death: Flip a Coin ML
Unarmed: Bite strength
Boats: A new design in the water and it's fast
Hunting: Waiting for a suitable target
Lapis: A dolphin Mer
Lapis: Seeking treasure
Lapis: Clever
Lapis: Kind
Planning for the Worst Case
Eat when there is Food

Specialized Knowledge

Geography: Currents of Idalos
Geography: Major Trade Routes
Head Tendrils: Cause for Rejection ML
Justification: Reciprocating Chrien's Hate ML
Unarmed: Disarm opponants
Unarmed: The power of hatred
Treasure chests: Pressure in the right place
Rockfish: 13 Deadly Spines
Hagfish: Bane of Predators
Lapis: Protection without Discussion
Marks Section





    • Various shark/eel tooth necklaces, bracelets, tailbands etc
    • Polearm (Ji)
    • 200 feet of kelp rope
    • Two knives
    • Two Long Hooks
    • One compass
    • One harpoon launcher
    • 20 Harpoons
    • Trapper's Kit
    • Two strapped packs
      • Worn around the front and back, these packs allow a mer to carry objects on long journeys while keeping their hands free.
    • Mer Hook net
      • Designed to capture prey underwater, the net ends cascade hooks which dig into the prey as they frenzy trying to escape, weakening them and aiding only in tangling them further.
    • Two Sea barrels
      • Especially well crafted and lightweight, these barrels seal objects and prey inside without leaving a scent trail for a predator to follow. Easily hidden under the sand, the water-proofing seal lasts for years
    • One crab cage
      • Left on the ocean floor with carrion, these traps attract crabs and other creatures to be trapped within the cages. These can be left anywhere within a territory and checked on every trial or so.
    • Two underwater scent traps
      • These simple pouches, fashioned from fishskin and kelp thread, often house unappetizing predator pheromones that diffuse in the water around ones home. Although the material inside must be replaced every few Trials, it effectively wards off ocean predators from the general area where the scent trap is laid.
    • One Airskin
      • Easily inflatable to allow a Mer to secure something hanging from a floating buoy. Some will fill them with air to release in case of attack for a momentary bubble screen or to use the force of the air to quickly propel them away from weapons or waiting jaws
    • Optional Companion - Shark Scout - Approved ML
      • The Shark Scout: Southern waters are full of hazards, some exotic, some humanoid, some common. One of the common hazards is sharks. One of the exotic is a small fish called the Shark Scout. As one can guess, the two types of creatures operate in conjunction with one another. But on any given morning, the scouts will not be near the sharks, as evolution his infused the little spiny fish with an instinctive knowledge that larger fish - or anything else, for that matter - avoid sharks.

        What the scouts do is locate a likely target, swim up and jab it a few times with the spines in their fins. The spines contain a toxin that quickly and severely thins the blood. this not only makes the target become a much weaker and slower swimmer, but it also ensures that the target will keep bleeding from the pin-prick wounds, thereby leaving a trail in the water for the sharks to follow to an easy meal.

        The scouts are content to wait for the sharks, notoriously sloppy eaters, to leave bits of meat spraying and floating around amid their frenzy, for them to feed on. The sharks themselves also have an evolutionary understanding not to eat the little scout fish. A nice shared feast for all. The toxin in the spines of the Shark Scout are routinely employed as a poison to weaken foes and make their wounds slow to heal. The Naerikk are particularly fond of this tool, and it is one of the first poisons a naer chemist is likely to learn. They call it "Red Tide" and do not generally offer it for sale.
    Starting ... 40 GN
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    Total Currency: 0 ON, 40 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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    Ashan 7, Arc 716 - Norr Bay - Endor - Rynmere - First Strike
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