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Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Location] Hyde & Seek

Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:36 pm

Hyde and Seek
In such an environment as Almund, things frequently go missing; people too. And the circumstance surrounding such disappearances often bring hesitance to seek assistance from formal law enforcement personnel. So where is a citizen to go when they can not go to the guard?

Karel Hyde is your man. He runs this "odds and ends" shop, which does provide him a meager living. But the service this shop truly provides is as the front for the tracking down of these missing articles. Once commissioned, Hyde will either get them back, obtain their nel's worth as compensation, provide evidence of sufficient punishment administered to the offender, or a detailed explanation as to why he was unable to provide any or all of the previously mentioned results.

So how does one find 'Hyde and Seek'?

Even in far-off Viden there's a man who knows of 'Hyde and Seek'. While speaking to a woman who'd lost her husband, and had exhausted all the resources in Scalvoris Town thus far, the old gent asked her, "Did you try Almund miss?" Seeing her confused look, he availed himself of the complimentary pencils and paper provided by the great library in Viden and scratched out a crude map of Almund.

"Okay, this here's the waterfront," he began. "This here's where the docks end, and plain boardwalk and beach take over. Dont' take more'n ten steps and then look int' town. There's an alley goin' up that leads to shops you can only get to this way. There ain't no walkway down from above. When you run outta steps, you'll have gone one door too far on the left. The sign over the door you want will read 'Hyde and Seek".

NPC Name

Name: Karel Hyde
Race: Human
Age: 59 arcs old / Birthdate: 53 Ymiden, arc 659
Title: Shop owner (nothing more grand than that)

Skills: Detection 75 / Appraisal 68 / Interrogation 82
Hunting (Tracking) 60 / Stealth 52 / Empathy 58
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 88

Other Information: Surprisingly agile for his size and age, Karel Hyde is a burly man, two or three inches beyond six feet, with skin weathered by years at sea. He sports a topknot of dark hair, dull green eyes and a lantern jaw. He is not exactly intent on disguise but is not averse to altering his clothing to defeat counter surveillance. He amasses sufficient clothing at his shop to provide what he needs for this purpose, compounding the effect with hats or wigs to hide his singular topknot. A limp or stutter may also be acquired to further such deception.

Once revealed to his target, his gruff, uncompromising nature takes over. It is only natural that his strong belief in justice can make him appear brutal. But this is mostly due to the violent and belligerent nature of those he is forced to deal with, and coerce information from.

The same Videnese gentleman quoted above had this to say to the woman about him: "Karel Hyde is a hard man, but he'll treat you fair, 'specially with you bein' both a woman and carryin'. But if'n you can get Miss Effie, the bone reader, to come up with a good read on your search, he'll go outta his way to 'commodate'cha. He puts hard stock in her readin's, Hyde does. He's a finder. The shop is all odds and ends. In fact, it could be he'd have more hard-ta-find books, but I can't say fer sure. But his real nels is comin' from findin' things lost. Could be he can help you."

Price / Services Available

So much depends on the nature of what a player may ask of Hyde, that it is difficult to outline a graph to account for what he may charge. The items he sells in his store can be priced according to the site's price list. Conversely, what he might charge per trial to track an item down can vary greatly. He will estimate about 25% of what he thinks an item is worth, as an initial charge, then add two or three nel per trial, along with a running list of itemized expenses as he performs his work. He will not refund the 25%, but may choose to forego the additional charges if he feels there is just cause.

As for missing people, the more attention that has been brought to the case prior to his being hired, the more his initial charge will be, which will also be non-refundable. For a common citizen, one can expect a 50 nel charge, plus expenses, which will be itemized. For a city official, a charge of 1-200 is not uncommon, as the notoriety inevitably causes complications. For likely criminals, the danger is at the highest level, and so, therefore, is the charge, reaching upwards of 500 nel, with no promise of live return.

Player Notes

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Credits to: Linika
Submitted for Development: 10/12/18
Developed by: Linika
word count: 860
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