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4th of Ashan 716

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Nivasi Zyq'Dariav
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Race: Biqaj
Profession: Fisherman
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Nivasi Zyq'Dariav

Nivasi Zyq'Dariav
Name: Nivasi Zyq'Dariav
Age: 27 Arcs
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth:
Marks: None
Factions Joined: None
Languages Spoken: Fluent Rakahi, Basic Common
Partners: None
Immortal Loyalties: U'frek
Current Location: Rynmere, Cyrene Bay


Nivasi has dark skin, though her time in the sun can still be surmised by the freckles that dot her complexion. Her hair when not pulled back into a tight bun to keep it out of the way is ink black and falls to just around her chin. She is of fairly average height for her race at 5'10, and although lean comes in at a respectable 153 lbs, body showing the results of the rigours of her daily life. When she is hauling in a net, the muscles in her arms can clearly be seen. While no soldier or the like, she is physically capable.

She has the usual pointed ears of her race, which she does not bother to hide, and does shimmer slightly when caught in moonlight. Her eyes most often have a dominant purple hue, but it isn't uncommon to see the silver of high emotion flash through them.

Clothing wise she favours simple, tough cloths. Leather boots and breeches generally salt stained, undyed calico shirts. She is often found with a sash around her waist, which if she can afford it, is her nod to the finer things in life, usually dyed a bright colour, blues and purples being her favourite.

Nivasi does have a weakness for precious gems, particularly those of her preferred cooler colours, but has so far had no opportunity to acquire any.

Nivasi carries grief with her like a cloak of dignity. She is not dramatic, but she does come across as being removed and controlled. The only exception to this rule is when on her boat. There she feels free and.. happy does not encompass it. Joyous is closer.

She is not unfriendly precisely, but she is a woman alone operating out of a port that suffers from corruption. She is more likely to strike up conversation or friendships with women than men. The simple truth of this is that women are less of a physical threat to her. A woman is not going to outweigh her by as much, will not be as much stronger and cannot impregnate and abandon her. She does not hate men, she is simply realistic when weighing and evaluating the dangers around her, as any woman surrounded by sailors should be. when she does choose to speak to a person though, like most Biqaj, she will speak to them as though she's known them for years rather than moments.

She tends to be cautious and think things through, rarely acting without thinking. This is achieved through self-control and experience. Underneath her cool exterior, Nivasi actually feels things extremely strongly and had her life gone otherwise, might have wound up a hot-head, acting impulsively.

Internally, she is often silly, loving songs and legends, and making them up to tell herself during the long stretches of time she spends alone. Rarely do others get to see this side of her.

Navasi was born to a loving pair of Biqaj, who also made their living as fishermen. As any sailing family can tell you though, the sea is harsh even to those who love her. Biqaj may have made the best sailors, but they too could be taken unaware. When Nivasi was 16 Arcs, a sudden squall ripped apart the family ship. Though she didn't witness it, fighting for life as she was and seeing very little beside the grey heaving sea and the almost horizontal rain, her parents drowned. Both competent swimmers, the sea was too rough and they were too far from shore.

Nivasi stubbornly stayed above water, swimming for all she was worth, clinging to debris when she could, before it was ripped from her grasp. This went on for hours. Eventually the sea calmed, and she floated on her back, exhausted, no land in sight. It seemed she'd survived the storm only to wait for a quieter, more peaceful drowning. As she felt her consciousness slipping away, a pair of hands grabbed her, and began dragging her through the water. By the grace of a Mer, Nivasi was dumped fairly unceremoniously on shore.

For years after that, she could not step foot in the water, nor aboard a boat, terrified whenever she did, yet still looking longingly out to see. She barely eked by, cleaning fish and running other odd jobs, with no home of her own. Only recently has she ventured back into the water. Originally almost crippled by anxiety, she walked into the sea, facing her fears. Before long she was paddling about, though she is sorely out of practice. Having overcome this stumbling stone, she went and took out a loan for her own ship, which she christened the Bravi'os.

Now she lives upon her ship, fishing both to support herself, and to pay back the money she owes.

The Bravi'os - A one-masted sailing Sloop with a mainsail and jib rigged fore and aft. The sloop has a small hold and living quarters under the deck, enough room for a single bed, table, chair, storage chest, and shelf.

Usually docked in Cyrene Bay when not at sea.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Seafaring 25RB +3EXP 28/100 or 31/251
Fishing 25SP + 3 EXP 28/100 or 31/251
Swimming 15SP + 3EXP 18/100 or 18/251
Persuasion 10AL + 3AL + 1EXP 14/100 or 14/251
Linguistics 1AL 1/100 or 1/251
Singing 3EXP + 1AL 4/100 or 4/251
FAST TRACK Navigation 10SP + 15EXP 25/100
Detection 2AL +4 EXP 6/100 or 6/251
Etiquette 3EXP 3/100 or 3/251
Intelligence 6EXP 6/100 or 6/251
Rhetoric 2EXP 2/100 or 2/251
Deception 1EXP 1/100 or 1/251
Investigation 1EXP 1/100 or 1/251
Stealth 1EXP 1/100 or 1/251
Appraisal 2EXP 2/100 or 2/251
Cooking 1EXP 1/100 or 1/251

Basic Knowledge

  • Fishing: Fish Prices
  • Fishing: What's In Season
  • Fishing: Fish guts make good bait
  • Ashan: Good fishing for Halibut
  • Seafaring: Ship Upkeep
  • Seafaring: Signs of a Storm [PBK]
  • Swimming: Escaping a Riptide [PBK]
  • Swimming: Breath control is vital to swim underwater
  • Socialization: The ship doesn’t answer back
  • Etiquette: Polite greeting of city officials.
  • Etiquette: Negotiating with market stall holders.
  • Etiquette: Social Graces
  • Etiquette: The art of saying no
  • Appraisal: Onyx is very expensive.
  • Appraisal: Stone types
  • Hunter Dumont: Guardsman
  • Vhalar 1st: Quiet
  • Blacksmiths Arms: Almost Never Empty
  • Location: The Fighting Arena
  • Location: Rynmere bank
  • Location: Rynmere markets
  • Thomas Endor: Ex-Knight Lord Commander
  • Victoro The Conqueror: The King's Champion
  • Queen Freya: Shot by one of The Blue Cloaks
  • Malcolm: Ex-Baron of Krome
  • Cooking: Roasting brings out flavour
  • Detection: Observation on the horizon.
  • Intelligence: Gender differences in crowd behaviour
  • Stealth: Crowds are difficult to move through
  • Rynmere: Mer guardians: behaviour and habits.
  • Vakhanor: Protective
  • Vakhanor: Thoughtful
  • Vakhanor: A Smith in Andaris

Specialized Knowledge

  • Fishing: Good Spots in Eastern Rynmere
  • Fishing: Gut and preserve in salt-water to keep fresh
  • Rumor: Sunken Ship in Lake Krom
  • Rumour: King Cassander is looking for a new bride
  • Seafaring: The Waters and Nautical hazards of Eastern Rynmere [PBK]
  • Negotiation: Remain outwardly neutral
  • Negotiation: Keep up appearances
  • Hunter Dumont: Intimidating presence
  • Hunter Dumont: Handle negotiations with care & preferably witnesses.
  • Gifre: Offered a Business Deal
  • Thomas Endor: Slept with Queen Freya
  • King Cassander: Surprised by Malcolm's Second Fight
  • King Cassander: Advised by Thomas Andaris and Andrew Krome
  • The Qe'Dreki: Revolutionaries and Rebels
  • The Qe'Dreki: The Sigil, Dragon with Seven Diamonds
  • The Blue Cloaks: The Colour of the Burhan
  • Cooking: Pepper and salt together add a lot of flavour
  • Cooking: A little bit of pepper goes a long way
  • Persuasion: knowing when to speak can make a stronger argument
  • Stealth: avoiding collisions by body movements in crowds.
  • Swimming: breath control techniques.
  • Mer: reading facial expressions.
  • Fertin: doing well for himself.
  • Elsie: a good cookery teacher
  • Vakhanor: An impulsive drunk
  • Vakhanor: A handsome man
  • Men see you as property
  • Faldrun made a fish in a volcano


Marks Section





  • The Bravi'os - Sloop
    • 1 x Hammock
    • 1 x Gangplank
    • 1 x Small table
    • 1 x Chair
    • 1 x Chest
    • 6 x Plates (assorted)
    • 2 x Eating knives
    • 1 x Fish smoker
    • 1 x Lantern
    • 1 x Map Eastern Rynmere Shoreline
    • 1 x Spyglass
    • 1 x Small fishing net
    • 1 x Small anchor
    • 1 x Barrel
    • 1 x Shovel (large)
    • 5 x Trap Box (fishing)
    • 1 x Common Pole
    • 1 x Large Waterproof Bag with Shoulder-straps
    • 1 x Small Waterproof Leather Bag
    • 1 x Wheelbarrow
    • 1 x Saw (Small, One-handed)
    • 1 x Hammer (Large)
    • 1 x Pry Bar
    • 1 x Hatchet
    • 1 x Pliers
    • 100 x Small Nails
    • 40 x Large Nails
    • 20 x Spikes
    • 200ft x Hemp Rope
    • 20 x Hooks, Various Sizes
    • 50ft x Common Fishing Line
    • 20 x Lead Weights
    • 10 x Spinning Lures, Various
    • 20 x Pre-Made Leader Clips
    • 1 x Small Dip Fishing Net
Personal Equipment:
  • 1 x Set of clothing - Leather boots and breeches, undyed calico shirt, dark brown sash
  • 1 x Set of toiletries
  • 1 x Tinderbox
  • 1 x Waterskin
  • 1 x Compass
  • 1 x Week’s worth of dried food rations
  • Turquoise Linen Skirt
  • White Linen Blouse
  • Brown Linen Sash
  • Brown Linen Bandanna
  • Knee High Leather Sandals
  • Light Brown Linen Bodice
Starting ... 20GN
Barrel -5GN 15GN
Shovel (large) -1GN 14GN
Trap Box (fishing) -5GN 9GN
Common Pole -7GN 2GN
Large Waterproof Bag with Shoulderstraps -8SN 1 GN 2 SN
Small Waterproof Leather Bag -3SN 9 SN
Ashan Seasonal Wage +457 GN 5 SN 6 CN 458 GN 4 SN 6 CN
Ship Debt -300 158 GN 4 SN 6 CN
Wheelbarrow -14GN 144GN 4SN 6CN
Saw -1GN 143GN 4SN 6CN
Hammer -1GN 142GN 4SN 6CN
Pry Bar -1GN 141GN 4SN 6CN
Hatchet -1GN 140GN 4SN 6CN
Pliers -1GN 139GN 4SN 6CN
Small Nails x100 -1GN 138GN 4SN 6CN
Large Nails x40 -1GN 137GN 4SN 6CN
Spikes x20 -2GN 135GN 4SN 6CN
Hemp Rope 200ft -4GN 131GN 4SN 6CN
Trap Box (fishing) x4 -20GN 111GN 4SN 6CN
Hooks of Various Sizes (20) -2GN 109GN 4SN 6CN
Common Fishing Line (50ft) -1GN 108GN 4SN 6CN
Lead Weights (20) -1GN 107GN 4SN 6CN
Various Spinning Lures (10) -5GN 102GN 4SN 6CN
Pre-Made Leader Clips (20) -2GN 100GN 4SN 6CN
Small Fishing Dip Net -5GN 95GN 4SN 6CN
Turquoise Linen Sharkbite Skirt -2GN 1SN 6CN 93GN 3SN
White Linen Blouse -9SN 92GN 4SN
Brown Linen Sash -1GN 8SN 90GN 6SN
Brown Linen Bandanna -1GN 4SN 4CN 89GN 1SN 6CN
Knee High leather Sandals -4GN 85GN 1SN 6CN
Light Brown Linen Bodice -1GN -2SN 83GN 9SN 6CN
Cherry pepper 2 -1SN 2CN 83GN 8SN 4CN
Zucchini -2CN 83GN 8SN 2CN
Lemon -7CN 83GN 7SN 5CN
Morel 3 -6CN 83GN 6SN 9CN
Eggplant -6CN 83GN 6SN 3CN
Potato 3 -1SN 5CN 83GN 4SN 8CN
Onion -7CN 83GN 4SN 1CN
Carrot 3 -1SN 5CN 83GN 2SN 6CN
Crenshaw Melon -3CN 83GN 2SN 3CN
Bribes -15GN 68GN 2SN 3CN
x2 Roast Ye Olde Inn -1SN 6CN 68GN 7CN
Cider Blacksmith Arms -5SN 67GN 5SN 7CN
- - -
Ship Debt Remaining: 0GN
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