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Alaric Qau'Toraj



Date of Birth:
12th of Cylus, 694


Factions Joined:

Languages Spoken:
Fluent in Common, Basic in Rakahi


Alaric resembles many of his kind, the Biqaj, in many ways. Crowning his head are lush curls of rich brown hair. Personally, he loves to leave it wild and free though is often seen with it combed out in order to please his owner. Heavy eyebrows sit above ever-changing almond shapes eyes. At any given moment those orbs could be displaying a vast array of colors that reflect the time of day as well as any strong emotion he is feeling at the moment. An ever-present full beard shows on his face. If left to decide what it would look like it would be just as unkempt as his hair, though his social standing dictates that he retain a certain level of personal grooming. Years of being someone else's property has helped to hone Alaric's body in to that of a lithe warrior. Standing at 6'2 and weighing in at 182 lbs he is portrayed as an agile man who is no stranger to hard labor. His hands speak to that truth, for they are rough from the lifestyle he has been forced to live. All around his body there are numbers of scars and marks, each telling their own tales of pain. The most prominent mark upon his body is that given by a cruel master. Just beneath the edges of his hair there is an intricate letter 'A' branded on to his neck.

When in the confines of his house Alaric prefers to wear as little clothing as he can. A pair of breaches that cut off at the calf or shorts are infinitely desired over the outfit he is usually provided with. A bare chest capable of soaking up the warm rays of sun outside always feels more comfortable to him when matched against anything. Generally speaking he is never allowed to look like a 'savage' in front of anyone. The outfit he is expected to keep clean and in good condition is a standard set with absolutely no opulence attached. It matches the house colors of his master.[/color]
Alone: Alaric happens to have a lot of alone time when he is at the house he resides in. Often times he is given tasks to complete and left alone and those moments are his favorite. He does not have to pretend to be a stuck-up servant to a mostly unpleasant man and his family. Usually Alaric is quiet while going through his day, knowing that the only place he can really be himself is inside of his own mind. A faint smile seems ever present no matter the menial duties he has to undertake. The physical labor is welcomed to him, it keeps him toned and occupied while allowing his thoughts to travel anywhere they want. In that way the man can grasp at true freedom. He tackles obstacles in his way in a relaxed state, easy going and at a pace comfortable for him. A lot of the time Alaric can be heard humming or softly singing to a tune he made up or that of a melody recalled from childhood. To those observing him, it always seems like he is in on a joke no one else was privy to. When around people he can call friends Alaric easily slips in to the niche of 'cool guy'. Much of this can be attributed to how people look at the Biqaj. Bright eyes and a smirk go a long way to helping people believe you are true of intention. He loves to hear people's stories and tales of their adventures in the world no matter the subject and will always actively engage in a conversation and pay full attention to whomever is speaking. He sees most kinds of life as precious and unique, even if the one he is speaking to is a simple fisherman regaling the people with a yarn of his best catch. Alaric loves any sort of jovial activity, be it dancing and games or friendly physical competitions. Parties bring out the best in him where he can laugh and talk until there's nothing more to speak upon. Whenever he chances upon another willing to spend some time with them he does his best to empathize with their sorrows or joys in hopes of making them feel good about themselves. If ever there is someone in need Alaric will be the first to step up and offer aid regardless of what harm it could cause to himself. A belief has always been firmly rooted in him where people should, to the best of their own abilities, strive to make the world a more bearable place for those who cannot themselves.

In the company of his master: Alaric's wayward personality has gotten him in more trouble than he would care to admit with his various owners over the years of him being a slave. He tries his best to exist in the background when a master is around and to simply take care of whatever needs to be done. A life of servitude was hard for him to adjust to. It was impossible for him to remain silent should another of his kind be cruelly punished for a simple mistake, which in turn awarded him an even more severe chastisement. It will always be hard for him to truly get along with someone who can claim to own another living and sentient being, for they will never regard him as equal and unique. To think that life is something that can be bought and traded like chattel sets him on edge and chips away at his pride. Many times he has come close to feeling that he is about to burst at the seams and lose it. Unfortunately any sort of violent action or complete defiance could earn him a death sentence. So instead Alaric keeps his cool and has to often bite his tongue and swallow his dignity. Not all of his masters had been atrocious though. Some, he had come to understand, were merely people of privilege who had been raised to believe they were better. These people were more tolerable and he will always try his best to comprehend where a person is coming from before making a harsh judgment. The one thing in life he wants more than anything else is the ability to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. That burning desire for freedom will always mean he does not take kindly to anyone who will force their will upon another. While Alaric has a high regard for life he does not feel bad having to defend his own. Some seriously evil provocation would have to occur for him to want to murder someone or even hurt them but should he be threatened first there is no hesitation. His aim in battle is to reason or incapacitate his opponent, and in the worst case scenario end them before they can harm anyone. Alaric has an intense feeling of loyalty to those who treat him similarly and will react to someone becoming aggressive to someone he cares about. In an instant he will be at their side or acting as their bulwark, even if they are vastly outnumbered. Alaric is a simple man with simple wants, and he tries to be the best version of himself he can be at all times.
It all started with a runaway love between a merchant's daughter and a sweet-talking pirate. They were both of the Biqaj and yet could not be more different from one another. The woman, Nau'sicaa, was beautiful even for the standards of her people. She had flowing hair the color of red-hot coals and a mind focused on seeing all the world had to offer. All she needed was the slightest push to leave her family's traveling business and that came in the form of a pirate's attack. It was no secret that her people loathed anyone who was dastardly enough to threaten the stability of the economy for such selfish gain. Nau'sicaa instead saw this as her chance to escape. The rogue ship pulled up alongside her father's galleon and started to toss grappling hooks tied to rope at the deck. Each thunk led to metal digging in to wood and a pathway being secured. Thuggish men and women secured these lines and hoisted themselves up, intent on crossing over to seize control of the ship. Before the battle could begin a devilishly handsome man called out from halfway up the mast, one arm clinging to a rope and the other waving a scimitar through the wind like a flag. This was Redak, the captain of the pirate ship and future husband to Nau'sicaa. In a booming voice he spoke of their need for provisions, not gold or jewels. He shouted that they could take these things by force or it could be done peacefully. The merchant agreed to the easy way, deciding it was better to have to head back to port and restock on edibles than it was to lose everything they could sell. It took Nau'sicaa .2 seconds to decide that she would be leaving with the supplies as well. And so it was that she stole away on to the pirate ship. Her actions had not been discovered until it was too late and the ships were far apart. Redak admired the vitality she possessed and accepted her on to his crew, and eventually in to his heart. They traveled the seas together intent on having as many experiences as two could cram in to a life but something got in the way. Nau'sicaa became pregnant. Rather than being distraught over their wild ways needing to come to an end Redak had become overjoyed. The moment he was told the news he married his woman and looked to settle in life. They agreed to join the ranks of the hundreds of other merchants and chose to deal in spices. Life for the two was becoming simple, but it remained happy.

Two babies had been born to the two of them, a boy and a girl. They were named Alaric and Kena'ia respectively. Childhood was wondrous for the two. Their mother and father passed down all sorts of knowledge to them, wisdom gained from visiting all sorts of places and meeting people from around the world. The twins had a healthy sibling rivalry that drove them to try everything together and learn as much as they could. From rigging sails to rolling dough they competed and shared so many good times. In a cruel joke cast by the universe misfortune befell the family. Pirates. These kind were wicked and dealt in the worst kind of trade: slavery. In the dead of night Alaric's ship was boarded and before they could even raise a weapon in defense it was all over. Too many years had passed sine his father had been a warrior. Now he was weaker and unable to protect his family. The crew who fought back were either slaughtered or captured with the rest of them. This time in Alaric's life has become a bit blurred with time. He remembers more feelings than tangible memories, fear, terror, and many more synonymous with those emotions. They were taken to a nearby slave auction and separated from another. Alaric can recall this down to the smallest and most vivid detail. The way his mother's tear-stained face looked when Kena'ia was pulled from her arms and sold to a man with a wicked gleam in his eyes. That horrid sound his father made, like a beast wounded, when he himself was taken on to the stage and examined as if a tool. Alaric could remember the plummeting feeling he felt inside of his heart when he lost sight of his sister in the crowd.

The first few years of this new lifestyle did not suit him well. He was untalented when it came to hard labor. Being raised on the seas meant that he never learned to cultivate the land or build a house or anything remotely useful. All attempts of breaking him in were similar to that of taming a wild beast. Alaric made as many attempts as he could to run away and find his family again, each time to no avail. From master to master he was sold, for there was potential in the boy but none cared to try. It wasn't until an old soldier turned noble came in to possession of Alaric that he was put to good use. The nobleman saw in him a fighting spirit, so he taught him the art of battle. Alaric learned how to wield a blade and defend himself. Under this master a long since forgotten sense of being a human being had returned. The owner was never cruel to him, even allowing Alaric to have possessions of his own and a degree of privacy. He felt himself growing closer with the man, looking to him as some sort of father figure. It was only in public that his station was reminded to him. In this way hope was kept fresh, the dream alive that one day he could find his family again. Alaric had only been able to learn so much. The old nobleman fell sickly and could continue the teachings no more. Alaric bound up his courage and on the death bed of the nobleman, asked if he could be set free. All the years he had spent by his side had come to a head, and then it crumbled. It was not to be that he would see freedom just yet. His heart felt a terrible ache just as he had before. There was little left now but to wait. Once his owner died Alaric again was shuffled to a new master. This time he had been bequeathed to the heir of the Venora family. Things had changed for him once more. Alaric at least now had a specific use, that of guarding one Alistair Servano Venora. Immediately he could see that this servitude was to be unpleasant. The older man had two faces that were portrayed. To everyone who did not have the chance to see him behind closed doors he was the perfect political candidate. Alistair was charming and quick to make powerful connections. With a gaze that cut to the quick Alaric had seen a darkness in him. His new master was not to be trifled with. It seemed that there was no end to the heartless apathy that exuded from the heir. Behind the opulence and niceties the house of Venora had secrets that Alaric knew from watching and listening to all that goes on.
Alaric lives in his master's home. It is a simple house in Andaris.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Seafaring [RB] 10, [KG] 5 15
Navigation [SP] 5, [KG] 4 9
Acrobatics [SP] 15, 15
Melee [SB] 10, [SP] 20 30
Endurance [SP] 10, 10
Wilderness Survival [KG] 3, 3

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge of the noble houses of Rynmere, History of House Venora, People: Nau'sicaa, Rynmere: Slave trade

Specialized Knowledge

Close-Quarters Combat, Seafaring and ship knowledge, House Venora: Known for their beauty
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