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A rowdy night across Andaris' crowded streets is made rowdier.

66th of Ashan 716

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Cheers! [Vivian]

Once he'd given his report and attention moved elsewhere, Nir'wei kept his head low, averted his gaze from the three corpses being carried back inside and discussed over with varying shades of profanity and anger, and nursed his glass of water. There was only so much he could stomach in one night and frankly, he'd taken all of it, vomited it back up and then taken some more for good measure. All this murder-avenging crime-solving stuff wasn't his territory. Knights and Skyriders and whatever other authoritative military running the streets could solve this. Or, by the sound of their yelling, they could curse at each-other and the person they knew was responsible but couldn't be prosecuted instead. Apparently that was all the Iron Hand were really good for in this city, since time and time again, he'd been either coerced or outright forced into resolving all of his matters on his own; anything from hunting down Volareon poarchers to outright nearly being murdered by a group who'd randomly assumed he'd stolen their stolen goods. "Huh." What stopped them from just tracking down this person that they had every right to believe was the murderer behind this triple-mutilation and bring them to swift justice for their crimes? The fact that she couldn't stand in trial because of her influence, her bloodline? The possibility of retribution from the family?

What a horrible place to live, where the military were afraid of enforcing the law on its subjects.

Once they'd finished discussing amongst themselves and he'd finished the last dribbles of water, the Sev'ryn pushed the glass away and stood up. "You have control on everything, yes?" Nir'wei glanced to Vivian, between the other guards, seeking any confirmation. "It's late, I am... not good. I think it's time I call it a night." Every inch of his body was aching for the cool embrace of a sleeping mat right about now. There wasn't even a chance of calling in for work tomorrow but if he passed off the story to Poppy, she'd forgive him for the absence. Maybe he'd get a few trials extra as well, to clear his head. Rather pointless, since a hundred trials still wouldn't cleanse his head of the image of those three mutilated bodies, but hey, days off were days off.

After nothing more than a very brief exchange of pleasantries and other well-wishes, he turned and stumbled off for the door, but stopped just short of opening it and absolving himself from the case entirely. "Hey." He repeated himself until the chatter died down again. "Pythera Venora, yes?" That was the name of the suspect. Hell, by the sound of the evidence, there wasn't even much doubt on that matter. "Tell their family that name. Who knows, heh, maybe they'll kill her and do your job for you." Yes, he knew the impending argument they'd bring up. Justice over vengeance. Fair trial. All that shit. That was the system they used here, fair trial, witnesses, all different opportunities for a guilty man to wiggle their way to freedom by means of extortion, blackmail, lies and general corruption. Perhaps that was the whole reason it was made in the first place. Protecting nobles and absolving them from whatever sins they pleased, as long as they paid enough money and made friends in the right places. Whatever.

It'd been a long and difficult night. He wasn't interested in dragging it out any longer, so he ducked out through the door and slammed it shut behind him, cutting off any responses to his claim. Time to head home. Or, well. What Nir'wei owned that passed as a home. An open-backed caravan, some second-hand possessions, and an asshole reincarnated as a horse, tied together on the outskirts of the city.
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We return to where we started, and pass onwards into history.
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Cheers! [Vivian]



Story: 5/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Discipline: Breathe in through your mouth to avoid chucking up at bad smells
Discipline: Say what needs to be said before emotion overwhelms you
Seduction: Avoid running around groping people
Persuasion: Sometimes, shouting persuades people
Persuasion: Shouting often doesn't persuade people.
Detection: Peer into the dark
Endurance: Everyone has limits
Meditation: Really helps to calm the mind
Time flies when you're having fun
Vivian Warrick: says she doesn't usually hit people on first meeting.
Vivian Warrick: an airman with the skyriders
Vivian Warrick: rides a horse
Vivian Warrick: knows about spirit animals
Vivian Warrick: believes in structure and the order of ranks
Vivian Warrick: wants to protect Rynmere

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+1 (general good deed - getting the guard)


Story: 5/5
Collaboration: 5/ 5
Structure: 5/ 5

Unarmed Combat: Elbow to face as an effective deterrant
Seduction: Seduction probably works better when the seducer is sober.
Intimidation: Confidence is key
Leadership: Give commands, people follow
Detection: That unmistakeable smell
Politics: Some people will stoop to the lowest levels
Stone Creek: Nice wine
Nir'wei: A Sev'ryn who can't handle his drink.
Nir'wei: Common isn't so good.
Nir'wei: Thinks horses should be liberated
Nir'wei: Thinks you should fly if that's what you want!
Nir'wei: A contrary fellow
Nir'wei: Stubborn

Thank you for keeping your ledger so carefully and removing all purchases beforehand!
+1 general good deed


General comments. I loved reviewing this thread! It was well written and well paced with a fantastic mix of dialogue and internal thoughts for both pc's. I suspect Vivian and Nir'wei could have argued all night through given the opportunity! I love the juxtaposition of Nir'wei's drunken passionate argument and Vivian's sober and calm reposte to him. A great thread!
Story Grand - no issues. I think it should have had the "Mature" tag because of the graphic gore. Better to err on the side of caution with that kind of thing. But fabulous story.
Structure All good, nothing to see here, move along!

Please do PM me if you think I've missed anything or you have any questions!
word count: 392
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