Tristan Venora

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Tristan Venora
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Tristan Venora


Name: Tristan Venora
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 3, Arc 695

Profession: Alchemist & Sculptor

Marks: Elithem (Adored), Vaelus (Favored), Bellinos (Adored)

Partner: ~

Factions Joined: ~

Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common
Conversational: ~
Broken: Rakahi, Gernevoir

Faceclaim: Jaco van den Hoven
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Tristan Venora
Approved Character
Posts: 1512
Joined: Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:47 am
Race: Human
Profession: Mad Scientist Socialite
Renown: 989
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Tristan Venora


Tristan Venora is a typical member of his family, striking and elegant. His skin is perhaps a bit paler than what is the norm for a member of the human race and unlikely to properly tan, even when exposed to sunlight for extended amounts of times. His hair is dark brown, nearly black and falls to his shoulders in loose curls.

He has intensely bright blue eyes, as blue as the sky on a clear day and long, dark eyelashes. His face is usually clean-shaven, with high cheekbones and lush, full lips. His body is slim and only very lightly muscled, and he is not particularly physically strong. All in all, he is beautiful rather than handsome. He does in fact look like an Edashaborn (Literally, his brother who looks exactly like him is one!).

His voice is in the middle of the baritone range and sounds slightly husky. When he speaks, he always enunciates his words clearly to make sure that he is not misunderstood.

Tristan looks the opposite of intimidating, due to his beauty, his slim build and his mediocre height. When he moves, he does so gracefully. He keeps his back perfectly straight most of the time, and he doesn't slouch.

Tristan's clothes tend to be elegant and fashionable, but not too flashy, and he dresses in a way that accentuates his body rather than hiding himself under some sort of sack cloth.

As of Zi'da 90, Arc 718, Tristan's fingers end in blackened, claw-like nails - Bellinos, the mark of Vri.

He also has silver runic markings on the left side of his face - Vaelus, the mark of Vhalar.

Tristan is not one of those people that are unsure of who they are and what they want from life. He is proud and ambitious, self confident and straightforward in approaching others. There is nothing shy or introverted about him, although he may seem like that to others every now and then.

Tristan is an extremely curious young man and wants to learn everything he can about anything. He sees the world as one big playground full of secrets that are waiting to be uncovered. He is passionate, both when it comes to love and hatred and does not forgive people who betray his trust and abuse his friendship easily.

Once upon a time, Tristan was rather eccentric, with a somewhat skewed moral compass. He's matured a lot though. He doesn't associate with questionable people anymore, and he disapproves of slavery. He still likes quirkly things though!

Tristan was born on the 3rd day of Ashan, Arc 695 – on Nora’s Birthday. That circumstance affected his life from the beginning in his opinion. The first queen of Rynmere was beloved, she had a reputation of being kind and just. Tristan’s parents, Noah and Shannon Venora, had high expectations of their son because of it. The wanted their first child to become just like Queen Nora which unfortunately didn’t work out. Since people always went on about Queen Nora, and he could never celebrate his birthday in peace, Tristan loved her a little less than the rest of Rynmere. He was usually drunk on Nora's Birthday.
Early Childhood
Tristan led a very sheltered life as a child. He was his parent’s firstborn son and thus especially spoiled, even after his siblings had been born. He learned to walk a little later than most other children. When people commented on that, he usually claimed that he could of course already walk at that age, but that he enjoyed being carried around so much more! Why walk when you could have other people walk for you?

Once he had finally figured out what to do with his feet, nothing could stop him though.

While he was a little behind other children as far as his physical development was concerned, he learned to talk very early – and he talked a lot. He was an extremely curious child that wanted to know everything about anything. Why is the sky blue? Why do we practice Rynlism? Why can’t Queen Nora just celebrate her birthday on another day so that I can have that day for myself? I’m importanrt as well!

Even at that early age, Tristan’s artistic talent was obvious. He loved to draw and paint, and if he didn’t have any paper left, he would just draw on the walls of his room. He also made little sculptures of clay or wood or a crazy mixture of different materials. They were not very good in his opinion, but his parents liked them so much that they felt the need to foster his talents. They sent for an artist that had been trained at the University of Rynmere so that he would be able to teach the boy, in a way that was appropriate for a child that had not even begun school yet. Tristan absolutely loved those early lessons.
At the age of seven Tristan was sent to school, much to his chagrin. He would have preferred to be homeschooled like some of his friends. His parents thought that it would be good for him if he came in contact with children from all kinds of different backgrounds though. They were a little concerned about the way he socialized. He had a rather unique personality and was just a hint too arrogant.

He disliked school almost from the beginning, despite his nearly insatiable thirst for knowledge. The other children were fun – they usually felt drawn to him because of his looks and his personality - but the teachers were a different matter. They always insisted on giving him homework. He didn’t understand why they did that and why he should do homework when he already knew everything anyway! He told them that more than once, which made them even angrier than they had been to begin with.

The worst thing about his teachers was the fact that they were monks though. Even before he started caring about things like love and sex, Tristan was suspicious of men that claimed to be all noble and peaceful and have no need for a lover or a spouse. In his opinion their lives were extremely boring!

Outside of school Tristan’s lessons continued, as was the norm for a highborn child. He was also taught about subjects such as etiquette and politics by a private tutor. His parents also wanted him to learn to dance. As the firstborn son of a noble it was essential for him to know how to comport himself among the members of the high society of Andaris and know how to talk to those that were of a higher station than him, including the royal family.
University and Beyond
Since he was a talented artist and enjoyed creating things, Tristan decided to study sculpting at the University of Rynmere once he had finished school. It was fun, and it was a respectable job for a man of his station.

Sculpting alone never satisfied him though. He had always had a little rebellious streak. He was not content with sitting at university or in school and looking pretty like all other Venora children. He wanted more from life. He wanted to experience everything and learn everything, no matter whether it was considered good or bad. Even when he had still been in school, he would sometimes sneak out of his room at night and explore the city and everything Andaris had to offer.

He especially enjoyed visiting the Fighting Pits – and still does. He even sponsored a mercenary himself at one point. The man won a couple of fights and earned him a fair amount of money before he unfortunately died. Since then Tristan just watches the fights, although he is sometimes tempted to find a new mercenary or even buy a slave that he can force to fight to the death in the pit.

Tristan also began to seek the company of thieves and pirates, despite the dangers involved in such encounters. One of his best friends during his time at the university was a prostitute. That friendship was enlightening in more than one way. He learned just as much from that friendship – and from his other contacts - as he learned in school, although most upstanding citizens would disapprove of the things he had learned.

Tristan could never explain why he felt so drawn to the questionable elements of society – he still can’t. He didn’t care about the reason anyway. All that mattered was that he was having fun. When he spent time with his so called friends, he sometimes pretended to be a man of very questionable reputation and a notorious gambler as a noble would not be welcome in those circles. He was in fact convinced that his friends would just kidnap him and demand ransom if they knew who he really was. He didn't mind that though. If their roles were reversed, he would happily have done the same.

Sometimes he also pretended to be the king though. Who doesn't want to be king?

Living the life of a noble sometimes felt like a chore to Tristan, although he definitely liked the prestige that came with being a member of Andaris' high society.

He dreaded the trial when he would have to choose though.
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Tristan Venora
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Tristan Venora


  • Musical Enchantment (Minor)
    The character is able to control the emotions of a crowd within a short area around them and for a very short period of time while playing or singing music.
  • Eye of the Beholder (Minor)
    At this level, the character has only enough control to cover small parts of their body with the aura of Elithem, causing all who look upon them to see only pleasant, attractive, desirable features. This ability lasts for a short period of time.
  • Passionate Skills I
    Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Musical Instrument skill, Singing, Seduction, or Persuasion.
  • Mesmerize
    Character is able to control the attention and actions of an individual (1 person) through song or instrument for a short amount of time. (This is not to be used as a form of god modding, the PC is allowed to decline and/or resist any commands given. This skill is used is to be used as a means of coaxing someone.)
  • Words of Empowerment (Minor)
    Can be in the form of poetry, lyrics, or speech. The character is able to empower and buff a single person or themselves with strength and focus. The effects only last for a short period of time.
  • Steadfast
    When this ability is in use, character is able to perform enormous feats of strength for a short amount of time. (Between 2-5 minutes)
  • Temptations (Minor)
    When in use, the Elithem aura is able to extend briefly from the character to another individual within arms reach. The aura acts as a transmitter and receiver, implanting suggestions into the person's thoughts while the character receives impressions of the individuals' interests and desires. The ability may only be used on 1 person at a time.(Certain skills, like meditation, may prevent this ability from working.)
  • Elithem's Light (Minor)
    The aura is able to envelop the character for a short period of time, allowing them to recover from being dazed. Light emits from them during this time, resisting any and all toxins that prevent consciousness and acts as a barrier against the character and the outside world. This ability is a trigger effect and will automatically activate when the player is dazed. It will last only until the character regains full consciousness. This ability has the potential to massively drain the character's energy.
  • Musical Enchantment (Moderate)
    After two song progressions, whether by musical instrument or singing, the character is able to mesmerize and control a decently sized crowd around them. They are able to send out strong emotional suggestions to their audience that may be either positive or negative. Depending on the strength of the suggestions and the individual's mentality, the character is able to implant emotional memories into the minds of the people, causing them to have false memories of certain events.

  • Energy Preservation
    This ability acts as a simple buff and allows the character to have better control and focus over their abilities for a longer period of time. However, to use this ability effectively, the character must rest for 12 hours.
  • Passionate Skills II
    The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Any Musical Instrument skill, Singing, Seduction, or Socialization. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
  • Words of Empowerment (Moderate)
    Can be in the form of poetry, lyrics, or speech. The character is able to empower and buff a small crowd and/or themselves with strength and focus. The effects are almost always felt and can raise anyone from the depths of despair. The buff lasts for a period of time.


  • Autumn's Servant
    This ability grants the Vaelus a small Autumn spirit familiar. Taking the physical manifestation of autumn leaves, and the strong smell of a Harvest, this spirit is not one granted for combat but rather for protection. The spirit can innately communicate when something the Favored is about to eat is rotten, altered, or poisoned. Ordinarly it is a patient and quiet spirit, communicating in simple concepts and generally enjoying the Favored's presence.Should this spirit ever be destroyed it will take one whole Cycle before another will come.
  • Art Works (1 Color)
    For Vhalar, there is no greater pursuit than that of an artist. This ability works off that artist's skill of creation. Drawing, Painting, or Sculpting are the skills used in tangent with this power specifically, although some dancers and poets have found some success utilizing it as well. This ability allows the artist to create a small item from a special Immortal paint they can draw from their mark. Usually this item can be no larger than a long sword and must be a simple item. 1 color refers to the first color of Vhalar's palette that the Favored has to draw from. This can be any color but it is the only color that can be used with this ability. Creations last only a few breaks before dissolving and this ability cannot be used more than twice a trial at this level.
  • Discipline Skills I
    Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons skill, Socialization, Linguistics, or Leadership.
  • Crafting Creations
    This ability allows the character to make things not normally appealing into fashionable, protective, tasteful items or food. Acting as a buff, the character has a greater chance of crafting exceptional items. Any artwork or general crafts made by the Vaelus sells for 25% more than the list price.
  • Lesser Oath
    The Favored is able to put the force of Vhalar behind small promises. Only one oath may be active at any time and the other party must willingly swear to honor the oath. This oath is minor and can only be as complicated as a simple act of service. Should this act be performed to expectation, the one the Favored pacted with will enjoy unexpected fortune for the next three trials. Should they fail to honor the bargain, however, either party will begin to face a series of unexpected setbacks and accidents till the debt is honored. This oath cannot be struck over an impossible task nor done so with hidden intentions.
  • Uplifting Hymn
    A song normally conducted through chant and drum. This ability is often performed for a small group of people and serves as an empowering rally. This ability sends out subtle suggestions to the surrounding audience of unity and strength. Often times, the ability is used to form a subtle, weak bond with the group of people. This Hymn can banish artificially and naturally created fear. Any fear based ability used by a marked of higher tier than the Vaelus will not be effected by this Hymn.
  • Blood Bond (Minor)
    This ability may only be used on one other person as it has the power to connect both the character and the individual to each other. When the blood bond is made, an oath is taken between two people, an oath of service and alliance. Only one such Bond can be active for the Vaelus. After the bond is made, both characters are linked mentally, though they may only feel impressions of the other's thoughts. The blood bond must be honored. Whomever breaks the sanctity of this Oath on their blood will be denied the benefit of it. Until reparations and forgiveness is granted for the breach in the oath, the one who breaks it will find their blood will no longer clot.


  • Final Moment
    When working with a Pier & Pre-marked who is using their ability of the same name, the Bellinos can use this ability to work in tandem with the Gwelliph. Final Moment allows the Vri-marked to share and experience the death of an individual; the Gwelliph is able to ‘tune in’ to this and do the same. When working alone, this ability is as shown below:

    A Favored of Vri has the ability to experience the last few minutes of a corpse’s life. They experience the death as if it were happening to them and only come out of the trance when the experience has ended. This is always a jarring and emotionally devastating ability to use as one can never quite get ‘used’ to dying, but it can reveal remarkable clues and insights as to the wishes or circumstances behind a death. A body must be presented, mostly intact (Within a Cycle or two of age), for the ability to work.

    However, by working in unison, the Gwelliph and Bellinos are both able to see, feel and fully experience the death of the individual and can also see their past. The whole life is opened up before the blessed, who has access to all memories and emotions of the deceased. This can be incredibly overwhelming and requires high levels of Discipline or Meditation in order to withstand. If either the Gwelliph or the Bellinos are overwhelmed during this process, it is likely to cause medium to long term psychological problems; these might be things such as getting memories confused, losing one’s own memories for a time etc.
  • Death's Pallor
    A Favored of Vri understands the nature of life and death better than any. This ability allows a user to suspend their bodily functions and fall into a death-like trance. Unless another marked of Vri is in attendance, this act is almost impossible to see through without a mastery in the medicinal or surgical field. When entering this suspension, the body effectively acts dead. Limbs stiffen, skin pales, and eyes become cloudy. Any wounds suffered by the marked will bleed coagulated blood. Some marked, after receiving a grievous wound, will leave instructions to fetch a doctor and suspend themselves in the state till help arrives. The marked must define how long they intend to stay in this state. At Favored, the time cannot exceed three trials. At Adored this time cannot exceed a single cycle. Likewise at Adored this ability can be transferred to another, although only one use of this power may remain active at a time. Supposedly there is no upper limit on how long an exalted or Champion can remain in this deathless trance, although none dare exit the world for too long. The body will not decay in this state, appearing freshly slain for the entirety of the duration. A marked can be killed in this state if irreparable harm is done to the body, in which case the state will become permanent upon the ending of the ability.
  • Deathkeeper's Skills I
    The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Interrogation, Investigation, Meditation, Detection. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
  • Eidetic
    Those marked by Vri aren’t able to forget anything they have been exposed to or seen within their lifetime. The marked can recall events, conversations, and picture moments with perfect clarity, no matter what time frame within their life they draw the memory from.
  • Genetic Memory (Minor)
    As a domain, Remembrance is often overlooked by those who follow Vri. Although of vital importance, few pay it the proper homage it’s due. Most take it for granted. Those who follow Vri know differently, however. Memory is a record of the past and in that past, answers to current problems can be found. This ability relies on the creative powers of the player to help describe, but can be immensely valuable to the marked. Entering into a meditative trance, a marked of Vri can step ‘back’ two generations of their lineage seeking the answer to a problem. These answers come in the forms of visions, snatches of imagery and experience. Some with this ability spend many trials poring through the lives of their parents and their parents parents, hungry for experience and knowledge. This ability cannot be used on those who are already alive as they must have passed through Vri’s hands to be applicable. If one's father still draws breath, this ability cannot look into their lives. Only the dead may whisper their secrets through genetic experience.
  • Durge's Stain
    For the marked of Vri, Death becomes a tangible force. Those with this ability require but a few moments of concentration to know if death occurred in a building or locale around them. They will always know exactly how many have died and the area in which the body fell. Even if the death is ages old, a marked of Vri can find the exact spot they breathed their last. Without a body, the marked can determine little else but vague impressions in the nature of the death (Violence, age, sickness), but this ability has been used before to aid investigations on where the scene of a murder really happened and whether further investigation is warranted. The marked, when touching the spot of death, can determine the age, name (The name the deceased most identified with), and sex of the individual who passed.
  • Memento
    Memory is tangible, it has a weight. All experiences have a power to them. A marked of Vri can designate objects as Memento’s, specially enchanted items that hold memories. Most small objects can hold, at most, a single uninterrupted memory. It is said that working with a master crafter, specialized memento’s can be created but at this level, only one memory can be stored per object. When the memory is stored the user has a choice, to share the memory completely and sever it from their own mind, or share an echo of it. The echo will be muted, not completely clear, as if experiencing things through a heavy curtain. Usually this will still be enough to communicate the experience, but to truly have the owner of a memento experience the memory, it must be cut away entirely from the mind of the one giving it. Once tasked, the Memento can impart this memory to anyone who holds the object next. At this level, the memory is limited. The first other person to touch the object will receive the memory, causing the Memento to once again be only an object. A marked can either task their own memories, or the willing memories of another. At Exalted level, a Grand Memento can be crafted which will always hold its memory, never relinquishing the charge when gifting it to another. Those who are Vri’s champions can create Echo Mementos, which can include every memory within a Champion’s life. Sometimes such rare objects are left as guides to new Champions, who can ask a facsimile personality created by the memories for guidance and wisdom.
  • Lament's Judge
    Sorrow is the domain of Vri and his marked hold a special relationship with the emotion. Lament’s Judge is an ability which can only be used when sorrow has manifested. The marked contains the ability to reach out and pluck the sorrow from the heart of another, taking it into themselves instead. They can allay the sadness of the aggrieved by imbibing their emotions through touch and experiencing them firsthand. This ability can be dangerous for a marked as Sorrow is an endless chalice and to drink too deep of it is to invite madness. That said, the marked have been known to bring momentary relief to those stricken by despair. When a marked chooses to take sorrow, they remove the ability for the target to feel sorrow over a specific subject for the remainder of the Trial. Instead, the marked will bare the weight. They will grieve the dead as ardently as a lover, even if they never knew them. At the end of the Trial, the ability ends and the target can once again feel the emotions. The reverse of this ability allows a marked to conjure up deep sorrow from their own life and then pass it to a victim. This ability works the same way, one Trial of sorrow over a specific subject while the marked would feel calm and peace.
  • Love's Caress
    Love is an important domain expressed by the Immortal and thus, is reflected within the abilities of those he marks. This ability is only found when a marked individual has acknowledged their true love and vise versa, allowing the two to telepathically connect to one another. This connection is soul binding, where the two may feel the emotions of the other, sometimes the physically touches of the other, or hear the thoughts of the other, depending on how focused the two are when attempting to communicate. No matter the distance, this connection will always provide communication between the two. However, this communication may be blocked or disrupted by certain magics and/or with meditation.

  • A Vision of Demise
    This ability works in conjunction with the Gwelliph-granted ability of the same name. When working alone, this is fundamentally the same ability
    However, if working together then the Bellinos and Gwelliph can now both extend this ability - the Blessed can initiate a trance in which the victim will experience any aspect or experience of one of the lives the Blessed has stored. So, should they initiate a trance with a slaver, for example, they might impart the arcs of slavery they have experienced from one of their victims. This can be resisted, to some extent, by Expert level Discipline or above - but it makes the emotional impact less, does not stop the experience.
    ► Show Spoiler
  • Death's Companion
    Although relatively rare, there are spirits of Death. Natural entropic spirits that uphold the balance of all beings in their cycle. Since the intervention of the Immortals there have been fewer and fewer of these spirits active in the world of Idalos and nearly all serve Vri and his chosen. Only the Adored, his trusted, are awarded the company of one such spirit. The agreement is very simple, the spirit will aid the Adored without violently intervening in their lives. When manifesting, these spirits often take the shape of carrion birds, otherwise they tend to lurk invisibly around the marked. Those that can see spirits will note most death spirits tend to have the appearance of a glossy black, vaguely humanoid shape. Often the Adored will use these spirits to scout or lead them to sights of death. Unlike their Marked abilities, a Death spirit can sense death for miles. Presenting an item of the deceased to a Death spirit will allow that spirit to lead the Adored to the location of death, no matter the distance. Invested in the fate of their companion, these spirits will usually warn an Adored if they are being followed or are in any danger. The spirits tend to be very patient and sometimes almost annoyingly calm.
  • Deathkeeper's Skills II
    The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Caregiving, Investigation, Meditation, Detection. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.


Bellinos: Eidetic: Gives you a perfect memory
Elithem: Eye of the Beholder: Makes you look more attractive
Elithem: Eye of the Beholder: Happens when you will it so
Elithem: Eye of the Beholder: Surrounds you with light
Elithem: Eye of the Beholder: Works across cultures
Elithem: Eye of the Beholder: Does not work on other Elithem of the same Level
Elithem: Steadfast: Enables you to perform enormous feats of strength
Vaelus: Autumn’s Servant: Takes the form of autumn leaves
Vaelus: Autumn’s Servant: Tells you when your food is rotten or has been poisoned or altered
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Tristan Venora
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Posts: 1512
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Race: Human
Profession: Mad Scientist Socialite
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Tristan Venora

Combat: Blades (One-Handed) 10/250Novice6
Combat: Ranged26/250Competent12
Combat: Unarmed10/250Novice3
Mount (Land)26/250Competent15
Musical Instrument (Keyboard)15/250Novice5
Sculpting (grandfathered)100/100Grandmaster70
Seduction78/250 (+3 Elithem)Expert38
Socialization250/250 (+3 Vaelus)Grandmaster140
Writing (grandfathered)250/250Grandmaster46

Skill Points Ledger:

► Show Spoiler
Spare XP: 97


Alchemy Capstone #1: Spirit Tongue Elixirs
In 717, Tristan invented a potion that enables you to talk to cats during an adventure in the Misty Miasma, with the Diplomat Scroll Lily, a plant that gives you an intuitive understanding of languages, as the key reagent.

He has finally moved beyond that first alchemical invention and managed to figure out a way to talk to more than just cats.

He can now make potions that enable you to talk to spirits that are associated with an alchemical quality that he has acquired knowledge of.

Apart from adding a reagent that has an effect that is similar to that of the Diplomat Scroll Lily in nature, Tristan does of course need to add a reagent that has the quality that the spirits that he wants the drinker of the potion to be able to talk to are associated with.

It is important to note that spirits don’t magically show up the moment someone drinks a Spirit Tongue Elixir. You still need to look for them. Furthermore, more powerful spirits require more potent reagents, otherwise the effect will leave something to be desired.

As this a capstone, there is no risk of backlash or toxicity as long as Tristan uses natural reagents for his Spirit Tongue Elixirs. (Approval)
Alchemy Capstone #2: Special Effects
Making useful things with alchemy has never been enough for Tristan. He also wants his creations to be interesting. When he was just starting out as an alchemist, he involuntarily produced things that emit smoke, smell strange, taste strange or are strangely colored due to his lack of skill.

Over the course of time, Tristan has managed to turn those alchemical mishaps into something amazing.

Through careful finetuning, Tristan has learned to add all kinds of special effects to his alchemical creations. A potion will not only make the drinker resistant to cold, for example, but also emit smoke that is reminiscent of a fire that has been lit to protect yourself against the chill. Another potion might start to make a sizzling sound if the vial is being opened, and sparks might briefly start to fly, or a certain smell might be noticed if an alchemically enhanced garment is activated.

These special effects can be on theme or not. They are only cosmetic in nature and afford no additional advantage. (Approval)
Etiquette Capstone #1: Impeccable Manners
Someone who has mastered the Etiquette skill possesses an extensive knowledge of the societal expectations and norms for most cultures and can smoothly fit in with most situations.

Tristan has moved beyond that.

He is so intricately familiar with social norms and expectations that he even manages to fit in with groups and cultures that he has not encountered yet or that he has had very little contact with so far, with cultures that may not even be native to the world of Idalos, predict what is expected of him and behave in a manner that they consider to be appropriate which ultimately makes it more likely for them to accept him and be favorably inclined towards him.

This includes the cat people that he briefly met in the Misty Miasma once upon a time, goblins and similar beings, but also undiscovered tribes and cultures, for example - or otherworldy beings, such as Emeyans. (Approval)
Etiquette Capstone #2: Appropriately Inappropriate
Tristan's practice of etiquette is at such a level that he can use a salad fork for steak and otherwise do things not appropriate to local etiquette but get away with it. Because he's so polite, it must be appropriate for him to do those things!

This capstone obviously doesn't allow Tristan to break the law. Minor to major social faux pas and things that might be considered rude are seen as perfectly acceptable and even proper though.(Approval)
Politics Capstone #1: Anti-Corruption
Tristan often has the needs of others in mind. As such, he can turn the principles of corruption on their head, and prompt a corrupt system to reverse course to the point where the governmental entity's charitable aspects become self-sustaining without outside donations.(Approval)
Politics Capstone #2: Ceasefire
Tristan has never been a violent man but believes that a diplomatic solution can nearly always be found, and that conflicts between different parties, from individual people over groups to entire nations, can nearly always be resolved without the use of weapons if you only know how.

With a few words to either party he can arrange a ceasefire of hostilities and bring two parties together for a limited time in peace, in order to accomplish a series of settlements or compromises that are mutually agreeable, enough to cease hostilities almost indefinitely. (Approval)
Sculpting Capstone #1: Galatea
This ability allows Tristan to create statues that are capable of movement and sound. A casual observer might think that they are alive, but upon closer inspection it is obvious that they are not. Tristan’s statues do not walk around. Their movement is static, and they are incapable of executing more than one action and interacting with their environment in any meaningful way.

A statue of a dancer will only ever do that, dance, stop and then begin her dance anew, never changing or growing tired, and a statue of a bird will flap its wings, but never fly away. By adding an alchemical trigger, Tristan might be able to create a statue that reacts to a loud sound for example, but never more than that. He cannot really create life.

Somebody listening to one of Tristan’s statues might hear a cry, a scream or a whisper, but they will never hear what those whispers are, although the sound of one of his birds sounds almost like the real deal. On the other hand it might just be due to the clever use of physics as well as certain materials. (Approval)
Socialization Capstone #1: An Open Ear
Tristan tends to approach people in a polite and considerate manner. He doesn’t pressure them, and he doesn’t insist on something, but talks about the things that matter to him in a friendly way.

This ensures that they will lean toward hearing him out in either normal conversation up to stressful negotiations until he's made his point, rather than keep him from talking.

Tristan may even be able to get a word in when someone is actively hostile or attacking him as long as nobody else is threatening that person.

While this capstone ensures that Tristan gets an opportunity to talk, and that people are willing to listen to him, he won’t automatically be successful in convincing them of something.

This applies to NPCs, but I hope that PCs will consider it in their interactions with Tristan.

Socialization Capstone #2: Gentle Persuasion
When engaging in normal conversations or negotiations Tristan tends to be polite, charming and friendly and stays calm which makes people feel like he is someone they can rely on and trust.

This causes even the most stubborn people to consider his point of view. If they end up disagreeing with him, they are unlikely to be mad at him.

So long as nobody engages in hostile activities or a fight against the other party, he can get them to listen to him for as long as he's willing to speak.

This applies to NPCs, but I hope that PCs will consider it in their interactions with Tristan.

Writing Capstone #1: Empathic Characters
When writing a work of fiction, be it a play, novel, or poem, Tristan's mastery of characterization and written language allow him to make characters that resonate emotionally with the readers, listeners or viewers. Tristan can spend fifteen bits per character before writing them into the work developing, brainstorming and visualizing the character, and when he introduces them into the work, the reader, listener or viewer can plainly see them exactly as Tristan intended them to be seen, as if they were real. For novels and poems, the characters appear distinctly in the readers' and listeners' minds, acting out whatever the narrative expresses. For plays, the actor themselves appear as the character was intended, so long as they stay in that character until they are finished portraying them. (Approval)
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Tristan Venora


Athletics: 11
Acrobatics: Climbing through Windows
Climbing: How to climb a robe ladder
Climbing: How to balance on an unsteady climbing Surface
Running: Running from an unwelcome suitor
Running: Chasing a sculpture
Running x1 (A Shocking Encounter)
Athletics x5 (Startup Changes)
Acting: 40
Acting: Intimation
Acting: The importance of praise
Acting: being able to fake wind.
Acting: being drunk
Acting: method acting 101
Acting: How to cast characters
Acting: Coaching new actors
Acting: how to pull off a realistic stumble
Acting: Believing it is half the battle sometimes.
Acting: Imitation is hard!
Acting: Thinking on your feet
Acting: Rehearse with a friend
Acting: Taking on the role of someone you know
Acting: Mimicking Hart's Voice for Fun
Acting: Pause, allowing your audience to admire you
Acting: Regal and noble movement.
Acting: Making Simple Tasks More Impressive
Acting: Acting like a king
Acting: An enigmatic smile
Acting: Changing your voice
Acting: Keeping your costume on long term
Acting: Maintaining a regal demeanor
Acting: Acknowledging compliments from your subjects
Acting: Speaking with Confidence
Acting: Choreography
Acting: The Importance of an Understudy
Acting: Feigning confidence
Acting: Looking all important and official
Acting: Looking sad
Acting: Pretending to be excited to see somebody
Acting: Pretending to be a pair of young Lovers
Acting: Pretending that you need a cane
Acting: Acting polite and humble
Acting: Sounding like a proper politician
Acting: Talking like an actor on a stage
Acting x1 ([Warrick] A Boast in Cups)
Acting x4 (Free drinks!)
Alchemy: 102
Alchemy: Another Form of Art
Alchemy: Needs A Binding Liquid
Alchemy: Process Depends On The Material
Alchemy: Reagent Needs To Be Added At Creation Stage
Alchemy: Very, Very Dangerous
Alchemy: Doesn't require an initiation
Alchemy: Binders: Used to combine reagents that normally negate each other
Alchemy: Different reagents can have the same effect
Alchemy: Different types of triggers
Alchemy: Kind of like cooking
Alchemy: Safety is important!
Alchemy: Making living light sources
Alchemy: Use specialized equipment, not your kitchen
Alchemy: Explosions are dangerous if you don't know what you are doing
Alchemy: Color Changing Techniques
Alchemy: Misty Miasma Elements Only Work Well There
Alchemy: Finished Misty Miasma Products Work Anywhere
Alchemy: Obtaining Your Own Materials Takes Physical Work
Alchemy: The Surprising Versatility of Slug Slime
Alchemy: Slugs' Foods Affect the Properties of Slugs' Slime
Alchemy: Some knowledge of chemistry and mathematics is required
Alchemy: Coming up with your own reagents
Alchemy: Slime is a near perfect binder
Alchemy: Using phosphorescent crystals to make things glow in the dark
Alchemy: Reagents can also be added to the finished product
Alchemy: Making a paint out of reagents
Alchemy: Using a trigger
Alchemy: Making a box that is both fireproof and nearly invisible
Alchemy: Some reagents require a primer
Alchemy: Using an accelerant in order to speed up a reaction
Alchemy: Using a sealer before adding another effect
Alchemy: Using the wrong amount of something can lead to explosions
Alchemy: You don't always have to plan everything out
Alchemy: Honey as a binder
Alchemy: Using dirty equipment is not advised
Alchemy: When brewing a potion, make sure that the ingredients are safe for consumption
Alchemy: Naf-rush as an accelerant
Alchemy: Brewing a potion that makes you feel warm inside
Alchemy: Burning ice
Alchemy: Golden Salamander acid makes things fireproof
Alchemy: Alchemy isn't alchemy without explosions
Alchemy: How to turn yourself blue
Alchemy: Reagent: Dog's hair
Alchemy: You never know if something is a reagent until you test it
Alchemy: Harvesting crystals for alchemy
Alchemy: A potion that enables you to speak Common fluently?
Alchemy: Potions are always temporary
Alchemy x13 (Test subjects wanted!)
Alchemy x3 (Pepper Explosion)
Alchemy: Might allow you to make an anti-seasickness potion
Alchemy x3 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge One)
Alchemy x2 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Two)
Alchemy x2 (Mistral)
Alchemy x3 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Three)
Alchemy x10 (To Speak With Spirits (Tristan))
Alchemy: Always using a binder, just in case, is a good idea
Alchemy: A potion with a cooling effect
Alchemy: Using Stormdust to make cloth shimmer
Alchemy: Using Stormflowers to give cloth a floral smell
Alchemy: Using dirty equipment is a bad idea
Alchemy: Definition of a primer
Alchemy: A potion that boosts your immune system
Alchemy: Making potions sparkle
Alchemy: Definition of a metabolizer
Alchemy: Using fresh equipment for each step to prevent unwanted effects
Alchemy: The primer needs to dry before you apply the other reagents
Alchemy: Photosensitive triggers activate an effect under certain lighting conditions
Alchemy: Transferring the color-changing properties of the Hibiscus mutabilis to a toy
Alchemy: Potion of General Wellbeing
Alchemy: Alcohol increases a potion’s shelf life
Alchemy: Trisader Warm Relief
Alchemy: Not every binder works equally well for every product
Alchemy: Cani’sliwa seeds can be used to make night-light powder
Animal Husbandry: 12
Animal Husbandry: Characteristics of slugs
Animal Husbandry: Animals can get depressed, too!
Animal Husbandry: Cats like boxes
Animal Husbandry: Introducing your pets to each other
Animal Husbandry: Cats don't always come when you tell them to
Animal Husbandry: Kneading is a sign that a cat likes you
Animal Husbandry: Cats purr when they are happy and Content
Animal Husbandry: Cats' Tails are Emotionally Demonstrative
Animal Husbandry x3 ([Raelia] Warmth for the Vanished (Tristan))
Animal Husbandry: Honey is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts
Appraisal: 1
Appraisal: How to distinguish between shoddy clothes and well-tailored clothes
Art: 19
Drawing: Mystery is Part of the Process
Painting: Acrylic paints dry quickly
Painting: Watercolour paints dry slowly
Painting: Masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder
Painting: Heroic Slaying of Shadow Beast
Painting: Subjects are Rendered Best When Memories are Fresh
Painting: The Right Shade of Red for Gore
Painting: Mixing paints
Painting: Painting a sculpture
Painting: Cleaning brushes
Art: If you use too much water when using watercolors, your paper can become soggy
Art: Thick paper is more suitable for watercolors
Art: Watercolor technique: flat wash
Art: When you use ink on watercolor, there is a risk of bleeding
Art: Using stencils
Art: Painting on wood slices
Art: Don’t use the same sponge for different paints
Art: Using glitter to make your artwork shimmer
Art: Using varnish to set your image
Blessing of Zanik: 4
Blessing of Zanik: Eye of the Beholder: Makes you look more attractive
Blessing of Zanik: Eye of the Beholder: Happens when you will it so
Blessing of Zanik: Eye of the Beholder: Surrounds you with light
Brewing: 1
Vinting: Knowing The Best Exquisite and Expensive Wines
Business Management: 12
Business Management: people panic buy when war is on the horizon
Business Management: Negotiating payment
Business Management: More or better goods equate to happier Clients
Business Management: The economic impact of freeing slaves
Business Management: The potential for a housing crisis
Business Management: Running an Event
Business Management: Running in a Tight Schedule
Business Management: Timekeeping
Business Management: Instructions for Employees
Business Management x2 (An Artist’s Touch [Svartown])
Business Management: Offering more products is good for business
Caregiving: 22
Caregiving: Asking people to watch your child while you are gone
Caregiving: Lock the door if you don't want your child to enter a certain room
Caregiving: Playing with your child
Caregiving: Giving physical comfort to a child in the wake of things beyond their maturity
Caregiving: Giving a child a toy during an event that might bore them
Caregiving x3 (The Sorrow of Death)
Caregiving x5 (The Lost Rose)
Caregiving x3 (Scandal)
Caregiving x2
Caregiving: x3
Caregiving: x1
Combat: Blades (One-Handed): 6
Blades (Sword Cane): Simple Strike
Blades (Sword Cane) : Aim for the belly
Blades (Sword Cane): Slash
Blades (Cheese knife): Thrust
Blades (Stiletto Dagger): Eye strike
Blades (Dagger): Stabbing
Combat: Ranged: 12
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): How to Aim
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): Stable Positioning
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): Use Feet to Manipulate it
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): Good for shooting things from a distance
Combat: Ranged x7 (Startup Changes)
Combat (Ranged): Pistol crossbows can be cocked without external devices
Unarmed Combat (Brawling): 3
Unarmed Combat: Recognizing The Need to Learn
Unarmed Combat: Wrestling: Freeing yourself from a prone position
Unarmed Combat: Wrestling: Making sure you're on top
Cooking: 8
Cooking: Carelessness Can Kill
Cooking: Meat Will Change Colour
Cooking: Make it Up or Follow a Recipe
Cooking: Mix Spice with Sweet
Cooking: You Can't Deep Fry Ice/Water
Cooking: Cleaning The Mess You Make Is Apart of Cooking
Cooking: Cooking People
Cooking: Using salt as a preservative
Cosmetology: 15
Cosmetology: Not all colours look good on everyone
Cosmetology: It's hard to make brown look good.
Cosmetology: How not to apply make up
Cosmetology: An appropriate outfit for the occasion
Cosmetology: Accessorizing is important
Cosmetology: Pink isn't for everybody
Cosmetology: The many uses of beards
Disguise: Looking like King Cassander for fun!
Disguise: Wearing an outfit that is out of character for you in order not to be recognized
Disguise: Changing your hair color so that people don't recognize you immediately
Cosmetology: Thick cosmetics are used to paint corpses (Converted here.)
Cosmetology x2 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Cosmetology: Cleaning your face with a toner
Cosmetology: Choosing clothes that match your eye color
Dancing: 4
Dancing: The art of twirling
Dancing: Keeping in time with your partner
Dancing: Do not step on your partner’s toes
Dancing x1 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Deception: 12
Deception: A Little Truth Goes A Long Way
Deception: When Lying, Just Keep Lying
Deception: Disguising your voice
Deception: How to hide your discomfort
Deception: Mask your true intentions with praise and admiration
Deception: Keep a few things to yourself until you are sure you can trust somebody
Deception: Lying about my daughter's mother
Deception: There is a severed head in that bag!
Deception: Lord Venora is over there!
Deception x2 ([Raelia] Warmth for the Vanished (Tristan))
Deception: Pretending that nothing has happened
Detection: 48
Detection: A dangerous tone of voice
Detection: The smell of sick-up
Detection: Why Hart But Not Quio?
Detection: Spotting someone's thoughts via their Expression
Detection: Looking out for people in disguise.
Detection: Trying to identify relationship through visual cues
Detection: Why did they close the doors?
Detection: Spotting familial traits?
Detection: Spotting familiarity
Detection: Searching for the familiar in a crowd
Detection: Seasonal differences in behaviour
Detection: Noticing when something's wrong with your child
Detection: Consider your surroundings
Detection: Noticing changes in your surroundings.
Detection: Spotting small details in your Environment
Detection: Changes in your Environment
Detection x2 (Sacrifices and Sculptures)
Detection x1 ([Oakleigh] An Introduction)
Detection x2(Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two)
Detection x1 ([Warrick] A Boast in Cups)
Detection x2 (A Shocking Encounter)
Detection x2 (An Artist’s Touch [Svartown])
Detection x1 ([Saoire Event] Tristan and Faith)
Detection: Noticing that the door is being opened
Detection: Noticing a hint of something black out of the corners of your eyes
Detection: The smell of Stormflowers
Detection: A letter that smells of lilies
Detection: Noticing that your cat wants attention
Detection: Noticing that someone looks tired
Detection: Noticing that your mother has aged
Detection x2
Detection: Noticing that your daughter is not impressed
Detection: Traces of ether trailing through someone’s goggles
Detection: Noticing signs of accelerated growth in your roses
Detection: Noticing that someone seems insecure
Detection: Flushed cheeks can be a sign that someone’s been walking quickly
Detection x2
Detection: Signs that someone is hiding something
Detection: A sign of possible discomfort
Detection: An orange glow in someone’s eyes
Detection: The smell of spring air
Discipline: 31
Discipline: Staying Calm Under Threat of the Knife
Discipline: Staying the Course
Discipline: Staying Calm When Nervous
Discipline: Doing what you should, not what you want to
Discipline: Holding Back Tears
Discipline: Compare to previous experience to remind yourself it could be weirder!
Discipline: Stopping yourself from making love to do something more important.
Discipline: Not taking your anger out on your Bodyguard
Discipline: Being calm in the face of death
Discipline: Not kissing her even though you really want to
Discipline: Refraining from touching that muscular slave
Discipline: Not jumping back even though you are afraid
Discipline: Always Wash Your Hands after Alchemical Work
Discipline: Curbing your curiosity
Discipline x2 (With a Venora, Two)
Discipline x2 (Trapped Under the Wagon Part Tree)
Discipline x1 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge One)
Discipline x1 (How to change somebody's mind)
Discipline x2 (Thunder, Part 1)
Discipline: Regaining your composure (to some extent) after receiving worrisome news about someone you care about
Discipline: Forcing yourself to focus on your work
Discipline: Regaining your calm
Discipline: Suppressing a smirk
Discipline x2
Discipline: Waiting for a hot potion to cool down
Discipline: Schooling your face into a neutral expression
Discipline: Remaining unaffected by impressive teeth
Endurance: 17
Endurance: Seasickness
Endurance: A broken nose
Endurance: Biting cold
Endurance: The pain of impending unconsciousness
Endurance: Losing the Love of Your Life
Endurance: Enduring the Ymiden heat
Endurance: Cutting Your Own Hand to Get Blood for Alchemy
Endurance: Gathering Materials for the Lab is Hard Work
Endurance: Walking through cold water
Endurance x2 (Sacrifices and Sculptures)
Endurance x1 (Trapped Under the Wagon Part Tree)
Endurance x2 (A Shocking Encounter)
Endurance x1 (Meow!)
Endurance: Writing for a long period of time can make your hand hurt
Endurance: Gardening can be exhausting, too!
Engineering: 2
Construction: Requirements to Make a Sitting Room into a Laboratory
Engineering: Marking out a border using rope
Etiquette: 103
Etiquette: The art of making an entrance.
Etiquette: A noble bow
Etiquette: How to hold a teacup
Etiquette: Always Welcome a Friend Back
Etiquette: Don't Make Suggestions Without Offers of Financial Aid
Etiquette: Helping to Look for Lost Necklace
Etiquette: Trying to Make Up for Lost Time With Hart
Etiquette: Clean Up Paint Supplies for Visits
Etiquette: Don't Touch An Injured Man's Scars
Etiquette: Food is the Best Social Accessory
Etiquette: Offer a Guest to Tell Their Story
Etiquette: Offering to Sculpt a Prosthetic Hand
Etiquette: Do not eat and speak at the same time
Etiquette: Slaves are meant to walk behind their masters
Etiquette: Fancy events tend to collect weapons from the attendees to avoid unnecessary violence
Etiquette: Congratulate the Newlyweds
Etiquette: Rynmere Symbolism: Ship Burning
Etiquette: Full Observance of Wedding Customs
Etiquette: It is not proper to dance with the help.
Etiquette: The formalities of a ball
Etiquette: Royal bow
Etiquette: Causing a scandal
Etiquette: Punching people at parties is bad manners.
Etiquette: It's good to be the king.
Etiquette: Introducing oneself to royalty
Etiquette: How to Behave at a Play
Etiquette: How to send out a proper Invitation
Etiquette: How to dress to impress
Etiquette: How to appear to be the "right man for the job"
Etiquette: Remember who is ultimately in Charge
Etiquette: Offer your guests something to eat and drink
Etiquette: Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking, even if you are bored
Etiquette: Offer your guests a chair
Etiquette: Clean up after using somebody's kitchen!
Etiquette: Being polite even if a person doesn't interest you
Etiquette: Pointing at people and asking "what" they are is impolite!
Etiquette: Introducing people
Etiquette: Offering your guests something to drink
Etiquette: Some things are more important than making love to savages
Etiquette: Apologise if you hurt someone
Etiquette: Giving the visitors of your exhibition Attention
Etiquette: As a duke you can’t just leave an event you were invited to
Etiquette: Is like playing a game sometimes
Etiquette: Don't eat all the food!
Etiquette: Exchanging pleasantries
Etiquette: Congratulating a couple on their relationship
Etiquette: At home you don't have to worry about etiquette
Etiquette: It's unbecoming of a duke to rush towards someone
Etiquette: If somebody has an accident because of you, you should apologize!
Etiquette: Offerring somebody who looks thirsty a drink
Etiquette: A duke can't just walk everywhere
Etiquette: A baroness is expected to curtsy when meeting a duke
Etiquette: If you attend an important event, dress well!
Etiquette: Don't treat your bodyguards like accessories!
Etiquette: Pregnancy is a reason not to curtsy
Etiquette: Offering people the food they like
Etiquette: Welcoming a noble visitor
Etiquette: Wearing appropriate clothing
Etiquette: Cleaning your hands with your shirts is practical, not bad manners!
Etiquette: Staring is impolite
Etiquette: How to comport yourself in front of an Immortal
Etiquette: Smiling
Etiquette: Shaking hands
Etiquette: Introducing yourself to a stranger
Etiquette: Inviting somebody into your home
Etiquette: Accepting an invitation
Etiquette: Not jumping up and interrupting a speech
Etiquette: The guest receives their food first
Etiquette x2 (Thunder, Part 1)
Etiquette: Don't make someone stand while you tell a long story
Etiquette: When meeting new people, don't ignore the less important person
Etiquette: Bowing deeply and respectfully to an Immortal
Etiquette: Family members don’t have to call each other by their titles
Etiquette: Don’t stare at people when they say something surprising
Etiquette x2 (The Sleeping Heart Stirs)
Etiquette: Be nice to your customers!
Etiquette x7 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Etiquette: Hand-kissing
Etiquette: Assisting a lady into her chair
Etiquette: Flirting with a father in front of his child is inappropriate
Etiquette x2
Etiquette: Don’t do business in the hallway!
Etiquette: Don’t just touch things in a shop
Etiquette x2
Etiquette: Respecting your elders is important
Etiquette: It’s impolite not to greet a visitor
Etiquette: Don’t talk about your one-night stand without that person’s consent!
Etiquette: Calling a chest a person can be offensive
Etiquette: Making sure your gift is appropriate
Etiquette: Don’t explore someone’s home without their permission!
Etiquette: Respecting religious rituals
Etiquette: Public nudity is frowned upon
Etiquette: Respecting someone’s gender identity is important
Field Craft: 3
Field Craft: Many Necessities Can be Improvised
Field Craft: Weapons, Bandages, Containers and Water (or Wine!)
Field Craft: Weather Often Determines Where to Search for Something
Gambling: 1
Gambling: Use Quio for a Drinking Wager?
Gardening: 60
Gardening x5 (The Lost Rose)
Gardening x8 (Gardener's Delight)
Gardening x9 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Two)
Gardening x2 (Mistral)
Gardening x1 (Thunder, Part 1)
Gardening x2 (Little Tree)
Gardening x4 (The Sleeping Heart Stirs)
Gardening: Peppermint needs approximately six breaks of direct sunlight per trial
Gardening: Turn potted plants regularly so that every side gets an equal amount of sunlight
Gardening: It takes longer to grow roses from seeds
Gardening: Rose seeds need to germinate before planting
Gardening: Cold stratification
Gardening: Rose seeds typically don’t sprout unless they are kept in cold and wet conditions
Gardening: Sometimes seeds sprout if you just bury them in the ground
Gardening: Roses need sunlight
Gardening: How to grow plants in an unheated greenhouse in winter
Gardening: Greenhouses can be heated with a wood burning stove
Gardening: Planting bulbs
Gardening: Repotting roses
Gardening: Too much water can be harmful
Gardening: Mulch evens out rapid temperature changes and keeps weeds from growing
Gardening: Weeds compete with roses for moisture
Gardening: Regularly checking your plants for signs of disease is important
Gardening: Radish, parsley and spinach seeds can be sown soon after the last frost
Gardening: Harvesting hibiscus blossoms
Gardening: Drying hibiscus blossoms in an oven
Gardening: Using seed plates to identify seeds
Gardening: Using trays to germinate seeds
Gardening: Using a watering tin with a rose attachment to mimic rainfall
Gardening: The warmer and more humid the air is, the quicker the seeds germinate
Gardening: Plants of the same family have similar traits
Gardening: A greenhouse provides a stable atmosphere for seeds to grow
Gardening: How to sow radish seeds
Gardening: Keeping the soil consistently moist to ensure even growth
Gardening: How to sow carrot seeds
Gardening: Carnivorous plants attract flies
Intelligence: 11
Intelligence: The Mercenary Knows Faith
Intelligence: Can words be code for other things?
Intelligence: The current situation in Rharne (Cold Cycle 721)
Intelligence x8
Intimidation: 8
Intimidation: Battle Cry!
Intimidation: Tell them how skilled you are
Intimidation x4 (The Morning After with a Venora)
Intimidation x2(Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two)
Intimidation x2 (Scandal)
Investigation: 23
Investigation: Identifying when someone is part of a bigger plot.
Investigation: Can cause a thrill of excitement.
Investigation: Try and get clues in
Investigation: Use your contacts
Investigation: A missing sculpture
Investigation x5 (The Lost Rose
Investigation: If you don't know where somebody lives, have somebody look for them
Interrogation: Ask Questions When They Can't Leave
Interrogation: Interrogating a potential employee
Interrogation: Asking direct Questions
Interrogation: Interrogating a new slave
Interrogation x4 ([Raelia] Warmth for the Vanished (Tristan))
Interrogation x3 (The Morning After with a Venora)
Investigation: Formulating a hypothesis
Leadership: 32
Leadership: Giving credit where credit is due
Leadership: A well-placed compliment can reinforce good behaviour
Leadership: Too many compliments can result in bad behaviour
Leadership: How to lead with a sense of humour
Leadership: Always have a backup plan
Leadership: Stating your position
Leadership: Maintaining democracy in discussion
Leadership: Ensuring that your subjects know what you said. AND what you meant
Leadership: How to delegate
Leadership: Leading a group conversation
Leadership: Troops need a good commander
Leadership: Shouting directives to companions
Leadership: Giving a slave orders
Leadership: Interacting with your subjects
Leadership x2 (Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two)
Leadership x5 (How to change somebody's mind)
Leadership x1 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Three)
Leadership x3 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Leadership: A good leader works for the people and with them
Leadership x5
Leadership: Making people keep their distance
Linguistics: 13
Linguistics: Words Affect Opinion
Linguistics: The difficulties of talking to somebody who doesn't speak Common well
Linguistics: Asking somebody to write something down in their native language in order to have it translated later on
Linguistics: Certain names just sound better!
Linguistics: The language of wine
Linguistics: Certain terms just don't make sense!
Linguistics: Words don't always mean what you think they mean
Linguistics: Nicknames
Linguistics: Languages Change Over Generations of Use
Linguistics: Practice Makes Perfect
Linguistics: The Fluidity of Languages Bring Similarities and Differences
Linguistics: Tonal Patterns Denote Questions in Most Languages
Linguistics: With Enough Use, Improper Words Can Replace Proper Ones
Logistics: 18
Logistics: How to plan an efficient work schedule
Logistics: All The Needs of a Sculptor's Studio
Logistics: Guards' Arrival Won't Save You
Logistics: Marriage Plans
Logistics: Time to Hire a Bodyguard?
Logistics: Planning to present
Logistics: Delivering a package to somebody whose address you don't know
Logistics: Planning for what happens after the abolition of slavery
Logistics: Trained Cats Make Good Collectors of Small items
Logistics: The Logistics of Helping the Poor
Logistics x1 (Thunder, Part 1)
Logistics x3 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Logistics: Preparing a business dinner that is meant to combat xenophobia
Logistics x2
Logistics: Making preparations for a visitor
Mathematics: 1
Mathematics: Calculating Your Salary
Mount (Horse): 15
Mount (Horse): Mounting a horse
Mount (Horse): In order to get your horse to move, press your knees against its sides
Mount (Horse): Following someone
Mount (Horse) x8 (Trapped Under The Wagon, Part One (Tristan))
Mount (Horse) x2(Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two)
Mount (Horse) x1 (Trapped Under the Wagon Part Tree)
Mount (Horse) x1 (An Artist’s Touch [Svartown])
Musical Instrument: Keyboard: 12
Musical Instrument: Keyboard x5
Musical Instrument: Keyboard x7 (Startup Changes)
Politics: 111
Politics: Using a man’s weakness against him
Politics: Power can be gained by debts others owe you
Politics: It's good to be the king. But it's also restrictive
Politics: The noble art of causing a scandal!
Politics: Wild stories might not be your best bet, politically
Politics: When someone opposes you, challenge their standpoint
Politics: The status quo is hard to break
Politics: Nobility is unlikely to break the status quo
Politics: How you look is often more important than it should be
Politics: Who a duke associates with
Politics: Uprisings are usually noticeable
Politics: Seeking an audience with king might put him in danger
Politics: If you are a politician, it’s a good idea to actually know something about politics
Politics: Dukes aren’t the only ones that are busy!
Politics: Loyalty is important
Politics: Consider other people’s opinion before making an important decision
Politics: Don't tell your fellow nobles how little you know about politics
Politics: Spreading Personal Rumors About the King
Politics: Investing in cultural projects to make your subjects like you better
Politics: A duke needs a wife
Politics: Being a duke isn't always easy
Politics: Rynmere politics are a mess!
Politics: Abolishing slavery
Politics: My appointment is controversial!
Politics: Getting to know your subjects better is a good idea
Politics: People seem to be very interested in the private life of politicians
Politics: Balancing personal goals with title requirements
Politics: Magic is illegal in Rynmere
Politics: Regularly visting the capital in order to catch up on the latest developments
Politics: Considering the consequences of political choices
Politics: In the current political climate it’s better to be careful
Politics: Don’t anger your allies
Politics: If I don't get married, the king might take away my duchy!
Politics: Delegating is a good idea
Politics: As a politician you often have to deal with boring people
Politics: Use locals to govern locals
Politics: Make people owe you before putting them in power
Politics: Make people you trust your advisors!
Politics: Advisors shouldn't say yes to everything, but challenge you
Politics: Magicism: Like racism, but against mages
Politics: Some people are just too afraid to speak their mind
Politics: Somebody who abused their children shouldn't rule a duchy
Politics: Political asylum in Oakleigh for mages?
Politics: Changing the law doesn't automatically change what people think
Politics: Cassander needs to change or step down
Politics: If the king has no successor, there might be a civil war
Politics: I should be king
Politics: The current situation in Rynmere sucks
Politics: People have to listen to the Empress
Politics: A successful duke needs allies
Politics: Politicial allegiances must be carefully negotiated
Politics: Sometimes it's best to be honest
Politics: Politics is acting
Politics: The first rule of politics
Politics: Ryncest: The reason why so many nobles look alike?
Politics: Political corectness vs. the truth
Politics: If I hadn't become a Duke, I would still have become a Baron
Politics: Getting to know the heir of a duchy better is a good idea
Politics: It's a good idea to be on civil terms with your fellow nobles
Politics: Reading up on the history of your duchy is important
Politics: I should probably change my name to "Oakleigh" sometime
Politics: Have fun first, talk about politics later
Politics: Doing business with a fellow noble
Politics: Wear the colour of your House!
Politics: Clothing as a form of silent protest
Politics: What a Duke is and does
Politics: Helping the poor is a good idea
Politics: Marriage is an Important Part of Rynmere Politics
Politics: Not all Rules Make a lot of Money
Politics: Speak up on any issue you see concerning public officials and programs
Politics - Contact: Kura, Diplomat Councilor of Scalvoris
Politics: Talking to your subjects
Politics: Treating important guests well
Politics: Starting a rebellion when you only have a couple of mercenaries is a bad idea
Politics: Can drive you insane
Politics: If you take a leave of absence, make sure to have a replacement
Politics: If you don't know what to do, ask somebody for advice
Politics: Criticizing the king can be dangerous
Politics: Trade sanctions might force the king to reconsider
Politics: People want to kill the king all the time
Politics x3 (Scandal)
Politics x2 (A Petition)
Politics x3 (To Speak With Spirits (Tristan))
Politics x5 (The Sleeping Heart Stirs)
Politics: An influx of refugees can cause political tensions
Politics: Isolationism rarely works out in the long run
Politics: The political effects of rumors
Politics: How to gain control of the rumors about you
Politics: How to use a certain rumor to further your political agenda
Politics x5
Politics x8
Psychology: 17
Psychology: When You Realize Your Questions May Be Too Much
Psychology: The Need to be Admired More
Psychology: It's good to be king.
Psychology: Appearances can be deceiving
Psychology: You won't get anywhere without being brave every once in a while
Psychology: Feeling humbled all the time isn't good for your mental health
Psychology: Babies understand more than you think
Psychology: Some people like being slaves
Psychology: Feeling worried about your companions can lead to guilt
Psychology: Aim for minimal bloodshed
Psychology x1 (With a Venora, Two)
Sociology: Eavesdropping
Sociology: Everything's Better With a Drink
Sociology: Insulting Someone Through Someone Else
Sociology: "Slumming" in a Commoner Tavern
Sociology: A Friend Will Help Gather Slugs
Sociology: Odd Alchemy Ingredients Draws Peoples' Interest
Research: 12
Research: Why Ynidra became a cannibal
Research: Interviewing somebody for a Play
Research x5 (Research)
Research x4 (Little Tree)
Research: Experimentation involves a lot of trial and error
Resistance: 13
Resistance: Developing a tolerance for alcohol
Resistance: Increasing your alcohol intake at a party
Resistance: Wine: Regular drinking lessens the effects
Resistance: Increasing intake of alcohol improves resistance
Resistance x1 (Free drinks!)
Resistance x6 (Startup Changes)
Resistance: Being around someone with a cold
Resistance: Proper hygiene makes it easier to resist diseases
Science: 14
Chemistry: Phosphorescence vs. fluorescence
Chemistry: It’s important to use just the right amount of a chemical
Chemistry: Chemical: Calcium Carbide
Chemistry x3 (Pepper Explosion)
Chemistry x2 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge One)
Science x3 (Startup Changes)
Science: Friction creates heat
Science: Salt and charcoal are natural desiccants
Science: How calcium carbide reacts with water
Sculpting: 70
Sculpting: Starting with a basic shape
Sculpting: People are most common
Sculpting: Using a Rasp
Sculpting: Using a Riffler
Sculpting: Different stands out
Sculpting: Tools are used for fine Details
Sculpting: Polishing
Sculpting: Different Finishes for Stone
Sculpting: Making a clay bust
Sculpting Technique: Lifecasting
Sculpting: Where to find clay (KD)
Sculpting: The purpose of an armature
Sculpting: How to cover an armature with clay
Sculpting: The purpose of fine tip and broad tip tools
Sculpting : How to add increase realism through texture
Sculpting: The purpose of baking sculptures in the oven
Sculpting: Fired ceramic pieces are extremely porous
Sculpting: The purpose of primer
Sculpting: Stone sculptures are less forgiving than clay sculptures
Sculpting: Difficult to please everyone
Sculpting: Base as a Counter-Balance
Sculpting: Working with marble
Sculpting: Can take a lot of strength
Sculpting: Making a realistic sculpture
Sculpting: Galatea: My capstone ability allows me to make moving sculptures
Sculpting: Artistic license
Sculpting: Last-minute changes
Sculpting: A sculpture that looks like a severed head
Sculpting: A Sessfiend sculpture
Sculpting: Drawing inspiration from real events
Sculpting: Sometimes you get carried away
Sculpting: Peake 2.0
Sculpting: Working for a difficult client
Sculpting: Branching out and making prosthetics
Sculpting: Sometimes sculptures don't reflect reality
Sculpting: Collaborating with another sculptor
Sculpting: Letting your chisel guide you
Sculpting: Letting your feelings influence you
Sculpting: Adding unique touches
Sculpting: A sculpture whose facial expression changes
Sculpting: Kneading clay to remove bubbles
Sculpting: Sculpting from memory
Sculpting: Sculpting fabric
Sculpting: Modifying an existing sculpture
Sculpting: Working with a hammer and a chisel
Sculpting: A moving sculpture of a Knight
Sculpting: Ice Sculpting: Requires special tools
Sculpting x4 (Sacrifices and Sculptures)
Sculpting x2 (Stubby Legs)
Sculpting x5 (Meow!)
Sculpting x10
Sculpting: Polishing with sandpaper
Sculpting: Using polishing powder to create a shine
Seafaring: 11
Seafaring: Crow’s-nest
Seafaring x10
Seduction: 38
Seduction: Levels of Intimacy
Seduction: Compliments
Seduction: Using your eyes (KD)
Seduction: Liquor helps
Seduction: Being noble helps
Seduction: Make eye contact to build connection
Seduction: How to make a suggestive remark
Seduction: Sometimes just being You is enough
Seduction: Have a clean House before Hanky-Panky
Seduction: Being impossible to resist
Seduction: Leaning in for a kiss
Seduction: The sudden kiss
Seduction: Secret whispers
Seduction: Ask her name, girls like that.
Seduction: You've got the moves and you know it.
Seduction: Give them what they want ~ twice if it's thumbs.
Seduction: Tell her you've never met anyone like her
Seduction: More difficult when she doesn't speak your language
Seduction: When communication fails, kiss her
Seduction: Be gentle
Seduction: Ask her name......
Seduction: Whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
Seduction: Tell her you have a lot in common
Seduction: Treat her like a lady
Seduction: Going somewhere private is a good idea
Seduction: Kiss her and lie her down
Seduction: Pulling her close and kissing her
Seduction: Telling her that she's the best thing that has happened to you
Seduction: Asking her if you may kiss her
Seduction: Looking into her eyes
Seduction: You are allowed to have more than one Lover
Seduction: Wild girls are great!
Seduction: Taking a woman into your arms and kissing her
Seduction: Telling a woman that she looks Beautiful
Seduction x2 (Sacrifices and Sculptures)
Seduction x2 (Trapped Under the Wagon Part Tree)
Socialization: 140
Persuasion: Women like gifts
Persuasion: How to appeal to another’s self-interest
Persuasion: Promising to Forget the Whole Thing
Persuasion: The Authority to Okay the Ransom
Persuasion: Don't Hesitate to Drop Names as References
Persuasion: Your side of the story
Persuasion: Appeal to what they want!
Persuasion: Reminding people of past successes
Persuasion: Point out the positives
Persuasion: Ask about the good bits
Persuasion: Appealing to a woman's maternal Feelings
Persuasion: Trying to persuade somebody to work for you
Persuasion: The use of non-verbal communication
Persuasion: Use simple, shared language.
Persuasion: Why we should leave, now.
Persuasion: It was one question!
Persuasion: Laying out your beliefs for what should be
Persuasion: Responding to criticism with your own viewpoint
Persuasion: You can tell me, I'm family!
Persuasion: Save me!
Persuasion: Let me steal you away
Persuasion: Fight well, and I'll treat you well
Persuasion: Keeping a Modest Home Endears You to Commoners
Persuasion: Being humble helps
Persuasion: Flattering people helps
Persuasion: Dumping a potion into the water supply might persuade people to like you better
Persuasion: If you want to persuade somebody to do business with you, show interest in their work
Persuasion: Asking people what might persuade them to do business with you
Persuasion: Persuading somebody occasionally takes time
Persuasion: Tempting someone with delicious food
Persuasion: If someone is unsure, tell them that it isn't as hard as it sounds
Persuasion: If someone is afraid of horses, offer to cover the horsiest parts
Persuasion: You don't really know if you like something until you try it out
Persuasion: Persuading your subjects to like you better
Persuasion: Trying to convince someone that you are not scheming
Persuasion: Do you want to see more of my work?
Persuasion: It's not magic, it's science!
Persuasion x10 (The Morning After with a Venora)
Persuasion x5 (The Lost Rose)
Persuasion x1(Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two)
Persuasion x7 (With a Venora, Two)
Persuasion x6 ([Warrick] A Boast in Cups)
Persuasion x3 (Free drinks!)
Persuasion x3 (A Shocking Encounter)
Persuasion x5 (A Petition)
Persuasion: If you want someone to attend your wedding, offering to pay their travel expenses helps
Persuasion x2 (To Speak With Spirits (Tristan))
Negotiation: Concessions to Ensure no Accidental Harm
Negotiation: Offers of Help With Marriage Plans
Negotiation: Offers of Money to a Mercenary Enemy
Negotiation: A Prosthetic Hand for Squire Service
Negotiation: Offering Coins advertises how much you have
Negotiation: When they want your thumbs, offer your toes
Negotiation: Give a little, take a little
Negotiation: Flatter, it doesn't do any harm
Negotiation: The nature of reality is important
Negotiation: Start with the easy things
Negotiation: State what you can offer
Negotation: Ask them what they need
Negotiation: Medicine is more important than luxury goods
Negotiation x3 (Scandal)
Socialization: Holding the attention of a Group
Socialization: Inviting Yourself into Another's Conversation
Socialization: Small talk
Socialization: A conversation with a savage
Socialization: Giving complements
Socialization: Welcoming a guest
Socialization: Children are usually a safe topic to talk About
Socialization x4 ([Raelia] Warmth for the Vanished (Tristan))
Socialization x4 (The Sorrow of Death
Socialization x7 ([Oakleigh] An Introduction)
Socialization x12 ([Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band)
Socialization x3
Socialization: Sociology: The causes of xenophobia
Socialization: Assuring someone that they wouldn’t impose on you
Socialization: Food can help persuade people to work together
Socialization x2
Socialization: Proposing a solution that makes everyone happy
Socialization: Persuading someone by claiming you are doing it for them
Stealth: 5
Stealth: Sometimes, hiding makes you obvious
Stealth: Moving quietly through empty corridors
Stealth: Sneaking away
Stealth: Looking for something to hide behind
Stealth: Walking on your tiptoes
Storytelling: 29
Storytelling: Thinking on your feet can work!
Storytelling: A little exaggeration goes a long way
Storytelling: All About Hart and Ruq
Storytelling: Speculation About the Hound's Controller
Storytelling: Realism is less important than Excitement
Storytelling: Wild tales to spread rumours
Storytelling: Giving evidence
Storytelling: Keeping it factual
Storytelling: Telling a story and not leaving anything out
Storytelling: The story of Peake Andaris
Storytelling: My adventure in the Misty Miasma
Storytelling: My cousin's lovelife
Storytelling: How I met a cannibal
Storytelling: What cats talk about
Storytelling: What the Misty Miasma is like
Storytelling x2 (Trapped Under the Wagon Part Tree)
Storytelling: If you want your story to make someone happy, don't mention the human sacrifices
Storytelling: How I met Ziell
Storytelling x5 (A Petition)
Storytelling: How Winston met Chest
Storytelling: How I rescued the Mokou Tree
Storytelling: Using a tone that matches the story
Storytelling: Vri’s Wedding
Storytelling: Pauses help the audience process what you said
Strength: 17
Strength: Dragging heavy objects
Strength: Heavy Lifting
Strength: Hitting stone with a hammer and a chisel
Strength: Carrying a bag full of sculptures
Strength: Pushing a sculpture hard
Strength x2 (A Shocking Encounter)
Strength x1 ([Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Three)
Strength x4 (Stubby Legs)
Strength: Carrying a heavy suitcase
Strength x2
Strength: Using force in order to efficiently clean something
Strength: Digging up rocks
Swimming: 1
Swimming: More interesting in dreams than the waking world.
Tactics: 5
Tactics: To avoid an unpleasant marriage, make yourself seem even less pleasant
Tactics: Hide evidence which might make you appear like a murderer!
Tactics x3
Teaching: 19
Teaching: It is important to confirm your student has understood the lesson
Teaching: Be available to help as needed
Teaching: Let the student attempt it on their own before providing your critique
Teaching: An enthusiastic student is a good student
Teaching: How to illustrate a point through a story
Teaching: How to teach by example
Teaching: Even Casual Talk on a Subject Can Impart Knowledge
Teaching: Explaining things to a child
Teaching: Speaking clearly and with simple words to a child
Teaching x2 (Trapped Under The Wagon, Part One (Tristan))
Teaching: Explaining things that might be unclear before people ask about them
Teaching: Assessing a student’s prior knowledge
Teaching: Considering a student’s interests
Teaching: Learning by doing is an effective teaching method
Teaching: It’s important that you explain things clearly
Teaching: Taking your student’s level of knowledge into consideration
Teaching: Giving compliments when it makes sense
Teaching: Giving your student the opportunity to ask questions after the lesson
Writing: 45
Writing: Planning a Story
Writing: Edit, edit, edit
Writing: Write what you know
Writing: Playwriting
Writing: Comedies
Writing: Dramas
Writing: Writing a simple plot
Writing: Believable Characters
Writing: Dialog
Writing: Antagonist
Writing: Protagonist
Writing: Vary your genre for maximum impact
Writing: Turn the mundane into the extraordinary as a plot device.
Writing: Comedy: Basic rules of writing comedy
Writing: Comedy: Sub-genres of Comedy
Writing: Comedy requires real attention to detail
Writing: Editing after a space of time can lead to being over critical
Writing: Knowing when to stop editing
Writing: Read over your text to make sure it doesn't contain any spelling errors
Writing: Writing a letter
Writing: Drawing inspiration from real events
Writing: Drawing inspiration from music
Writing: Coming up with ideas can be hard sometimes!
Writing: A play about a Naerikk
Writing: A play that has everything!
Writing: Writing Instructions
Writing x1 (Research)
Writing x1 (An Artist’s Touch [Svartown])
Writing x1 ([Saoire Event] Tristan and Faith)
Writing: Taking notes about your work
Rhetoric: tell them that you're great, they already know it!
Rhetoric: Family Tree Details
Rhetoric: How to build a convincing argument
Rhetoric: A convincing argument cites examples:
Rhetoric: How to give a back-handed compliment
Rhetoric: How to support a point using an example
Rhetoric: Laying the foundation.
Rhetoric: Anthropomorphic animals as an analogy for life
Rhetoric: Two questions in one is still two questions.
Rhetoric: Making a strong argument
Rhetoric: Compound Questions
Rhetoric: Starting a counterpoint by softening the perceived reaction
Rhetoric: Using vivid imagery
Writing: Deciding which chapters a recipe book should have
Writing: Categorizing the recipes in a recipe book
Writing: Deciding which recipes to put into a recipe book


Alicia: Prostitute at the House of Roses
Anari Keant: Overseer of the Project
Ayla: Looks Like Faith
Ayla (NPC): My Child
Ayla: Needs My Love
Ayla: Needs My Protection
Ayla: Is her second name Rose?
Ayla: Probably a Mortalborn of Syroa (or Lisirra)
Ayla: Healthy
Ayla: Asked Valeria if she's going to be her new Mummy
Ayla: Compliance
Ayla: Developing Mortalborn Abilities
Ayla: Growing Faster
Ayla: Saw Her Mother?
Benjamin: First Time Wedding Speaker
Brandon: Burglar
Cassander Renault: Posed as a slave
Cassander & Emerson Sands: To be married
Cassander: Expects Me to Marry
Cassander’s Pet: “Harley”
Ebony Venora: Might not be entirely happy with you.
Emerson Sands: Handed you a note.
Emerson Sands: Thinks the walls have ears
Emerson Sands: Has concerns over Alistair's loyalty?
Emerson Sands: Wants you to write a play for her
Emerson Sands: Asked for donations
Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere
Emerson Sands: Wore a simple gown to the ball
Emerson Sands: Cursed?
Emerson Sands: Attended My Play
Grandmother Ebony: Not One Bit Amused!
Granny Ebony: Matchmaker and marriage arranger
Joran Magnus: Member of House Magnus
Jorg Magnus: Brother of Joran Magnus
King Cassander: Admires your Long Hair
King Cassander: Amused by the Play
King Cassander: Assassination Attempt
King Cassander: Attended My Play
King Cassander: Finds you Fashionable
King Cassander: Interested in Faith?
King Cassander: Liked the Play
Lady Jane Andaris: Runs Rynmere Theatre
Lianne: Met her at the Masked Ball
Lianne: A good dancer
Lianne: A better kisser
Lianne: Working with or for the Empress
Lianne: Would like to be an actress
Lianne: Will be having a collaboration with you.
Lily: Prostitute at the House of Roses
Lionel: Works for Aeodan now
Lucille: Enjoys sex
Lucille: Prostitute
Madame Alessa: Owns the House of Roses
Marcus Krome: Held Elyna against her will
Mistral: Leader of a Cat Gang?
Mistral: A failed necromancy experiment?
Mistral: Chased by Shadow Creatures
Mistral: Doesn't care about writing
Mistral: Likes to eat
Mistral: Can communicate very clearly
Mistral: The cat king of Rynmere?
Mistral: Likes Valeria's cat Alena
Mistral: Loves catnip
Mistral: May be From Riabar's Misty Miasma Clan
Mistral: May be the Name of The Cat Clan's Language
Mrs Delren: Saved by your Actions
NPC: Dora Duim
NPC: Dora Duim: Beautiful
NPC: Dora Duim: Looks like Ilaren
NPC: Dora Duim: Thumb-stealing pervert with curves in all the right places
NPC: Dora Duim: Quite overwhelmed by your visit
NPC: Dora Duim: Thumb fetish
NPC: Dora Duim: Yours are the most beautiful thumbs she's ever seen.
NPC: Dora Duim: Claims thumbs are needed to shapeshift magically
NPC: Dora Duim: Really likes your thumbs (really really)
NPC: Dora Duim: Turned into a Dora-gorilla hybrid
NPC: Dora Duim: Has a dagger called "Thumblade"
NPC: Dora Duim: Is a Becomer (shapeshifting magic)
NPC: Gina: Serving Maid at Blacksmith Arms
NPC: Rufus: Proprietor of The Blacksmith Arms
NPC: Iemes, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Gallien, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Argun Doghar, one of the Oakleigh bodyguards
NPC: Thetfretr, one of the Oakleigh Bodyguards
NPC: Aukey Navok, one of the Oakleigh Bodyguards
NPC: Fern Llewellyn: columnist with the Rynmere Gazette
NPC (Fern): Not Caius Gawyne's girlfriend
NPC (Fern): lesbian
NPC: Riabar: Leader of a Felinoid Clan in the Misty Miasma
Rufus: May Have Been a Smuggler
Sol’ange: Ashling’s mother
Sol’ange: Herbalist and healer
The King: Posing as a Slave
Thetfretr: Deaf
Vanessa Krome: Not dead?
Velijorn Burhan: A rebel
Velijorn Burhan: Married to Zvezdana
Velijorn: Troops are marching on Andaris
Veljorn Burhan: Engaged to Lazuli Warrick before Zvezdana
Vidar: Historian at the House of History
Vidar: Knows Sol’ange
Warren Crossen: In The Trade of Import/Export


Aeodan: Scientist
Aeodan: Is conducting an expedition in Oakleigh
Aeodan: Is studying the Jourkadri
Aeodan: Likes Ayla
Aeodan: Would make a good babysitter
Aeon: A Veteran of the Battle for Andaris
Aeon: Fought a Two-Headed Monster Hound
Aeon: Has Many Very Real Scars
Aeon: The Monster Hound Gave Him His Scars
Aeon: A Squire Acquaintance of Faith's
Alex (Vluharqih): Short and Pretty!
Alex (Vluharqih): Doesn't Think Much of Padraig
Alex (Vluharqih): Got Stiffed On A Business Deal With Padraig
Alistair: A workaholic
Alistair: Kind only if the act benefits him
Alistair: Doesn’t care about power.
Alistair: Will be duke one day
Alistair: Posed as the king to trick Zvezdana
Alistair: Gave a speech after the Empress
Alistair Venora: Cousin
Alistair Venora: Engaged to Celeste Andaris in Saun 716
Andraska: Was in Granny Ebony's bedroom doing drugs.
Andraska: Writes clues to himself when drunk
Andraska: The sight of Andraska in a skirt and corset is something which you will never, ever, forget
Andraska: Will play a solo in your Play
Andráska: Promoted to Ouroboros Guard
Andraska: Pull through for you at the Play
Andraska: Truly gifted; The most Talented of the Venora Children?
Andráska: A Wonderful Cellist
Analyzing Spy Reports
Ashling: My fiancee
Ashling: Her horse is called Granegal
Ashling: Has a spirit companion named Kyrie
Ashling: I told her about my blessings
Atolini: My sister
Atolini: Likes to do archery and go riding
Atolini: A fletcher
Atolini: Agrees that Sintih has cool eyes
Atolini: Can be kind of rude sometimes
Beatrice: Has No Ambitions
Beatrice: Cute and Craftsy
Beatrice: Can't handle her Liquor
Caius Gawyne: In a relationship with Darcyanna Venora
Celeste Andaris: Thinks Elithem abilities are magic
Celeste Andaris: A mage attempted to assassinate her
Celeste Andaris: Saw Valeria as a threat to the lives of her and her unborn child
Celeste Andaris: Full of surprises
Celeste Andaris: I'm her favourite Oakleigh
Celeste Andaris: My new ally
Daliane: His pig (Summer Nights) likes to play hide and seek
Daliane: A vicarious Venora
Daliane: Knows the Venoras better than his own blood
Daliane: Loves Aunt Willow
Daliane: Identifies with Queen Nora
Daliane: Doesn't care for tragedies, but loves a good musical
Daliane: Thinks Vri needs a great big hug and kiss
Damon Andaris: Wine merchant
Damon Andaris: Blessed of Ilaren
Darcyanna Venora: In a relationship with Caius Gawyne
Dula: Alchemist
Dula: Mage
Dula: Doesn't speak Common fluently
Eihr: Not Hart
Eihr: Told me what happened to Hart
Eihr: Blind
Eihr: A Mortalborn of Edasha
Eihr: Has fractures
Eihr: Has not been blessed by any Immortals
Eihr: Told me that Hart was blessed by several Immortals
Eihr: Told me that Hart can fulfill wishes
Eihr: Afraid of getting things for free
Eihr: Doesn’t want to be offered money
Eihr: Wants to try and be my brother
Eihr: What he enjoys
Eihr: Would like to fly again
Ela Wolfsdotter: Has claws
Ela Wolfsdotter: Lives in a cave
Ela Wolfsdotter: Invited me
Ela Wolfsdotter: Her sister is a politician from Scalvoris
Ela Wolfsdotter: Knows Faith
Elyna: A beautiful noble woman
Elyna: Unmarried
Elyna: A Skyrider
Elyna: Has an Unapproved of Lover?
Lady Elyna: Being Held Captive
Lady Elyna: Pregnant by Marcus Krom
Elyna: Married to Marcus’ father
Elyna: Dragon Rider
Elyna's marriage to Malcolm is void
Elyna: Killed Veljorn Burhan
Elyna: Stole a dragon
Faith: Has Spunk
Faith: Healer of the Order of Adunih
Faith: I’m Still in Love With Her
Faith: Not Coming Back to Rynmere
Faith: Pregnant? Not Pregnant?
Faith: I Can’t Take Liberties
Faith: Thinks I’d be an Excellent Father
Faith: Wants me to be Happy
Faith: Wishes you well in all things
Faith: Quite the impressive sneak
Faith: Bow chicka wow wow
Faith: A very well-rounded slave
Faith: Has been approached by strangers for sexual favours
Faith: Her sole goal is to make you happy
Faith: Intelligent
Faith: Born in Athart
Faith: The story of her past slave owners
Faith: Not colourblind
Faith: Distressed and concerned for you
Faith: Took care of Mistral
Faith: Practical in an emergency
Faith: Confronts things which frighten her
Faith: Confused by Paladin
Faith: Wants you to like her as more than a person
Faith: Multifunctional woman
Faith: Afraid to be freed
Faith: Proud to be your slave
Faith: Brave
Faith: Reckless
Faith: Leapt to save you!
Faith: Cooks when worried
Faith: Changed your life
Faith: Rode a dragon (Jacadon)
Faith: Fought the undead with a frying pan
Faith: Met the King of Rynmere
Faith: Saw Emerson Sands, the Empress of Rynmere
Faith: Held the king's hand
Faith: Stole a dragon
Faith: Prepared to defend you
Faith: Recognised you
Faith: Will be honest when you instruct it
Faith: Didn’t share your dream about Jensine
Faith: Had a strange dream
Faith: Thinks your broken nose much you look “dangerous”
Faith: Had been to Athart
Faith: Wants to be Free
Faith: No Longer a Slave
Faith: Likes your Sculpting
Faith: Might Love You
Faith: The best slave you’ve ever had
Faith: Afraid of heights
Faith: Has beautiful eyes
Faith: Your protector
Faith: Brave
Faith: In Love with Padraig
Faith: Did she Ever Want You?
Faith: Loves You
Faith: Dead
Faith: Loved Me
Faith: Mother of My Child
Faith: “You Deserve to be Happy”
Faith: Alive again?
Faith: Has a friend called PB
Faith: Didn't leave Padraig
Faith: Will never leave Padraig
Faith: Still loves Padraig
Faith: Insists she isn't Ayla's mother
Faith: Probably still dead
Faith: Was blessed three times by Famula
Faith: Has a twin called Morana
Faith: Has a half sister called Reyna
Faith: Was born in Venora
Faith: Vesna Nardovino
Faith: Was sold by her parents
Faith: Wants to abolish slavery
Faith: Officer for Welfare in Scalvoris
Faith: Owns a restaurant
Faith: Really skilled in medicine
Faith: Was born on the first of Saun
Franz: From Krom
Franz: Scarred by a bear
Franz: Loves fighting
Franz: Has terms to be met, before he'll fight for you in the arena
Franz: Has a crazy relative, Kreig Messer
Franz: A man of conscience
Gray: Skilled in unarmed combat
Gray: Learned to fight from the Iron Hand
Hart: Someone who looks exactly like you
Hart: Could be your evil twin (reviewer's note: maybe it's really his cat!)
Hart: Born on a ship
Hart: Biqaj
Hart: Looks a lot like you
Hart: Gambles
Hart: Almost said too much about Ruq
Hart: Ruq has gone somewhere
Hart: Is not well
Hart: Still has Jack
Hart: May have joined the RCA (but didn't mean to)
Hart: Joined "The Alliance" a group like the RCA but worse (but he didn't mean to)
Hart: Can read feelings
Hart: Received his schooling on a ship
Hart: His mother searched for lost shipwrecks and forgotten treasure
Hart: Good with People
Hart: Replacement Duke
Hart: Probably magical
Hart: Has a daughter with Kirei
Hart: Sacrificed his ship and the ability to ever have a home
Kylar: Eyes and Fangs of a Wolf
Kylar: Lotharro
Kylar: Wolf Companion
Leech: Toymaker
Leech: Works for Master Caprice
Leech: Looks just like Faith
Leech: Is not Faith
Lorena Burhan: I kissed her
Malcolm: Professor at the university
Malcolm: Not a Murderer
Malcolm: Victim of Gazette Sensationalism
Padraig: Taller than You
Padraig: Common Man
Padraig: Pretending To Murder Him
Paladin: Faith’s Defender
Paladin: An angry man
Paladin: Idiot
Paladin: Hypocrite
PC: Sabine Qe’azour
PC: Caius Gawyne: second son of Baron Frederick Gawyne
PC: Caius Gawyne: student of creative pursuits
PC: Caius Gawyne: Printmaker
Peake Andaris: Gay?
Peake Andaris: Lost a leg
Peake: Might keep a harem of sows somewhere
Peake: A great man, in every aspect
Quio: A good kisser.
Quio: Ruq - Hart's boyfriend.
Quio: Always Seems Uneasy
Quio: Can Drink Like a Fish
Quio: Fearful of Revealing his Identity
Quio: “Iaan Krome”
Quio: “Ruq”
Rafael Warrick: A Noble in House Warrick
Rafael Warrick: Teenager
Rafael Warrick: Rescued Faith
Rafael Warrick: Son of Ned Warrick
Rafael Warrick: Faith's friend
Ruq: Speaks foreign language
Sabine: Wedding Attendee
Saeri: Accused you of trying to bribe the guards
Sinra Khan: Sintih’s employer
Sinra Khan: Wants to help me
Sinra Khan: Recommended Sintih
Sinra Khan: Mysterious
Sinra Khan: Not a noble or an influential merchant
Sinra Khan: Watched “A Royal Tragedy”
Sintih: Received my cloak and my painting
Sintih: Eidisi
Sintih: Has cool eyes
Sintih: Used to be a member of the Iron Hand
Sintih: Tactician
Sintih: My new employee
Sintih: Helpful
Sintih: Doesn't get seasick
Sintih: Likes chemistry, drawing and languages
Sintih: Knows alchemy
Sintih: Doesn't want me to find him a boyfriend or girlfriend
Sintih: Already has someone
Sintih: I asked him to be my advisor
Soren Kvistson: Proprietor of the Ox's Bellow
Soren Kvistson: Bought my sculptures
Soren Kvistson: Wronged Hart greatly
Soren Kvistson: Had no idea what his associate would do
Soren Kvistson: Might be sorry for what he did to Hart
Soren Kvistson: My new business partner
Teddy Venora: Brother
Teddy Venora: Disregards social norms
Teddy Venora: Enjoys the spotlight
Teddy Venora: Vain
Teddy Venora: Singer
Teddy Venora: In love with Lazuli Warrick
Vakhanor: Wedding Attendee
Valeria Burhan: Beautiful
Valeria Burhan: Open-minded
Valeria Burhan: Marked by Zanik
Valeria Burhan: Has a cat called Alena
Valeria Burhan: Knows that Ayla is a Mortalborn
Valeria Burhan: Better than drugs
Valeria Burhan: I want to marry her
Vluharqih: Needs Protection With An Alchemised Dress
Xander Andaris: Less outspoken than his wife
Yanahalaqah: Lady One-Eye to you
Yanahalaqah: Believes Faith manipulated you
Yanahalaqah: Believes Faith is 'harder than stone'
Yanahalaqah: Irritated you
Yanahalaqah: Didn't want to join in with you and Dora
Yanahalaqah: Demanded your Money
Zvezdana: Your cousin
Zvezdana: Aunt Willow's daughter
Zvezdana: Was rude to the king
Zvezdana Venora: Cousin
Zvezdana Venora: Married Veljorn Burhan during Saun 716
Zvezdana Venora: In love with Veljorn Burhan
Zvezdana Venora: Ambitious
Zvezdana Venora: The story of her meeting with Veljorn


Aelig: Illusion and Chaos
Aelig: Responsible for Faith’s Death
Fensalir: Location: The House of History
Ilaren: Noticed you
Ilaren: Good in the Sack
Ilaren: Impressive Fighter
Ilaren: Likes a good Story
Ilaren: Lives in Rharne
Ilaren: Zanik's ally
Ilaren: Has A Task For You
Immortals: Care about your soul and the rumbly in your tumbly
Immortals: Really should do something about how messy dead people are
Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
Immortal: U'frek
Immortal: Xiur
Immortal: Moseke
Immortal: Yvithia
Immortal: Qylios
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ymiden
Immortal: Ethelynda
Immortal: Jesine
Immortal: Faldrun
Immortal: Karem
Immortal: Aelig
Immortal: Zanik
Jensine: Visited you in a dream?
Immortal: Syroa: Immortal of Transformation and Fury
Jesine: Pretty
Karem: Immortal of Hunting
Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present
Moseke: Touched Faith's cheek
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
Saoire: Immortal of Gifts
Zanik: Immortal of Music
Ziell: Immortal of Peace, Prophecy, and Winter


City: Etzos
Etzos: City of Stones
Etzos: Exports Gems and Rare Minerals
Etzos: Founding History
Etzos: High Marshal Parhn
Location: The Fighting Pits (KD)
Location: Tristan’s Workshop
Location: Blacksmiths Arms
Location: The House of Roses
Location: Rynmere – Lowtown
Location; U’frek’s ship
Location: Ne’haer
Location: Rynmere Docks
Location: Ne'haer
Location: Scalvoris
Location: Rynmere Theatre
Location: Sabaissant
Location: Dora Duim's house
Location: Berwick
Location: Eastern Settlement
Location: Oakleigh
Location: Welles
Location: Ilaren's Tavern (Unknown)
Location: Scaltoth Jungles
Melrath: Location: Erna's Inn
Misty Miasma: A New Look Often Overlays the Existing Landscape
Misty Miasma: Sudden Mist and Dizziness are Signs of its Manifestation
Misty Miasma: What Resides in the Landscape is Greatly Changed
Misty Miasma: You Must Do a Task for a Resident Before You Can Leave
Misty Miasma: You Leave After Completing Your Task And Going to Sleep
Misty Miasma: You Wake Up Back in Idalos
Miasty Miasma Fauna: Needle Midges
Misty Miasma Flora: Brummafern
Misty Miasma Flora: Diplomat Scroll Lily
Ne'haer: City of Religious Tolerance
Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Shop Keepers Are Indebted To Tristan
Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
Oakleigh: Creates Wine
Rharne: Has Good Wine
The House of History in Fensalir: Has collections of historical items
The House of History in Fensalir: Has collections of old books, papers and scrolls
The House of History in Fensalir: Tardy elderly staff who tell lenghty stories
The Old Ruins in Fensalir: By tradition a no go zone
The Old Ruins in Fensalir: The Ydalir warned people to stay away from them
The Old Ruins in Fensalir: In the old times people disappeared there
The Old Ruins in Fensalir: In the old times some come back with changed minds
The Old Ruins in Fensalir: There's "things" in the ruins …
The Ruin Garden: A plant labyrinth on a small manmade hill in the Old Ruins
The Ruin Garden: Filled with all manner of plants including extremely toxic ones


Aukari: Appear human
Basa: "L" Sound Starting First Word Usually Means a Question
Basa: More Actual Words, Less Prefixes and Suffixes
Basa: More Vowel Combinations than Omyeric
Basa: No Word is More than Four Syllables
Basa: Similar to Omyeric
Basa: Vowel Emphasis in First Word Shows Respect Level
Being a mer: interesting
Brummafern: Copies Certain Substances on Contact
Boats: Cause Seasickness
Boats: The crow’s nest is the highest part of a ship
Burhan: Makes Good Cheese
Defence: Keep windows closed
Diplomat Scroll Lily: Allows Intuitive Understanding of Languages
Diplomat Scroll Lily: Mix Blood of Different Language Speakers
Drink: Ilaren's Gold
Drug: Fairysnuff
Emea: Gathering Clues From Dreams
Fame: Beyond Borders of Rynmere
Event: A Royal Tragedy
Faction: Order of Adunih
Fear: Open Water
House Venora: History
Jourkadri: Why they cut themselves
Jourkadri: Probably extinct
Jourkadri: Used to live in Oakleigh
Language: Basa
Language: Omyeric
Lickspittle: Someone who won’t give you the time of day if they have nothing to gain
Lickspittle: Usually old, ugly, or has an ugly personality
Listening at the door: A fun pastime
Magic: Teleporting Shoes
Marble: Characteristics
Mer: Rude! Even to the king!
Monster Hound: Still Out There?
My Play: Scandalous
Needle Midges: Can Swap People's Aspects With Their Sting
Needle Midges: Insect Colors Denote What Aspects They Strip
Omyeric: Fewer Vowel Combinations than Basa
Omyeric: Similar to Basa
Organisation: Ouroboros Guard
Parents: Disapprove of his Art
PB: Is a chalk bunny
Philosophy: Nothing represents war better than a warrior
Philosophy: The definition of a ‘proper slave owner’
Philosophy: Reasons an inanimate object might respond in conversation
Philosophy: It's good to be king
Philosophy: A positive outlook can sometimes improve a bad situation
Philosophy: A master’s duty is to protect his slaves, just as a slave’s duty is to protect her master
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars
Race: Lotharro
Race: Yludih
Religion,Spirit Worship: They Ritual Sacrifices in Cylus
Religion,Spirit Worship: The Induk Vynmur
Rumour (Saun 716): Alistair Venora has a thing for Peake Andaris
Rynlism: Worships Seven Patron Saints
Rynlism: Warrick is the Patron Saint of War
Rynlism: Krome is the Patron Saint of Death
Rynmere: Current Royal Family
Rynmere: Ashan 716 Current Events
Rynmere: Noble Houses
Rynmere: Under Attack from Shadow Beasts!
Rynmere Fashion: Marilyn skirts
Rynmere fashion: Victory Curls
Self: Duke of Oakleigh
Holiday Gift: From Padraig
Saun 716 Event: Brothel “Slave” Auction
Saun 716 Event: An aukari burned down a house in Venora
Saun 716 Event: The aukari population is increasing in Rynmere
Saun: The hottest season in Rynmere
Self: Easily Seasick
Self: Blessed By Zanik
Self: Has a Reward Coming to Me
Shadow Beats: Vanish when defeated
Slaves make great spies
Slaves: Appropriate Praise
Slaves: Be Mindful of Commands
Slaves: Be Mindful of Tone
Slavery: Slaves are Less Important
Spice: Allspice
Spice: Use to Flavour Food
Substance: Drug: Heat
Substance: Drug: Fairysnuff
Substance: Fairysnuff: Minty!
Substance: Fairysnuff: You saw a dragon
Swear: “Ashan’s Balls”
Task: The immortals need your help
Task: Head to the Council of Minäih
Tension: Makes you hungry
Theatre: A Play Fit for a King
Theatre: Continuity in Appearance
The sight of two Immortals locked in battle is one not many mortals see
The hosts: were the ducal council and the king
The Oonco family: largest supplier of glassware in Oakleigh
The Ydalir: Keep records of all important operations in their archives
The Ydalir: Their older records of operations can be tricky to read
Thug Client: Dora Duim: Thumb Fetish
Thug Client: Keyne Gluck, Poor Gambler
Thug Client: Lazlo Lorendz, Outbid at Auction
Thug Client: Jack White, Flopped Actor
Thug Client: Chris Yeslan, Rival Playwright
Tristan: Wedding Attendee
Venora: Letter seal
Weapon: Crossbow
Weapons: Require Strength
Wine: Makes everything a little bit better
Women's’ Fashion: Confusing
Yludih: Shapeshifters
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Tristan Venora


CommonStarting Language000Fluent
RakahiStarting Language300Broken
GernevoirLanguage Points004Broken
ScalveenLanguage Points002Broken
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Re: Tristan Venora

Item/ Thread Renown Total
Starting Renown, Job Bonus...40
Standing where the grass is always greener141
Mistaken Identity243
The slave-girl, the lich and the Venoras....245
Dawn of the Shadow Beasts449
The Return Flight150
A Scandalous Skirt151
The Master, The Mouse, and The Muscle253
The Humble Son356
If I had met you on some journey.....1571
Two in the Crow's Nest172
A Light in the Darkness375
The Great Meeting1186
Double Trouble288
Let me not492
How to Get Information496
[Mature] In Ilaren's name, Drinks are on me!298
Things go Boom199
A Star at Night5104
The Lightning and the Rose10114
Midwinter Masks10124
Masked Ball: Slavery10134
A Royal Tragedy50184
[Global Event] Battle To The Tomb of Treid10194
Tea for Three5199
Thumb, Thumber, Thumbest10209
Tristan and the King30239
The Cat King, Part II5244
Meeting Again35281
[Oakleigh] Something about Alchemy10291
[Oakleigh] Meeting Duke Tristan20312
[Global] Drink With Me5317
Meeting the Oakleigh Venoras5322
[Global] Light and Lightning20342
Art is a Matter of Taste10352
Another Day in Andaris10362
Birds of a Feather2364
Humoring Family5369
A Meeting of Necessity (Tristan)10379
What's better than a drink?5384
The Dragon and the Rose5389
The Second Best10399
It's Just Business5404
Balls Aren't for Me.10414
Purchasing Power5419
The Hills Are Alive5424
Alchemy with Tristan and ... Padraig?!10434
Claws and Companionship5439
Full Oakleigh Alchemist5444
The Woman That Never Was5449
Money, Money, Money20469
Two Arcs Later...5474
Chasing Aelig5 points479
A Symposium in Saun+10 For speaking publicly489
Nuit Blanche10499
The Anti-Winter Potion10 good show509
Burning Ice10 burning ice is a discovery!519
Test subjects wanted!+10 (spreading the word about his cat-speech potion)529
The Sorrow of Death+10539
Sacrifices and Sculptures+5544
The Lost Rose+15559
Trapped Under The Wagon, Part One (Tristan)+5564
Trapped Under The Wagon, Part Two20 for saving a noble's life.584
[Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge One15599
Gardener's Delight10614
[Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Two15629
[Fensalir] The Tournament of Plants and Potions, Challenge Three20649
Stubby Legs5654
A Petition5659
Thunder, Part 15664
An Artist’s Touch [Svartown]5669
To Speak With Spirits (Tristan)20689
The Sleeping Heart Stirs20709
Mistral Castle10 for buying a huge house in the richest section of Rharne.719
Stormdust5 (Word can travel quickly when one makes a beautiful product!)724
[Halls of Bellinos] The Eternal Band25749
Bride and Vanity+5. For meeting someone famous and getting a nice gift from her!754
Family Reunion+5 for being a good son, and helping (whether wittingly or no) to keep Rynmere’s noble traditions alive.759
A Little Potion5, it seems that if the potions impressed her, they'll spread their popularity by word of mouth.764
Adamantite and Tienite5 for acquiring a custom weapon, one of a kind.769
Snoots II5779
Snoots III5784
From One Dog Lover To Another+10, she remembered the name and loved the gift794
The All-Taverns Tournament: Ilaren's Box20814
The All-Taverns Tournament30844
A Whisper in the Night25869
[As One River to Another] The Wages of Thalassophobia20889
As One River to Another5894
[Saoire Event 722] Winston vs Tristan5899
The First Imperial Summit15914
[Saiore's Dream] Meeting the family5919
Return and Remember15934
Ensorcelling 101: The Finale5939
Rharnean Jatorrizkoa, Part 15944
Rharnean Jatorrizkoa, Part 25949
Wealth Ledger
AdjustmentWealth TierTotal WP
Approved+ 143 WPTier 8143 WP
Zi'da 719+ 19 WPTier 8162 WP
Vhalar 719+ 20 WPTier 8182 WP
Cylus 720+ 21 WPTier 9203 WP
Ashan 720+ 25 WPTier 9228 WP
Saun 720+ 26 WPTier 10254 WP
Vhalar 720+ 28 WPTier 10282 WP
Won the Tournament of Potions+ 20 WPTier 10302 WP
Ymiden 721+ 30 WPTier 10332 WP
Tier 10 house in Rharne (50% discount)- 43 WPTier 10289 WP
Vhalar 721+ 31 WPTier 10320 WP
Vri's wedding+ 10 WPTier 10330 WP
Zi'da 721+ 32 WPTier 10362 WP
Ashan 722+ 33 WPTier 10395 WP
The All-Taverns Tournament: Infirmary+ 1 WPTier 10396 WP
The All-Taverns Tournament+ 10 WPTier 10406 WP
Saun 722+ 34 WPTier 10440 WP
A Whisper in the Night- 87 WPTier 10353 WP
Old Ledger #1
Starting Package ... 100 gn 100 gn
Dagger 3 gn - 97 gn
Glass of Venora Rose 8 sn - 96 gn 2 sn
Silk Shirt 12 gn - 84 gn 2 sn
Mug of Ale 1 sn - 84 gn 1 sn
Roast 8 cn - 84 gn 2 sn
Chisel, small 1 gn - 83 gn 2 sn
Chisel, medium 3 gn - 80 gn 2 sn
Chisel, large 5 gn - 75 gn 2 sn
Hammer, small 5 sn - 74 gn 7 sn
1 sq ft Raw Clay 12 gn - 62 gn 7 sn
Wage (Sculptor, Ashan 716) - 738 800 gn 7 sn
Expenses (Sculptor, Ashan 716) 66 gn 4sn 2 cn - 734 gn 2 sn 8 cn
2 glasses of Venora Rose 1 gn 6 sn - 732 gn 6 sn 8 cn
Wage (Playwright, Ashan 716) - 123 gn 855 gn 6 sn 8 cn
Expenses (Playwright, Ashan 716) 11 gn 7 cn - 844 gn 6 sn 1 cn
Rumour (Ymiden 716) 5 gn - 839 gn 6 sn 1 cn
2 mugs of beer 6 sn - 839 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Shirt, yelow 2 gn 4 sn - 837 gn 6 sn 1 cn
Flagon of ale 6 sn - 837 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Payment from Elyna - 3 sn 837 gn 3 sn 1 cn
Bottle of Venora Rose 6 gn - 831 gn 3 sn 1 cn
Drinks for the drunkards 20 gn - 811 gn 3 sn 1 cn
More Venora Rose 6 gn - 805 gn 3 sn 1 cn
2 glasses of Venora Rose 1 gn 6 sn - 803 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Wage (Playwright, Ymiden 716) - 83 gn 886 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Wage (Sculptor, Ymiden 716) - 498 gn 1.384 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Expenses (Sculptor, Ymiden 716) 44 gn 8 sn 2 cn - 1.349 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Glass of Venora Rose 8 sn - 1.349 gn 0 sn 9 cn
Sword Cane 40 gn - 1.309 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Faith 275 gn - 1.034 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Storage Closet (Faith's Bedroom) 70 gn - 964 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Dress (yellow) 10 gn - 954 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Undergarments (women) 5 sn - 954 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Underdress (black) 5 sn - 953 gn 8 sn 9 cn
3 dresses (black) 7 gn 5 sn - 947 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Corset (black) 5 sn - 946 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Cloak 5 gn - 941 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Shoes (Heels) 12 sn - 940 gn 6 sn 9 cn
Flats 2 sn - 940 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Lip Stain (Lipstick) 5 sn - 938 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Rouge (Blush) 2 sn - 938 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Kohl 1 gn - 937 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Eye Paint 2 gn - 935 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Face Paint 5 gn - 930 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Hair Brush 2 gn - 928 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Comb 1 gn - 927 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Silver chain 3 gn - 924 gn 7 sn 9 cn
2 silver bracelets 2 gn - 922 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Torc, silver 10 gn - 912 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Sculptor's Workshop 286 gn 2 sn - 626 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Expenses (Playwright, Ymiden 716) 7 gn 4 sn 7 cn - 619 gn 1 sn 2 cn
Mistaken Identity 3 gn - 623 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Maxos, the horse 100 gn - 523 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Common accomodation for Maxos (Saun 716) 2 gn - 521 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Wage, Sculptor (Saun 716) - 480 gn 1001 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Expenses, Sculptor (Saun 716) 115 gn 2 sn - 886 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Cooking Supplies for Faith 15 gn - 871 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Wage, Chef, Faith (Saun 716) - 180 gn 1.051 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Wage, Seamstress, Faith (Saun 716) - 120 gn 1.171 gn 3 sn 9 cn
Faith's Stuff (Vhalar 716) 43 gn 9 sn - 1.127 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Velvet vest, red 42 gn - 1.085 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Linen Pants, black 3 nn - 1.082 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Wool cloak, black 5 gn 5 sn - 1.076 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Fur trim 4 gn - 1.073 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Ankle boots 8 sn - 1.072 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Book Replacement 10 gn - 1.062 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Lucille, the Prostitute 35 gn - 1.027 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Red leather jacket 90 gn - 937 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Wage, Chef, Faith (Vhalar 716) - 676 gn 5 sn 1613 gn 6 sn 9 cn
Common accomodation for Maxos (Vhalar 716) 6 gn 1 sn 5 cn - 1607 gn 5 sn 4 cn
Wage, Sculptor (Vhalar 716) - 1845 gn 3452 gn 5 sn 4 cn
Expenses, Sculptor (Vhalar 716) 442 gn 8 sn - 3409 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Wage, Seamstress, Faith (Vhalar 716) - 615 gn 4024 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Yana 100 gn - 3924 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Morthalas 160 gn - 3764 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Saddle 25 gn - 3739 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Leather reins 8 gn - 3731 gn 7 sn 4 cn
black cotton undergarments (men) x 3 3 sn 6 cn - 3731 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Old Ledger #2
Zi'da 716 - 3731 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Dresser, small (good) - 30 gn 3701 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Medium blanket - 4 gn 3697 gn 3 sn 8 cn
2 pillows 10 gn 3687 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Land: 1375 sq ft in Andaris - 400 gn 3287 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Black cotton pants - 1 gn 8 sn 3285 gn 5 sn 8 cn
Knee boots - 1 gn 2 sn 3284 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Small table - 25 gn 3259 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Small unpadded chair (good) - 5 gn 3254 gn 3 sn 8 cn
2 medium shelves (good) - 15 gn 3239 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Kitchen cabinet (good) - 25 gn 3214 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Wooden stove (good) - 15 gn 3199 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Small bath tub (good) - 40 gn 3159 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Small mirror (good) - 10 gn 3149 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Basin stand (good) - 30 gn 3119 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Washbasin (good) - 4 gn 3115 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Olive leather jacket - 27 gn 3088 gn 3 sn 8 cn
Allspice (1 oz) - 2 cn 3088 gn 3 sn 6 cn
Mint (1 sprig) - 1 gn 3087 gn 3 sn 6 cn
Salt (1 oz) - 1 sn 3088 gn 2 sn 6 cn
Peppercorns (1 oz) - 2 gn 3086 gn 2 sn 6 cn
Bell peppers (2) - 1 sn 2 cn 3086 gn 1 sn 4 cn
Onion - 7 cn 3086 gn 0 sn 7 cn
Sweet potato - 4 cn 3086 gn 0 sn 3 cn
Ginger - 1 sn 3085 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Garlic - 8 cn 3085 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Cayenne Pepper - 4 cn 3085 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Mango - 4 cn 3085 gn 7 sn 7 cn
Apples (2) - 6 cn 3085 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Wheat flour (1 lb) - 1 gn 3084 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Cashew nuts (1 lb) - 8 sn 3083 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Sesame oil (pt) - 6 gn 3077 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Milk (gallon) - 8 sn 3077 gn 1 sn 1 cn
Sugar (1 lb) - 4 sn 3076 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Honey (pt) - 8 sn 3075 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Butter (1 lb) - 3 sn 3075 gn 6 sn 1 cn
Prime turkey meat (1 lb) - 4 gn 3071 gn 6 sn 1 cn
Olive green silk shirt - 21 gn 6 sn 3050 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Wooden basket - 6 gn 3044 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Small table (good) - 25 gn 3019 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Small frying pan - 2 gn 3017 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Small soup pot - 2 gn 3015 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Small cooking pot - 3 gn 3012 gn 0 sn 1 cn
Steak knife - 1 sn 3011 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Butter knife - 4 cn 3011 gn 8 sn 7 cn
Bread knife - 8 sn 3011 gn 0 sn 7 cn
Glass of Venora Rose - 8 sn 3010 gn 2 sn 7 cn
Silver accomodation for Maxos (Zi'da 716) - 93 gn 2917 gn 2 sn 7 cn
Global Event - 100 gn 2817 gn 2 sn 7 cn
Olive green cotton pants - 6 gn 4 sn 8 cn 2810 gn 7 sn 9 cn
Olive green velvet vest - 12 gn 6 sn 2798 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Holiday gift - 48 gn 2750 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Sold a sculpture + 30 gn 2780 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Wage, Sculptor (Zi'da 716) + 1.581 gn 4.361 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Expenses, Sculptor (Zi'da 716) - 221 gn 3 sn 4 cn 4.139 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Chemist's Kit - 115 gn 4.024 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Chainmail - 20 gn 4.004 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Hand axe - 15 gn 3.989 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Chain coif - 10 gn 3.979 gn 8 sn 5 cn
Black tweed pants - 3 gn 3 sn 3.976 gn 5 sn 5 cn
Black tweed vest - 1 gn 1 sn 3.975 gn 4 sn 5 cn
Black tweed jacket - 3 gn 3 sn 3.972 gn 1 sn 5 cn
White silk shirt - 12 gn 3.960 gn 1 sn 5 cn
A dozen eggs - 5 sn 3.959 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Golden velvet mask - 84 gn 3.875 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Black velvet vest with golden embroidery - 83 gn 5 sn 3.792 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Medium dog - 40 gn 3.752 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Wage, Sculptor (Cylus 717) + 570 gn 4.322 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Sculptor (Cylus 717) - 79 gn 8 sn 4.242 gn 3 sn 5 cn
One Arc Job Bonus (Sculptor) + 5.000 gn 9.242 gn 3 sn 5 cn
Iron filings - 1 gn 9.241 gn 3 sn 5 cn
Making alchemical fabric for Vlu + 60 gn 9.301 gn 3 sn 5 cn
-60GN for Drinks - 60 gn 9.241 gn 3 sn 5 cn
Lianne (Cylus 717) - 10 gn 9.231 gn 3 sn 5 cn
Wage, Playwright (Vhalar 716) + 1.599 gn 10.830 gn 3 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Playwright (Vhalar 716) - 223 gn 8 sn 6 cn 10.606 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Silver accomodation for Maxos (Cylus 716) - 30 gn 10.576 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Bottle of Venora Rose - 6 gn 10.570 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Snacks - 5 gn 10.565 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Payment for Yana - 77 gn 10.488 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Wage, Playwright (Zi'da 716) + 1.395 gn 11.883 gn 4 sn 9 cn
Expenses, Playwright (Zi'da 716) - 195 gn 3 sn 11.688 gn 1 sn 9 cn
1.000 surgical masks - 600 gn 11.088 gn 1 sn 9 cn
I suck at maths (made a mistake when calculating the price of Tristan's clothes and paid too much) + 75 gn 9 sn 2cn 11.164 gn 1 sn 1 cn
Flats, bright red - 3 sn 11.163 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Lianne (Ashan 717) - 10 gn 11.153 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Silver accomodation for Maxos (Ashan 717) - 123 gn 11.033 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah (Ymiden 717) - 30 gn 11.003 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Wage, Playwright (Cylus 717) + 510 gn 11.513 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Expenses, Playwright (Cylus 717) - 71 gn 4 sn 11.442 gn 4 sn 1 cn
One Arc Job Bonus (Playwright) + 5.000 gn 16.442 gn 4 sn 1 cn
Ayla (Ymiden 717) - 10 gn 16.432 gn 4 sn 1 cn
Travelling costs Welles - Rynmere x 3 (Ashan 717) - 1 gn 5 sn 16.430 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Travelling costs Welles - Rynmere x 2 (Ymiden 717) - 1 gn 16.429 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Wage, Duke (Ashan 717) + 861 gn 17.290 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Expenses, Duke (Ashan 717) - 43 gn 5 cn 17.247 gn 7 sn 6 cn
Fanmail - 550 gn 16.697 gn 7 sn 6 cn
Wage, Duke (Ymiden 717) + 747 gn 17.444 gn 7 sn 6 cn
Expenses, Duke (Ymiden 717) - 37 gn 3 sn 5 cn 17.407 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Wage, Playwright (Ashan 717) + 2.460 gn 19.867 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Expenses, Playwright (Ashan 717) - 344 gn 4 sn 19.523 gn 0 sn 2 cn
Brown cotton pants - 6 gn 19.517 gn 0 sn 2 cn
Royal purple cotton shirt - 6 gn 2 sn 4 cn 19.510 gn 7 sn 8 cn
Something about Alchemy - 27 gn 5 sn 19.483 gn 2 sn 8 cn
Secondhand News - 8 sn 19.482 gn 4 sn 8 cn
X-small blue silk dress (for Ayla) - 37 gn 5 sn 19.444 gn 9 sn 8 cn
First aid kit - 22 gn 19.422 gn 9 sn 8 cn
X-small red cotton dress (for Ayla) - 18 gn 7 cn 5 sn 19.404 gn 2 sn 3 cn
X-small yellow cotton dress (for Ayla) - 8 gn 19.406 gn 2 sn 3 cn
X-small blue cotton dress (for Ayla) - 6 gn 7 sn 5 cn 19.399 gn 4 sn 8 cn
Aeodan's expedition - 4.000 gn 15.399 gn 4 sn 8 cn
Delivery [Tristan] - 20 gn 15.379 gn 4 sn 8 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Saun 717) - 40 gn 15.339 gn 4 sn 8 cn
Wage, Playwright (Ymiden 717) + 1.909 gn 17.248 gn 4 sn 8 cn
Expenses, Playwright (Ymiden 717) - 267 gn 2 sn 6 cn 16.981 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Wage, Duke (Saun 717) + 440 gn 17.421 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Expenses, Duke (Saun 717) - 61 gn 6 sn 17.359 gn 6 sn 2 cn
Large waterproof leather bag with shoulder straps - 1 gn 4 sn 17.358 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Extravagant crossbow - 120 gn 17.238 gn 2 sn 2 cn
40 crossbow bolts - 4 gn 17.234 gn 2 sn 2 cn
X-small golden silk dress - 50 gn 17.184 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Onyx necklace - 1.000 gn 16.184 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Masterwork dagger with three carat onyx - 775 gn 15.409 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Zi'da Holiday Event 717 - 212 gn 15.197 gn 2 sn 2 cn
Blue silk shirt - 13 gn 8 sn 15.183 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Charity gala - 20 gn 15.163 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Money, Money, Money - 1.000 gn 14.163 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Vhalar 717) - 40 gn 14.123 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Wage, Duke (Vhalar 717) + 1.599 gn 15.722 gn 4 sn 2 cn
Expenses, Duke (Vhalar 717) - 223 gn 8 sn 6 cn 15.498 gn 5 sn 6 cn
Charity Gala donation - 2.000 gn 13.498 gn 5 sn 6 cn
Blue wool vest - 3 gn 7 sn 13.494 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Blue wool pants - 11 gn 1 sn 13.483 gn 7 sn 6 cn
Blue wool jacket - 11 gn 1 sn 13.472 gn 6 sn 6 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Zi'da 717) - 40 gn 13.432 gn 6 sn 6 cn
Thigh boots - 1 gn 13.431 gn 6 sn 6 cn
Blue brocade coat - 52 gn 5 sn 13.379 gn 5 sn 6 cn
Blue brocade vest - 7 gn 5 sn 13.372 gn 0 sn 6 cn
X-small blue wool coat - 12 gn 9 sn 5 cn 13.359 gn 1 sn 1 cn
Wage, Duke (Zi'da717) + 1.395 gn 14.754 gn 1 sn 1 cn
Expenses, Duke (Zi'da717) - 195 gn 3 sn 14.558 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Cylus 718) - 40 gn 14.518 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Wage, Duke (Cylus 718) + 510 gn 15.028 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Expenses, Duke (Cylus 718) - 51 gn 14.977 gn 8 sn 1 cn
One Arc Job Bonus (Duke) + 5.000 gn 19.977 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Ashan 718) - 40 gn 19.937 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Tuition fees (Ymiden 718) - 100 gn 19.837 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Scalvoris Rent (Ymiden 718) - 99 gn 6 sn 19.738 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Rynmere-Welles (Saun 717) - 2 gn 19.736 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Rynmere-Welles (Vhalar 717) - 2 gn 19.734 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Rynmere-Welles (Zi'da 717) - 2 gn 19.732 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Rynmere-Welles (Cylus 718) - 2 gn 19.730 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Rynmere-Welles (Ashan 718) - 2 gn 19.728 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Boat Trip Welles-Scalvoris (Ashan/Ymiden 718) - 26 gn 19.702 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Ymiden 718) - 40 gn 19.662 gn 8 sn 1 cn
Lianne, Brandon, Hannah, Ayla (Saun 718) - 40 gn 19.622 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Scalvoris Rent (Saun 718) - 48 gn 19.674 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Wage, Sculptor (Ymiden 718) + 1.743 gn 21.417 gn 2 sn 1 cn
Expenses, Sculptor (Ymiden 718) - 174 gn 3 sn 19.242 gn 9 sn 1 cn
... ... ...
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Re: Tristan Venora


Name: Brandon
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ymiden 35, Arc 792
Skills: Blades, Shortsword (30), Acrobatics (20), Stealth (20), Lock Picking (15), Cryptography (10), Intelligence (5)
Appearance: Bradon is average in every way. He stands at a mediocre 5’11”, he is neither overweight nor underweight, he wears plain clothes, and his hair and his eyes are just brown. The only thing about him that is out of the ordinary is a scar on his left cheek that he got during a fight – or so he claims.
Personality: Brandon has a practical attitude towards all things in life. In his opinion something’s only illegal if you get caught. He used to work in a number of different jobs. He was a caravan guard, an information broker, a waiter in the Blacksmith Arms in Andaris, he once broke into a house, and he is currently in the employ of the new Duke of Oakleigh, an old friend of his that he used to play cards with back when life was much simpler.
Relationship to PC: Bodyguard/Spy


Name: Lianne
Race: Human
Age: 25
Blessings: -
Skills: Lianne is very good (ooc think about expert level) at the following skills: Dagger, Unarmed Combat, Politics, Acting.
Description: Lianne has worked as a servant since she was a young woman ~ her parents died when she was 14 and she needed to get a job to look after her two younger brothers. She did that for a long time, although both of her brothers were killed in the Qe'dreki Civil War. She will eventually tell Tristan the story of how the Empress herself found Lianne, sitting in the Temple after the war, feeling completely lost and alone. Emerson Sands saw the young woman and was kind to her. Lianne told her about her brothers, about how she felt lost and Emerson took her in. Lianne has worked as Emerson's personal servant and bodyguard since then. She has seen first hand the love grow between Emerson and Cassander and she says that they seem genuinely happy together.

If Tristan wants it, Lianne is happy to advise him on politics and so on, but mostly she's happy to drink wine (nearly as much as him... nearly!) and have fun with him. However, if he is attacked she will act with immediate and deadly effect. She always has at least three or four daggers secreted about her person at any one time.

Moderator's Note: This npc was granted by Pegasus. Please check the post in Tristan's Prophets' Notes for full information.

Lianne was gained here.


Name: Hannah
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Cylus 7, Arc 793
Skills: Longsword (30), Detection (30), Strength (20), Endurance (20), Mount (Land) (26)
Appearance: Hannah stands at 5’8” and is of medium weight. She has a round face with hazel eyes and lots of freckles and auburn hair that she keeps comparatively short so that nobody will be able to grab it during a fight. She’s tanned and toned and wears practical clothes when she’s working. When she’s off work though, she really likes frilly and girly things!
Personality: Hannah, the daughter of a tavernkeeper from Andaris, is a cheerful young woman with a wicked sense of humor. She’s not as stiff as one commonly expects a professional guard to be – although she takes her job very seriously. She loves to flirt with men and women alike, and she really likes dogs which is something that her employer who is a cat person through and through doesn't understand.
Relationship to PC: Bodyguard
Skill Points Ledger: 26 Mount (Land) (PB)


Name: Koral
Race: Tunawa
Date of Birth: Saun 3, Arc 701
Skills: Gardening 40, Medicine 40, Blades (One-Handed) 30, Musical Instrument (Wind) 30, Storytelling 30, Endurance 30, Teaching 30, Discipline 20
Appearance: Koral is the smallest of the three Tunawa that were found near one of the longhouses of House Imair in Cylus 721. She stands at no more than 10” and has beautiful turquoise skin and long graceful limbs. Her hair is lightly colored, almost white, like snow, in fact and very silky, with little flowers on them, and her features are delicate, with big dark eyes. She is not ashamed of being naked, but will decorate her body with feathers, silk and dried leaves when she is surrounded by members of the big races.
Personality: Koral is a calm and quiet Tunawa most of the time, and she worries about the future a fair bit. She can also be more extroverted and optimistic though. When she’s in a good mood, she loves to talk about her people, and about plants and healing, which are two of her passions, and she plays music. Despite her size, Koral is not helpless. The events of Cylus 721 prove that she’s a survivor, and she also knows how to use a little knife quite well – or even two little knives at the same time.
Relationship to PC: Companion
Skill Points Ledger: -
Other: This is an NPC that was awarded to Tristan by Pig Boy in this event.


Name: Ayla Venora
Race: Mortalborn (Syroa x Human)
Date of Birth: Ashan 92, Arc 717
Skills: Socialization 30, Etiquette 20, Dancing 20, Gardening 10, Writing 10, Art 10
Appearance: Unlike other Mortalborn children, Ayla does not resemble her Immortal mother. Shortly after her birth, Aelig and Syroa wove a powerful glamour over the child. Into this glamour, elements of Tristan Venora and his former slave Faith were mixed. As a result, Ayla looks almost like a duplicate of Faith. The only obvious influence from her father are her eyes that are a striking blue, like the iridescence of a storm cloud before lightning strikes. At the beginning of her life, Ayla aged faster than a normal child. As a consequence, she appears to be approximately two arcs older than she really is.
Personality: Ayla possesses the same warm, innocent curiosity as her father, and the same creativity. She is a mostly happy child that is polite to the people around her and sometimes, when she is in an unfamiliar environment, a little shy. The aspect of her personality that most obviously resembles her Immortal mother’s is her ability to capture and maintain the attention of those around her. She does that without being manipulative though.
Relationship to PC: Daughter
Anything else you would like us to know: -


Name: Ebony Venora
Created by: Alistair
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 3rd of Cylus, Arc 647
Title: Ex-Duchess of Venora as of Ashan 2 717
Blessings/Curses: N/A
Skills: Leadership: 76, Politics: 55, Deception: 51, Etiquette: 51, Intelligence: 51, Discipline: 51, Socialization: 30, Teaching: 26, Investigation: 26, Detection: 26, Endurance: 26, Business Management: 25
Description: Duchess Ebony of Venora is known to be an incredibly traditional woman, one who firmly supports the divide between noble and lowborn. She is not known to be greatly loved by the people, but rather respected, and adored by the nobility. She has ruled as Duchess of Venora for 38 years, placed as the heir of Venora after the tragic and sudden passing of her brother Wolsingham at a Knight's tourney, one where an upstart count drugged his horse which resulted in his dismounting and the breaking of his neck.

This was said to have inspired a change in her to become a proper Lord, provoking authority and demanding the loyalty of her vassals. Since then, she has also given more and more counties and baronies to Venora cadet branches rather than other, rival families, ensuring the family remain strong within the Duchy.

Now, in her old age, she is ready to retire to the town of Lamonte on the coast, living on a beachfront home her family has owned; one she's visited each year, and one she hopes to die in with her aging husband, Karl Venora (nee Warrick).
Relationship to PC: Grandmother
Skill Points Ledger: 26 Discipline (PB), 10 Leadership (Ashan 722), 1 Leadership (PB), 21 Intelligence (PB), 11 Deception (PB), 26 Teaching (PB), 26 Investigation (PB), 16 Etiquette (PB), 25 Discipline (PB), 30 Socialization (Seasonal), 26 Detection (PB), 26 Endurance (PB)
Notes: Awarded in this review.



Name:Shannon Venora
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 40, Arc 662
Skills: Politics 30, Etiquette 30, Dancing 30, Art 10
Appearance: Shannon Venora is a relatively tall woman, standing at 5’8”. She has black and slightly curly hair that is showing the first hints of grey and vivid blue eyes. In spite of having given birth two four children, she has remained relatively slender, and she is graceful and in good shape, despite her somewhat advanced age due to dancing regularly.
Personality: Shannon Venora, née Meadow, is an elegant and well-mannered woman, without being stuck-up or arrogant and interested in fashion, dancing and literature. She has lived most of her life among the members of Rynmere’s high society and been rather privileged; for that reason, she has had a hard time adjusting to life as a commoner at first.

Shannon’s marriage to Duchess Ebony Venora’s second son Noah was arranged. At first, she voiced her displeasure at being told to marry a man that was seven arcs her junior, a man that she barely knew and didn’t think she would have much in common with due to their age difference, but she eventually fell in love with him and gave birth to four children in quick succession. She still loves her husband deeply almost thirty arcs later.

Shannon is mostly happy despite the hardships that she has faced; there are moments where she is a little melancholic though and can’t help but mourn the loss of her home and most of her family.
Relationship to PC: Mother
Anything else you would like us to know: -


Name:Roffle Grover
Race: Igelak
Date of Birth: Cylus 3, Arc 722
Skills: 76 Cooking, 26 Gardening, 51 Hunting, 26 Endurance, 26 Polearms & Staves (Two-Handed), 26 Strength, 26 Swimming, 26 Animal Husbandry, 8 Athletics
Appearance: Roffle is a little under five feet tall and has the frog-like appearance that all Igelak have in common. He – for he has decided to present as male in order to make things easier for humans – is slender and quite nimble and has emerald-green skin with pale blue markings. Roffle is quite comfortable without any clothes on, but since he has moved to Rharne, he has developed a fondness for hats. He will also often wear a skirt or pants when he’s in public so that the humans are more comfortable, although he sees such clothes as strange.
Personality: Roffle is very curious about Idalos and especially all the food he has to offer. He has become quite a passionate cook. He has a fiercely independent streak. He left his parent as soon as he was old enough to do so. He’s also deeply spiritual and worships marked and mages. As he’s a young Igelak, he can be a bit naïve, but he isn’t some that should be underestimated. Despite his size and his peculiar appearance, he can be quite fierce, especially if he realizes that he has been made fun of or taken advantage of.
Relationship to PC: Companion
Cantrip: Once a trial, Roffle can imbue a meal that he has prepared for himself and his companions with feelings of joy and a good cheer, banishing negative feelings like sorrow, anger and fear. The cantrip can be resisted or ignored when the source of fear is Competent/Favored or higher in power. Furthermore, it’s much less effective against sources of fear and dread that are Expert/Adored in power.
Skill Points Ledger: 15 Hunting (Cold Cycle 724), 10 Hunting (PB), 26 Animal Husbandry (PB)
Noah Venora
name Noah Venora
race human
date of birth 55th Ashan, Arc 669
title baron of Venora, third child of Ebony Venora
relationship to pc father

height 5' 10"
weight 175 lbs
build Noah has a masculine frame, with a slight softness around the middle in his advancing age.
eye color light blue eyes
hair color dark brown
scars Noah has a small nick in the web of his thumb from playing with a knife as a child.

politics 30/100 [competent]
leadership 30/100 [competent]
socialization 30/100 [competent]
blades: one-handed 10/100 [novice]

Fond is the best way to describe Noah; fond of his position, his life, his wife, his children. Noah has most always been content to live his life as a baron, glad to imbibe of the wealth and status of his family. That is not to say that Noah is greedy or arrogant; on the contrary, he has a kind heart and a likability that most find difficult to disagree with. Mostly, Noah just wants to be happy and let others deal with the tragedies of life.

Noah Venora has lived a simple life, for being a noble. His mother, Ebony Venora, is a very strict woman with very particular views about what it means to be nobility. As such, early in life Noah agreed to an arranged marriage with a noble woman whom he later found love with, Shannon Meadow. Noah and Shannon promptly produced four heirs, including two sons Tristan and Teddy.

However, like many, Noah made mistakes in his youth. He found himself, around the time of his engagement, to be in an adulterous relationship with another woman. The woman, who was more beautiful than any woman he'd ever met before, said her name was Ambrosine. Though their time spent together was defiantly public, it was not to last. By the end of the Vhalar of their love, Noah was married to Shannon Meadow. It seemed that Ambrosine was there one day; gone mysteriously the next.

Over time, Noah's memories of Ambrosine have faded as he turned his affections to his wife and children. Nowadays, he thinks little of his past love, if at all.

Noah doesn't know that the woman he had an affair with, Ambrosine, was the immortal Edasha. Neither does he know that, when she left, she was pregnant with his first son, Hart.

early Vhalar, 691
Noah Venora and Shannon Meadow are courting. They are engaged to be married.
Edasha meets Noah in Rynmere. They begin an adulterous relationship.
late Vhalar, 691 Noah and Shannon are married. Edasha disappears from Noah's life.
23rd Ymiden, 692 Hart, Noah and Edasha's son, is born.
3rd Ashan, 695 Tristan, Noah and Shannon's son, is born.
Arc 697 Noah and Shannon have a daughter.
Arc 698 Noah and Shannon have their second daughter.
15th Ymiden, 699 Theodore, Noah and Shannon's second son, is born.

the Rynmere plague
With the collapse of Venora, Noah has migrated from the capital city of Sabaissant, where he used to live. Having lost his home and much else, Noah now spends his time with Tristan, his son.

Ebony Venora, Noah's mother, is a noble NPC of Venora with an NPC writeup, here.
Noah Venora is a noble NPC of Venora, listed in Venora's noble lines, here.
Noah was previously approved as an NPC in Hart's mortalborn approval, here.
This writeup is much like the previous writeup, but some edits have been made.

With this approval, Noah will remain a part of Hart's mortalborn story as his father, and will be linked to on Hart's CS, but will be Tristan Venora's personal NPC.

PSF Approval: Noah as Tristan's Personal NPC.
Chester, Diri Familiar of Communication

Appearance: Takes on an appearance of a cat ensconced with an aurora.

Personality: Chatty, friendly, and sometimes pushy.

Diri of Communication's Abilities:

Omnilingualism: Three times per trial, for a break each in each instance, Tristan can speak and understand any language. Language barriers don't apply while this power is active.

Perfect Communication: When people whisper, mumble, or even make the slightest sound that's detectable to Tristan, he can overhear them and understand clearly what they say and what they mean by what they say. Even coded language will hold no secrets from Tristan.

Bridging the Gap: At any time, Tristan and Ashling can communicate with each other, although this communication is gated by a willingness from either one of them to receive or give the communication. They cannot read each others' minds against their will, but can share thoughts seamlessly when there is a mutual willingness. Chester will not intrude upon Ashling's mind at all, through this link, nor will Tristan ever be able to perceive or communicate with Kyrie without that spirit's consent.

There may be other powers that can be unlocked, to a maximum of five including these three. Should you wish to pursue other abilities, submit them to the PSF including stories where Chester appears, and his concept is utilized/satisfied. This power acquisition works much like mark progression.

Awarded in this thread.

Telepathic Link: This allows Tristan to establish a telepathic link with any one person. The link remains as long as he desires, though they must consciously end it when they wish to. This allows Tristan and their chosen recipient to speak back and forth telepathically. Verbal nuances such as sarcasm or tone are indistinguishable at this level, but they may relay whatever information they want. (Awarded here.)
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Re: Tristan Venora


  • one set of clothing (cloak, shirt, pants, boots and undergarments of standard quality) - City Dweller's Pack
  • cotton undergarments (men), black x3
  • silk shirt, black
  • velvet vest, red
  • leather jacket, red
  • linen pants, black
  • cloak, black, wool, with fur trim
  • ankle boots
  • cotton shirt, yellow
  • cotton pants, black
  • knee boots
  • olive green leather jacket
  • olive green silk Shirt
  • olive green cotton pants
  • olive green velvet vest
  • black tweed pants
  • black tweed vest
  • black tweed jacket
  • white silk shirt
  • black velvet vest with golden embroidery
  • golden velvet mask
  • flats, bright red
  • brown cotton pants
  • royal purple cotton shirt
  • blue silk shirt
  • blue wool vest
  • blue wool pants
  • blue wool jacket
  • thigh boots
  • blue brocade coat
  • blue brocade vest
  • 6 outfits of good quality (Zi'da 719)
  • 6 outfits of masterwork quality (Cylus 720)
  • 7 outfits of masterwork quality (Saun 720)
  • Ring of Ziell
  • Golden Halo
  • Cavani's Cloak

Weapons & Armor

  • sword cane
  • full set of master-craft leather armour
  • alder wood shield
  • hand axe
  • chain coif
  • extravagant crossbow
  • 40 crossbow bolts
  • Masterwork+ Tienite pistol crossbow
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  • 30 Adamantite bolts


  • Alchemically Modified Large Wall Mirror
  • bed - City Dweller's Pack
  • chairs (2) - City Dweller's Pack
  • table - City Dweller's Pack
  • chest - City Dweller's Pack
  • fireplace - City Dweller's Pack
  • dresser, small (good)
  • small table (good)
  • small unpadded chair (good)
  • 2 medium shelves (good)
  • wooden stove (good)
  • kitchen cabinet (good)
  • small bath tub (good)
  • small mirror (good)
  • basin stand (good)
  • small table (good)
  • wooden basket


  • a black tomcat called Mistral (worth 5 gn, part of city dweller's pack)
  • Maxos, the horse
  • saddle
  • leather reins
  • royal purple NightPup


Signature Items

Item Name: Karl Venora’s Watering Can
Quality: Good
Item: Watering Can
Base Material: Gold and silver
Details: Once upon a time, the duchy of Venora was famous for its flowers, and especially for its roses. The late Duke Karl Venora spent a considerable amount of time in the gardens. He was said to have had something of a green thumb. He also had a little secret though. In his youth, he had managed to acquire a magical watering can made of gold with silver ornaments.

Plants that are watered with said watering can, begin to show signs of accelerated growth after only a few trials. They grow twice as fast as they normally would, and parasites and plant diseases affect them much less frequently. Even plants that come from different climate zones do better.

In winter, the watering can’s power is muted, but it is far from absent. Where indoor plants and greenhouses are concerned, the effect is equally strong throughout the arc.

The can has enough magic in order to service an individual garden of any size short of a castle grounds once a trial.

Notes: 250 Renown Reward
Approval: here
IC acquisition

Item Name: Nora’s Seed Box
Quality: Good+
Item: Seed Box
Base Material: Gemini Wood with Grave Gold hinges
Description: Nora’s seed box, named after the first queen of Rynmere, has been in the possession of House Venora for generations. It has been enchanted with powerful magic, perhaps the same magic that fills Duke Karl’s watering can.

Nora’s seed box is a square box that is made of blackened Gemini Wood from Scalvoris, which makes it very sturdy and resistant to the elements and which is likely one of the reasons why it is still in such good condition after all that time. The lid is decorated with a beautiful inlay ornament in white and different shades of grey, an Ouroboros, a Jacadon that is eating its own tail, the symbol of the now lost Kingdom of Rynmere.

The hinges of the box are made of Grave Gold, a type of metal that doesn’t rust.

The inside of the box consists of six compartments with lids, each one decorated with a smaller Ouroboros.

Once a cycle, the compartments can be opened in order to reveal their magic. Each compartment produces ten common or uncommon seeds for the same plant – meaning that the box produces a maximum of sixty seeds for six different common or uncommon plants per cycle.

Every once in a while, one of the compartments also produces a small number of rare seeds instead. In such a case, moderator approval is necessary before the seeds can appear and be used by Tristan in a thread.

Once the seeds have been removed, the lid of the compartment in question cannot be opened again for another cycle.

Notes: 500 Renown Reward
Approval: here
IC acquisition


  • An exalted level enchanted item with masterwork quality. A gift from the King of Quacia and Guild of Agriculture in Quacia.
  • Mouse diri
  • Igelak NPC

Vhalar 721: Acquired a Tier 10 house in the Glass Quarter in Rharne.
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Zi'da 719: Relinquished old house, moved into new Tier 8 house in Raelia/Melrath.

The house has one small room, three average rooms, three large rooms and one huge room with good+ quality furnishings. It is luxurious, not only in design, but also in aesthetics.
Rynmere Housing (Probably irrelevant now.)
When he's in Oakleigh, Tristan lives in his estate.

He also owns a small house in Andaris though. It consists of a bedroom, a small bathroom and a living room with a kitchen area. These rooms measure 200 square feet altogether.

Next to the living room is a small windowless storage closet that measures about 50 square feet. Tristan's slave Faith lived there until he freed her.

Tristan also owns a sculptor's workshop that is attached to the house. It measures 220 square feet and has stone walls and a single window.

Finally, there is a garden measuring 1375 square feet.

A black tomcat that is called Mistral because of his fierce temper lives with Tristan. Mistral is probably part demon and the leader of a cat gang that terrorizes the neighbourhood.
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Ymiden 10: Ensorcelling 101: The Beginning

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Ashan 15: Rharnean Jatorrizkoa, Part 1

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