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Name: Toscun'ahesesi, often abbreviated in some form. As her name is a bastardization of several Xanthea words, she often answers to Tose, as the root word of the first part of her name.
Age: 18
Race: Sev'ryn
Date of Birth: Arc 698, Vhalar, Trial 64
Height: 5'4
Weight: 122 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Marks: None
Factions Joined: None
Languages Spoken: Xanthea - Fluent, Common - Basic

Tose tends towards clothes she can wear when hunting. That means practical pants and shirts over skirts or flowing blouses, and natural colours rather than bright eye catching ones.

She's not particularly tall nor overly muscled, her curves aren't going to stop anyone on a street, her bust won't cause her back problems. She is overall, fairly average. With brown hair and brown eyes, tanned skin and a smattering of freckles from the sun, Tose clearly leads a healthy active lifestyle.

Her left forearm bears her tree tattoo, which to her symbolizes not only family and community, but also balance, as can be seen from it's circular nature, and it's mirrored black and white themes. It reminds her there is seen and unseen.

Her right forearm has an arrow tattooed on it, which she got when she choose to formally pursue the path of a hunter.

Tose is in some ways a stereotypical Sev'ryn. She takes only what she needs and holds a deep, spiritual respect for nature. She is also very community minded. She hunts for food, what she catches goes to feed the community as a whole. She looks after them, and in return they look after her by providing the things she does not have the skill or inclination for. While she understands personal belongings, she is likely to share anything she has if a person asks or she perceives that they are in need. The concept of avarice is fairly foreign to her. It would not occur to her to hunt for more than was needed just to build up a surplus of coins or good for future bartering. Within Desnind she functions extremely well, but her simple and often naive outlook could swiftly get her into trouble elsewhere and means she is easy to take advantage of.

She is probably more accepting of other races, and of different magic than many of her race. She prefers to judge individuals based on their actions and is willing to give anyone a chance. So for example, while she would see the danger an Aukari could represent, she would not immediately shun them. Some magics however, she has a hard time seeing any good in. Necromancy in particular strikes her as against the natural order, and as perhaps even interfering with the cycle of reincarnation.

Tose has had a fairly unremarkable life so far.

She was born the only child to a loving couple. Her parents are still alive and dwelling within Desnind, she visits them fairly regularly and they have a good relationship. Her mother tans hides as well as doing some bone carving on the side. Her father is a hunter. In order to court her mother, he always brought the finest hides to her, even when the animal was dangerous to hunt. Eventually, impressed as much by his patient persistence as his hunting prowess, her mother came to return his affections. They accepted each other as Dabi Uaya, and the rest as they say, is history.

As she grew, Tose became more and more interested in what her father did, and wound up following in his footsteps as a hunter. She only recently reached the age where she moved out from her parents home and into her own tent, hunting and living as an adult. Tose is one of the Sev'ryn who lives wholly as part of the community, giving to the communal stores everything she hunts, and receiving what she needs to live. She finds this life fulfilling.

She is starting to believe however, based on fragments of barely remembered dreams and her own spiritual intuition, that her familiar is not waiting within Desnind or Makubwa Lori.

Tose is usually found in her tent, whether that's within Desninds walls, or out hunting in Makubwa Lori. As she spends so much time in the wild pursuing her craft, she didn't see much point in investing in a house she'd rarely see the inside of. This might change as she ages, but for now she felt it was better to invest the money given to her when she came of age into useful equipment.

On a particularly nice night, when somewhere that it can conceivably be taken with her, she might even forego the tent, and instead sleep in her wagon, legs dangling, staring up at the sky until she falls asleep.

Probably the most uncommon and noteworthy characteristic of anywhere she sets up camp is the presence of You Bastard. You Bastard, the dubiously trained gander is both companion and guard. Fiercely protecting her belongings, every now and again he tries to take a chunk out of her as well. Watch dogs have nothing on this bad-natured feathered fiend.

Tose simply calls her horse Nika, or sister. Nika is a dark brown mare that might be confused for black in the night. She is sturdily built, if only a bit taller than a pony. Her main characterization is patience. Tose is not much of a rider, more often simply using Nika as a pack animal, but when she does try to ride, Nika generally ignores the mixed signals coming from her back and plods along as she thinks she should.
You Bastard is a mean tempered gander who tolerates Nika and Tose for the most part. Usually. Tose keeps him around because he is incredibly effective at looking after her belongings. While humanoid thieves are fairly uncommon in Desnind, wildlife is not. You Bastard will take on very nearly anything, and his sheer belligerence combined with the shock of having the feather fury flying directly at their faces honking and hissing will drive off all but the most determined. Even in the event that he himself cannot chase away a threat, he always succeeds in alerting anyone nearby that there is one.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
FAST TRACK Hunting 10RB + 15SP + 10AL + 4EXP 39/100
Ranged Combat: Shortbow 15SP + 1EXP 16/100
Field Craft 5AL + 2EXP 7/100
Stealth 5AL 5/100
Animal Husbandry 5BP + 2EXP 7/100
Mount 5BP 5/100
Navigation 2EXP 2/100
Detection 6EXP 6/100
Endurance 1EXP 1/100
Acrobatics 1EXP 1/100
Melee Combat 1EXP 1/100
Linguistics 4EXP 4/100
Medicine 1EXP 1/100
Meditation 4EXP +21 NewRB 25/100
Climbing 2EXP 2/100

Basic Knowledge

Moseke : Our Mother
Familiars : One For Me Somewhere
Bartering : What Can I Get For a Carcass
Animal Husbandry: Care for a Horse [BK]
Hunting: How to follow a trail [BK]
Location: Ojọgbọn
Medicine: Pressure for Hemostasis
Story: The Myth of the Ojọgbọn
Fauna: Gaur
Hunting: Honoring the Kill
Meditation: How to Clear the Mind
Location: Moseke’s Temple
Meditation: Listening vs. “Listening”
Sev'ryn: The Oddity of Familiars
Lisirra: Creator of the Plague

Specialized Knowledge

Makubwa Lori : Predators
Makubwa Lori : Prey
Mount: How much can Nika carry comfortably [BK]
Gaur: A Sensitive Nose
Sadon: Human Healer
Moseke: Mother of Nature and Life
You Bastard: Guard Goose
Kan’chiej: Mother
Awo’san: Father
Isin’idur: Grandmother
Shortbow: Stringing a Bow
Istin’idur: A Normally Grumpy Woman
Makubwa Lori: Tose’s Place to Meditate
Meditation: Crouched Position
Meditation: Lotus Position
Tracking: Shadow and Light
Climbing: Centering Ones Balance
Tracking: Stride Length
Marks Section





    • One set of clothing (Cloak, shirt, pants, undergarments, and a pair of boots, natural colours, standard quality)
    • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
    • One riding horse - Mare, Nika
    • One horse-pulled wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
    • 100 feet of rope
    • One tinderbox.
    • A set of six torches
    • One Lantern
    • One bedroll
    • A compass
    • A fishing net or fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
    • A blanket
    • Four rucksacks
    • A knife
    • One waterskin
    • One set of toiletries
    • Two rags.
    • Hunters Pack, includes a shortbow and 12 arrows
    • Carved Bone Pendant Necklace from her mother (prized possession)
    • Trained Gander - You Bastard
    Starting ... 25 GN
    Trained Gander -20 5GN
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    Total Currency: 0 ON, 5 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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