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A place Jacadon go to die

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Raptor’s Rest

Raptor’s Rest

Deep within The Burning Mountains, situated somewhere amongst the jagged peaks is a haven and final resting place for the infamous Jacadon. The rock around these parts of the mountain is extremely hot and can only be travelled to during Cylus. Here the Jacadon end their journeys, using the heat from the rock to turn to stone painlessly, forever immortalized as the stony kings and watchers of the mountains. It is against the law to venture into this sacred place, and only the King's most trusted Monks are ever allowed to interact with this location.

From Jacadon Lore:
 ! Message from: Kingdom
The other notable ability a Jacadon has is the passive ability to turn to stone after death. When a Jacadon nears the end of its natural life, it wings to an area of secluded space in the Burning Mountains called Raptor’s Rest, where it settles among the generations of stone Jacadon already waiting there. The petrifying process may take several days if the Jacadon is allowed to die peacefully; under stress or great injury, the stone-phase is almost instantaneous. No one is certain how a Jacadon turns to stone --some believe through the power of the suns-- or if petrification is even true death or simply a state of resting. Many believe that Jacadon become tired of living and choose to become stone, but in dire circumstances --like if the land needed them-- they would reanimate and come to Rynmere’s defense.

Though the petrification process has little been studied, many who have seen these statues have noted that they have the same appearance and toughness of a Jacadon egg, are warm to the touch, and at certain times are slick with the Jacadon’s flame-resistant skin oil. Jacadon stone statues appear to be unbreakable by all typical tools and only the Rynmere Monks of the highest order are privy to the item used to break the stony flesh, as they are in charge of harvesting the lightweight, durable metal heart, used for the King's sword, and the Lord Commander's armor.
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