Event The Sorrow of Love

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Re: The Sorrow of Love

Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:38 pm


Fate was too cruel sometimes. A young, innocent seeming girl, just entering what should have been the best years of her life, had been snatched away in a handful of terror-filled seconds by nothing more than the shock of a loud noise. There had been no time to call in professional help, and by a stroke of bad luck the only person around who'd tried to help her was Tio; a man so utterly useless at medicine he was literally had a bounty on his head for practicing it. The yludih grit his teeth in frustration and cast a silent curse at himself. This was the second time a young woman had died in his arms because he hadn't possessed the skill to save them.

He only became aware of the pale man who'd come to stand beside him when they spoke up, expressing a similar sentiment that the girl had been too young to die. "Aye, she didn't deserve this. Nobody does." He replied wistfully, keeping his gaze down on the poor victim. Yet when the pale man said his next sentence Tio's eyes shot up to look at him, a mixture of threat and disgust clear in his voice. "You aren't taking her anywhere creep! She's going back to her... family..."

His voice trailed off as Tio finally noticed that the world around him had frozen, and that a strange mist hung in the air. Slowly but surely the world around him was fading into a foggy void, with the exception of him, the pale man and four other people who'd been in the garden. One of them Tio realized looked familair; it was the very first person he'd briefly bumped into when he was sucked into that maze at the start of Vhalar, but the rest of them were all complete strangers. It was pretty clear at this point that something strange was happening here, something evil judging by all the darkness and fog. Was the creepy pale guy behind this? And more importantly could he have caused the disaster that'd killed this poor girl?

Two of the people he didn't recognize; a pair of women who could have been twins (they looked very similar, but with all the darkness and fog about Tio struggled to make out much of their features) asked him, the blonde boy and the other woman who they were and how they came here. The woman replied to them first, stating firmly that her name was Kirei and that she had no idea. From what Tio could make out she was a biqaj, and a very pretty one at that. Under better circumstances he'd probably have started hitting on her already, but the endless void of shadows and pair of dead bodies kind of spoiled the mood a little.

"I'm Tio. Tio Silver." He said after her, trying to sound more jovial than he was really feeling and not at all succeeding. This place and these three strange siblings set his nerves on edge, and as much as he wanted to he couldn't quite hide it. "I have no idea either, I just sort of get pulled into these kinds of things. Are the three of you responsible for what happened to this couple?"
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Re: The Sorrow of Love

Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:05 am

Though he knew what death looked like, he probably wouldn't ever get used to it. He'd held the dying Amaris not too long ago, but this time he'd been too late to even ask the man's name as his body flopped uselessly in his arms, life already drained and warmth swiftly fading from it as whatever soul had once been within it had long since departed by the time Toraj reached it. His head fell at an odd angle, the shifting noise of the flesh and broken or disjointed bones within his neck causing a strong enough reaction in Toraj that he almost dropped it again. It was unnerving like few things he'd experienced before, crawling the length of his spine and making his hair stand on end.

It'd be some time yet before Toraj could forget that sound, though he'd have happily submitted it to the fog of oblivion if he'd a choice in the matter.

Nausea came rising up from the depths of his chest again and before he hurled, he lowered the body respectfully onto the floor again, pushing the head gingerly to right the angle of his neck so to not frighten other onlookers or, perhaps, the woman who was being tended by Tio---should she survive the ordeal. Toraj didn't know yet that the woman's life had ended about as soon as Toraj himself had realized that the man in his arms was dead. There'd been nothing he could've done, short of stopping the lightning itself---the sharp noise that started this in the first place. If only one was capable of performing such miracles... but Toraj was not. The woman's words punched their way through the fog in Toraj's mind and he turned his blue eyes to her, staring.

He didn't know who she was. Not that it mattered, yet.

His eyes turned back to the boy. Perhaps there was nothing to truly regret regarding his life if he'd lived it fully, but... he was still young. Perhaps it was some kind of mercy that it'd happened so quickly. He departed without ever knowing much of the pain he must've suffered when he fell, or the look of agony on the woman's face as her heart stopped and she passed away only moments later. Ignorance is a strange thing. A blessing for some, a curse for others. He mused aloud, in Grovokian: "Just the opportunities he'll never know. I suppose it spared him the pain of having to say goodbye. ... And I suppose it'll be good to know for those who cared that it was quick."

Toraj didn't speak to anyone in particular. Though the woman had remained close, he didn't specifically address her as he stood up and looked around when he started to notice the world changing, slowing down, stopping... His eyes narrowed. He recognized a few faces, now that he stopped to think about it. Tio---the man he'd tried to follow within the Maze... and... His eyes settled upon the pale man with the dark hair. His heart sank, and a chill settled in the pit of his stomach as he remembered clearly the feeling of Amaris' body slumping, lifeless, in his arms---and Vri's words of condemnation of them all. These two women---the twins---were his sisters?

"... Toraj," he replied, eventually. "I walked." It was a simple answer to follow a very simple train of thought. There was a pause before he thought to continue, clearing his throat. "I was getting air. Feeling sick to stomach. Inside stinks." Though his Common had been getting a little better with practice, it was still broken and with a heavy accent. (Grovokian, if one could recognize such.)
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