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Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar

Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar
Name: Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar

Age: 18 Arcs

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 16th of Ashan, 698


Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common / Basic in Naerikk



Raina in all aspects could be referred to as a babe. For starters her skin is perfectly but naturally sun-kissed like she has been tanning for years. Her face emits a feeling of love and kindness that only seems to be in perfect harmony with the wisdom and grace her crimson eyes emit. Raina's body frame is lean but toned with certain assets given to her. Her breasts are quite large especially for someone her age and her body curves into a perfect hourglass like a model on a runway. Her arms and legs are toned and defined, as what is expected to be found on the body of a gymnast or a dancer. Raina's long hair falls down her back like a rose tinted waterfall, regal but yet some how wild. Her hair falls in front of her left eye and covers it similar to Jessica Rabbit.

In terms of clothing, Raina is always seen in some sort of dress, shirt and skirt, or leotard. She despised pants and shorts. When the weather becomes colder she can be seen wearing a black cloak dress to keep her warm, but the rest of the year she will not wear it.

Raina speaks with clarity and wisdom beyond her years, being a scholar more than a social butterfly. Her words seem to be be sung as she spoke. Her speech is silky and sweet but with an undertone of self doubt. Her shyness sometimes causes her to stutter when meeting new people.

Raina is a kind, bubbly, girl who hates to be mean or rude to anyone living being. The kind of girl that just has to make everyone feel better, whether she has to hug or glomp others to do it. She is a lover of magic and life in general. Even with her constant need to be kind, Raina is no pushover. She has a strong sense of justice and love for her friends and family. With a strong determination, only matched by her high intelligence, she faces any challenges thrown her way. Raina can be the most loyal friend you may have or the worst rival to face. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and will not give up, even if it means giving up her life. Raina presents a level of love and adornment for every living being, whether it be ally or enemy. She often apologizes for having to fight her enemies, wishing there was another way.

Her love for everything is a great trait to her personality but can also be her greatest weakness if exploited correctly. Her high sense of morality, has had her deemed the title "The Princess". She hates to cause or see any bloodshed, and wishes to solve issues through talking first if she can. Even still, Raina is aware that sometimes she cannot avoid a confrontation and must fight for her beliefs. Raina is highly respected member of society due to her confidence and attitude towards challenges. She is often seen helping the others believing they own abilities and strength. She is also seen planting new flowers and caring for stray animals through out the city, expressing her love for living things. Raina can not tell a lie to save her life. She believes it is not kind to deceive anyone and hates when people do it to her. She is not afraid to explain the issues of lying to fellow person.

Raina gets along with others very well, but that does not mean she's a sheep. If she deems the need for her step up and help the leader in any way she will take it. And if there is no leader, she herself will stand up and take control when needed. She can be a very gentle but tough leader.


1. Art, Raina has grown up loving art and the way an artist captures their emotions.
2. Music, singing was one of the few ways Raina could cope with all she has been through.
3. Gymnastics, Raina has always be agile and likes to learn flips and rolls from adventurers.


1. Rudeness, Raina always shows her best personality traits and always expresses kindness, she thinks others should do so as well.
2. Pants, Raina has always preferred outfits that are skirts, dresses, or is a leotard of some sort. No pants. Pants Suck.
3. Mean people, Raina knows they have no place here if they don't treat people right.


1. Helping the innocent.
2. Nature, cause of its determination to survive,
3. Love, Raina's heart is full of love for just about everyone.

1. Losing someone close to her.
2. Spiders, They are creepy eight legged hell spawns!
3. Crushed dreams, Raina can never let herself lose her dreams or she fears she'll lose herself.

Not much is known about this pink haired beauty. She was born in Rynmere eighteen arcs ago to a young couple. Raina's Mother, Ryos, was a well loved practice of healing arts and used her skills to help the sick and injured. She was known around the city for her gorgeous rose tinted hair color, rumored to be a gift from the Immortals. As unknown to everyone on how this woman has this brilliant pink hair color, it seems her daughter has it as well. Her Father, Lucian, was a skilled adventurer with the pride and strength to back it up. As she grew up, Raina learned many things from her parents. Her mother introduced her to Arcana at a young age once she realized Raina's gift for empathy, but her father knew if this was what she was going to study, then his daughter would also know how to defend herself. He trained her in hand to hand combat and acrobatics in case she could not fight her enemies.

The more she learned the happier Raina was. She cherished the moments when her parents would show her new ways of doing things or practiced with her. It was some of the few happy memories Raina has of her childhood. When Raina was 10 her parents were murdered as they traveled to visit a friend outside of the city. Not much is known about how they died but it has transformed that once happy girl, to a self-doubting and shy shell of herself. She stayed to herself as she traveled from home to home, and at last the local oirphanage, but she was never angry or rude to the other children. She showed a kindness that almost overpowered the shyness she expressed.

Raina just turned eighteen and finally is now living on her own. Her skills as a healer have given her a chance to help the citizens of Andaris, and one day she vows to find out what happened to her parents.

A small apartment in the middle of Rynmere, near the church. Inside is not heavily furnished but is cozy and has medicinal herbs and tomes on Arcana around it. /style2]
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints Acquired50
Attunement [SP] 10 10
Empathy [SP] 15 15
Medicine [SP] 10 10
Unarmed Combat [SP] 5 [RB] 10 15
Acrobactics [SP] 10 10

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge: Arcana
Knowledge: Hand to Hand Combat
Knowledge: Healing Medicines

Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge: Empathy
Knowledge: How to Dodge Attacks and Obstacles
Marks Section




  • Sleeveless white dress that ends above her knees and has a stitched leather corset the color of roses on the waist with white heeled short boots.
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
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Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar


Your character's history doesn't synch with what an approved medium for acquiring arcana entails, and thus, your CS must be denied until this is fixed. Feel free to continue to correspond with me either via PM or through the NSF forum and we can work your history out so that it makes sense for the setting :)

Fix these issues and I'll be more than happy to approve your CS :)

-- Mythic

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