Feeling the elements

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Feeling the elements

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Re: Feeling the elements

Feeling the elements

☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠

Points awarded: 10


Defiance: Deference – The wind is gentler on me
Defiance: Deference – The earth is more stable for me
Defiance: Calling – hearing the element’s warnings
Defiance: Willing the wind to flow around his body
Discipline: Being respectful
Meditation: Focus – it’ll all be over soon

Magic: Yes

Fame: Unfortunately not for the same duel, if it was a whole different one then it be alright.

Notes: I have to say you know how to build some tension. I like where things are going with this, and i like the playfulness of the wind in your threads. Im interested in seeing how things play out for Bolt in this. Overall I like the way the tension is building.

☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠ ======== ☠

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