Dirty Rats

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Dirty Rats

14 Ymiden
It was warm and muggy that morning. Rouya took the day off to do personal shopping; stocking up on food and such. She usually went shopping like this every ten trials or so, to keep fresh food in the house without having to restock everyday. She was wearing her casual outfit, her cloak around her shoulders and the hood down. Her strides were long and meaningful; she didn't plan to stop at any other place besides the food shop.

And yet, her eye caught something that made her stop.

Something small was wiggling in a sort of net. She stepped towards it while still keeping a safe distance, not wanting the thing to lash out at her easily in case it was a trap. She realized it was a rat; she saw the flesh-colored tail and could hear faint squeaks. It must've been running and got tangled up. Rouya walked closer to the net, moving the cloak around to cover her hands. It was a rat, after all; who knew what sort of diseases it was ridden with. But she didn't like seeing the poor thing suffer.

When she grabbed the net and carefully tried to untangle the rat, it started squeaking louder. Passerby, she noticed, hardly gave her a second thought. A lot of strange things happened in this town like that. She knew she wouldn't of cared if she saw a figure bent over something squeaking, so why would she expect the others to act differently? The rat lashed out a couple times, but only gnawed the cloak and not her hands. She grumbled as its thrashing only made it more tangled. "I'm trying to help you, you know. The least you could do is stay still!" But of course the rat didn't understand, only processing fear.

Eventually, thank the Wounded God, Rouya got the net untangled enough for the rat to start moving more. Eventually, with a burst of movement, it skittered free of the net and rushed into a hole in a nearby foundation. Rouya stood up, leaving the net on the ground. It was covered in dirt and just had a rat in it so she didn't think it would be wise to take it home to use herself. She moved the cloak back behind her and let out a soft huff.

Even though rats were filthy scavangers, Rouya couldn't help but pity them. She had seen plenty on her childhood farm, and most of them would be caught in traps and killed in brutal ways. They were just trying to survive like everything else. Of course, it was different seeing a rat out and about than in your cupboards. But Rouya rarely killed rats that were caught in her home. She'd bundle them up in a cloth, hold it tight so it didn't squirm too much, and tossed it out into the street. It was also wise to keep food away so rats didn't find it in the first place.

Ah, yeah. Food. Rouya quickly turned and continued her way to the shop. She should probably look for something to rinse her hands in, too. A trough or a well would work. She kept an eye out for that as she walked

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Re: Dirty Rats


"Signing while speaking"

When Quiet had left his meditation that morning, he had expected to be disappointed once more by the city surrounding him, and the people within it.

Those blank faced,


Pale skinned monsters.

Predators and sociopaths. Uncaring.

They were vicious.

Or, they were vicious to Quiet.

Maybe it was just him, and his misunderstanding of their tongue. Maybe it was him, and his jaded expectations. Maybe it was how his ass ached after spending nights on their odd strange streets.

But, somewhere in his chest, he doubted it.

Today would be yet another day of observation. Travelling throughout the city, a silent judge of its value and worth, noting everything he could remember.

This girl... She was notable. Well, perhaps not the girl. Quiet wasn't sure, they hadn't met. But he stood mere feet away as he watched her untangle the rat from its netted entrapment, and stood by as it scuttled by his feet.

He figured it was worth a shot to ask.

"Do you speak like me?" He yelled out to her, in Common. "Could you?"
word count: 192
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