Skyard Montrosse

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RP Medals

Skyard Montrosse

Skyard "Sky" Montrosse
Name:Skyard "Sky" Montrosse

Age:18 Arcs


Date of Birth: Saun 9th 698


Factions Joined:Ankila, Chief

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common and Broken: Haltunga


Sky possesses a rather remarkable, and somewhat strange appearance; despite the fact that he is a Lotharro he has not shaved in years, and has yet to grow any facial hair. His hair is rather lengthy, and appears very unkempt as he never combs it or even makes an attempt to care for it. His irises are of a dark brown coloration much like his hair, and somewhat tanned Skin. Despite his historically gargantuan race; he remains somewhat slender due to a lack of proper nutrition. However, much like several of his kin he has incredibly thick skin and a durable body; Several animalistic traits are present the first of which were his lengthy, and incredibly sharp canine teeth. He stands at a vertical height of 6'0 He is often seen clothed in Animal hides, but his favorite is that of Wolves and or Larger predators like Bears. Never will anyone catch a glimpse of him with Shoes on his feet; as he believes it to be beneficial to feel moisture beneath the heels.“Deranged”, a “Savage”, or “Feral” perhaps he could even be described as a “Monster”When he speaks he is incredibly difficult to understand; especially If he raises his voice, and has spent many years damaging his vocal cords.

Note To All Threading Partners: Sky is INCREDIBLY HARD to understand at first, but as time passes and the more he speaks your pc will be able to understand him. Please do not (Regardless of what is said) have your character completely understand his every word.

In this world two types of Animal exist; those who hunt, and those who are hunted. People of all kinds, and various races are nothing more than animals much like himself. There is no good, no evil, and no misfortune or bad “luck”; simply what decision was intelligent and what decision was not so intelligent which lead to various forms of consequences. Skyard does not care for, and or value civilization or peace between himself and anyone or anything else. Although if he can connect with a person he has a tendency to form a strong attachment toward them; much like a canine he becomes incredibly loyal and protective if something or someone manages to get that close to him. For the most part however he does not hesitate to kill and eat any and all intruders on his land.If he could go his entire lifespan without ever encountering another individual he would be fine with it. Such is the reason why he does not light fire for the sake of remaining undiscovered.

Slit throats, blood soaked weaponry, blood stained clothing, the scent of iron, sweat, and battle filled the air. Cries of terror, and pain filled the vicinity; Murder and Crime was afoot, but one might question how it all began. With a simple exchange of words in a battle for nothing more than resources; The Lotharro who was born and raised alongside Sev'ryn. His mother was a Sev'ryn, and his father was the mighty one called the “Beast” among her society. Long ago the trio lived together peacefully, but without warning came destruction; his father was in debt by quite a large amount of coin. The day that they had finally come to collect their money The Beast had disappeared into the night. Yet, the young son and Mother remained behind in a small hut forged of nothing more than a combination of hardened mud, and twigs from the surrounding Trees. He had finally heard the terrifying scream that came from his mother when they burst through the small door-frame.

“Where is he? Tell me where that damned Monster is.” The Larger of Two men asked just after they had entered the families “Home” without permission. By monster he supposed that they referred to his father, and given the nature of his people; they were known for their tenacity and violence. If they could not find his father what would be the consequence of his actions? Why did he owe them such a large amount of coin? Why did he run away from them if he knew he could very easily defeat them? The men entered iron-clad in their somewhat advanced armor obviously made at the hands of a smith. They were prepared to battle; The boy continued to observe and gather as much information as he could.

“Talk to me, Inferiors!” The first man spoke again, and he struck down the child as well as his mother without hesitation. A large hand rocketed toward them both, and in a single motion he swept them both off of their feet with a massive impact of his fist to the boys chest; which caused him to connect to his mother and fly toward the ground. The boy fell, and could hardly breathe; he felt as if his chest had been caved in by the gargantuan fist. The adrenaline coursed through his veins and Sky grew infuriated with the two men. If he were to die here he would protect his mother even at the cost of his own life. He looked to the ground and saw that his fathers weapon laid there as if it waited for him to wield it. The large weapon was called by the name of “Mere”; it was green, and the moment he grasped it's base he noticed how heavy it was. Perhaps it was a club, and he did not know much about how to wield it let alone feel comfortable with the amount of strength required to make proper use of it.

However, the adrenaline gave him so much more strength than he expected to have gained. Over the arcs his father instilled in him control. He attempted to take slow deep breaths as he stood on his feet despite the pain and shortness of breath. He parted his lips and exposed his lengthy canines to the two men who showed no sign of fear. “This is my home, and I am not afraid! All I know is death!” He screamed at the top of his lungs to the two individuals, and charged with the club like weapon without a clue about how to use it.

The first and obviously more proud of the two individuals gestured his partner away, and the onslaught of blows began. The first strike was simple and straight forward; an attempt to stab him with the sharpened weapon that was not successful. He had misjudged the length of the weapon and managed to completely miss the attack several times; his lengthy obsidian colored hair fluttered about with his movements. The opposed warrior simply countered Sky, and taunted him with a swing of his small blade which cut several strands of his hair as it swung through the air. He moved with such blinding speed that Skyard had not even seen the charge of a shoulder coming toward him.

Sky was nowhere near as well versed of a warrior as the First of the two individuals and that was very obvious, but he did not bother to hesitate. As he staggered backward, the boy barely managed to catch his balance. The Warrior swung the lengthy blade toward his face as if to kill him; only to be countered by Skys next move which was to simply attack the weapon as it flew toward his visage. The rock sparked against the metal as the collision of weapons could be heard. The loud metallic sound was heard, and the weapon recoiled off of the stone Mere held by the young boy. His arm flew backward, and with a widened stance his sternum was left exposed.

“Your fight, is over!” Skyard exclaimed as he launched a heel toward that of his opponents own exposed toe; a blood curdling crack could be heard through the entirety of the vicinity. His first and largest toe was bent backward at such an unnatural angle that it could not possibly heal. The mere was swung upward in an arc and collided with his chin only to easily slice through the flesh. The Savage and brutal display caused blood to spatter throughout the entire room. The moment that his opponent fell he directed all of his attention toward the second man who looked on in horror.

“Die!” Sky spoke as he charged forth mercilessly, and took advantage of the time that he was given to close the gap between himself, the body of the other warrior and his new-found adversary. He charged forth much like that of an animal, and sank his lengthy canine teeth into the flesh of his opponents windpipe. The Boy violently lashed his head back and forth until he managed to tear flesh and bone from the body, and blood poured from the victims neck as if it were a geyser. He stood erect regardless of the fatal attack.

As a result of the double homicide; The boy was later kicked from the home by his mother and father, left to explore the world on his own and survive without the care of his Parents. He hoped to find them again someday, and give them a permanent reminder of why they should not have removed him. Ever since then he has taken what little knowledge they gave him and translated it into anger, resentment, and hatred toward people of all kinds.
Skyard has taken up residence outside of Krome, and lives in an incredibly secluded section of Forest not often traveled nearby. There are several miles between his large Cave, surrounded and hidden in between the thick of several Trees and brush, and any commonly traveled trails. The Cave is covered with moss on the outside, and is quite large despite it's small entrance-way. All of his supplies are located inside the cave, and the walls have been elegantly decorated with a combination of animal hides, bones, and human skeletal remains. As Skyard is typically afraid of fire; the decorations are difficult to see, but if the room were brightened a terrifying sight would be unveiled to the one unfortunate enough to be within his dwelling.

Acquired:Explanation( Stolen from exotic animal traders)
Skyards companion is a large fully-grown adult male mandrill given the name “Ao” or “Aomaru” and he tends to be incredibly hostile toward strangers. He stands at a stature at 4'0 and weighs approximately 115 pounds; he has a very odd personality and tends to argue with his Companion frequently and as often as possible. He has rather lengthy canine teeth that are 4.0 inches long. Aomaru tends to be incredibly protective and acts as if he is a "guardian" to Skyard; he does not take kindly to people other than his companion, and tends to enjoy a diet filled with raw meat, but will result to vegetation at times when food becomes scarce. He is very intellectual, and listens quite well not to mention he does follow commands.. Sometimes.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Hunting26/100(RB) (27/251)Competent
Strength0/100 NA:FTNovice
Field Craft26.5/100[+10 WP, +10 SP+3(RM)+5] (28/251)Competent
Ranged Combat: Long Bow26/100 (27/251)Competent
Animal Training5/100(5/251)Novice
Axes And Bludgeons(Mere-Club)3/100(RM)(3/251)Novice
Intimidation4/100[+4 (RM)](4/251)Novice


[SP]Animal Training: Positive Reinforcement Techniques
[SP]Basic Communication With Aomaru
[SP]Hunting: Psychological Warfare
[SP]Brawling: Teeth Are Weapons Too
[SP]Long Bow: Draw, Aim, and Fire

Field-Craft (Terrain): Forest (WP)
Field-Craft Forest: Common Flora(WP)

Trapping: How to make a basic pit trap (RM)
Hunting: How to identify deer tracks (RM)
Bludgeon (Club): How to swing a club (RM)
Bludgeon (Club): Hit your opponent with the heavy end (RM)
Intimidation: Inspire fear by baring your teeth (RM)
Field Craft: A good shelter shields you from the elements of nature (RM)


Ranged Combat(bow): Stocking at least three arrows for an outing
Ranged Combat(bow): Using the index and middle fingers to load the arrow notch onto string.
Ranged Combat(bow): Bringing the ball of your wrist to your face when aiming.
Ranged Combat(bow): Preparing for a long distance shot.
Ranged Combat(bow): Letting an arrow fly at the right moment and hitting a man in the knee.
Ranged Combat (Longbow): Controlling the Breath

Unarmed combat(Brawling): tearing a mans face apart.
Unarmed combat(Brawling): Biting a man in the calf.
Unarmed combat(Brawling): Savage grapple
Unarmed combat(Brawling): Knee to the face.
Unarmed Combat: Disabling a foe via ankle control
Brawling: Sitting on top of a foe to gain control

Thrown Weapons(thrown rock): a rock big enough to knock someone out.
Thrown Weapon(thrown rock): a big enough rock can kill someone.
Thrown Weapon(thrown rock): Acting on instinct

Axes and Bludgeons (rock club axe): Testing it’s swing.
Axes and Bludgeons (rock club axe): attacking a crippled man.
Axes and bludgeons (rock club axe): crushing bone with the handle.

Blades(Sharp stick): The finishing blow to a stunned wolf.
Melee Combat (Dagger): Using the Sharp Side

Acrobatics: Dodging a furry of bandit blows.

Intimidation: Demonic sounding voice.
Intimidation: leave and I’ll eat your heart
Intimidation: forcing friendships.

Surgery: Failing to cut along with spinal cord.
Surgery: Prying open the Ribcage with hands.

Cylus: Endless Darkness


Strength: carrying the weight of an unconscious person
Strength: Lifting heavy rocks
Strength: Tearing off limbs (of a dead carcass)
Strength: Pounding hard on the rock to make a weapon.

Endurance: testing out the sharpness of a weapon
Endurance: kick to the ribs.
Endurance: I’d rather vomit die than have you take my women.
Endurance: burning flesh

Psychology: The power of fear
Psychology: The need for companionship


Leadership: Telling a female captive to eat.
Leadership: Telling Alexa where to take her shot.

Linguistics : Explaining to a kidnapped victim why they can’t leave.
Linguistics: The shorter the sentence the easier it is for people to understand.
Linguistics: Hand Gestures help
Linguistics: Speak slowly
Linguistics: Listening to a Conversation in Common

Tactics: Psychological warfare
Tactics: Testing a new weapon before using it on your opponent.
Tactics: Hitting rocks together to attract attention.
Tactics: Knowing when to attack
Tactics: Giving instructions in battle.
Tactics: Assessing a Situation
Tactics: Vulgarity as a Distraction


Hunting: Letting your baboon weaken your prey first.
Hunting: killing your prey too soon is no fun.
Hunting: Nothing more thrilling than stalking prey before the slaughter.
Hunting: Bring the prey to you
Hunting: using a rock to strip an animals hide.

Investigation: Determining gender through voice
Investigation: Finding the prefect rock to beat people with
Investigation: Alexa has some nice biceps

Detection: High vantage points help you spot prey before it can spot you.
Detection: the girl i’m gonna kill might be hot.
Detection: more people in my territory.
Discipline: Refuse the life of a coward

Field craft: The forest is a harsh place where you're ether predator or prey.
Fieldcraft: Cylus is almost impossible to survive in.
Fieldcraft: Treesap mixture

Climbing: The slow climb
Climbing: be careful of rough bark
Construction: making the club axe your dad used.
Construction: refinement.

Appraisal: Female skulls make for pretty wall mounts.
Animal husbandry: The grin of a Mandrill isn’t a friendly gesture.
Animal training: Telling an animal when to kill and when not to

Navigation: Deep within the forests of Krome


Alexa: Captive
Alexa: Her weapon has a silver metal to it like the weapons the knights had.
Alexa: Beast within
The other captive girl: Venom
Horrible painful ritual of friendship
Red: symbolizes blood and the sacrifices that had to be made.
Fire: hot
Etiquette : How to introduce yourself.
Persuasion: expressing the need for friendship
Alexa: Willingly joined your fledgling tribe
Law: Factions are illegal
Leadership: Informing people of their roles
Rhetoric: Moving speeches
Rhetoric: Promises made
Sky: Good, Deep Morals

Intimidation: Growling from a distance to terrify foes
Stealth: Walking slowly to avoid detection
Detection: Using campfire to find enemies
Intimidation: Recycling enemy body parts to inspire terror
Blades (Dagger): Side slice
Blades (Dagger): Downward stab to vitals
Lethroda: Temptations: Urging an ally to act hastily
Alexa: A fierce judge and executioner
Medicine: Pulling an arrow shaft from a wound
Alexa: A changed, pained woman
Rhetoric: Using emotion to stop an argument
Seduction: Capitalizing on adrenaline
Alexa: Expects Ankila to be more than bandits and brigands
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Hunting [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Wilderness Package10[WP]1000
Starting Package 500050
Field Craft ..1040
Ranged Combat: Long Bow ..2515
Animal Training..55
Something Haunts These Woods+15015
The Weight Of The cloak+15030
Of Strength And Servitude+909
Ranged Combat: Longbow227
Marks Section


Lethroda(Favored) - Approved by Jade
► Show Spoiler


[*]Webspinning I
The Lethroda skill that the Webspinners take their name from, Webspinning allows the bearer to connect those around them with a thread of energy, allowing them to have a general sense of what's going on around the people connected to them. The number of people they can loop into their web increases as they get more practice.

[*]Temptations (Minor)
When in use, the Lethroda aura is able to extend briefly from the character to another individual within arms reach. The aura acts as a transmitter and receiver, implanting suggestions into the person's thoughts while the character receives impressions of the individual's interests and desires. The ability may only be used on 1 person at a time.(Certain skills, like meditation, may prevent this ability from working.)

[*]Manipulative Skills I
Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Seduction, Planning, Rhetoric, Leadership, or Persuasion.


  • List your possessions here!
    • Six torches
    • Two lanterns
    • Two tinderboxes
    • 200 feet of rope
    • Two barrels
    • A pull wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
    • Two knives
    • One bedroll
    • One compass
    • Fisherman's net, fishing pole, and thirty hooks
    • Trapper's Kit
    • One blanket
    • One longbow
    • Thirty arrows
    • One set of toiletries
    • One set of unkempt fur clothing - Poor quality
    • Three waterskins
    • Three rucksacks
    • One Hand Crafted Mere Club ( Poor)
    • Korowai Cloak (Prized Possession)
    • Human-Teeth Necklace(RM)
    • Dagger (Normal quality)(Worth: 3 GN)
    • Mask (Fair quality)(Worth: 1 GN)
    • Coin Purse with 50 GN
    • Clawed Gauntlets( Good Quality )
    Starting package ... 10 GN
    Living Expenses, Cylus 717(Squalor) -0 Gn -0 Gn
    NPC Expenses -10 gn 0 gn
    50 Gn Coin Purse 0 +50
    ... ... ...
    Total Currency: 0 ON, 50 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
    Fame Ledger
    Item/ ThreadFameTotal
    Bandit/Thief-10 -10
    Lotharro, Rynmere+10 0
    City fame +10 10
    Of Strength & Servitude +2 12
    Something Haunts These woods +5 +17
    Something Haunts These Woods +10 10
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    Total Devotion: +10
    Thread List
    Something Haunts These Woods Points Awarded: + 15
    Knowledge Awarded:
    ► Show Spoiler
    Devotion Awarded: 10

    The Weight Of The Cloak
    Points Awarded: 15
    Knowledge Awarded
    Alexa: Willingly joined your fledgeling tribe
    Fieldcraft: Cylus is almost impossible to survive in.
    Fieldcraft: Treesap mixture
    Law: Factions are illegal
    Leadership: Informing people of their roles
    Rhetoric: Moving speeches
    Rhetoric: Promises made

    Devotion Awarded: N/a
    Working As One
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded:N/a
    The Hunter, Or The Hunted
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Monsters In the Fog
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded: N/a
    You & I
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded: N/a
    Every Step Counts
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded: N/a
    The Fatal Reunion
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded : N/a
    Little Joys
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded: N/a
    The Maladjusted Hunter
    Points Awarded: N/a
    Knowledge Awarded: N/a
    Devotion Awarded: N/a

    Of Strength & Servitude
    Points Awarded: +9
    Knowledge Awarded:
    Cylus: Endless Darkness
    Tactics: Assessing a Situation
    Tactics: Vulgarity as a Distraction
    Ranged Combat (Shortbow): Controlling the Breath
    Melee Combat (Dagger): Using the Sharp Side
    Sky: Good, Deep Morals
    Linguistics: Listening to a Conversation in Common
    Devotion Awarded : N/a
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    RP Medals

    Skyard Montrosse

    Weapons, Possessions, and Extras
    Extra stuff..
    Prized Posession

    Cloak, 5 Gn

    Fur (Misc) 10 = 15 gn

    Leather 12 gn = 27 gn

    Skyards prized possession is nothing truly special at all; his fathers Korowai Cloak composed of nothing more than a combination of leather and bear hide. The Cloak is only approximately 4.5 feet long, and can cover the area from his collar down until it reaches just above his knees. The combination of the bear hide, and leather provides enough durability, and warmth to keep his body temperature where it needs to be during cylus, and the Cloak still carries with it the scent of the Bear it was made from. The coloration of the cloak consists of some dark brown, some light brown, and some white all together. Upon closer inspection anyone could tell that it was hand crafted over an open flame; as consistent burn marks and some patterns of flame appear on the inside of the cloak.

    Hand Crafted Mere-Club
    Crafted in : Something Haunts These Woods

    Sky hand-crafted a club out of nothing more than a rock tirelessly which took him several breaks to make. The weapon is somewhat of poor quality, but as he improves his skill in sculpting he surely will craft one that is stronger. The edge of the club is sharp, and can cut flesh when swung with enough force; it is heavy and weighs approximately three pounds. The weapon although poor is more than capable of cracking a skull if it is used properly, but after several uses it will likely break.

    Rewards Item

    A necklace made of human teeth and chicken bones that you sometimes wear to give you courage and drive fear into your enemies' hearts. (RM)

    Loin-Cloth(Starting Package Item)
    Sky is often seen wearing nothing more than this loincloth on a trial to trial basis. It is both functional, and somewhat stylish from his perspective. The beads that adorn one of the several lengthy pieces of leather that drape from the loincloth provide a bit of a fashion sense. However, the loin-cloth itself acts as a set of undergarments while it does provide the protection as it is thick, and strong it is lined with a bit of bear hide at the trim. A single tightly woven band coils around the waistline to provide a place to store his mere clubs, and or his various arrows.
    Sky acquired the bone dagger during an attempt to kill off a party of “bandits”. Although he was unsuccessful in killing all of them he did manage to murder the one who had the dagger. She was not a very formidable opponent; Sky ambushed her and killed her with his club. The blade is approximately 9 inches long and the handle is 4 the dagger possesses a wicked appearance. It almost looks like it was crafted from a far larger bone and made into the peculiar shape. It is very well capable of cutting and piercing an unarmored opponent.
    Wolf Mask( Fair)
    Sky shot the woman who wore this mask in the sternum. Yet, when he shot her she continued to move thus he simply stole the mask. The Mask resembles a wolf; one that is depicted with beautiful golden fur, and has several other small markings on it. The mask is obviously made from stone and it is incredibly hard as well as heavy. The strap on the back of the mask is made to only be taken off by being lifted from the cranium. At the top of the mask a series of string and various colors of feather dangle.
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    RP Medals

    Personal NPC

    Liliana Dravenhart

    Titles/Aliases: "Venom" ( Given to her by Sky)
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: Saun 25th 698
    Birthplace: Krome, Rynmere
    Acquired NPC:Something Haunts These Woods
    Current Status Personal NPC
    Current Relationship To The Pc/Others Has an incredibly high level of respect toward Sky and Alexa. They were her saviors. As for any newcomers she is likely to be very passive-aggressive, and somewhat territorial. Venom views Sky as her commander, and Alexa as her beloved "Queen".

    Appearance: Venom tends to wear nothing more than poor quality fur, and seems to have nothing more than that. The only piece of clothing which is considered somewhat “Good” is the turquoise blouse which she wears beneath a fur-cloak. Her blonde, and lengthy hair stops at the center of her spine and has long since stopped being properly taken care of. Due to several arcs of not being washed properly; her hair locks in several places. Half way down the length of her hair it begins to dread, and the right side of her hair still remains braided somewhat neatly. She has fierce facial features in the form of wonderfully curved eyebrows, and stands at a height considered tall for a female at 5'7. She weighs approximately 165 pounds, and has a somewhat well-sculpted body due to a lack of body fat.

    Personality Venom has a tendency to believe that she is two things. Venom is a Criminal first, and a Survivor second; nothing more, nothing less. She pretends to be the kindest person on Idalos when in truth she is a stone cold killer. While Venom is a caring individual she has a tendency to always be on the alert; for nothing is predictable in the wild. Prior to her living with Sky and Alexa she understood the ins and outs of the “bottom” of Krome. She was not above finding “drugs” in the wild in the form of plants and selling them in order to make a coin or two. Venom does believe in good, evil and then the fine line in between, and that is survival. When one needs to survive they have a tendency to do things they normally would not; an honest man would become a thief, and a pacifist a murderer. In the event that her life was at stake she would kill anyone or do anything to stay alive. She is not a very talkative individual, and has a preference to observe and listen to her surroundings. She will generally only speak if addressed, but if she sees a problem that is obvious she will do her best to solve it. Venom is very impulsive, and thus if she sees someone who is wounded she will immediately direct all of her attention toward the person and attempt to help them if they are an ally to her.

    “You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”

    History: In her youth, Liliana spent several arcs learning the practice of medicine. She was a somewhat well educated individual, and wished to take up the profession of a doctor. Yet, she never became confident enough to pursue the profession. Instead her true wishes were simply to serve the noble house of Krome; one that was always spoken so highly of. She had given up all hope, and within two arcs following the loss of her passion for honest work; Liliana lost her home, and without the support of her parents she had nothing to call her own. With her level of education one might have been surprised at her living conditions. She hated the thought of turning back to a lifestyle of luxury; She felt as if she did not deserve to live. In her own mind She was no different from the horrible individuals that frequented the wilds of Krome. Those who attacked caravans filled with supplies, raided them, and left with their merchandise. Therefore after she unsuccessfully robbed a man in the wild, and stabbed him unintentionally; she had run off.

    Only to be pursued by Mercenaries; the same mercenaries she used to treat who often carried out small time tasks for house Krome. Covered in blood, and with nowhere to turn she was rescued by Sky, and Alexa. From that trial forward she has lived in horrid conditions, and been exposed to the cold of cylus in a Cave. She continues to service them and views them as her saviors. With her newfound companions she believes that she has found a piece of herself; as no one in the cave is innocent of crime. For her, Sky and Alexa are the family she never had, and the Cave although uncomfortable is her home away from home.

    Support: As Sky does not have a form of fixed income via an actual job/profession I do not believe that this particular NPC should require support through the usage of currency. However, I do believe that it is reasonable to say that a number of Hunting/Gathering threads should be the requirement. Reasonably 3 threads/Season should be required for Venoms survival as she will need Food, water and shelter to survive. Please notify me if anyone has any issues with this, and or set the requirement for her Survival. As Skys writer I am not above having my pc kill/steal GN to pay for the NPC support, but it would be far more feasible if it was done using the above method.

    Note: Please, Moderators feel free to interact with Sky or any other members of Ankila using this NPC. I don't mind such a thing happening frequently, and would enjoy a nice mod-bomb using my NPC every once in a while.

    Skills/ Awarded Skill Points.

    Skillset ( 100 points)
    Poison: 30
    Medicine: 30
    Herbalism: 30
    Blades: Dagger:10

    Total Points Used: 100 ( Starting)
    Total Points Awarded: 0

    Cylus 716 (-10 Gn subtracted from ledger )
    Threads NPC Is Involved In
    Something Haunts These Woods
    The Weight Of The Cloak
    May We Meet Again
    word count: 1020
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