The Wayward Tabernacle

A giant body of water that separates Western Idalos from the mysterious floating Iulure Isles. This sea is known for it's massive storms and hurricanes as well as taking the lives of many sailors who dare venture out into its depths. Not much is known of this sea, however, it is said that mysterious merfolk inhabit the waters, beckoning seafarers to their doom.

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The Wayward Tabernacle

Braving the Desolation Sea is by no means a simple feat, though the sailors within the Wayward Tabernacle are by no means simple people. The vessel is, by all appearances, a trade vessel that is infamous for cutting through the mysterious depths of this indomitable Sea. Many who know of the vessel wonder how it continues to survive, though they will likely never find out the truth: The Wayward Tabernacle is a seabound Seeker cell, the inhabitants of which constantly search for the Fractures lying deep within the Desolation Sea. Driven by the theory that the mighty storms of the Desolation Sea hide beneath their tides a massive Fracture, Captain and Warlock Abernoth Windsley has commited his existence to hunting this Fracture down, to a great deal of ancillary success for the Seekers by means of discovering a plethora of smaller Fractures and mapping them out.

The Wayward Tabernacle is a mighty vessel, one hundred and thirty feet long from bowsprit to rudder, the vessel shows few signs of wear despite the powerful waves that buffet its hull. A crew of twenty steer this vessel, each of whom is a Neophyte, all stewarded by Abernoth, who, as a practitioner of several magicks, is more than equipped to serve their interests. The hull of this ship seems to shine in the light, an unnatural hue reflected from it, as if something unnatural is at work upon the surface. Notably, the vessel lacks any holes in its sides to account for cannons and weaponry, instead relying on the practitioners aboard to defend it from whatever onslaught may ensue.

Abernoth Windsley

Race: Human
Age: 62 arcs
Title: Warlock, Captain of the Wayward Tabernacle
Skills: 84 Attunement, 78 Gravitation, 71 Abrogation, 53 Sailing, 34 Navigation.

Abernoth is a man of action moreso than words. Raised on the oceans, he was exposed to arcana when a wandering Sorcerer recruited him while the boy's (at the time) family granted him free passage to the city of Nehaer. However, Abernoth caught the eye of this sorcerer, who extended to him an offer that he nor his family could refuse. Learning Gravitation first, Abernoth proved himself as a very able sorcerer, growing in the ranks of the Seekers. Offered a position as an Inquisitor, however, he refused in favour of the life of adventurer that his life at sea offered him. Instead, he convinced the Seekers to fashion him a vessel. Fitting it himself, he recruited one being to accompany him, a Mer he had met in his years, who quickly proved himself different from the rest of his people. Now in charge of the seabound Seeker cell that is the crew of the Wayward Tabernacle, Abernoth finds himself eagerly anticipating the day his theories prove correct. He's yet to be wrong...


Race: Mer (Zyralon)
Age: 34 arcs
Title: Sorcerer, Seekers, First Mate of the Wayward Tabernacle
Skills: 79 Navigation, 64 Attunement, 62 Abrogation, 48 Gravitation, 34 Illusionism, 30 Sailing.

Crozah, to many within the Wayward Tabernacle is an enigma. This is owed to, primarily, the fact that he, like all Mer, does not speak. However, when one engages in conversation with the Mer, they find him to be rather friendly, years of exposure to mortals and a strong friendship with Abernoth enticing the being to overcome his Mer nature and come to even learn the magicks to a grand degree. A powerful sorcerer in his own right, Crozah has on many occasions proven the majority of the Seekers wrong, finding his place in the faction as Abernoth's right hand man. Crozah often acts as the eyes and ears of the Seekers underneath the water, providing them with information using his Mer telepathy, for when they are journeying beneath the oceans, only Crozah's 'voice' can be heard.
Note: If a Seeker wishes to begin their journey aboard the Wayward Tabernacle, they must first acquire their approval and then request this assignment. This location can be self-moderated by Seekers with permissions to do so in their Narrator Notes page, but requires permission to be met by any other PC's.
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