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[Rynmere] Housing

Rynmere Housing

The Capital
ndaris City being the capital of Rynmere is the most vastly populated area in the kingdom. The housing here is quaint, warm, and appealing for many reasons. The walls of Andaris City are tall, thick, and well fortified, with guards patrolling around the clock. The city is broken down into three tiers, Lowtown, Midtown, and The Crown. Land within the walls of the city is extremely expensive (see pricelist), thus most of the plots are small, very few people have gardens, and only the wealthy ever live above Midtown.

The Crown: Situated at the top of the city is The Crown, a stretch of flat land housing some of Rynmere's most prestigious buildings, including Andar Castle, Rynmere University, and the Monastery. Strict regulations keep people from building anything too outrageous here where uniformity if encouraged.

Midtown: The most popular option for residents of Andaris City and home to many of the members of The Iron Hand, Rynmere's collective forces, including the Knights, Skyriders, and Sailors. Most of the houses are lined up in long rows following the cobblestone streets, with flower boxes below the windowsills and the odd, rare garden at the back (must be paid for). As land is pricey, and rather limited, people are advised to house their horses at the local stables, or barracks in Lowtown if one is a member of The Iron Hand. Not only is Midtown where a lot of the common housing can be found, with most building made from stone or wood, it is also the business hub of the city, the marketplaces are situated here, as too are many of the small businesses and shops.

Lowtown: Perhaps the busiest tier of the city, Lowtown is home to the barracks, many of the city's defense military, and the slums. The poorest people in Rynmere usually find themselves here, either waiting on available housing, or a one way trip back to where they came from. This is the underbelly where crime is high, the living conditions are poor, and disparity is rife. There are no cottages in Lowtown, only small apartments cramped together piled one on top of the other. There are very few windows and the buildings are painted with dull, earthy colours.

Beyond the walls: Most of the Andaris countryside is covered in trees, vineyards, or livestock. The mild climate makes it perfect for farming all year (arc) round, and players are welcome to live beyond the walls on small starter farms (see starting packages).


The Realm
Stone: The most common type of housing found outside of the city walls. Stone is imported from The Burning Mountains north of Warrick, and the Mines of Endor. It is cheap, last for hundreds of years, and needs little maintenance, but provides a lot of job opportunities.

Wood: This type of house is second to stone, wood being a very viable substance in Rynmere, importated from the forests of Burhan, Krome, and cut down in the region of Andaris. Wooden houses, however, are only built in Warrick, the Andaris countryside or slums, Burhan, and southern parts of Krome were the weather is warmer. Endor, Gawyne, and Krome itself see a lot of snow during the year and wooden houses just wouldn't be able to stand up to the weather.

Venora: The garden region is known for its brilliant weather and warm sunny days (trials). Houses here are made from a mix of sand, limestone, and mortar with some of the most skilled masons on hand to see that the building process is handled correctly, erecting houses that will last for many, many years. Residents here like to decorate their gardens with brightly coloured flowers, quaint fishponds, skilfully balanced stone walls, and fruit trees. They allow vines to grow up over the walls of their houses and build large chimneys to make sure the smoke from any fires burned in the cold season of Cylus, don’t ruin their gardens or affect the health of their orchards in any way.
Warrick: The land across Warrick is flat and the weather is mild all year round, with snow falling every other year, usually concentrated to The Burning Mountains in the north. A lot of the residents who have made themselves at home across the vast plains have opted to build smaller stone houses with grassy rooftops, enabling them to blend into the surrounding area. Wood is also a popular option here, though of all the regions across the kingdom, Warrick has the little to no naturally occurring forests and has in recent years, started planting their own woodlands along the seashore.

Krome: A lot of the houses in Krome, especially outside of the village, are scattered about the treetops, keeping them out of sight in a region that is plauged by bandit or wild animals (like bears) attacks that might otherwise cost their owners a lot of coin in repairs. The houses in the village however are a mix of treetop and hillside abodes, built to stand all kinds of weather, from howling winds to vicious snowstorms and everything inbetween.

Gawyne: The least populated region of Rynmere, the people of Gawyne live in houses built from materials found within the surrounding landscape, usually maintaining small homes that are easy to heat. These houses blend into their surrounds well and are usually tricky to find, often confusing strangers to the region.

Burhan: A region famous for wood, the people of Burhan are known for their ability to craft some of the finest wood sculptures in all of Idalos and shipwrights and builders both use this knowledge in their relative fields. As the region is surrounded by mountains on all sides, most choose to live along the riverbanks, building and buying houses that have access to the busy waterway. As well as making the most of this prime land, the people of Burhan (most of which are Biqaj), also like to live on their boats all year round, sailing to and docking in different harbours right across Rynmere.

Endor: Buried deep under the mountainous region of Endor, the hidden city lives in relative peace, protected from all of the elements. Housing down here is carved into the rock, usually small so that heating is efficient and easily maintained. A long tunnel system leads to all of the different levels and numbered doorways line the halls, each home to a different family. On Endor’s surface, there is a small fishing village that thrives due to the busy docks, but housing up here isn’t recommended, with many raiders making the most of Endor’s excluded geographical location. Any homes that are found scattered across the mountainous landscape are usually made of stone and require a lot of maintenance, more often than not ending up snowed under during the colder seasons.
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