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Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:24 pm

Immortals Q & A

Put your Qs here and we'll try and give them As until we get all the Immortals analyzed. Thanks!

Questions for new threads per Immortal as they happen.

Q1: How does Famula feel about the mistreatment of slaves? Does she believe in a harmony between the master and the servant?
Q1 Answer
Faith wrote:I've played it that those people who trained Faith from birth did so very harshly, in Famula's name. They did that so that she would learn to be the absolute best slave she could be and so that she would understand her place / role in life.

So, I don't know if that helps, but how I've played it is that the Famula worshipping folks who trained this pc were incredibly hard on her ~ but they did it in "service" to her, so that she would live her life in her place and serve to the absolute best of her ability.

I suspect the answer is that it's about intention - so, Faith's owners were (to my mind) cruel and sadistic. To her mind, they were doing a job in Famula's name. My understanding is that Famula is about maintaining natural order ~ so I guess it's all about intention.
Plague wrote:Have to agree with Faith here. As the one who wrote up Famula's mark the clear cut truth is in the intent of the action.

Mistreating those insubordinate to you or slaves is harshly looked down on. Those who have devoted their life to you in service should be treated with the deference and respect allowing them to do their job. Now, if they are serving you and do it poorly, discipline and instruction are not restricted under Famula's name...but in their heart of heart, each employer/master knows if or when they've gone too far.

Q2 Yludih (and Tunawa) can't be affected by most substances that affect the fleshy races, such as alcohol or drugs, and as such wouldn't be able to experience or build up a repertoire of the sensations that are key to many Kasyni abilities. Would it be fair to assume that having the mark if Kasyni would allow a Yludih to bypass this biological difference thanks to Mastes' influence and allow them to be affected by substances that fall under his domain of vice, both positively and negatively?
Q2 Answer
Djinn wrote:I hadn't considered this when writing the mark, but let's say yes, it allows the EFFECTS to bypass the creature's natural resistance.

Q3 The mark ability 'Perfect Lies' could potentially end up being a burden to characters with a high deception level who could already lie near perfectly, but would now be forced to believe their own lies to be true because of the mark's effect. This power is described as being a passive ability, so is it possible to actually turn it on and off? (also for Kasyni)
Q3 Answer
Djinn wrote:Unfortunately, it can't be turned off. Just gotta take the good with the bad.

Q4.Aside from Domain Magic, what other tamperings of the soul might Ashan look down upon?
Q4 Answer
Plague wrote:Usually any tampering of the soul or spirit that changes it completely. Marks are symbiosis with the soul (Save for Yithanai), but other things that warp, shift, or endanger the soul he would not like kindly on.

Q5.Can those marked by Heirs such as Jesine or Kielik still see spirits and interact with those of related concepts similar to Immortals' marks?
Q5 Answer
Anomaly wrote:Yes, to a certain degree. They're treated as other marked for these purposes, since Heirs are so empowered by whatever means that they have ascended to a level close enough to Immortals to be able to share their power in this manner, meaning they are able to share their ability to perceive spirits as well. It's still as strained as it would be for other Marked and won't necessarily ever be perfected, even at the later tiers.

Q6. Would a Nyvora-marked have some protection against the warping of a large or grand fracture, as this power stems from Emea?
Q6 Answer
Anomaly wrote:Yes, certain protections. Since Nyvora-marked have protection against the corruptive aspects of Emea's Ether and, to a degree, the creatures that roam it, they would be somewhat safer at least insofar as withstanding the warping and corruptive traits of Fractures. They'll still be just as susceptible to creatures, objects or other details who have anchored themselves on the Idalos-side of the Fracture, however, thus becoming part of Idalos' reality and departing from Emea. Think of it like if you were to encounter a heavily irradiated hog, for example. You wouldn't necessarily be suspect to the radiation it exudes or be poisoned by the meat of the hog if you kill and eat it, but the hog will still hurt you just the same if it goes on the offensive.

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