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(Original) Luesco Q & A

Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:33 am

Luesco's Page Q&A

Any and all questions surrounding the Original Being: Luesco can be asked here. This page has undergone Lore Analysis which means I have touched up all the information in this page, with feedback from staff, to make it more consistent with lore across the site, and answer questions that there might be on it. Additionally, we've found some information might be known and isn't included in this page, so the Lore Analysis is part of adding those in as well. So feel free to ask any questions relating strictly to this particular page.

Luesco's Lore Updates

This section will be for recording any lore updates for the Original Being Luesco's Page. This will only be for clarifications, updates, etc. Grammar, spelling, and other such updates do not need to be recorded here. All updates should be detailed within a post within this thread, and linked to the list below.

Sept 16 2018 - Wiki page updated, Q & A created - Pegasus

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