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The Candlewives are Recruiting

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  • Q: Why should you join?
    • A: You can make more in a team than going on your own. 2+ gn a day in addition to your usual pay. Alora is a generous mistress to those who perform well, bringing in more contracts and opportunities and raising the band's profile.
  • Q: What do the Candlewives stand for?
    • A: We're adventurers. We seek fame and fortune, and burn the rest.
  • Q: Yeah, but what are their aims? How do they plan to attain fame/fortune/etc.?
    • A: The Candlewives in time will focus on besieging towns, villages, and eventually entire cities. Not with the aim of taking them over, but for ransom. Ransom, extortion, protection, and sabotage. Those are our methods. Each woman's aims are her own, so long as she pledges not to turn a blade on her sisters (And brothers).
  • Q: But you're a newb. Why should I join somebody I could beat blind-folded?
    • A: If the extra money on top of usual wage, and promise of companionship, friendship, and dancing naked around a bonfire aren't enough to entice you... This is a chance for you to get in on the ground floor of a band that may one day raze cities from on end of Idalos to the next.
  • Q: Okay, but are there incentives to joining, other than the bonus pay?
    • A: When we get around to extorting businesses, towns, and cities, we'll set aside half the funds taken from such an endeavor. One tenth of each portion of that sum will be distributed between the 'Captains' of the band (PC members, including the founder.) . The rest of the funds will be placed in a trust in one financial institution or another. Possibly a base of operations.
  • Q: Okay, maybe you've convinced me. What do I need to join?
    • A: Females can join as long as they're not weaklings. They'll be required at some point to train one skill that is inclined toward siegecraft. Whether that be literal siegecraft, bombardment with Ranged Weapons, alchemy, or some form of destructive magic. Every member will also be trained in unarmed should they wish it.
  • Q: What about males? Are men allowed to join?
    • A: You'll have to ask in person. Do something to impress Alora, and she may consider relaxing the requirements for your joining.
  • Q: Are there any rules?
    • A: Conduct yourself with honor while in Yaralon, do not bring dishonor to the Candlewives by violating the standards of Yari society in the open. Always wear a weapon of some description. Never back down from a fight. If you break any rules, don't get caught.
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