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120th of Ashan 716

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Joining the Army

120th Trial of Ashan, 716
Aualar rolled over, tired. He slowly pushed himself up, and swung his legs over the side. Sighing, he rubbed his eyes, and tottered out of bed. He wandered out of his room, and stumbled his way up the stairs. Reaching the roof he sat, cross-legged, staring out at the horizon. The sun was nowhere to be seen, the dark morning still warm from the Heart of the World.

He opened his senses, becoming aware of everything. The clatter of people in the street, the smell of the searing pork below him. He let it all come in, and then relaxed, letting it go. The sounds and sights came in, but flowed past his consciousness like water. He breathed slowly, trying to extend his senses, and the bits passed like trills.
Aualar rose, stretching his limbs as he did so. He had been motionless for almost two breaks.

Enough of that for today. I've gotta go get ready, and pack up! He had almost forgotten that today was his first day in the Infantry. He had graduated a week prior, and had been given some time off before his new job started. He slowly walked down the stairs, trying to memorize the shapes and sounds that made this house his.

His mother was in the kitchen, preparing their breakfast. Kyiara was due to rise soon, and Aualar came up behind his mother, hugging her tight. "I'm going to miss you, mom." Since his father had killed himself, his mother had taken over as the primary source of income in the house, as well as managing and running the household. She had given her all for her kids, and Aualar knew that.

"Good morning, honey. Did you sleep well? Excited for your big day?" Vaeey asked, turning around to face him. She was proud of her sons accomplishments, and had pushed him hard to get him where he was.

"Yeah, I did. A bit tired, but nothing too bad. I'm going to go pack, call me when breakfast is ready?" He asked, already turning towards his room.

He pushed aside the curtain separating his room, and looked around at his meager possessions. Other than the clothes on his back, his leather armour, some toiletries and his weapons, he didn't have much else. Packing up was simple, and he was ready within minutes.

Heading back out into the main area, he saw his mom staring wistfully out the window over the sink. She looked troubled, and Aualar was worried. "Hey mom, everything all right?"

She turned away from him, and he saw her stealthily try to wipe a tear from her eyes before she turned around and plastered a smile across her face. "Of course sweetie, I'm just happy for you to be succeeding! It's going to be a big change around here without the man of the house."

Aualar felt a twinge of worry in his chest, but he banished it with a shake of his head. He walked over to their cupboards, and grabbed out several plates, setting the table as his mother leaned against the counter, watching him. He pulled their breakfast out, and set it on the plates, leaning up to kiss his mother on the cheek as he finished up.

He walked to the other end of the room, and pushed aside his sisters curtain. She was asleep on the bed, small limbs sprawled out as far as they could. Her hair was tousled, and her open mouth had a small line of drool winding its way down to her sheets.

He creeped up towards her, and grabbed her shoulders, shaking them hard and shrieking in a falsetto. Kyiara leapt up, squealing as she woke up. Her shirt caught fire, the flames beginning at her chest. Aualar bent over, barely able to breathe as he laughed. Kyiara doused herself with the glass of water on the bedside table and swatted at him. "Not funny! What the hell man?! You know I hate it when you do that!" She looked down to survey the charred shirt, and swung at him again, frustrated and embarrassed.

Aualar feebly blocked her hands, still unable to get words out between his gasps for air. He stumbled out of her room, still bent over and almost crying. His mother was standing on the other side of the curtain, her hands on her hips. She shot him a disapproving look, but couldn't keep a straight face. She smirked at him, shaking her head at the futility of reprimanding him.
After breakfast was done, and their dishes had been cleaned, Aualar grabbed his pack and headed for the door. He paused, and turned around, saying his last goodbyes. They likely wouldn't let him have time off for a while, what with basic training beginning and whatnot.

He opened the door, and took his first step towards a new future.
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Joining the Army

Aualar clomped down the street, his feet slapping the stone walkway. His mind was dancing, and he felt a stirring of excitement at the prospect of training. I hope there's no one from Oikeia here... I don't think I can handle more of that.

He twisted and turned through the windings streets of Sirothelle, his feet carrying him without conscious thought. Half a break later, he brought himself from his daydreaming to stare up at the large gates of The Second Finger. The doors were open, and several dozen students milled about just inside.

He walked up to join the larger group, recognizing several of the students, but refusing to acknowledge them. They showed no signs of remembering him, and that suited him just fine. They were all part of the group that had teased him behind his back, but lacked the courage to say anything to his face. Aualar had no desire to have anything to do with those two-faced cowards, but as he gazed around the circle, several new faces popped out at him. On the far side of the group was a tall, thick man with a tattoo of flames winding its way up his right arm. His eyes continued around, pausing on a smaller, mousy looking girl who was speaking to a girl facing away from him.

As she turned, his heart stopped in his chest. Her face was angelic, her bright blue eyes popping out at him. Her lips were curled up into a smile, and the murmur of the crowd disappeared. As she locked eyes with him, he felt as if he was falling inside of them. She laughed, and looked back at the smaller girl, a blush covering her cheeks. They both turned to look at him, and laughed. Aualar felt his cheeks burning, and he averted his gaze, staring down at his feet.

An instructor soon called them to attention, saving him from his embarrassment. "Attention!" The man stood straight, his broad shoulders back and his chest thrust out. The voice was strong and commanding, cutting through the chatter of almost a hundred students. The conversations slowly died down as the students turned and shuffled towards the officer. The man waited for absolute silence, his impatience rolling off him like waves. Aualar looked around, pissed that the other students weren't quiet yet. How hard is it to just STOP TALKING. He wanted to shout at them, but looked at the floor and focused on his breathing instead. Probably a good plan to keep a low profile for the first while.

After almost a bit, the last of the noise died out, and the man looked around the room. "About damn time. Drop your bags where they are and give me thirty laps of the Finger. One for each trill you made me wait." Silence greeted his statement, and no one quite knew how to react. He raised an eyebrow, and suddenly the students couldn't set their bags down fast enough. They tore out of the gate, running along the wall, no one wanting to be last on the first trial. Aualar found a good pace, and tried to keep to his own speed.

His mother had made him go running with her before and he was decent at it, though he detested actually doing it. He found it far too boring, and would rather spend the time sparring with Kyiara.

He kept his head on a swivel as he ran, keeping track of who was around him. Last thing I need is one of the deciding that I could use a fall to 'show me my place'.

As he ran, he noticed that the others who had sprinted ahead had already fallen back, but most of the class had found a comfortable pace as they went round and round. His feet hit the dirt with a monotonous thumping, and he began to focus on his breathing. He still hadn't been able to completely calm himself and reach the meditative state while running, but he was close. Whispering broke his concentration, the quiet sounds coming between footfalls from behind him. He twisted around quickly, worried that someone would be trying to trip him, and felt his foot catch a small divot. His ankle rolled, giving out, and he flopped gracelessly to the ground.

As he fell, he was already mentally berating himself. So not only did you manage to find the most beautiful girl here and embarrass yourself by staring within minutes of getting here, but now you go ahead and trip over your own feet? He tumbled to the ground, his skin ripping open, blood hissing across the ground as it welled at the scrapes. He rolled, finally coming to a stop with his face down, begging for this all to be a bad dream.

Despite all his wishes, he heard the foot falls come closer and pause next to him. "Oh, are you okay?"

A smoky voice spoke quietly by his side, and a hand touched his shoulder. He slowly raised his head, mortified, to gaze directly into the girls bright blue eyes. A thin sheen of sweat covered her face and she was breathing heavily, her lips slightly parted. Aualar lost himself in those lips, her breath sounding louder and louder in his ears before he noticed them moving again.

"Hey, you. Yes, you. You're the one who was staring at me earlier, aren't you?" She asked him, waving her hand in front of his face to get his attention. Her eyes bored into his, but he managed to stammer out an excuse.

"Y-yeah thanks. I-I must've stumbled over my feet. And no, I was actually looking for a friend." He stammered out, chuckling awkwardly. She looked around and then down at him seriously, and nodded.

"Well I guess your 'friend' never showed up then. But as long as you're okay, I've gotta get going." She rose and took off, the mousy girl following after her.

He pushed himself to his feet, shaking his head at his own stupidity. A friend? Really? I couldn't come up with something better? I'm really terrible at talking. Jeez. He forced his feet to move again, each step sending a shot of pain through his skinned knees, but he barely noticed it as he replayed every moment of their interaction in his head.
As he rounded the corner, he almost ran into the crowd of students in various stages of recovery. Most were bent over gasping, or lying flat on their backs, arms and legs outspread. He slowed to a jog and joined them, walking through the groups of people to the main gates and slumping to the ground. Sitting with his back against the cold stone wall, he panted as he tried to calm his breathing.

He heard steps from beside him, and he looked up to see the girl who had stopped to help him, the same one he had creepily stared at when he first arrived.

"So, where's this friend?" Her voice was lighter now, not quite as serious, as she plopped down casually next to him, her quiet friend trailing behind.

"Yeah..about that." He paused, coughing, and continued. "I didn't actually have a friend, I was just kind of staring off into the distance... Sorry about that. And thanks for stopping to make sure I was okay, I appreciate it." He had never experienced this kind of nervousness around girls, and he found himself unable to meet her gaze.

"Well, I guess in that case we'll have to be your friends then." She smiled, and Aualar was again blown away by her beauty. "My name is Eohky, and this quiet thing is Harah." She gestured to herself, then over at the girl sitting next to her.

"I'm Aualar." He said, confused by her sudden choice to talk to him. He decided to ignore her first comment, and just hope he could make a better impression than he had the previous two times. "I don't recognize you, where did you go to school?"

She shook his hand as he introduced himself, and the touch of her skin on his was electric. He was so absorbed by the feeling that he almost missed her next words. "I graduated two years ago, but I was back-trooped cuz of an injury. " She didn't specify what it was, and Aualar didn't think it wise to probe. "Well, how'd you find the run? They did the same thing my first year, and it was thirty laps then too. I think it's to gauge the quality of the class."

As Aualar went to respond, he heard the voice of the officer boom out again. "Attention!" This time there was a noticeable difference, the conversations ceasing instantly, and all eyes on him within trills. "Much better. Now for those of you who don't know, I'm Aran, and I'll be in charge of your training. Now follow me." He turned on a heel, and marched inside, the students quickly climbing to their feet and following behind.

"On your right are the training fields. Get to know them: you'll be spending a lot of time in them over the next two seasons." His hand shot out and pointed to the large grassy areas, the ground torn and scuffed where struggles had happened not long ago.

He turned into the building on their left, sweeping aside the light cloth acting as a door."Here is where you lot'll be staying." The rough stone beds were cut from the floor, a thick metal chest sitting at the foot of the bed the only decoration in the otherwise mundane room. Aualar looked down the row, the perfectly made beds side by side. "Every trial you will rise and make your bed. Inspection will occur before breakfast, and failure to meet the standards will result in punishment. After breakfast, you will report to the fields until lunch. After lunch, you return to the fields, and stay there until dinner. After dinner, you will have some brief tactics or fieldwork classes, and then return to bed. Are there any questions?" He turned and faced them, his hands clasped behind his back, his hard eyes surveying the group.

The room remained silent, and he nodded. "Very well then. You must go and get your training clothes, as well as choose your wooden weapons. I will be in for inspection at 5th break tomorrow morning." He turned and left without another word, the students looking around at each other curiously.

"Who knows where to get those?" A short man with flaming red hair spoke out, jumping onto one of the beds to address the whole room.

The crowd paused, looking at him, then turned and begun speaking all at once. The roar of noise swelled as the short man tried to yell over the sound, but his voice was lost in the crowd.

Eohky appeared at his side, touching his shoulder lightly as she did. "Well, it's definitely not in here. Lets head out into the hall and try to figure it out." He jumped at her appearance, but when she spoke he followed close behind, Harah next to him.

They headed down the hall, following the sound of stomping boots. They rounded a corner, and almost ran into a pair of guards patrolling the hall.

"Hey, do you guys know where we get our supplies?" She asked the pair, smiling broadly up at them.

"Yeah, yeah. Kindling, are ya?" The older guard looked down at them, his weathered face broad and easy going. "Just down there to the right."

"Kindling?" Aualar was confused by the term, and spoke deferentially to the tall guardsman.

"Aye, newbies. Thats what ya are, right?"

Aualar nodded as Eohky thanked them, and they sped off down the hall. They entered a large storeroom, a clerk sitting behind the stone desk flanked by two important-looking men. Their uniforms had numerous stars and stripes and other flashy bits, and Aualar figured they must be high ranking. Off against the far wall were five other students chatting quietly, their weapons and clothing in bundles on the floor.

The clerk bustled about in the back as they entered, gathering piles of clothing and wordlessly passed it over. "Okay, now what weapon would you prefer?" He gestured to their options.

A short, long and greatsword were stacked in the corner, as were maces, war hammers and spears. The man explained their situation as they looked over their options. "Depending on your weapon choice, you'll get sorted into a group, or spark, for training purposes. You'll need to achieve a mediocrity in several weapons by the end of your training, and the others in your group will assist you in that. Your spark will become your family. You will work, train and do punishment as a spark."

Aualar nodded towards the longsword, and swung it experimentally in several swings. The balance was similar to his, and he smiled, happy with it.

Eohky smiled as she saw the options, reaching immediately for the greatsword. The huge blade seemed even larger next to her, but she swung it easily, obviously used to the huge blade.

Harah pondered, and didn't seem able to choose. She finally decided upon the spear, thrusting it uncomfortably forward before following them towards the wall.

They waited quietly by the wall until, in small groups, most of the class had made it in. The two uniformed men then called out names, and split them up into their sparks. As he looked around, he was happy to notice that none of the people in his spark were ones he had gone to school with. Eohky and Harah were both in it, luckily, as was Riheey, the tattooed man, and a set of twins: Kyreh and Herau. Aualar noticed that they organized the students- those who ran at similar speeds were grouped together. They barely had time to introduce themselves before they were shuffled back towards their rooms, and he crawled into his bed. His legs were sore from the long trial of running, and his exhaustion was not even overcome by his excitement for tomorrow.

He hit the pillow, still in his clothes from the trial, and was asleep before the lights were out.
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Joining the Army


+1 Meditation
+1 Stealth
+2 Detection
+2 Endurance
+1 Seduction
+1 Blades: Longsword

Basic Knowledge
Pay Attention When Running
Meet Military Standards or Be Punished
Military: Sorted into Sparks
Commander: Called Aran
Girl: Called Eohky
Eohky' Friend: Harah
Tatooed Man: Called Riheey
Your Spark: Harah, Eohky, Riheey, Kyreh and Herau

Specialised Knowledge
Location: Gates of The Second Finger
Location: Training Fields
Location: Training Lodging
Location: Armoury
Mother Is Glad to See You Succeed
Military, The Second Finger: Old Enemies Are Among The Ranks
Military, The Second Finger: Commander is Ruthless
Military, The Second Finger: New Recruits are Known as Kindlings
Military, The Second Finger: Your Spark is You Family Now
Military, The Second Finger: Punishment is Shared as A Spark
Eohky: Was Temporarily Suspended Due to Injury
Eohky: Prefers to Use a Greatsword
Harah: Prefers to Use a Spear
Kyreh and Herau: Twins

Sore Ankle, 1 Trial.
Standard Longsword (25GN From Ledger)


Very detailed and a lot going on, I liked the way you added all of the characters and interacted with them. The military system for new recruits was well played out, thoroughly enjoyed it. I have placed the charge of 25GN on the longsword due to being unable to find information on the military regarding Sirothelle. You will have to contact Whisper for further information on that one.
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