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Alex goes to the Market to buy supplies, and Rents a house

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Market Time!

Arc 716, 15th trial of Cylus
Alex finished her conversation with Mr.Gardener and quickly left his shop, the bag of coins heavy in her hand. She started walking towards the Bounty Board, but paused at the end of the street. It'd be much better if I had all the supplies, and could just leave as soon as I find someone.

She turned around, and weaved her way through the crowd, making her way into the city. She needed to go pick up her money from the Inn, and then head over to that Citizens Office to get a house. Then she could go find supplies. Passing through the crowd, she was careful to stick to main roads. She was painfully aware of the heavy bag she had hidden under her waistband. She was almost there, when she felt a hand on her ass, squeezing, and she spun around, indignant. Her face began to heat up as she sputtered, barely able to get words out.

"What-who..." Her eyes stared at the people passing, but no one paused to give her a second look. Whoever it was they were long gone, but it proved that she needed to learn how to protect herself. I don't feel safe without some sort of fighting knowledge. Also, I'll need to get some weapons for this trip...I can't forget that. If I can't find anyone to help, I'll have to go by myself.

She shook herself, feeling slimy and disgusting all over. She picked up the pace, as if walking faster was a solution to how she felt. She entered the city gates, and felt slightly safer, the watchful eyes of the city guard making her feel protected and cared for. What? Who is this! This is sooo not me! Alex thought before she took off towards the Inn and the Office.
Alex closed, and locked the door behind her. She had made it to the Inn, and collected her 100GN from the sale of the horse and cart. I really could've used them on my trip right now, but it's too late to worry about that. There's no way I'd renege on a deal like that.

After that, there was a very scary walk to the Office, where she successfully rented a house in the NorthEastern section for 40GN per season. Her key was given to her, and she was instructed on the methods of payment. She also inquired about getting supplies, and was directed towards the appropriate shops. Leaving there, that walk, where she had to leave the safety of the walls, was terrifying. She had several hundred nel on her, and it was all she had, but she made it there safely. She put most of it in the chest, and spread the remainder of her supplies about the barren room.

She walked down towards the alleys and made her way back inside the city, towards the first shop- Losten Foundry. She pushed open the door, the and was pleasantly surprised. It was hardly the dingy, smoky, smelly room she had expected upon hearing 'Foundry'. The room was simply decorated, and seemed very down-to-earth. There was a man behind the counter who was dressed like the room- fancy, but practical. She entered, looking around in surprise. Wow, I never knew there was this much variety! Blades of all shapes and sizes covered the walls , while suits of armour and shields sitting on posts were scattered about the floor.

It appeared clean, and just slightly disorganized. But as Alex walked towards the front of the room, she realized that there was no mess. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, and the glistening metal was obviously cleaned meticulously recently. She reached the desk at the front, and greeted the man behind the counter. He was very average, with short cropped brown hair shot through with grey and nondescript eyes. Looking down, his hands were rough and calloused, and the muscles rippled through the forearm.

"Good afternoon, my name is Alexandra McKay, and I'm in the market for a weapon." She let Alex's peppy nature shine through. Her smile split her face, and she batted her eyes at him.

"Hi there Mrs. McKay. You're in luck- my name is Stenn Losten and I'm the weapon smith for this fine establishment." He was polite and courteous, but Alex couldn't tell if that was because she was a potential customer, or if that's just who he was. "So, what kind of weapon are you in the market for? And how much experience do you have with weapons?" His eyes sized her up, clinically, and he continued. "If I had to take a guess I'd say you're not looking for anything large, so my guess is either a ranged weapon, a small one or some kind of dagger. Is that right?"

Alex raised her eyebrows, impressed that he could nail her so quickly. "Yes, that is! I'm terrible with a bow, so its actually a dagger. I'm curious about the various types you guys sell. Could you explain those to me?"

"Yes, of course." He led her over to the display cases lining the wall. "Here, is the first of them. The stiletto is the first one. This skinny dagger is only useful as a stabbing tool. There are no edges to it, but the point is extremely narrow, allowing it to penetrate deeply." He unlocked the case with a ring of keys around his waist, and lifted the heavy glass. He picked up a thin black blade with a wire-wrapped handle. He demonstrated the stabbing motion, and held it out to her.

Alex shook her head before even touching it. If she was going to fight, she would need any advantage possible, and she planned on poisoning her weapons. A thrust-type weapon wouldn't be effective with a poison.

He nodded, as if understanding, and put it away, lifting out an odd, waved blade. "I am going to assume that you don't want any stabbing dagger then, and that leads us to this. The kris. This blade is favoured among man for its unusual shape." She shook her head again- the odd shapes was uncomfortable. It pricked at her.

He sighed, replacing the blade. "Okay, in that case there is only one left. The Pugio. This one can be used for slashing or stabbing, and it has an odd shape to it as well." He held out a blade, and Alex knew it was the one. The blade was leaf-shaped, and almost a foot long. She smiled, and took it in hand. She made some thrusts in the air, and nodded.

"This is the one. How much" She knew she was terrible at negotiating a price, but she figured it was worth a try. Besides it was better to be upfront about it.

"Well, the dagger itself is worth at least 25GN" She saw his eyes glisten, and knew that she was in trouble. This man knows what he's doing. I'm about to get fleeced. She sighed, resigned to her fate.

"Well I need two. So how about I get two for 28GN?" She smiled sweetly up at him, playing the innocent game.

"Haha, hardly. Ma'am these daggers are hand crafted, and took hours of work make them not only functional, but works of art. It will take at least 45GN for two." He leaned against the wall as he spoke, and gestured at the glistening blade in his hand.

"Well sir, they may be good, but I know for a fact that you can find similar daggers in the Citizens Market for less than 20GN a piece. There is no way that your daggers are worth that much more. I came here expecting a down-to-earth shop, and this is what I get?" She put a touch of indignation into her words, and mentally made a note to thank Mr.Tagely for his advice on haggling with them. 'Remember, they try to sell themselves off as 'just regular folks', so if you absolutely need to, insinuate that they're not. That's your best bet for getting a lower price'

Stenn raised his eyebrows, and a smirk crossed his face. He obviously enjoyed the game, and he realized that she had played her trump card. "Hm. Is that so. Well, I supposed for someone who so obviously is in need of some charity, we could lower the price to 35GN, if you remember to say good things about us." He was obviously taking pity on her, but Alex was in no position to refuse.

"Deal. Now do they come with sheaths?" She counted out the coins from her small purse, and made to hand them over to him.

"Yes, they do. They normally come with their own belt, but since you're purchasing them together, and I'm offering you such a ridiculously low price, they come on one belt. But before that, what kind of material do you want them made of? Right now we have..." He paused as he pulled out a drawer under the display, filled with Pugiones of various metals. "For that price I can offer...Steel, Iron, Cobalt, or Embersteel. But that last one is pretty heavy."

"Sure, that sounds interesting. Embersteel it is." She smiled as he handed them over, their weight getting a grunt out of her. They were as heavy as a regular short sword, despite being barely longer than her hand. She belted them around her waist, feeling more secure already. She said her goodbyes, and thanked the shopkeep again. She knew she had been taken advantage of, but she was glad with how it worked out. She felt secure knowing that they were good quality, and they wouldn't fail her when she needed them.
A break later, she arrived in front of her last stop-By the Grace of Goods. She opened the door, already feeling claustrophobic. The building was smaller than it had appeared, the walls crammed with goods and supplies. She headed towards the woman standing behind the counter, and decided to simply ask her for supplies. She figured she would need food for the trip, and a storm lantern, along with oil for it.

"Good afternoon. I am looking for several things. I am going on a sixty trial journey, and will need food and storm lantern with oil. First, I need some dried meats. I would also like several large bags of assorted nuts, and five pounds of raisins."

The woman behind the counter looked over her glasses at Alex, and did some quick mental calculations. "Storm lantern is 15GN, oil is another 10. As for the meats, we don't usually carry any. That's normally something that you'd have to go to The Chopping Block for, but as it happens we have a couple pounds of dried jerky. It'll cost you though. 4GN/lb of jerky. Finally, the only nuts are Almonds and Walnuts, and they're 8sn/lb and 16sn/lb. Raisins are cheaper at 4sn/lb."

"Okay, but since I'm buying so much, how about 10GN for 3lbs of jerky, and 2GN for 2lbs of evenly mixed nuts? I'll take 5lbs of raisins, bringing my total costs up to 41GN." Alex was tired, and looking forward to getting home. She just didn't want to spend any more than she had to.

"Hm...sorry sweetie, no can do." She smirked, realizing that the girl wasn't very good at negotiation. "How about 45GN for all that stuff?"

Alex sighed," Nope. I could go to the citizens market and get it there for less, but I wanted to support your business, and possibly make a connection that I could come to in the future when I needed something. Now I'll pay 42, but thats it."

The woman sighed, and ran through the calculations again, before nodding, and saying "I can do it for 43."

Alex accepted the deal by counting out the coins, laying them down heavily in her palm. She collected the things quietly, and thanked the woman before leaving. She had been gone long enough, and she was hungry. It was time for bed.

She left the shop, and headed home, her pack laden with supplies for the trip ahead.
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Market Time!

Come and get your Loot!

(There's plenty more where that came from)


  • Acting +1
  • Negotiation +2
  • Persuasion +1


  • Basic
    • Etzos Location: By the Grace of Goods
    • Etzos location: Losten Foundry
    • Groping Hands Hide in Crowds
    • Guard The Money Bag in a Crowd
    • Stenn Losten: Weapon Smith
  • Specific
    • Metal Comparison: Iron vs. Steel vs. Cobalt vs. Embersteel
    • Weapon Comparison: Stiletto vs. Kris vs. Pugio


2 Embersteel Pugios w/belt sheaths
Storm lantern, Oil, Jerky, Nuts, Raisins

Paid Out:

78gn (ouch...lol) 43 for food, 35 for weps


I decided to give you Negotiation points for both encounters for the eventual learning experience of being taken to the cleaners by both of them...lol
I also decided NOT to give you the knowledge of being overcharged until the thread comes where you realize it.
PM me with any comments or concerns :)
word count: 145
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