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Home Sweet Home, Part I

Ymiden 39, Arc 718
Home Sweet Home, Part II

It was night but Desnind still hummed with life. Lanterns glowed with the light of Iyọ and insects sang high in the leaves. She stood at the base of her mother's tree, watching the faint glow coming from the treehouse windows. The pelts were drawn back, letting the soft light flood out onto the leaves and small porch. Ellen had paced a while down below, strangely nervous to see her mother again.

The half-breed hadn't sent word that she was returning, and they hadn't spoke while she was abroad. Letters were too hard to send across the Ta'langean Erọim, and after the experience she'd had crossing the ocean herself, realized there was no gurantee they would have made it anyway. She only hoped her mother would understand. She paced a little more, trying to figure out what she could say. She knew there would be questions--Ellen hadn't even been gone an arc--but the woman wasn't sure she had answers.

She finally mustered the nerve to fly up to the deck, landing quietly on the old rough boards. A few new potted plants sat on the railing in full bloom. Ellen wasn't sure how her mother managed to fit any more up there, but somehow she'd found a way. Shaking her head, smiling a little despite the knots in her stomach, the half-blood pushed open the door on silent hinges and stepped inside.

A few more Iyọ fluttered in their lanterns placed around the room, illuminating her childhood home. It hadn't changed at all since she'd been gone, and it only made the twist in her stomach tighten further. She hadn't realized how much she missed it until now. It washed over her like a strong current, sucking the wind out of her chest and bringing tears to her eyes.

"Ellen?" The half-breed jumped, whipping around to see her mother standing in the threshold of the bedroom, pelt pulled aside, shock plain on her face.

"Hi...," she mumbled sheepishly, giving a meek little wave.

Marro'wyn lept on her in a flurry, scooping her up in a fierce hug, nearly crushing the life right out of her.

"Mama--too tight--can't--!" Her grip loosened just a hair. "Thank you." Her mother stepped back suddenly, holding her at arm's length.

"What are you doing here?" she breathed, eyes welling with tears but with a smile stretched across her face.

"I... well..." There was a heavy silence. Ellen looked everywhere but at her mother. The floor. The ceiling. She fiddled with the beads hanging around her neck, feeling that telltale burn behind her eyes and the tightening in her throat.


And then she came undone. All the grief, the anger, the fear, and the shame. The half-breed wobbled, tears spilling down her cheeks and breath catching before breaking on a sob. She cried, and then cried some more. Wracked by hiccups, her shoulders shook and her knees started to give. Her mother pulled her in tight, eyes wide with worry. She smoothed her daughter's feathers, her hair, and wiped some the tears from her cheeks before tucking her face into the crook of her shoulder.

"It's alright. You're alright. Let's come over here and sit down--yes that's good, right here. Would you like a drink?" Ellen shook her head. "Are you hungry?" Another shake, so her mother resorted to just rubbing her back at the base of her wings.

They sat like that a while--Ellen crying, letting everything that had happened over the last few cycles and been pent up just spill out. Patrick, the Sessfiend, Gangui, Niv, Orimar, the Prince of Eternal Mercies... and Enrick and Qit'ria. It was exhausting, but finally the sobs turned to sniffles and hiccups, and eventually there was silence again. Her mother smoothed the hair out of her face, wiping the wet strands away that were clinging to her damp cheeks.

"Time heals most wounds. Not all of them, but most of them. And the ones that it doesn't heal, they start to hurt a little less."

"I should never have left."

"No. I'm glad you did." Ellen's eyebrows rose in surprise.


"Yes. You were never meant to live out your life here--" Her mouth opened to protest that, but Marro'wyn waved her back into silence. "Don't interrupt me. You were never meant to live out your life here because I think your heart has always been elsewhere. There will always be a home for you here, but the world is big. Too big to just stay in Desnind your whole life. It's dangerous out there, and you know this--especially now, but you are so strong. I know you'll find your way eventually." She cupped her daughter's face and kissed her between the eyes.

"Now," she said, tone shifting to something less empathetic and more serious, "tell me about these dreams you've been having."
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Re: Home Sweet Home, Part I

Flying: For easily reaching high places
Flying: Bypasses ladders
Meditation: Sometimes you need help to find clarity
Meditation: Letting out pent of emotions
Meditation: Having a good long cry relieves stress
Storytelling: Let it all out
Eeeehhh, Ellen these Knowledge are a little iffy purely because there was no real mention of most of them in the post, but they're not technically wrong soooooo... maybe next time just throw in a quick allusion to each where appropraite, please! Otherwise, short little thread about coming home! I think the only threads I've read of Ellen are of her crying, but I get the feeling she's not nearly as emotional as the Ellen I'm used to, haha. Homecomings are always a mix of emotions, and I'm glad to see she has a mother who is glad for her - her little speech at the end was v motherly. Goodness. Nice job!
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