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Name: Aualar

Age: 18

Race: Aukari

Date of Birth: 1st Trial of Saun, Arc 699


Factions Joined: Aukarian Occult/Infantry

Languages Spoken:

Fluent: Vauni
Basic: Common

Aualar is a young man with dark red hair. It's often worn slicked back. His eyes vary in shade, but are most often seen as a bright, burning red. Many have thought they saw fires dancing in his eyes, and they are by far his most striking feature.

He often wears hardened leather, like many of his race. His body is long and lean, a product of the intense schooling he has undergone. But he is tall among his race, standing at six feet, four inches and weighing well over two hundred pounds. He bears a long scar that winds its way around his left arm from an early fight gone wrong. He also has the Mark of Faldrun sealed on his wrist, having just completed his schooling. His weapons of choice are a basic longsword, and a bullwhip.

Aualar is fairly normal, in terms of Aukarian men. He had some questioning of their beliefs when he was younger, but since then his faith has only grown. He believes in the power Faldrun holds, and that it is his role to assist in the war against the other Immortals. He has just graduated from school, and eagerly looks forward to joining the Infantry.

His voice is rough and slightly raspy, having taken a punch to the throat while he was still young. It damaged his vocal cords, and he occasionally has issues speaking, however it is not usually noticeable.

He has a distaste for physical art of any kind, and he views those who do it as simple minded, and weak. His greatest hatred is for alcohol. His father was a drunkard, and the alcohol he sequestered away in their house lead to him binging and accidentally becoming alit. He died that day, and Aualar refuses to deal with anyone who he sees use alcohol. If he's in a bad mood, he may even lash out at anyone drinking, once again using the excuse of its questionably morality to hide behind.

However Aualar is incredibly loyal and responsible. From his schooling, he has learned to appreciate his mother and younger sister. He is fiercely protective of his sister, who is four years his junior and still in training. He would lay down his life for either one of them, and they remain the most important things in his life. He had a younger half-brother, however he went missing several years ago, and the family has refused to discuss it since. They are decidedly middle-class, but their father's choice has stained their name, and Aualar took the brunt of the ridicule and bullying during his training.
Remaining Family


Name: Vaeey
Date of Birth: 5th of Cylus, 678
Appearance: She is an average woman with the standard red hair of all Aukari. She wears it in a braid, and enjoys spending hours combing it out. Her eyes are bright green, her most striking feature, and very recognizable.
Personality: She is a warm, welcoming presence who passes very little judgement. She can be a bit of a pushover, but cares deeply for her children and is excited to see them both excel. She has a love of running, and goes whenever she can.
Relationship to PC: Mother


Date of Birth: 17th of Vhalar, 703
Melee Combat-15
Appearance: She is a smaller girl, and very attractive. Her red hair is kept short and spiky, keeping it out of her way. Her small stature and large, doe-like eyes allow her to charm almost anyone.
Personality:She can be very manipulative, and does her best to get what she wants. But she also has a soft spot for her family, and is incredibly loyal towards them. She became quieter after her father died, and several school bullies decided she would be a good target. Several well placed rumors later, and they never bothered her again.
Relationship to PC: Younger Sister

Aualar was born to Vaeey and Arak. Arak was a large, boisterous man who had a limp and a serious drinking problem. He had been three weeks from graduating when a freak accident shattered his left knee, making him useless. He was forced to change programs and took up weaponsmithing. He had married Vaeey several weeks before the accident, and they already had a child on the way. He detested the forge, and his attitude slowly soured over the years.

His mother was wonderful, and she made up for the emotionally absent father. She had never gone to school to join the occult, instead working in medical research feild, trying to find a way to increase the Aukarian lifespan. She had yet to find one, but her love of healing had failed to infect her oldest child.

His younger sister, Kyiara, was a diminutive girl. She was breathtaking, and Aualar regularly had to scare off boys. She was also training to become an assassin, and throughout their childhood they had sparred together. Hundreds of hours had been spent on their houses open roof, wooden weapons in hand. She was incredibly agile, and Aualar often had to rely on his much larger reach to best her. She enjoyed fighting with twin tantos, and they regularly traded weapons while they sparred. As such, Aualar had vast amounts of practice with a variety of melee weapons.

His half-brother, Rafael, is unknown to Aualar. His mother told him that the child was slain, however in truth the young child was spirited out of Sirothelle mere weeks after his birth.

The only respite he had, while at school, was in combat. He had, from a young age, been simply mediocre at sneaking, stealing and espionage. His test scores were unimpressive, and he found the intellectual side very challenging. However where he excelled was fighting. The teasing and thinly veiled insults from the majority of his classmates would disappear the moment they stepped into the ring, and Aualar was the best fighter in his class. The fight was like an intricate dance to Aualar, and his partners telegraphed their moves well in advance. At the beginning, they would try to ambush him after class, but he gave as good as he got, and as his skill improved he went home with fewer and fewer bruises.

Aualar started every day meditating. It was a skill that he had been taught in his first year of schooling, and the idea that by mediating you could gain self-control and have further control over his fire gave him all the motivation he needed. He would sit on the rooftop as the sun slowly slid over the horizon, and retreat inside himself. He viewed this time as his version of praying to Faldrun, and he ensured he never missed it.

His childhood was relatively normal. He went to school all day, returned home at night for his mother's home cooked meals. They usually ate together at their small table, but as the years went on, his father was absent more and more often. He would be found sitting in the small office they had, sometime sobbing, sometimes yelling, but always with a bottle in his hand. When his father died, there was an odd sort of relief. The peace that came with knowing it was done, and a small relaxation of knowing his family was safe again. It was then, as he was told of his father's death, that he promised himself that his family would come first. Regardless of the circumstances, nothing would ever harm them.

Aualar had little patience for opulence, and even less for extravagant parties. He felt awkward at them, and often left as soon as he was able. He dislikes large social settings, yet this is largely due to his inexperience in them. When they undergo large, team based simulations at school, he often noticed ineffective leaders and soon learned how to take control from them, and, to his surprise he found he enjoyed the role. He could inspire in one breath, and discipline in the next. Even those who taunted him for his father's suicide would quiet down and follow his lead.

Aualar knew soon after joining Oikeia that he would never be part of the inner circle of the Occult. However he still wished to serve, and was looking forward to joining the City Guard as a watchman, or in the army itself.
Housing and Prized Possession

He lived in a fairly standard house with his mother and sister. It is located about halfway up the side of Heart of the World, and is made of the same grey stone as the rest of the city. It has streaks of black and blue running through the house, and has a window overlooking the city. The roof is large and flat, with a large lip surrounding it. Aualar fought there with his sister, and meditated there every morning. He now is part of the army, and as such lives in the barracks provided.

Aualar has an amulet with the portraits of his sister and mother inside. The amulet was a gift from them when he successfully entered the Oikeia. He always wears it around his neck, and the blood metal sits comfortably against his collarbone.
  • Tinderbox
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
    • Black Cloak
    • Green Shirt
    • Tan Pants
    • Supple Leather Boots
    • Leather Chest Armor
    • Leather Leggings
    • Leather Gauntlets
    • Blood Metal Amulet
  • Blood Metal Steel Longsword
  • Bullwhip
Starting Package+100GN100GN
No House+250GN350GN
Longsword and Bullwhip-45GN305GN
Leather Armor-??GN??GN
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Race: Aukari
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Knowledge & Skills

Athletic Skills
Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Blades (Longsword)26/10027/251
Ranged (Bow)10/10010/251
Intellectual Skills
Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Detection 2/1002/251
Social Skills
Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Seduction 1/1001/251

+30 (SF)



Commander: Called Aran
Girl: Called Eohky
Eohky' Friend: Harah
Tatooed Man: Called Riheey
Your Spark: Harah, Eohky, Riheey, Kyreh and Herau
Military, The Second Finger: Old Enemies Are Among The Ranks
Military, The Second Finger: Commander is Ruthless
Military, The Second Finger: New Recruits are Known as Kindlings
Military, The Second Finger: Your Spark is You Family Now
Military, The Second Finger: Punishment is Shared as A Spark
Eohky: Was Temporarily Suspended Due to Injury
Eohky: Prefers to Use a Greatsword
Harah: Prefers to Use a Spear
Kyreh and Herau: Twins
Mother Is Glad to See You Succeed

Geography/Flora and Fauna

Sirothelle: City Layout
Location: Gates of The Second Finger
Location: Training Fields
Location: Training Lodging
Location: Armoury
Location: The First Finger
Location: The Hand of Faldrun


Leadership: How to take Control from an Ineffective Leader
Blades: Basics of using a Longsword
Blades: How to Defend against Multiple Opponents
The First Finger: Early Starts
Ranged: Draw With Your Back (Bow)
Meditation: Calming yourself
Meditation: One with self


Pay Attention When Running
Meet Military Standards or Be Punished
Military: Sorted into Sparks
The Military: Teamwork
The First Finger: Early Starts

Aukari Knowledge

Faldrun: Immortal (KG)
The Occult (KG)
Aukari: How to calm the fire within


Bow: Draw With Your Back
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Race: Aukari
Renown: 30
Character Sheet
Wealth Tier: Tier 1







Name: Eohky DOB: 5th Trial of Ashan, 695
Blades (Greatsword): 30
Unarmed Combat (Boxing): 15
Navigation: 15
Meditation: 15

Appearance: Bright red hair, startling blue eyes. She stands tall and lithe, but a surprising strength lies in her limbs. Her weapon of choice is a greatsword, and her voice is smoky and deep.
Personality: She is peppy and energetic usually, with terrible self control typical of Aukari. She is outgoing, and makes snap decisions, rarely changing her mind.
Relationship: Just a friend, but more may be coming...
word count: 101
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