Mercenary Company (Yaralon)

The Candlewives

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Mercenary Company (Yaralon)

Company Name: The Candlewives
Company Member Count: 1/10
Leader: Alora
Additional Members: None yet.
Contract Specialization: Sabotage and Protection.
# of Completed Contracts: (Filled in after creation)
Current Defensive or Resource Gathering Duty: Lighting Street Lanterns, bodyguarding, caravan Protection.
# of City Defenses Completed: (Filled in after creation)
Outlying Village:
Requirements for Joining: Any skill that can be used for demolition/sabotage/bombardment with missiles must at least be 25 (Blunt weapons, Siegecraft, Ranged Combat, Alchemy (Explosives), and possibly physics (Arson). Open to interpretation.) Males are held to a higher standard, and this requirement is doubled for them.
History of the Company: A newly formed mercenary company, founded by Alora. So far the duties that have come down to them have been menial in scope. Lighting lanterns at nighttime, guiding citizens through rough parts of the streets, and some caravan protection in tandem with larger companies.

Alora has ambitions to move into more aggressive contracts involving arson and sabotage abroad as the company grows, as well as a dedicated corp of archers to supplement other mercenary groups with bombardment support.

Additional Information: Females are favored in this company, but despite the name of the band, males ARE allowed into the group. However, they're generally held to a higher standard than the females, and even then will face prejudice and resistance from Alora.

Business Plan Information (For the Business Subforum Moderator)
  • Character Name: Alora
  • Current Wage: 2gn (Base) + 2gn (Skill - 25) + 5gn (Company/Owning Business)
  • Profession's Main Skill: 25 Ranged Combat or Siege weaponry/Unarmed Combat (Novice) [Whichever is Higher]
  • Leadership Skill: 5 (Novice)
word count: 264
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